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Thursday, December 16, 2021

Set Yourselves Free of Bureaucracy -- Coordinators Pay Attention!

 By Anna Von Reitz

I have spent (read that: wasted) fully half of my morning correcting Coordinators and other Assembly members who are continuing to insist that everyone do all of the 928 paperwork and record it before being admitted as an Assembly Member.
I have had people tell me that they are being asked to get divorced, give up driver licenses, give up professional licenses, revoke election to pay income taxes, and all sorts of other extraneous actions that either don't apply or don't have to be done at all --- as a "condition" to join an Assembly and participate.
I have had people tell me horror stories about recording all the 928 documents in good faith, and then being told that they have to re-record everything because they used the wrong color of ink or sent out their notices using Certified Mail or made some other petty mistake.
This is all nonsense.
First, the purpose of a public recording of your political status is to establish your choice of political status. It is your intention that is controlling, not the perfection of any paperwork.
Second, for well over a year, the only paperwork necessary to join an Assembly consists of four (4) pages: (1) 1779 Declaration; (2) a black and white copy of a birth certificate or naturalization paperwork; (3) two competent Witness Statements affirming that you are the man/woman who was born at the time and place indicated on the birth certificate.
Third, these four simple pages get recorded by one of three acceptable methods: (1) State of State Recorder's Office; (2) Assembly Land Recording Office; (3) (LRS) International Land Recording Service.
The full suite of 928 paperwork is NOT REQUIRED and it makes no great difference which method you use to make the public recording---- State of State Recorder's Office, LRO or LRS.
The Article 928 paperwork is available on my website ( for everyone to look over and see if there are any other parts and pieces that apply to their situation. For example, if you have children, you probably will want to complete a Baby Record, and claim their correct political status for them. If you were in the military, you will want to send a simple severance letter via Registered Mail Return Receipt Requested (which is private), simply letting your branch commander know that you have returned home to your birthright political status.
You are not required to give anything up when you reclaim your birthright political status.
You don't have to get divorced. You don't have to revoke your election to pay income taxes (and shouldn't if you are a Federal worker and owe them!). You don't have to cash out of the Social Security system and you won't lose any Social Security or Military pension payments or services by adopting your natural political status.
Instead, you will regain your constitutional guarantees and your right to own your land outright in Fee Simple Absolute status. And, if you study and learn how, you will gain control of the foreign PERSONS that have been created in your name, so that these legal fictions can no longer be used to impersonate you, tax you, or otherwise cause you harm.
One of the glories of our American Way is that our government is simple and inexpensive and keeps bureaucracy to a bare minimum. Why? Because we are self-governing. All the bureaucratic red-tape costs us time and money, whereas it represents "make work" for our subcontractors and employees.
We have ample motives to keep paper pushing to a bare minimum, while our employees have the opposite motive --- to increase the complexity and amount of paperwork, because they get paid for doing it. More detail, more verbiage, more pages, more signatures, more seals, more "requirements" like using the right color of ink, adds up to Big Bucks--- for them. Not for us.
Unfortunately, we have grown up using THEIR system and so, many people assume that if there are more words and more pages and more complexity, that's good and more "official" and correct, when the opposite is true.
Simpler is always better and stronger. If you can keep a declaration or notice or other communication or contract down to one page and still say all you need to say, you're doing it right and silently invoking the Four Corners Doctrine.
Free yourselves from bureaucracy and from bureaucratic thinking at every opportunity.
Stop making up ridiculous requirements that don't exist. Stop thinking that if you forgot to cross a "t" or used the wrong color of ink or used the wrong mail service, that these petty things invalidate your efforts. Stop thinking that one recording system is better or more official than another. Stop forcing people to "correct" their recordings for specious reasons. Stop charging them arms and legs for very simple services. Stop putting unnecessary obstacles in the way of Americans who are wanting and needing to come home.
The current methods are simple, well-explained, uniform, easy to understand, and shouldn't require any correction or re-recording process or additional fees, and so long as you don't change your political status by accepting new Federal Employment, you should not have to do any of this more than once.
Even if you move and have to re-establish a new home State, your public record paperwork remains as proof of your identity and chosen political status. You would simply need to live in the new State for a year and a day, publish your intent to adopt the new State as your permanent house, home, and domicile of PERSON(S) --- and update your information with the local Assembly.
I have also heard shameful stories of some Assemblies charging people exorbitant fees to record these simple four pages of paperwork --- several hundred apiece in some States. That is completely wrong, both in spirit and in fact. The forms and all the information backing them have been provided to the Assemblies free of charge. Except for "reasonable and customary" fees to record the paperwork, there should be no fees at all, if you are filling out your own forms.
Last, if you are being given the runaround, told to record and then told to re-record, and being charged and charged again and told that it's "the Federation" imposing all these requirements ---- report it. The Federation hasn't changed anything about this process for almost two years and we have no interest in making it difficult or complex--- or expensive--- for people to return home to their birthright political status.
We did recently note that people should be using Registered Mail, Return Receipt Requested, instead of Certified Mail, because Certified Mail is in-house mail between government offices or officials, and we do not want to give anyone the idea that we are acting as a government employee when we are correcting our political status, but we did not suggest that people re-record anything because they made a mistake and sent things out via Certified Mail, because it is understood that they are exiting that system and their intention to leave it, is clear.

Your intention is paramount. That's no excuse for being sloppy or using the wrong mail system when you know better, but it is sufficient to justify your actions undertaken in good faith.


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