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Tuesday, August 17, 2021

The REASON Our Bonds Cannot Fund the RV

 By Anna Von Reitz

The actual crime began in 1921 with the "birth registration" practices that started under the Maternity Act. The proponents hailed this as a step forward toward better health (sound familiar) and claimed that it would allow a better and more scientific basis to provide pre- and post-natal care recommendations for both mother and child. Blah-blah-blah.
In reality, it provided a basis for an unauthorized census, aimed at a particular segment of the population, and it was supposed to impact only Federal Citizens. In actual practice, however, it was applied to everyone along with a registration process that was undisclosed.
As I have explained on many occasions, any time you register anything, you give away your ownership interest in it. Whether it is a car, a corporation, or a baby, the result is the same. It starts out as your private property and ends up as public collateral. In this way, the ownership of the children passed from their parents to the Queen, who greedily fed upon their assets --- their land, their rights, their bodies, and their labor.
Acting as their Trustee and placing them all in the international jurisdiction of the sea, she taught these children in Public Schools provided by the Crown using their own assets to do it --- to swear "allegiance" to the borrowed American flag being used by her government to exercise certain contractually delegated powers.
Though it seemed innocent enough, The Pledge of Allegiance is in fact an ancient feudal act (also undisclosed) by which the victim serf promises his or her all-in-all to the sovereign, in this case, allegiance to an undisclosed form of "United States of America" ---- that turns out to be a British Corporation, and the "republic for which it stands" ---- that turns out to be our own long-lost, vacated, and ruinated Federal Republic, the American Subcontractor that is supposed to be the dominant part of our Federal Government.
So we have all these poor babies being unwittingly "voluntarily surrendered" by their clueless Mothers and the complicit Doctors and Hospital Administrators, as Wards of the State. In this way, beginning with the Maternity Act of 1921, and more conclusively with the following Sheppard-Towner Act, American babies were stolen and deliberately misidentified as property belonging to the Queen, and she wasted no time in splitting "the take" with the Pope, who redefined the victims as Municipal citizens, and therefore slaves, owing tribute to him, too.
And we all slept on, innocently believing that "our government" would never do any such thing--- unaware that we were no longer dealing with our government, but with a foreign commercial corporation merely in the business of providing government services.
If we had known and been taught that fact we would have known the basis of the legal presumptions being held against us and against our country, but the perpetrators were very quiet about all this, for obvious reasons.
What they were and still are promoting is a capital crime under both The Hague and The Geneva Conventions. So is their "Trans-humanism" agenda, which attempts to use injection of patented mRNA as an excuse to claim that they own the resulting "trans-human" GMO products as slaves having no rights at all, except to obey their corporate masters.
Their corporate masters need a good swift kick to the curb. And all the corporations involved in this scheme deserve to be liquidated immediately, with all assets returned for the benefit of the victims.
But I digress.
In the midst of this hullabaloo, the Queen turns up missing. It turns out that she has been absent from her post, the British Throne, ever since three days after her Coronation. Who knew? Just like all the "missing" American babies kidnapped by her undeclared Foreign Agents, she's lost at sea, presumed dead, whereabouts unknown, and the land jurisdiction of Britain and the Commonwealth stands vacant as a result.
In response to this disastrous situation, both the American and the British Government wake up and sound the alarm. American Fiduciaries of the actual unincorporated Holding Company known as The United States of America show up and start reading the tea leaves for the Perpetrators. The Lord High Steward comes forward from his distant post in Australia and takes command of the land jurisdiction in the Queen's Absence.
The bankers and the corporate managers responsible stand exposed as the treasonous vermin they are. The Lord Mayor of London is exposed as one of the Chief Rats and Architects. Various organs of the United Nations, including the World Health Organization and the World Bank are complicit.
And all the purloined property that has been stolen under these criminal schemes must be repaired, made whole, and returned back to the actual governments and actual people who have been the targets of this madness.
So, the Vatican is obliged to return all the "clearinghouse certificates" -- that is, Bearer Bonds, belonging to the Americans who were swept up in this scheme, but what they return are the paper certificates, not the modern digital records needed to manage the assets and return them. We object. We ask for the digital records to expedite the process of repatriation.
The Pope says no.
The Curia has to be summoned. The Archbishops from all over the world gather. The Curia says, yes, we have to cough up the digital records. So, they do, only they give the digital records to the vermin in Washington, DC, who are --- after all this, mind you --- still claiming to "represent" us, even after we have presented ourselves.
Oh, very good. Another circular conundrum and comedy of errors based on mistaken identities, when there is no rational excuse for any mistake at all.
Those Bearer Bonds and all assets related to them belong to us, the Americans, and always have.
Having purloined the digital records, the Vermin at the Pentagon have proposed to use these assets as the basis of their long-awaited RV. The people of Zimbabwe have meantime also awakened and objected to the use of their mineral assets as the basis of the RV, so the rats running this maze of deceit decided, what, ho! We can use these American bonds to do it....
No, you can't.
Those bonds are the result of fraud resulting in impersonation and enslavement. They are the fruits of kidnapping, child labor contracts, and piracy. They are tainted goods, and any "officer" caught holding them or dealing in them or using them for any purpose whatsoever, other than directly returning them to our government for administration, is an accomplice to the crime.
Even our government is obligated to "launder" them as a public trust interest, and find means to return the benefit to the victims without any specific individual allocation --- which would make all the victims beneficiaries of the crime and accomplices to it, too.
So, you see, as far as those Bearer Bonds go, they are a great asset that needs to be returned to the American People, not used to fund yet another fraud scheme to provide unjust enrichment for a bunch of military brats who don't have a brain in their heads.
Whatever those bonds fund, once both the paper and the digital records are returned to the actual American government, it isn't going to be "the RV".
And if those bonds, together with their digital records, are not immediately returned to our control, I will commence a public audit and one by one administer them and charge the Queen and the Pope and the Lord Mayor eight times the value of each bond, plus interest, as penalty for Breach of Trust.
The Lord High Steward and I have agreed that all this criminality must stop, and as we are the ones left literally in command of the land and soil of all these countries and nations, every single officer of the district of Columbia, every single officer of the British Crown, and every single officer of the Municipal Government worldwide is placed on Notice of Liability, both personal and commercial, and is held accountable for the immediate return of all American Bearer Bonds and all digital records related to them, to my custody as the lawful Fiduciary of The United States of America, explicitly meaning our unincorporated Federation of States.
We shall determine how to cleanse these filthy instruments and bring some good back to the American People out of this manure pile. Any officer of the U.S. Government who conspires otherwise is guilty of treason. Any officer of the Municipal United States who acts in collusion is guilty of treason. Any Foreign Agent, declared or undeclared, who participates in any unauthorized seizure, transport, buying, selling, trading, or other use of these bonds will be considered a pirate engaged in capital crime.

