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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Leadership Failure 101

 By Anna Von Reitz

Once again, Matt Dakin is showing his lack of moral fiber and good judgment, which is why he was not retained as a Militia Coordinator by the people of California, who voted him out of any position of authority in their State Assembly.
We have to have men who know the difference between right and wrong, moral and immoral, and who have the self-discipline necessary to make fair and wise decisions in these key positions. Matt failed the first test with his abusive extramarital relationships with other Assembly members, and now, is failing a second test of basic common sense and loyalty by abusing privileges he obtained in his former position of trust within our Assembly. Now, after not being retained, he is trying to mislead people to join the impractical and unlawful efforts of other failed former leaders of The California Assembly.
If you can't accept your own failures of moral conscience and your own performance failures--- and learn from them and grow into a better man--- but instead try to shift the blame onto others for these personal failings, and then follow up by stealing information you obtained in another position of trust ---- what hope is there for your personal improvement? Much less any future for you as a leader?
We, the actual people, have seen the kind and quality of "leadership" infesting Washington, DC --- men and women without a brain in their heads, sex mad, selfish, manipulative, deceitful, prejudiced, ugly, conniving, lying, immoral thugs who would betray their country or their States as easily as they betray their families and co-workers --- and we don't want any more of it. We are sick of that kind of "leadership" and those kinds of people, who always seem to push themselves forward as leaders, when they are the least deserving of any such position.
We, the actual people, know that we have to have values and strength to sort out our own lives before we go telling other people what to do. We have to have the honesty and maturity and common sense to own our mistakes and learn from them. We have to demonstrate the good judgement and moral compass of a leader, the work ethic of a leader, and the heart of a leader --- if we expect to lead. Matt failed in all these respects. He failed himself first and foremost, and then he failed the members of the Assembly, who lost faith in him because of his own actions, and who have lived to see their lack of faith fully justified.
Is this disappointing? Of course, it is. Especially when you realize that a man with Matt's failings promoted himself into such a lofty position of trust, and fooled so many people into thinking that he was competent to do the job, when he clearly wasn't honest or mature enough.
It is a truism of human organizations that those who want to lead, probably shouldn't lead, simply because those who have a proper respect for the job avoid the responsibility. Those who seek self-aggrandizement rush in, seeking whatever advantage they can garner from being in a position of leadership, while the actual leaders among us stay quiet and hang back, not wanting the limelight, not seeking the burdens and the scrutiny. Those smart enough, tough enough, and unselfish enough don't want to be the leader. They have to be discovered, observed, and promoted from within an organization over time, and time is something we have not had--yet.
So is it surprising that California and some other Assemblies have suffered leadership failures early on? No, it's more common than dirt to have leadership failures in start up organizations, and especially in volunteer organizations. It's painful and to be expected. So long as we continue to develop home-grown leaders and continue to remove those who fail the test, and continue to consistently define who we are and what we are doing and how we are doing it ---- we'll do fine.
It just takes time to find "the strength from within" and time, too, for the rock solid understanding of what our mission is to develop.
Many of the failed leaders thus far haven't fully understood the scope, seriousness, or even the basic definitions that are necessary to our success.
When you have people trying to bring a State Assembly into Session, and they don't even know what a State of the Union is, there's an obvious problem to be overcome.
When you have a Federation of States which is your only means to keep the Federal Subcontractors in line, and you have employees of that Federation talking trash about the Federation and confusing the Federation with the run amok Federal Subcontractors --- you've got a problem.
When you've got guys strapping guns on their hips, and they don't have enough sense to ride for the brand, you've got a problem.
Not everyone can be a rocket scientist and there isn't time for everyone to spend forty years learning all the details, but we can all grasp the basic job of government, we can all learn the definition of a State of the Union, we can all learn the history of the Federation of States, we can all figure out that the Federation is a completely different organization apart from the "Federal" Subcontractors, and, God help us, we can all learn to be honest, solid, practical people, who don't abuse power and don't abuse trust placed in us.
There is a lot of confusion, even chaos, let loose in the world today, and most it is the result of failed leadership, leadership that took a bribe or fell for a honey pot, leadership that lied, leadership that was completely out of its depth, leadership that never understood the actual job of government, leadership that was intrinsically selfish and dishonest, leadership without any vision, leadership without any moral sense or direction, leadership so partisan that reality itself became a joke, and delusion became the order of the day. We are living through the results of such leadership right now, and learning the hard lesson that you get what you deserve.
The people of The California Assembly took a hard look at Matt Dakin's leadership and decided they wanted someone better in charge of their Assembly Militia, someone more mature, more knowledgeable, more trustworthy, more seasoned. They made that choice for themselves, and they weren't wrong.
Here in Alaska, we have a woman running for U.S. Senator as a Republican, who has a 78% Democrat voting record. How honest do you think she is? How dumb do you think the Alaskan Republican Party is? We've got another candidate for U.S. Senator that doesn't even live in this State, and he brags that he doesn't ever intend to live in this State, either. He intends to live in Washington, DC, where it is comparatively nice and warm, and friendly to reptiles and other lobbyists.
This is the standard of "leadership" and "representation" that we have allowed to take over the nation's Capitol, and sit in the Halls of Congress.

Obviously, we've got a problem, and it's a problem that we've got to solve, by finding and promoting the true-hearted and competent and faithful leaders among us, beginning with our State Assembly leaders.


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