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Saturday, August 14, 2021

What Didn't Happen in 1986

 By Anna Von Reitz

In fact, it's a much longer list of things that didn't happen, but let's start with what didn't happen in 1986, because that is the more immediate cause of everything else.
Remember Ronald Reagan and the Grace Commission? This Think Tank effort was an analysis of the so-called Federal Debt and the findings of the Grace Commission were alarming. The Grace Commission report detailed the enormity of the Federal Debt and such juicy factoids as the point that all the taxes collected by the IRS were going simply toward paying off part of the interest on the Federal Debt.
Naturally, this news created consternation and alarm at the time.
It meant that, absent abundant new resources, the US was fighting a losing battle with compound interest --- forget about funding roads and schools and everything else that the country actually needs.
Apparently, the Reagan Administration didn't know that there were two sets of books involved, so the debt wasn't paid down.
The essence of this conundrum is that the actual debt is owed to the American People, who are and who have always been the Priority Creditors. But in order to access our credit, the Federal Government has been borrowing money from Third Parties, most notably, China.
Imagine that you lock up all your money in a safe so that you can't get at it, and wander around constantly begging and borrowing against it, so that you have to have Third Parties investing at interest in order to pay your current bills?
That's what the Federal Subcontractors have been doing. So you not only get stuck with the bill, you also have to pay heavy interest on borrowed money. And it's that interest on the debt that was shown to be eating us alive all those years ago.
But what about our money? Wasn't it being reinvested and earning interest, too?
Of course, it was.
It was being used to buy majority interest in the Fortune 500 and to rig the stock and commodity markets worldwide, it was being used to fund government "retirement" programs and insure them forty years in advance, it was being used to fund gigantic slush funds for the use of political hacks and their cronies, it was being used for "platform trading" ---- a casino option where the investor always wins --- and so much more, including all the Black Ops programs, while we and the other living people were kept slaving our lives away to pay the artificial debt that resulted from misapplying our money and borrowing other people's money to pay bills the government subcontractors ran up in our names.
Don't forget, the Federal Subcontractors were not paying their own Investors, like the Nationalist Chinese, at the same time they weren't paying us, their Priority Creditors.
The 1934 Gold Bonds issued by FDR were supposed to pay interest owed in 1967, but that didn't happen, either. Those bonds belong to us, The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States.
Instead, LBJ transported 234,000 metric tons of gold belonging to us to Barclay's Bank in Singapore, and rat-holed 164 boxes of bonds worth 25,000 metric tons of gold, and other additional assets equivalent to 2 million tons of gold, and never a peep hit the press about these mammoth asset stores, which are mostly owed to the American People. And not a penny was paid to anyone.
Not to us. Not to the Chinese or Germans or anyone else who was depositing their gold in Federal Reserve Banks.
And the same thing has been going on in almost every other country on Earth---the governmental services corporations poor-mouthing about their debts, at the same time they have been swindling their Creditors both at home and abroad for decades on end.
As of 2012, the so-called ASVLP Accounts --- the actual asset based accounts --- were supposed to reach critical mass, wherein they could be used to produce national currencies and float them for every country in the world without debt or interest or any kind of taxation at all.
No more Promissory Notes used as currency. No more National Debts. No more taxes.
That's what was supposed to start happening in 2012, and still hasn't happened yet. Why? Primarily because the rats think that they can continue their Old Game. They think they can coerce/encourage us to accept a new kind of Promissory Note and start the same old scenario again--- where we pay all the debts they accrue, and they keep all the Slush Funds to use "in our names".
Guess you know what we told them?
We told them to apply our National Credit to the National Debt and wipe it out. It's not our style to poor-mouth when we are the wealthiest nation on Earth and can afford to pay our bills.

Then we told them to prepare for change. We aren't going to be owing China or any other foreign government and won't be paying interest on loans to support our Subcontractor's operating expenses. And come to that, there is going to be a drastic restructuring of government activities. Fewer noses up our butts and more boots doing useful work to rebuild this country and all the other countries that have suffered because of these crooks.