And your Principals will be charged eight times the value of everything you steal, so they won't be happy with you, either.


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  1. Replies
    1. Oh everybody knows it a big long bus w/a motor and living space that you can drive from point A TO POINT B! LOL

    2. I think it is used in this article to refer to Re-Valuation, but Anna should confirm to be certain.

      I would encourage Anna, and everyone else for that matter to always write out a term in full the first time you use it and place the abbreviation you intend to use in round brackets, like this:

      Re-Valuation (RV)

      That's the proper way of doing it in the English language. And it should be done this way for each new article.

    3. Your joking!! Do some research. Anna has real problems to solve. Don't be part of the problem

  2. No rights ever passed to the Queen be it, registration, Registrar, Registry or anything else "presumed" to be registered. The fact of the matter is that all birth certificates are void instruments. They were signed as a means to record a baby being born and that is all.
    No full disclosure was ever given that the mother"informant" ever signed an instrument and as such did not fulfill a true contract, nor was any true consideration ever offered. Thus, cannot fulfill a valid instrument and therefore void ab initio, nunc pro tunc.

  3. Thank you. Yes what is RV besides recreational vehicle.

  4. Who & what is present Lord High Steward?

    1. lol shelby glad you posted that.

      yes, yhvh and his antichrist son follow the babylon rules for gaining wealth. why am i not surprised lol. cerinthus heresy.

      stick with holy ghost/actual new testament, unless you want an eternity with these people. johns baptism in the river cannot save either. as "the word" itself says. any protestant should not even be doing that. not even the most anti-catholic sola scriptura lutherna, should be doing johns baptism.

      such is apocalypse.

      baptism in father is because they reject new testament, tehy wait for jehovah to send "their lord and his christ". it is purely an apocalypse baptism for people who deny christ and wait for yahweh to send another messiah for them.

