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Sunday, August 8, 2021

One Page History of America from Colonies to Now for General Milley

 By Anna Von Reitz

Colonial America was dominated by two huge investment companies --- the Catholic Maryland Company and the Protestant Virginia Company. During The War of Independence, the Maryland Company remained officially neutral.  The Virginia Company split into two factions, one American and one European-dominated.

The American faction doing business as The United States of America fought the British faction doing business as the United States of America. 

During the war, The United States of America represented the Federation of Thirteen States and acted for five years as the Holding Company for their mutually delegated powers in the international and global jurisdictions. Still in the middle of the war, The United States of America federation formed a Confederation of States by delegating some of its powers to conduct business to a new entity, the States of America..

By 1781, we had two American business entities, The United States of America, a Federation of States, and the States of America, a Confederation of States of States, in operation. 

At the end of the war, the peace process held the investment companies harmless.

The three Federal Constitutions adopted in 1787, 1789, and 1790, which divvy up juicy government contracts and spheres of influence represent the implementation of four Treaty Series --- The Treaties of Versailles (land), The Treaties of Paris (admiralty), The Treaties of Westminster (air), and the Treaties of Ghent (maritime). 

The American Confederation doing business as the States of America was given the contract to administer the American Federal Republic under The Constitution for the united States of America (1787). The British offshoot of the Virginia Company, the United States of America, was given the contract to provide military and Territorial Government functions under The Constitution of the United States of America (1789). The Papist Maryland Company was given the contract to provide certain international and global services, including the Post Office functions under The Constitution of the United States (1790).

Under this arrangement, the American Federal Republic, was responsible for most of the functions of the Federal Government.  The Brits ran our Navy on the High Seas and Inland Waterways and provided administration of our Territories and Possessions. The Papists provided postal and other civil services.

In 1860, the Brits ran Abraham Lincoln, an attorney who was prohibited from holding any public office in our Federal Republic, as the President of the United States of America --- that is, the President of the Territorial Government, but not President of The United States of America federation and not President of the Federal Republic run by the States of America confederation.

The state-of-state members of the Confederation split into two camps and fought each other, with Lincoln in control of the Northern members and the Territorial Government, and Jefferson Davis in control of the South and his Papist allies.  After this Civil War, the Confederation was never reconstructed and the Federal Republic abandoned, giving rise to the perpetual state of emergency we live with today. A full one-third of our intended Government has been dormant ever since. 

The British Territorial Government slipped in what appeared to be an American Military Protectorate under Lincoln’s Lieber Code, substituted Territorial State-of-State organizations for the American Confederation, and has sat here quietly leeching off us and occupying our country ever since.  

They have been occupying us using our own Armed Forces since 1865, bleeding us dry and misdirecting our policies, engaging in war-mongering for profit, and causing everyone no end of trouble for 160 years.

It’s time for it to stop, for our military to recognize what has gone on here, and for the rest of the world including our traditional Allies to protest this continued armed occupation of America by these foreign incorporated instrumentalities, both of which are ultimately owned by the Pope. 


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  1. Four Thousand Years of world History Map - Save NOW before it's deleted.

    "Zerohedge posted an awesome world history map. This is why they want us to throw away old publications - because accurate and complete history is preserved in them. This is from the 1930's. I tried to clean it up and make it more readable. The original image from Zerohedge is Here.

    Click the image for a large cleaned up version that is easier to read. It is not perfect but at least Zerohedge posted it well enough to extract this from.

    Do not save the image you see on the front page and then try to read that, you have to click it for the big one and then read that."

    1. one way to fact-check this type of information is to use the (supposedly) ancient-text-based charts/tables found in most old paper dictionaries and encyclopedias showing the ancient alphabets (sanskrit, phoenician, arabic, greek, and so forth) and or languages and which countries used which languages at what period of time in their history.