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  1. 600 people that arrested that went to DC at Trumps encouragement.
    These Bolshevik NKvD that’s how the killed 60 million Russians.
    If only the Russian could publicly assemble they might have resisted.
    Total media controld world wide is vital as the thieft and rape and elimination continues. .
    The fed buys the bonds and only cost three cents to print a FRN that 97 cents profit hundred dollar bill is 99dollars and minty seven cents profit .

    1. yes people need to remember that they actually *make*, MAKE money.
      they make it. they literally take a piece of paper, print a number on it 1 5 10 20 50 100, and, minus the printing costs, now they literally just made money and then they say you owe whichever of those numbers they printed on it.
      plus interest.
      they never print enough to cover the interest, so as you pay the interest, the supply contracts... and oh! gloreebee they have to print more.
      you pay for the "face amount", (the: 1 5 10 20 50 100) they printed on their (toilet)paper, plus interest, with your work/ labor/ energy intellectual property, sons and daughters and so forth.
      1. make a false claim that you owe them, when you do not
      2. do not tell you they are saying you owe them (because you DONT)
      3. tell other people that you owe them and that they now have control over your property
      4. sell your property
      5. pay (make contracts with) people to lie about, merdur, imprison, abuse, tortue many of those who have refused to go along.

      they dont care.
      they know what theyre doing.
      and they dont care if youre harmed.

    2. its not people in washington dc, its your neighbors.

      your neighbors are the ones doing these things to you. they agreed. they dont care if youre innocent. hungry. harmed. hurt.
      someone told them they would pay them to *put* you in that condition.
      and they said yes, they would carry out harming you for money.
      and they have done just that.

      so when you look around, realize: its your neighbors accepting offers to get paid or get other favors in exchange for causing harm to you.
      if it wasnt for those neighbors agreeing to harm you, "the cabal's plans" couldnt get carried out.

      and its likely that every one of those neighbors is an Undeclared Foreign Agent to us Americans.
      no one is talking about that little fact, so its probably of utmost importance, or maybe even CRUCIAL for us to understand.

    3. "my comment just got wiped out.
      must be important :):):)

      as i was saying before i was so rudely interrupted:
      avr: "...But what about our money? Wasn't it being reinvested and earning interest, too?
      Of course, it was.
      It was being used to buy majority interest in the Fortune 500 ..."

      we own the benefits of those corporations people!!
      WE DO *NOT* OWE THE DEBTS as avr writes here:
      "...So you not only get stuck with the bill, you also have to pay heavy interest on borrowed money....."

      ohhhhhh no we dont. :)
      the Trustees own the debt they created.
      we did not create it and we are not the Trustees.
      we were not informed and we did not knowingly agree to anything!
      and furthermore, the Trustee has to agree to be the Trustee so we cannot even BE the Trustees because we didnt even known there was a Trust.

      this sham is ridiculous. no wonder they didnt want to tell us what theyre doing. probably too embarrassed to admit to such emotional and mental immaturity and stagnation.
      so immature.
      so mentally stunted.
      oooh, big men... the incompetents want to run everything...

      i have seen servants upon horses, and princes walking as servants upon the earth.

      whoso removeth stones [boundaries] shall be hurt therewith

      he that diggeth a pit shall fall into it

      folly is set in great dignity
      eccles. ch. 10:6-9.

    4. "good" what anonymous?

      please do speak up if youve got something to add. :)

    5. edward©,
      oh im so glad you answered.

      the kind of comment you just made to me USED to work to shut people down from commenting.

      that time has passed.

      most people are now fully sick and tired of self-appointed (or paid) monitors like yourself.

      heres how this works edward©:

      i say what i want
      when i want
      where i want
      as many times as i want.

      if that isnt to your liking, skip my posts.

      Easy! Right??!! :):):)

    6. okay edward©, i guess i was too nice to you and you werent able to comprehend my message.
      so, here it is in language a self-important, apparently self-appointed or paid monitor-type might be more likely understand;

      here it is edward; catch it this time, k?:

      i dont care what you think about my comments.

  2. Amen to that! Hear, hear. Best article in a long while to really put it in stark economic terms that skewers the vermin and shows them out to be the criminals that they are. I will be copying this out and flyering it all over Covid-land so that the sheeple awaken to truth and do something about it.

  3. Along These Lines Cliff High:

  4. GoodE2boots are you related to Shelby?

    1. oh how cute!
      i might be. why do you ask?

