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Saturday, January 1, 2022

For Reiner Fuellmich -- How About a Whole Old Judicial System?

 By Anna Von Reitz

Reiner Fuellmich, the German lawyer who has been leading the charge to hold the corporations accountable for the "experimental therapy" recently warned people not to rely on the courts for justice --- and, of course, he is right and realistic about that. He went so far as to call for a "whole new justice system".
I agree with his analysis and his spirit, but I see it a little bit differently, because I know the history.
In my view, we don't need a whole new justice system, we simply need to invoke and set up our old justice system, which our feckless employees sidelined many years ago.
If you are at sea, different laws and different conventions apply than when you are at home, standing on your own ground.
Understand that not only is the national law of the soil radically different and apart from the law of the sea, but even International land law is a different beastie than international sea law.
The present system is all based on international law of the sea, which is not about justice, but about profit and expediency. It is not supposed to be applied to living people, but only to "persons" --- the employees and officers and elected officials running incorporated businesses.
It's important to understand that this foreign and specialized international law of the sea has been inappropriately and universally applied to people "as if" we were all such "persons" via an undisclosed process of "registration" employed by the Popes and the British Monarchs to expand their power base and taxation authorities.
We have been "registered" as persons -- not people -- almost since birth; if we wish to exercise our lawful guarantees, like our Constitutional rights, we have to correct that "registration" and record our lawful status over it.
This process of denying the registration and papering it over with a proper public record is actually pretty simple.
Here, in America, we claim our names and our birthright political status and all our property assets including our DNA with a simple one page Declaration and we record that, together with a couple knowledgeable Witness Testimonies from people who know us and our families well-enough to affirm that we are who we claim to be and were born to a specific know family at a specific time and place within the borders of this country.
That's it.
We may also affirm that we are not "voluntary Transactors in commerce" and claim exemption from the Federal Reserve Act and related legislation.
Then we are free to set up our "other" judicial system and enforce our Constitutional rights and prosecute the individuals responsible for the bad behavior of these corporations as the criminals that they are.
We simply need to return to our lawful system of justice instead of allowing our employees to promote a legal system of administration instead.
Please note that justice is a concept foreign to business relations and war. and that administration is a concept that applies only to things.
If you want a court system that treats us as men and women, we must provide it for ourselves and if we wish to regain control of the runaway corporations, we must bring them to justice using the international law of the land.
Things being what they are, we are best served to do this in America, not Germany, where our pathway back to a land and soil-based justice system is already established and unobstructed:
Ex Parte Milligan (1866) provides for us to reconstruct and staff our land and soil jurisdiction courts at will and provides that the foreign sea jurisdiction courts must then stand down.
Please help us to help everyone else.
If you are an American, come forward, join your State Assembly and staff the courts that are needed.
If you are a European, come to America and meet with us, so that we can explain the situation that the whole world is in ---- and how to get out of it.
We don't need a new court system. We need to resurrect the old court system.
Please make sure to pass the word and land this on Reiner's desk for me.
And if you are an American --- stand up. Declare yourself. Record your declaration. Join your State Assembly. Staff your courts. Go to:

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America


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