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Friday, January 21, 2022

The Truth About Atlantis and Atlanteans

 By Anna Von Reitz

The Atlanteans were an advanced slavery-based society that invaded the Mediterranean at about the same time as King David ruled in Israel, circa 10,000 BC.
Their original home was a volcanic atoll of islands strewn along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Today, the modern Azores are all that remains. The rest of the islands were destroyed by earthquakes and subsequent volcanic activity.
We know that they were related to and traded with the early Carthaginians and the Dwarka Civilization of India. We know that they had advanced metallurgy, ceramics, and polymers. They were also able to navigate and map the world using magnetic ley lines to establish east-west spatial parameters.
The ruins of their pyramids and great stone works scatter the sea floor from the coast of Nova Scotia to Cuba and beyond. Above ground, a series of distinctive round stone forts, all placed on ley lines, marked their outlying trading posts; a very few of these have continued to be used and have been built upon, so that you can still get a faint idea of their distinctive, odd, architecture.
For all their technological advancement, the Atlanteans violated the Law of Free Will, just like their modern counterparts. They were known to use deceit in their business dealings, and worst of all, had a habit of enslaving their neighbors.
When they invaded the Mediterranean, they enslaved and brutalized the people living there and carried many away to work on plantations and in mines. They were cruel masters and had no regard for life. The picture that emerges is of a piratical race enriching itself via violence, racketeering, theft, and trade.
The slaves created a large underclass similar to the Untouchables in India. Above them, were castes of merchants, military officials, and priests, with the priests occupying the pinnacle of the Atlantean social order--- again, similar to the Brahmins of India.
These similarities and various cultural artifacts in common with the Dwarka civilization suggest that there were cultural ties to India in distant ages. Deep and murky waters along the Atlantic Ridge, and lack of sufficient profit prospects have meant that comparatively little effort has been expended to explore the wreckage of their culture despite enduring popular interest.
Though we have been told that Atlantis was just a myth, in the same way that we have been told that King Arthur and Jesus (Joshua) are myths, the basic facts about Atlantis have been known since at least the 15th century, and probably never really "lost" at any time.
Rather than being lost, they weren't liked, and despite all their riches and technology, once their islands sank beneath the waves, there was little reason to make Herculean efforts to retrieve whatever riches may have remained.
In the end, Athens stood alone against the Atlantean invaders, and won; but, in a story reminiscent of the Hebrews crossing the Red Sea, their army was "swallowed up by the Earth" soon after the victory.
One has visions of a giant mudslide or cataclysmic liquefaction caused by a severe earthquake, or both: "and they were swallowed up by the Earth, both man and beast". It's clear that the Atlanteans were associated with black magic, bad luck, evil omens, and shifty practices, which again discouraged any would-be investigators who might otherwise poke around their fallen kingdom.
They seem to be a people who, during their time on Earth, served themselves and little else.
There are no surviving records or commentaries about their religion other than the fact that they had priests called "Soloms" ---- same root word as the name Solomon and "solemn" --- and nothing to explain their odd practice of keeping women sequestered together in large communal houses apart from the male population for most of the year.
There are a great many things about the Atlanteans that we may never know, but one thing we do know for a certainty is that they did exist. Whatever else, they do not belong to the realm of myth, and there have always been scholars, mostly Roman Catholic scholars, who have known that.
Why didn't they speak up?
Good question.
Was there some benefit to keeping quiet?
We regularly talk about and discover new Ancient Civilizations. We talk about the Babylonians, Sumerians, Akkadians, Hittites, Mycenaean Greeks, Persians, and so many, many more vanished peoples. What's one more? Why is the cloak of secrecy drawn over the fate of the Atlanteans? So much so that they have to be relegated to the realm of myth?
Given the fact that the Atlanteans prospered themselves by enslaving others, and that they had sophisticated means of managing large slave populations, it may simply be that the Roman Church adopted these methodologies to promote its own Slave Empire.
If so, the reason that we have been kept ignorant about Atlantis is easy enough to understand.
It's the same reason being used to Deep Six thousands of technology patents: they are regarded as trade secrets vital to National Security Interests --- never mind which "nation" is being referenced, nor how the Toadies are serving their own interests by suppressing new technologies.
Growing up in this weird world we live in, too many of us have been cowed down and shamed and subjected to guilt, by men whose moral compass went South centuries ago. We've been shamed into not asking questions, not pursuing answers, and told by those in positions of authority that it's not our business, that we are entertaining fantasies, that we are "Conspiracy Theorists" or whatever other label they attach to us.

Finally, the wall of silence is being breached. Things that can't be talked about are being talked about, anyway. And as we do this, we are here to witness the brittle lies all crumbling away.


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