    2. hey lifes mirage!
      where'dja go?
      didja fall into the oasis in yure mirage?
      or you just dont want to answer now that you brought it up?

  5. Without prejudice
    To all you American suckers, blindly following anna von reitz, I believe anna is trading on your B Cert, CUSIP number accounts like the banks. Fools.
    Anna put a commercial lien on the US BAR Association tricking us into believing she was actually going to do something useful re the corruption, WRONG it should have been on the American Bankers Association, as for the BAR lien why has anna not done A DEFAULT JUDGEMENT against the BAR having waived the right to answer, therefore by acquiesence, tacit admission and failure to contest, rejecting their due process opportunity. (See Randone v. Appellate Court, 5 C3d 536; Mullane v Central Hanover Trust Co., 339 U.S. 306, 314; Sniadach v. Family Finance Corp., 395 U.S. 337, 339; Melorich Builders v. Superior Court, 160 Cal App 3d 931, as in line with California Code of Civil Procedure § 437(c), defaults.). other state constitutions codes are applicable.
    IN ABSENCE of such response, Affiant, [name1], hereby inserts and records this NOTICE OF DEFAULT upon and against above named Respondent(s) why has she not done this.
    The correcting your political status docs are not worth shit, coz the courts ignore them and still trade your B Cert, CUSIP number accounts like the banks.
    The banks are the cause of all the problems, anna knows this but is doing nothing about taking the banks down.
    Anyway you rats just keep following your pied piper your political status docs won’t save you, the NAZIs who hides in perceived immunity in Luxembourg run guichet lu change the political status rules faster than anna can invent alleged new ones.
    I could elaborate but the quote of, The ultimate ignorance is the rejection of something you know nothing about and refuse to investigate. – Dr. Wayne Dyer. Fits all of you.
    I am getting off the fake action anna bandwagon.

    1. We know perfectly well the courts are corrupt, and we’re not rats we learn all intelligence we can .
      Nice you quote the case law however statutes and code are not law either.
      So we’re dealing with pirates and we know that .
      Solutions are go for the highest high ground and fight from there .
      Their Anderson Coopers and talking heads will attack but when your on solid ground they won’t act because some honest judges remain .
      We beat these slimy scum regularly in thair courts .
      Using their own dirty tricks against them.
      In time when we have our own banking,our own enforcement,our own lawful federation in proper oversit position we win .

    2. mighty5mouse5,
      and why the hell isnt "anna" (or anyone else for that matter) showing people how to live being man or woman in American common law authority? thats our rightful authority!

      why are all of them, literally ALL of them, STILL pretending like American man and woman are U. S. Citizens subject to a Foreign Corporations Constitution? private laws? definitions? so forth? rather than that Americans/other peoples have our own laws?
      who has -- which one of them has--- told the American or other peoples and nations this?
      none of them have.
      thats who.
      none of them.
      -- not "gen flynn", not "anna", not "sheriff"y man, not "donald j trump", not sidney powell, robert barnes, rand paul, marjorie taylor green, ted cruz,
      not jovanmusk, any youtube alt news people, not x22, not "former" alphabetsoup men, not alphons, not christopher j, not ANY of them.
      not one.
      its ridiculous.
      theyre ridiculous.

      how many times has bellarian1 and others asked:
      "why hasnt "anna" stopped the Registration of the Birth Certificate?"?

      many of us fully realize now that all this bullshit weve been put through was all just about them doing yet another "conversion" on us behind our backs. and its the same gott'amd scheme as before: theyre all participating in trafficking us ONCE AGAIN into foreign authority without disclosing that; for the purpose of living off the fruit of our labor and our bodies.
      oh but thats not enough.
      theyre not happy to just steal peoples labor, oh no, theyre not happy unless their abusing their victims to the hilt too. and cant forget to psychologically abuse their victims too by calling them stupid and telling them its their own fault. kinda like we hear they do with SRA victims, if any.
      ya know: destroy the life, the soul, AND the spirit.

      we get that.

      what we dont know yet is who was threatened? blackmailed? heard the old-time offer: "take the gold or take the lead"? had their sons and daughters threatened or other threat? if true at all.

      we dont know yet. all of these people arent bad. but all of them LOOK complicit at this point.

      the foreign bankers and their little helpers might already have DONE a "conversion", but they DIDNT get the peoples' NECESSARY consent.
      if true, its not going to work out for them.
      too many good people arent afraid of evil.