    2. the new article "authorization to act -- joint chief of staff", will not allow commenting, so i will post here/other:

      it seems that the Goldwater-Nichols Act of 1986 removed the authority to act from the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
      ... and apparently the Chiefs have been "Advisory Only" for the past 35 years; it looks like actual command goes from the Corps-e's President, to the DoD, to regional commanders.
      i just looked up joint chiefs of staff and even wikipedia had:

      "Following the Goldwater–Nichols Act in 1986, the Joint Chiefs of Staff do not have operational command authority, either individually or collectively, as the chain of command goes from the president to the secretary of defense, and from the secretary to the regional combatant commanders.[7]"

      Why publish an Authorization for them to do something they have no authority to do?

  2. references please "anna"!! thank you!!
    we all need to be fact-checking.

    for example:
    my searching so far shows that the union of states was only referred to as the united States of America until 1781 when the Confederation came into existence from the will of the people (consent) and then that newly-formed Confederated Perpetual Union was stiled The United States of America.

    the rest/most of/ much of this articles info is not, or is not yet, actually verifiable as far as i can tell.
    where are you finding the info in this article "anna"? i for one am quite interested in verifying it for myself. thank you!!

    1. this is super easy stuff to fact-check everybody.
      just look at the originating papers for yourself.
      there are only three of them:
      1. the declaration of indep
      2. the articles of confederation and perpetual union
      3. the one having to do with Treaties, ratified sept, 1776, that i havent been able to find online yet. hmmm....i find that GLARINGLY odd or maybe even suspicious! that the one piece of the Confederations lawful make-up that has to do with Treaties is the one that is seemingly not readily available for review by the people.

      they wrote in THEIR OWN Article Six of THEIR OWN Corporate Chartering/ Constitution:
      "This Constitution, and the Laws...; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made...shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby..."

      well, hell, if the Treaties made before they adopted the CONSTITUTION are important enough to be made part of the "supreme Law of the Land"; AND the Judges in every state are "bound by" them, then where the hell are they?
      why isnt there a copy of those Treaties that are the supreme Law of the Land that the Judges in every State are bound by attached to THEIR Constitution Commercial Debt Instrument?... or better yet, made to be an integral part of it?... or at the very least made into an Addendum to it?

      it makes it look like maybe they didnt want to honor those Treaties???...nah, that cant be right, that would be dishonorable.
      many or most very well likely c/would have been Treaties of Peace with the indigenous nations and peoples.

      ....couldn't very well carry out Manifest Destiny if there were prior existing Treaties of Peace with the indigenous peoples.

      anybody know where the Treaties portion of our true American government is??
      is somebody hiding it? :):):)
      i probably just overlooked it.

      looking forward to reading it.

    2. I’m
      New here. How do goodE2boots’ points impact Anna’s work? And yes Anna please post references in answer to his questions.

    3. Public Law 97-280 ( 97th ongress)( well before 1999 when we were still in the game. where they used puppet clinton to try and pull off the BIG ONE. Just go ask Russel J Gould about this.Last Flag Standing. Anyway he is something else.

      I do not believe Ronald Reagon was friends with this Fraud Sell out Clinton. REGAN'S Public Law 97-280 96 STAT 1211. Is the law that declares The Holy Bible to be The Word of God" Above All Constitutions. All laws ruled by The Law of God.
      In the Beginning was the word, In the Present Is the Word and Jesus Christ and in the End will the word of Almighty God.
      We have skynet by the balls. Time to Keep and Re-Learn Gods law and Represent! We Have the Power! Anyone who does not follow and stand in action under Gods law will be devoured by their statanic laws of the sea.
      Do not believe the Lie Anna sells either . Soon she will run out of adulterated history to report and end up probably going from rum factories to trying to squeeze blood from the turnip truck in Ethiopia. My opinion of due her patterns of All talk No Action. That gets Old Quick. Now she's addressing Miley calling him General. He might be your General Cause your indebted to him But He Is not my General and he best resign and genuinely repent before God and this advice is free and genuine.

    4. read galatians; all law is cursed/damned. law cannot save anyone, new test is grace so that noone may boast.

      spirit gives life, the letter kills.