      new testament you get holy ghost, and become images of christ. repeating johns baptism that he gave christ cannot save, as "the word" itself says, nevermind dogma. this is disobeying christ's orders in fact, as "the word" itself says.

      so yes, that is a mark of the beast on that page lol. no wonder they want the babylonian wealth system lol.

      dont jump into any rivers with "the lord". baptism in christ saves. holy ghost for english. johns baptism cannot save anyone, neither jews nor protestants nor catholics nor americans nor masons. this is in all bibles unless they have been edited that far.

      as bad as all this is, we probably get to see the world destroyed (however you interpret that), these people want new testament to end and christ to die finally.

      as long as there is one proper baptism in holy ghost and one new testament believer remaining, this "the lord" entity and his antichrist son do not get their "feast" (of new testament) and the meek. new testament called them the ministry of death. some things never change.

    2. christ was the incarnated "word". he said dont do johns baptism and to get the holy ghost baptism. johns cannot save anyone. "the father" cannot save anyone either.

      re: feasts, i mean, its 1.5 billion vatican II marked people (for example)...but as long as one person obeys new testament and does not "switch" to apocalypse baptism and his "son", then the devil doesnt win yet.

      that doesnt mean there wont be confusion and all kinds of lunacy because of these people...just that the devil cannot claim everyone, so long as one person does not bow down to him.

      so, new testament still remains in effect for now. not 100% hell on earth just yet. as obi wan kenobi says lol not dead yet.

  5. In a search I noted the claim that the office was not hereditary anymore but rather by appointment by the Sovereign. I think that if Anna is right the Wikipedia article is either in error or purposely misleading as it seems to say that the office is vacant.

  6. 1933 Gold confiscation was supposed to be for federal citizens aka US citizens .
    The old favorite trick in courts lead you in a direction to jump to a conclusion they engineered.
    Are you John s. Smith ?
    Non stop legal tricks the the attorney General Barr speaking to Federalist society said Equity law is unconstitutional.
    Lord Mansfield in England mixed Admiralty law with common law and came up with Equity.
    Meaning judge can use his judgment when no statute or code applies.
    Roger Dowell of Michigan Assembly thinks it’s contract law no that’s that lawful contract is one of the highest forms of law.

    1. equity is "fairness" because strict law was deemed overkill/damaging.

      it is a type of contract law, because whenever there is a contract normal law doesnt apply (ignoring fraud, unconscionable contracts, etc.)

      with a contract in play, "the law" doesnt matter. all that matters, in absence of fraud, did both sides agree to do what they said they would, etc.

      historically, it was rome, so equity was chancellors, and they came "not to destroy the law, but to fulfill it". so the theory was you had a contract with "god". mormons and others still do this -- see george mercier IIRC, "invisible contracts" -- except that is not with new testament christ, it will be with "father in heaven" or whoever else. the theory is you agreed by incarnating to follow "gods law". so it is eastern "karma" type stuff.

      equity is a type of contract law. contract law overrides normal law, same as equity.

      more generically, equity can also be natures law as "fairness" but this doesnt really have a government, or courts, the law of the jungle. so that is "fairness" in that "all men are created equal" and sometimes called "natural equity" but doesnt really mean anything. and, again, natures god is not christ, not even "the lord" it is yezidi peacock angel elohim -- never was god, nature. hermes/thoth/mercury maybe -- just a messanger/angel. and again, there is an implied contract by incarnating and being "matter" you agree to follow the rules of nature (see what happened there? instead of agreeing in heaven, or being underneath christ as god, on the physical plane, mother nature, same sort of deal).

      does this seem like weasel words, shady lawyer tricks? thats because it is. equity assumes some contract, that is the only reason it can "override" normal law. same if you are a subject or citizen of wherever. implied contract -- even just some vague "social contract" -- that you will obey "the government". see hanbury's modern equity IIRC. talks about these things. lord baltimore had a dispute with william penn over borders. equity court, ACROSS THE OCEAN, said they will not interfere, but they can enforce contracts any of their subjects make, so they interpereted as penn was right and lord baltimore was wrong. equity can reach ACROSS THE OCEAN to a "landlord" (lord baltimore, had his whole little plantation, even with his own courts!) and "enforce contracts" of their subjects.

