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Monday, December 6, 2021

The batches were labeled for their toxicity. This was an experiment!


  1. When I tried to open the vedio, it said, 0 minutes and would not show that anything was available.

    1. what a total show of incompetence overlaid with ignorant arrogance... they are a disaster to themselves.
      .......for man to "act out" that their imagined ENTITLEMENTS to other mens gifts from our creator are so deserved that they:
      showcase their imaginary Superiority
      dressed up As What Is True
      when their Stage collapses right under their feet, are too Deficient in BrainPower to stop The Play:

      Just shows, to me anyway, that they KNOW they ARE defeated already, but have invested EVERYTHING in their Imaginary Superior Status so that they can only continue stupidly on, Pretending they will get to the Finish Line after all.

      its truly become evermore pathetic.

    2. and further, using those unlovely 26-point-IQs of theirs, they count it sooo important to "secretly" STEAL everything on the earth?? if creator wont know they stole it from the man he wanted to have it.

  2. Oh lucky us... comments allowed for this one huh?

    Someone Ask Anna why the state assemblies haven't halted the unlawful but legal registration of births to traffick newborns into the incorporated realm?

    Is the intent to allow that to go on, while only those who make the effort to know might stumble onto the recording process and state assemblies? If so, how is this new thing any different from the old thing that selectively doesn't hold specific processes accountable because they are intended to be part of the structured framework that TAKES ADVANTAGE of new individuals as they show up?

    1. Howdy Shelby, you are sorta hogging the comments section eh? :P hehe all good... not like anyone else has a pair to speak up. Sure seems like the event should be between now and january 9th. Got laid off yesterday. First time they noted they'd pay for another 30 days of non-work time so I can't go file for unemployment or look for a new job till after january 9th next year. Curiously they have the vaccine mandate final date as the 5th of january, and then on the 6th the cellular carriers enable 28-30ghz 5g bands... so seems like between now and the 9th something should kickoff... or maybe when the new band freqs go live thats when people will be getting harmed from the lidar in their devices activating the injectables in their body to set their heartrates to racing...