      "the bible" doesnt mean anything. it has many gods. king james said you couldnt declare independence either.

      new testament needs a trinity and baptism. old testament has yahweh, tetragrammaton, elohim(s), ...

      old test: the lord
      new test: our lord jesus christ
      apocalypse: our lord and his christ

      3 major gods of the bible. they are all heresy with regards to eachother. there is no "monotheism" not even in the old testament (elohim are lower level "angels" see maimonedes, "all jews" know this, that's who made the world in genesis)

      3 major gods. 3 different testaments. they all conflict. they are all opposite. they are not compatible. mutually exclusive.

      old test law
      new test grace
      apocalypse inversion and merger of both; uses old to justify destroying new and creating some new kind of "grace" that denies new test and old both

      america was always illuminatiland/millenium/apocalypse city on a shining hill worldly kingdom, "new rome". reagan liked manly palmer hall, new age/masonic/rosicrucian. he also brought perestroika.

      "skynet" LOL pick a god, a testament, a bible, a baptism. the matrix (and the devil) has you.

      action? no, you need to read your own supposed "word of god" before shooting your mouth off. mark of the beast on this one.

      old testament: key of david
      new testament: keys to heaven
      apocalypse: keys of death and hell, and keys of david make a reappearance

      to the mason, god is our father in heaven, and we are all brethren. aka gnostic monad. incompatible with all 3 test.

      tries to make a footstool of them all. aka masonry.

      this is who "god" "gods law" "almighty god" is. at least apocalypse is old test "the lord" trying to make a footstool of new test and christ. maintains a modicum of precedent.

      mark of the beast-ed mason. red alert. those who say they are jews but are not, the synagogue of satan.

      millenialism is heresy. the meek/damned/cursed inherit a cursed earth, because they wanted a worldly kingdom so badly, they miss out on actual heaven.

      "the end will be the word of almighty god" doesn't mean anything. which test, trinity, baptism, grace or law, is that?

      despite the millenialist cheerleading, america was never in any bible game. declaration of independence, nature's god, is just a transfigured "true law" of king james, replace king with "multiple kings". natural law. nature. has nothing to do with god. the world belongs to the devil. nature is not god. physical/material world is not god. although the devil is a spirit, pure materialism (no values whatsoever, anything goes, for control/dominion) is how he manifests. christ preceded any "king". king of kings. novus ordo seclorum, saturnian golden age, inverted king james feudalism.

      yezidi peacock god aka elohim aka mercury, god of alchemy at best. saturn., bouviers 1856 "heresy". does not exist in america. luther's 2 kingdoms model. see also "bishop" and perhaps "city" (dont recall). the inevitable result is: gnostic monad "unknown god" that noone can know. heresy for all 3 testaments.

      denies "the lord" for old
      denies our lord jesus christ for new
      denies "our lord and his christ" for apocalypse.

      masonic/gnostic monad makes a footstool of all other gods.

      we battle not with flesh and blood. there is no salvation in any law. new test is grace. old is torah/circumcision/etc. apocalypse is astrology and kabbalah, wait 6000 years or so and you will magically be saved.

    5. anna already supposedly started your "millenium" (along with 100s of other claims throughout history) so you are on the same apocalypse test as her. hell on earth, under "the lord" and his cursed/damned law.

      for your words to mean anything at all, you have to:
      choose a testament (3 to choose from)
      choose a trinity and baptism
      choose: davids key, christs keys to heaven, apocalypse has david and/or keys of death and hell

      choose one: grace or law.

      else you are just doing gnostic monad/masonic father while trying to diguise it as "bible" nonsense. i guess that is what reagan did, the poisoned apple does not fall far from the cursed/damned tree.

      all that happens on your current trajectory, is you end up in hell with paul and anna (and many others) for spreading heresy.

    6. why is herman upset?

      the state assemblies chose "the lord" and his cursed/damned 10 commandments as their "public law", denying christ, denying new testament, denying galatians, denying grace, denying the new commandment.

      you got your apocalyptic wish: hell on earth. there is no surprise here, exactly what we would expect masonic/illuminist america to do.

      so, cursed/damned law, or grace. same 2 choices as always.

      and then because apocalypse, new testament grace, or the "grace" of the devil.

      so, america so far has chosen the devil as their "public law" once again. no surprise here.