      as bouviers 1856 says, believe it is "at law" equity follows the law normally. normally there is no damage, no victimless crime, needs a real victim, etc. equity bypasses that. a citizen or whoever has to follow "codes" nowadays. no victim nor damages needed -- you broke the code, implied contract as being a "citizen" (or whatever the case may be). that is equity. goes together with roman civil law.

      it is a RELIGIOUS type of law. rome did it because supposedly they represented christ. so, modern incarnation of course is likely to be masonic/woke/antichrist, but still religious nonetheless. "fairness" for the devil.

      yes, re: mansfield, see thomas jefferson, also "the dispatch of merchants". assumption is if you use notes or paper or credit you are a law merchant. UCC believes let you reserve your rights at common law e.g. court is supposed to pretend it is gold or silver coin (or equivalent). again -- contract. you act like a law merchant, assumption is you are one. they are enshrined in the magna carta -- as dispatch of merchants points out -- use the magna carta to destroy the rest of it. if you act like a merchant, the law assumes you wanted merchant law and will hold you to it. same thing as citizens as "codes" etc. an implied/invisible contract.

      grace was the only way out of this mess. law cannot save. noone could measure up anyways. christ was supposed to be the end of all this "law" nonsense.

    2. and when the state assemblies push 10 commandments, they are doing the same "equity" trick by assuming people have some contract with old testament "the lord"

      so state assemblies do the same "equity" nonsense. new testament has no contract with jehovah. only with christ.

      eastons bible dictionary, jehovah is not used in new testament at all. only shows up in old testament and apocalypse, the day of the lord. and ezekiels kabbalistic alchemy tetragrammaton eliphas levi blazing morning/evening star of venus, like the red heifer. curses those who are already saved, purifies those who are not. venus would supposedly make a pentagram in the sky. 5*584 = 8*365.

      so, yet another "equity" from apocalypse jesus that assumes you have a contract with him and that everyone rejected new testament.

      because equity is contracts, religions do it all the time, unstated, invisible contracts.

      christ had a new commandment too of course. and transfigured the 10. see also galatians. new testament has no contract with jehovah/"the lord" nor with apocalypse morning star jesus, nor with "their lord and his christ" of apocalypse.

    3. equity is always an implied contract and/or religious. religion assumes that representative of whichever "god" can administer all his creations. so, it is not unlike administrative "law".

      even some dispute resolution, agree to settle out of normal court -- a contract yet again. and with an administrator/chancellor deciding how that contract will be interpreted.

      it may not strictly be religious, but to a religious person there is no such thing as secular, if you have a contract with a devil worshipper you indirectly have the devil as a party to that. so, might as well say it is religious for that reason too -- besides the extensive use -- in the past and still today -- under those grounds.

      equity and contracts are intertwined, as is any religion. chancellor was indirectly representative of christ. nowadays they are just indirectly representing the devil, but same concept.

    4. CORRECTION , in absence of fraud, did both sides agree to do what they said they would, etc.
      did both sides do what they supposedly agreed to. equity steps in where "law" fails, or does not cover something, etc.

      it is considered "fairness" that both sides be made to do what they supposedly agreed on, or equity will interpret a contract in case of extraordinary circumstances, etc.

      contracts are not law proper (they only apply to the people who agreed to them!). they have their own terms, conditions, etc. so, whenever there is a contract in play, normal law generally does not apply (again, absence fraud, or failing to meet general requirements of a type of contract, etc.) -- equity steps in to see if both sides honored their agreement, etc.

      equity COMPELS PERFORMANCE. this needs a contract (or something similar). an injunction is a type of equity.

      compelled performance without a contract is called slavery. equity is a b#$#@@ because the assumption is you agreed to do something, so it is totally fair that you will be held to it. so, it can be even stricter than real law.

  7. Word is---Trump and the Military arrested all the Elites...Queen, Pope, Cardinals-- declared UNITED STATES LIMITED bankrupt in 2018 and officially DISSOLVED earlier this year. All assets of the Crown, the Vatican, the Federal Reserve were signed over to Donald J Trump. 209 countries signed on to a deal for their share of 45 quintrillion dollars. The QFS will regulate or "watch over" the wealth to see that it is no longer used for crimes against humanity. I once posted a question on another posted article that if (and I believe it is) true-- it means the Big Three Corporation are all bankrupt and Dissolved leaving our Birth Certificate/Bank Bond Notes WORTHLESS! So, what does one need to be concerned about when it comes to the Legal Fiction? I even saw there was a Video made by someone that asked their ALEXA who owned the Fed---it answered Donald J Trump... anyway--things are getting VERY interesting in regards to current events---just don't believe anything MSM tells you--confirm and research, pray for discernment.