  6. NASA IS NOT A SPACE AGENCY - Green Screen Puppet Show
    "I think this tune is hilarious, so thought I'd share"

  7. PLEASE share this with everyone you know!! It may save their life!!
    PLEASE share this with everyone you know!! It may save their life!!
    Subject: antidote to the shot/jab
    Dr. Zelenko with Stew Peters / 41 mins

      If you saw the interview with Dr. Zelenko, here’s the link to the Z-Stack protocol. Stay healthy, Patriots!

      Vladimir Zelenko MD (

  8. Since 86' huh. Thats when I was establish too. And yet I've been suspended for calling columbus a crook and expelled for saying public schools help the corruption. Mean while all you old timers allowed American history to be deleted from curriculum. My lic was suspend for "driving with out a license" in the constitution state, but I'm sure most of you were applying for that same very license I tried my damndest to avoid. I can now see why shelby and goodE2boots are so degrated by a bunch of indoctrinated followers. How is their beleifs so much more bizarre then your own, because one person tells you otherwise?! This tribe would beleive flat earth if Anna said so. But yeah all those who correct their status is more american then I will ever want to be. Thats why your best responses are "good" and "are you realated to shelby". You self govern like a 7 year old and need to shut your mouths for the good of the assemblies. otherwise add a valid, adult constructed, opinion of opposition with some kind of legitimacy to back it up.

    You understand cognitive dissonance? You claim you need your fellow Americans to step up to the plate but when they have questions that dont align with ur agenda you scoff at them and call them sensitive when they call you out for it, yet get so riled with nothing agumentive to say but "good" or "are you related to shelby". Prime example. You act like this now, just imagine when annas time is up here on this miracle of a rock. The vile hate you will fling is unimaginable. Go look up what anarchy issnt by larken rose on urtube and then tell me u need anna to help build the world your looking for. If you do, ur simple NOT an American! And dont confuse anarchy for choas otherwise youre just another tyrant.

  9. "We've Got Your Number".....BOOM

    "FINALY DONE RIGHT: Alex Jones take on the document that caused me to post "A vote fraud carjacker in a ferarri:" He also refers to the staged terror attacks that are upcoming that they will blame on us.

  10. This looks like a perfect example of History being written by the winners.
    This whole “White” family history is so obscure , and having such loose ends that anyone could claim that they are the progeny of the “White’s” lineage. Hmm, maybe that’s why most have “White” on their Birth Certificates. Now we need to look for the first obscure “Black” family “Last Name” that came to this ”New World” in the 1620’s.
    Vincent Price’s Lineage seems so top shelf it reeks of ozone. His education seems innocuous at first glance however when the masses of aspiring actors/actresses fail to even get their foot in a door, and the elite are always star lit, along with whatever propaganda they wish to spew, one has to take a breath, and contemplate if what is being projected for all to believe is truly live or an edited memorex tape.
    Actors in Roman times, even sometimes nowadays have been referred to as a troupe(troop). They assail(assault) a community bringing “a show” caste as a fiction for the masses to pay for, and consume. Bringing nothing but lip service. Then they leave, or do they? Is their agenda purposely meant to create sleepwalking zombies.

    1. Vincent Price

      Edith Barrett

      Lawrence Barrett

      Vincent Clarence Price (1832-1914) | Familypedia | Fandom

      Vincent Leonard Price (1871-1948) | Familypedia | Fandom

      Vincent Leonard Price, Sr. (1871 - 1948) - Genealogy
      Half brother of Vincent Leonard Price??? What the heck, oh that's right I forgot about my other brother Darryl.(My umbilically severed attachment/hueman being having a somewhat identical “name”))

