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Monday, November 22, 2021

When in Doubt.....and a Fair Warning

 By Anna Von Reitz

When in doubt, look at the history.
King George III made a big point of referencing the "free, sovereign, and independent" people of America in the Treaty of Paris, 1783, which was the treaty settling the affairs of the British Territorial United States after The War of Independence.
Most likely because he was already gloating over the prospect of picking off each State, one by one, and owning the entire country as a "possession" without firing a shot. It's easy to see that from his perspective, such was the foregone conclusion.
The Former Colonies already owed him a very substantial war debt, and between that and the ability to control their commercial shipping, he must have been well-pleased with his prospects.
Only one pesky thing stood in the way of success: the Federation of States formed in September of 1776.
King George knew, and you should, too, that the States were only "independent" between July of 1776 and September of 1776, when they created and joined the Federation of States doing business as The United States of America, for their mutual benefit and protection.
From that moment on the States were no longer individually independent; they were functioning as one country in international jurisdictions, and that remained a problem for King George's plans.
He could have picked off Maryland easily enough; it's large population of immigrants, limited infrastructure, and limited toll road system, plus its mixed economy based mainly on the Port of Baltimore and a little tobacco growing, made it a good target.
But the moment he put his bankers to work toward that end, Pennsylvania and New York, acting as "Sister States" in the Federation, came to Maryland's rescue.
Undeterred, George centered his next attacks in New England, where his agents successfully undermined and counterfeited each fledgling State-issued currency.
But, then the Federation took over the mint and the coinage issuance, and a single, much more difficult to counterfeit currency was issued jointly by the States as Members of the Federation, and that effort failed, too.
In each of these instances and many more to come, the Federation proved an able means for the States to cooperate for their mutual protection, and George's plan to pick off the States one by one or in small groups, failed.
Against all odds, the fledgling country ---cobbled together from all these disparate former Colonies which differed widely in religious beliefs, ethnicity, culture, law, race, and even language (51% of all Colonists spoke German, 12% spoke French, and 6% spoke Gaelic as their primary language) ---was hanging together!
The people of this country had heard Ben Franklin's comment, "We must all hang together, or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately."
King George and his advisors were amazed. And appalled. It would be almost eighty years before the Brits would find an in-road to break this country apart, and even then, it was the Confederation of States, not the Federation of States, which provided them with an opportunity to start the Civil War.
In everything that has happened since then, the British-Roman strategy of divide and conquer is evident. They have tried to separate the people of this country along racial divides, and economic divides, and even religious divides --- to no avail.
Even today, they and their Agents are attempting to "redefine" our States of the Union as separate countries without obligation to each other. Their Agents attempt to redefine "new" States that are purportedly States of the Union without being Members of the Federation of States, but no such States exist.
In this country, the soil held by the Union of States, and the land held by the Federation of States, are inextricably and forever held together. All States of the Union are Members of the Federation and all Members of the Federation are States of the Union.
By definition.
So when you hear rumors of people starting "States" that are not members of the Federation of States, you will know that the Agents of England have been hard at work, trying to fabricate another confusion out of thin air.
You will know that their Agents have been trying to divide and conquer the Union of States and are attempting to undermine the venerable Federation of States, their Nemesis, by playing upon people's fear of the British Territorial "Federal Government" --- so that the sheep fight against their own salvation and flee into the arms of their oppressors.
The recently dissolved California Assembly's leadership fell into this trap, and they are still trying to promote their efforts as "The California Assembly" when in fact they are acting as thieves of State property and infringing on our copyrights --- and all while promoting Britain's agenda instead of holding fast to our American history of success.
Nancy Kremer, Wayne Whomsley, and numerous others of the former California Assembly have willfully removed themselves from our State of the Union, which is by definition a Member of the Federation of States, and are promoting another British Copycat instead.
This counts as an act of insurrection against the lawful government of the State and the People of California, and should be recognized for what it is. If the former California Assembly leaders are arrested, know that squelching such activities is part of the job of the Territorial Government.
And be sure, if you are questioned, to make it clear that you did not agree to redefine California in any way, and that so far as you are concerned, California is a State of the Union and a Member of the Federation of States, and always will be.
Strange and anti-intuitive as it may seem, the British Territorial Government is under contract and gets paid big money to attack any "rebels" so they will go after these folks and other Pretend Assemblies, which include Ron Vroorman's "Oregon Assembly" and the "National Assemblies".
You will have to stand tall and make it clear that you are a member of the lawful State Assembly and are properly declared and recorded and understand that your State is a State of the Union and a member of the Federation of States.
The only actual American State called California continues to organize under the care and guidance of the Californian Coordinators listed at:
So long as you are not confused about who you are and what your State is, "a State of the Union and a member of the Federation of States" --you won't be harmed.

Get off track and slide into their lane, and you are liable for your own damages.


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