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Saturday, October 30, 2021

The Ultimate Responsibility -- An Open Letter to Pope Francis, et alia

 By Anna Von Reitz

A shameless and inexcusable round of corporate profiteering at the cost of human life and happiness has been unleashed upon the world and a whole series of pseudo-scientific lies have been used to implement it.
First, it was the Carbon Craze and the scheme to gin up a new excuse to tax people (and animals) for living and breathing,
Next, it was the Pandemic Craze and the attendant destruction of economic and social order being used to keep our attention off the actual issues.
And what are the actual issues?
Corporations acting as Governments gone mad. Governments without authority. Governments without funding.
Governments all over the world are being shut down, and it's not because of the chaos caused by any Global Warming or Pandemic. All that is just a smokescreen.
No, it's because the governments are being defunded and the corporations that have been providing "governmental services" are on the skids. NYC is shut down. Washington, DC is shut down. Look around, Peeps, and see all the buildings that are boarded up, shut down, no traffic but Custodians.
The so-called pandemic is being used as the cover for this, but that is not what is really going on.
When the cost of all these "services" can no longer be supported by sloughing it off onto the backs of the American People, and when the actual Donors of all these Public Trusts come forward to be heard, new sources have to be found to pay for non-productive government activities ---- like shooting people for letting the grass grow.
That actually happened in Austin, Texas, yesterday. This nice man was doing his bit to capture more carbon dioxide, and the pigs not only shot and killed him, they burned his home for it.
We recommend that the Mayor and the SWAT team responsible be keel-hauled and fired, not subject to rehire, and then charged with manslaughter and forced to pay the survivors for the property damages--- directly.
They actually did know better than to shoot a man and burn his home over high grass, but they did it anyway. Now they need to pay the price for that.
In fact, there are a lot of prices to be paid, and mostly by corporations and their officers -- like the City of Austin, its Mayor, its Department of Public Safety, and its SWAT team supervisors and members.
Even the stupidest grunt in the group had cause to know that you don't shoot people over unkempt grass, but nobody in that group raised his hand and said, "Uh, guys...."
This problem exists because the corporations have been running rampant over the living people ever since World War II and because those running these corporations have been profligate criminals who have abused the people who granted them charters to do business and provided them with bankruptcy protection to begin with.
We have long called upon Pope Francis in his role as Pontiff-Replacement to exercise his ownership interest and shut offending corporations down, but thus far, he has allowed them to seek bankruptcy protection at the cost of their victims and done nothing worthwhile at all to address the problem of Corporate Feudalism.
We, the entire rest of the world, have voiced our opposition to slavery and peonage, both, and they have been outlawed worldwide since 1926, but because both are seen as traditions of Rome (not to mention, a major source of income for the Church) we have seen the League of Nations disbanded and the land jurisdiction governments all-but abandoned.
The responsibility for this distortion of reality and of morality, both, rests firmly on one Executive Officer ---- the Pope.
Our lawful land jurisdiction government is vested in our Post Master --- at least so far as the Universal Postal Union is concerned, and for all intents and purposes, this is the Municipal Government on a worldwide basis.
So, when the Post Master of The United States of America issues an Impoundment Order against a corporation --- any corporation at all, that Order is to be obeyed by all Postmasters in charge of the adjacent sea lanes and all the other Post Masters in charge of the Post Roads and Post Offices. They, and the U.S. Marshals, are now responsible for putting that corporation into an estoppel status and keeping it there until all fines are paid and all corrections of its operations are made.
Exactly such an Order has been issued against the Internal Revenue Service, Incorporated, which has been committing acts of Federal Racketeering against Americans ever since its inception, and also using its commercial persona "the IRS, INC." and other commercial corporations including banks and transfer agents to do their dirty work for them.
The sneaky little dweebs write up a fraudulent "Notice of Levy" which is not a judicial levy at all, and present it to another Municipal Corporation, like NEW YORK BANK OF MELLON, and then the colluding sister-corporation or franchise is "forced" to steal the money of the victim and turn it over to the IRS, INC., which is being allowed into this country by the State of Delaware, which is operating under the understanding that the Agent responsible for the IRS, INC., is THE CORPORATION TRUST COMPANY, INC. of Wilmington, Delaware ---- the purported Public Trust Receiver of the 1907 bankruptcy of the Scottish Interloper doing business as The United States of America, Inc.
How sweet.
The Church's Commercial operations collude with the Church's Commonwealth operations and simply pass the gravy from one hand to the other, in an endless game of "Keep Away" from the actual owners, who are being defrauded both coming and going.
The Prince of the Air responsible puts on a sanctimonious show of mercy for the victims thus enslaved and defrauded, by dribbling out gruel and water to keep them barely alive and dependent on him, while he wallows in riches that would make Midas blush.
Bear in mind that what Pope Francis is doing by allowing these corporations to function in this way, is just as illegal and unlawful under Roman Civil Law as it is under International Law, and it is all 100% forbidden under Ecclesiastical Law and Noahide Law and Canon Law, too.
So now the contractual cards have been called, the actual office of the land jurisdiction Post Master has been invoked and exercised, and it remains for the entire world to see if Pope Francis will do his Public Duty and shut the Internal Revenue Service/IRS,INC down, force them to pay the penalty due, and correct their operations--- and similarly discipline the transfer agents or PAYPAL.COM--- or continue on in his service to Mammon.
Yes or no?
Is the Roman Catholic Church to be recognized as an Outlaw?

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America


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