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Thursday, August 26, 2021

Reposting about neurotoxins and farming.

 By Anna Von Reitz

I am reposting this for everyone's edification and consideration.
It is a fact that polio mimics the exact same symptoms as agricultural chemicals that are neurotoxins used as pesticides, especially in fruit orchards, during and for a decade after the Second World War. It is also a fact that the water soluble neurotoxins collected in rain water and run off from farm fields and entered the public waterways and lakes. It is also a fact that the States with the highest incidence of polio also had the highest incidence of use of these neurotoxic pesticides.
It is also a fact that these neurotoxins were eventually outlawed and replaced by less poisonous compounds beginning in the late 1950's. And there was an immediate decrease in the incidence of polio in the same states which were most prone to it.
This vast bulk of correlation and coincidence gives rise to the question --- was polio a viral disease overcome by vaccination and immune system manipulation, or did the disease simply disappear with the disuse of the neurotoxic pesticides?
Were we all the victims of a vast "scientific" hoax designed to protect the guilty agro-chemical companies and the oil industry colleagues that made money off those pesticides? And who avoided accountability for the damage done, by palming it off onto a virus?
Are we seeing a replay of something similar now?
We certainly know that agricultural chemicals, which are largely petroleum based, have destroyed the soil, that inorganic farming contributed heavily to the Dust Bowl in the 1930's, and the agri-business dependent on petrochemicals has played a major part in long term poisoning of the biosphere and our food chain.
Remember Agent Orange? The defoliant used in Vietnam? Both our soldiers and the people of Vietnam are still dying from that exposure.
And though it appears that DDT can make an argument for its existence and use based on the deaths caused by Malaria and other insect-vector diseases, versus deaths caused by DDT, both the farmers and the public need to know the trade offs we are making, and also be active in the search of better, less poisonous pesticides, and less damaging fertilizers.
It's also worth saying that the petrochemical industry needs a boot up side of the head for promoting inorganic poisons simply because they can be patented, in preference to producing natural pesticides and fertilizers that don't stay in the soil for decades, don't cause birth defects, don't poison the nervous systems of people and animals, don't pollute our food, and don't cause harm to the water and the rest of the biosphere.

Here's a great short article repost and a film that explains how our food is being poisoned and we are bearing the cost for continued industrial abuse and lack of accountability.


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