  3. criminal. Sounds like there aren't any treaties with any of the countries the incorporated business has been doing business with are illegal. Any official involved in illegally looses any presumed judicial immunity and is subjected to criminal prosecution and personal lawsuit for damages. Anybody hear of title 18,241 and 242? Maybe title 42.1983? All criminalization for Deprivation of rights under color of law and or authority. Authority they never had meaning its all a fraudulent scam and they know we've never been taught the truth. Disgusting.

  4. This is the duality follower of Babylonian Talmud perfected by Alexander the less than Barbarian Great who demanded race mixing and a secular one world religion were the Talmud dominated. The two opposition teaching schools Alexandria teaching secular humanism emotions are sacred.
    And the teaching of Christ based in antiok Greece
    High morals high culture .
    This duality continues with Jesuits domination of Vatican and Rome was run by Pharisee/mason secret society’s The askanizi trained Emperor Justinian who created the Justinian code fake persona person.

    The masons spreadlike a cancer !

  5. 1776 Adam Weishaupt created the Illuminati and merged the masons and Illuminati.
    Practically every In entertainer in ziowood is an Illuminati.

  6. .
    Your getting closer Anna

    Your half right for the wrong reasons

    You forgot all the lessons from BigAl - Informer.

    admiralty was here long before............ see BigAl Books Anna if you forgot.

    ""The Treaties of Versailles (land), The Treaties of Paris (admiralty), The Treaties of Westminster (air), and the Treaties of Ghent (maritime). ""


  7. Oh Look!  The UK Vaccine Passport Company “ENTRUST” Is Owned By Joseph Goebbel’s Step-Grandchildren. Goebbel, by the way, was a Nazi.

  8. Jews who wore a Nazi uniform

  9. "(Jewish George Soros who thought it was) the greatest time of his life to plunder the homes of people sent to concentration camps -"

    yes, and please dont forget everyone that that same type of thing is what Abraham Lincoln used the carpetbaggers to do against the American people in the Southern States who had chosen to remain sovereign rather than give up their freedom and join a Varican- Federated Foreign Corps-e.
    so what are we looking at here?

    was it about to happen again?
    but this time perhaps the targeted people was the entire American/ ( or world-wide?) middle class from top to bottom?

    how many times has this happened? to how many peoples?
    by whom? --by the same people all the time?

    we have to find these things out. for some reason were the men and women who are here now. this is not going to be easy. there seems to be alot of unimaginably gruesome things that have been taking place against mankind. the experiments. were not going to be able to 'not know' any more.

  10. repeat post:
    the new article "authorization to act -- joint chief of staff", will not allow commenting, so i will post here/other:

    it seems that the Goldwater-Nichols Act of 1986 removed the authority to act from the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
    ... and apparently the Chiefs have been "Advisory Only" for the past 35 years; it looks like actual command goes from the Corps-e's President, to the DoD, to regional commanders.
    i just looked up joint chiefs of staff and even wikipedia had:

    "Following the Goldwater–Nichols Act in 1986, the Joint Chiefs of Staff do not have operational command authority, either individually or collectively, as the chain of command goes from the president to the secretary of defense, and from the secretary to the regional combatant commanders.[7]"

    Why publish an Authorization for them to do something they have no authority to do?


    1. why is this English/other man promoting an American "judge"?...
      and telling everyone to go REGIS-[REGIS=ROYAL]-ter themselves and their land and property? :):):)

      Wasnt it "anna" who furnished disclosure (after the fact) that Regis-tering anything made it the property of the "Queen"/ "Royals"??!

      geez.... these *people*.

    2. also:
      annamaria disclosed that another word that means/ refers to /denotes ROYAL is the word REAL! such as: REAL ESTATE.

      these definitions are hidden from us but are secretively and knowingly applied to our words that we issue (spoken or on paper) without full or meaningful lawful disclosure.

      these people may actually be beyond redemption:
      their lawbook:
      "for if we sin wilfully after that we have received the truth, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins".
      hebrews 10:26.

  12. