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Tuesday, January 11, 2022



  1. Premeditated Mass Murder...?

    Another False Flag?

    A Plandemic?

    Now...hold all the criminals accountable for their crimes and drop ALL the BS mandates so We the People of the World can begin to recover. Part of this recovery is to see Justice for the damage they did to us ALL.
    HOO-YAH & God Bless America and her Patriots that see through all this BS.


  2. Thank You. The best news I've heard yet. I really appreciate you All.
    God Speed! Michele

  3. I told you so years ago, no one would listen, got thrown out of the Washington Jural Assembly, they killed Senator Erickson and used the excuse that it was covid, they intulate people and ventilators cause blood clots, they cover it up just like they did when a Bellingham responder brutally murdered my wife, Gloria Jean Brown in 2012. UWMC discovered she was not dying from leukemia and not in excruciating pain as they were told by PeaceHealth in Bellingham. Nine years in court and Ninth Circuit knew I proved essential elements of my cause of action for wrongful death and evidence was indisputable so they pulled my pacer account and threatened me with fines I could never afford. Covid is part of their revenge for exposing Death with Dignity statutes, proving they are forced involuntary euthanasia without informed consent, clear violations of the Nuremburg Code.

    Bobby Brown

  4. What is the difference between a "code" and a " mandate"

  5. What good are damages if everyone is dead?