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Thursday, November 18, 2021

About the British Crown Government

 By Anna Von Reitz

The British Crown Government headed by the Lord Mayor of London is over six hundred years old, and it is independent of the British Government, which it holds more or less in thrall.
It's the British Crown that acts as the Mercenary Force -- provides the Bar Attorneys and Banks and worships devils and reptiles at the Crown Temple. They have been at war with the Christian Church, and particularly, the Church of Rome, since their Templar Founders were forced to flee to Britain under force and their Grandmaster, Jacques de Molay, was slow-roasted by French Kingdom Officials on Friday the 13th, March 19, 1314.
It's a sad and ugly tale of misbegotten beliefs, religious suppression, intrigue, propaganda, self-interest, deception, and, well, pure evil.
Despite this, the Templars had one thing going for them. They could always make money, out of thin air, if necessary.
And, as a bonus, they had maps of the world showing the continents and ley lines (longitude measured magnetically) many decades before the King's Navy.
This gave them considerable power and allure to start with, and they improved upon their position as court physicians and magicians for the next several hundred years, gradually gaining control of the banks, theaters, and war-making machinery ------and always, always, pursuing their Nemesis, the Roman Catholic Church.
As you might imagine, corrupting and controlling the Church that censured them has been a long-sought aim, and in 2011, they hit the jackpot, when Pope Benedict XVI agreed to back them on certain claims regarding the transfer of Power of Attorney from Mooi/Soewarno to the lawful Successor.
The fact remains that on November 9, 2009, all the Tier One Banks in the world received a Swift message and a Statutory Declaration from Soewarno telling all of them who the legitimate Power of Attorney was, and none of those banks have ever received any communication contradicting those instructions.
As this was a matter of private trust interests, it isn't the business of any government to interfere. Not even the Church Government.
Pope Benedict XVI was misled by a simple legal deceit, a forgery, and a change of legal name imposed upon the legitimate Power of Attorney by the CIA, but the adoption of a different legal name proscribed by a Court or a Naturalization Service does not change the true identity of the man or transfer any private right held under the original lawful name.
So he is still the lawful Power of Attorney over all the assets, just as Soewarno decreed, and there is no credible evidence otherwise. The truth stands and the truth will out.
This entire mess, the corruption of the banks, the lawlessness of the corporations, the lies that have infested every corner of the globe, and the misery of the people on this planet, can be traced to the efforts of HSBC, which is the British-Chinese investment bank, deceit and interference by the CIA, unlawful impersonation by the UNITED STATES, INC., and self-serving dishonesty on the part of the major Tier 1 banks worldwide--- allowed by an old man who was lied to.
All of you who are suffering, all of you who are in despair, gather your courage and support our efforts:
Anna Maria Riezinger
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652
They all know who the Power of Attorney belongs to, and they attempt to deny it. The hooligans in charge of the CIA know it, too. And it all comes down to this: the banks and corporations have conspired with the help of the British Crown Government, to steal the private wealth of the world and commandeer it for their own use, and Pope Benedict XVI was fooled into agreeing with this.
And thus, the British Crown Government celebrates its victory over the Roman Catholic Church. It only took seven hundred years to accomplish it.
Find your courage and know the truth: their victory of lies is not meant to last.

The outcome depends on you. Support our efforts. Support Soewarno's lawful Successor. In this way, the wealth of the world can be returned to the service of humanity.


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