    1. Run-away Fraud won't work. Lien still points to the same GOLD THIEVES, higher Gold than your 20Kton Gold Confiscations.

    2. Duane, I'm hearing similar things. It all sounds promising, but until it actually happens, such promises are of no real value to the living and breathing people of this planet.

      You asked "So, what does one need to be concerned about when it comes to the Legal Fiction?" Only one thing as far as I can figure, and that is millions upon millions of ignorant, gullible people who continue to believe the Mainstream Media lies and propaganda, who blindly continue to provide opportunities to the criminals to roll over their defunct financial Trusts (special vehicles) and perpetrate the next round of fraud.

      However I don't blame these ignorant masses of people because they are giving everything that they have just to provide for their families and survive. So I hold them largely blameless. It's the deceivers who are at the root of the problem.

      There are 7 things I consider absolutely essential and need to happen before our world can even begin setting itself on a good course for the future, and they are (in no particular order of importance):

      1) Money must flow downhill, not uphill to the top of the pyramid.
      2) Fiat money is gone forever.
      3) Chemtrails are gone forever.
      4) The media tells the truth and only the truth.
      5) All invasionary forces are returned to their homelands and remain there, respect for national sovereignty is restored worldwide.
      6) The CIA, MI5-6, FSB and similar secret services are no more.
      7) All governments tell the truth to their citizens.

      I study these things very closely, and item 5 is the only one for which there is a very tiny bit of hope and movement at the present time. All other items show no signs whatsoever of coming to fruition.

      How long will the Insurrection Act remain in force? Anna recently hinted that it can only continue until sometime in September 2021. If so then time is quickly running out. I understand some of the reasoning for putting off the EBS as long as possible, but at some point you cross the point of no return with such delays. This is definitely a double edged sword that is soon going to start cutting both ways. I hope and pray that those in charge of the EBS really know what they are doing, otherwise they will have lot of innocent deaths to answer for...if the chemtrails don't kill us all first.

    3. none of these things have panned out. alexa likely just does a google search. people should not be so gullible.

      if someone wants to "watch over" the wealth without returning it, they are a criminal. trump sent out fed-printed checks. he demanded they print more and accused them of trying to sabotage him/the country (making no distinction, as always).

      so, his hands may have been tied, he may have had all kinds of people coming at him, but for this story to be true, he got his own and saved his skin, and now that out of office, suddenly feels the need to "rescue" people. not buying it.

      all this is qanon nonsense, was posted the past few years. none of it has come to any real tangible fruits.

      if the military was going to do anything, anna wouldnt have to constantly tell them what their duty is. again, heard this same story for years. we will all be dead by the time the military comes to their senses, or that qanon amounts to anything.

      trump has been pushing vaccines lately. believe anna called him out on that. people need to stop being so gullible.

    4. if anything, the state assemblies have been quiet about trump, because he never accepted the actual office apparently, and now is pushing vaccines. so, all these "hero" stories was claimed the past x years, none of it amounted to anything.

      at the moment, new testament is being squeezed out of existence. so there is old testament "the law" of the state assemblies, the "new age" vatican II, and no heroes anywhere in sight.

      christ can save. the law cant. apocalypse jesus new age morning star cant. old testament "the lord" cant.

      people who expect heroes are longing for idolatry. even old testament tells people not to do that.

      new testament christ is going to be the only way out. i say that not to convert anyone, or that i care what anyone believes, but that is the reality of the situation: vatican II new age apocalypse jesus morning star is "inverted" new testament. old testament "the lord" is what the state assemblies chose.

      it is simply the "metaphysics" of the situation. christ being squeezed from "above" (apocalypse) and "below" (old testament), enter in the narrow way of what is left of new testament before it is completely gone and there is no longer even a trinity remaining.

  8. RV means revalue. The value of the dollar and it's worth. The inflation of what you can buy with a dollar due to the fact that they printed so much and it is not worth what it should be. A can of tomato soup should be 10 cents. Bread should be much cheaper but it's more expensive because out dollar is not worth much.

  9. That was a very dirty move sending the digital records to D.C. It is time to drop the hammer on the evil doers.