    2. William White (Mayflower passenger)
      “The commonness of William White's name has made genealogical research on him difficult. According to genealogist Charles Edward Banks, his surname is one of the dozen most common in England and his baptismal name one of the four most frequently bestowed in that period. As a result, "Little is known about Pilgrim William White."[5][1][4][6]
      Further, there is confusion about William White in Leiden. Records reveal that there were two men of that name living there, other than Mayflower William White about 1620 and both appear to have been still there after the Mayflowerdeparted. Aside from the William Whites in Leiden confusion, an additional contributing factor was the name of the wife of one of the William Whites – Ann – which erroneously has connected the Whites with the Fuller family.[1][4][6]
      Other evidence of the William White family coming to the Mayflower from England and not Holland comes from William Bradford's passenger list which has "Mr. William White" in his section for London merchants along with Mr. Christopher Martin, Mr. William Mullins, Mr. Stephen Hopkins, Mr. Richard Warren, and John Billington. It is believed that if William White had been a member of the Leiden congregation, his name would have appeared in Bradford's work for that section, but it does not. There is no evidence to associate the William White of the Mayflower with Leiden, Holland.[1][4][6] “
      Susanna White (Mayflower passenger)
      Old Style and New Style dates

      Peregrine White -
      No Known records to trace back William White? Yeah right. Whose your daddy? I dunno but my older brother’s name is Resolved White
      Resolved White

      Actors in Roman Theatre | uofuhistoryoftheatre

    3. It's pretty much a given that wiki pedia is a tool of the cabal and that lying about all kinds of shit is the status quo

    4. Peregrine White (c. November 20, 1620 – July 20, 1704)
      Peregrine White's father William White died on February 21, 1621. With her husband's death, Susanna, with her newborn son Peregrine and five-year-old Resolved, became the only surviving widow out of the many families who perished that first winter. On May 12, 1621 Peregrine's mother Susanna married widower Edward Winslow, a Mayflower and later a Plymouth colony notable with whom she had five children, one of whom was Josiah Winslow, future Plymouth governor.[2][4][12][13]
      In the 1627 Division of Cattle, both Resolved (sic) and his brother Peregrine were listed in the Third Lot under Capt. Standish in the family of Edward Winslow, his wife Susanna and their sons Edward and John Winslow.[2][14]
      At the court on March 6, 1648/9, Peregrine White and Sarah his wife, both of Marshfield, were presented (fined) for fornication before marriage. Since records show their first child, Daniel, was born in 1649, they seemingly married after becoming pregnant.[17][18]
      On June 3, 1651, Lt. Peregrine White was admitted as a Freeman.[17]
      Peregrine White died on July 20, 1704 (Old Style)

      His will was signed with the initials PW "The mark of Peregrine White”

    5. Most of US have been searching for a "Heart of Gold" from within, and without, while at the meantime "they" have been mining the "Mother Lode"

  11. aka: Hegelian Dialectic
    aka: problem- reaction- solution.

    looks like the people are telling the to shove it. :):)

  12. ...telling *them* to shove it.

    looks like the people are telling *them* to shove it.

    . ooh thats fun to write that.

    and its been alot of entertainment so far watching the youtube "news and intel" shills backtrack their "stories"... :):)
    seems like maybe theyve figured out they were celebrating "victory" too early.:):):) ??
    seems like maybe once they got the word about three weeks ago(?) that the GREAT RESET had been pushed out (re: trump making a uterus signal over the top of his manbits when hes sitting down?) they were all grinn-y and 'whewie':relieved; whew, haha, we *did* it!! WE WON!!!!!!! highfives:)!!!!!

    not realizing (of course) that its not just all about them and their handlers and some system going online or whatever.

    their 20, 30, 10, 5, 1 years of "work" did NOT result in the peoples consent!
    so no victory.
    awwww. :( no smileyface for youse!
    the deceits didnt work. :);):)
    they just made people *them*, *not* at each other! :):):)

    they remind me of a ball team playing a rain-out game by themselves and saying they won because the other team stayed home out of the rain!

    its going to truly be quite a show from now on.
    from aliens to pan-dem-mucks to corporate selections being pawned off as genuine elections, to clones, to fake shortages, fake emergencies, false flags, no beachgoing, no Thanksgiving wine, no eating without a mask, no school, no singing, no church, no busrides, no airplanerides, no s*x without a mask, no cows: to much gas;

    too dang funny! none of that bullshit worked!

    NOW im 'getting my popcorn'!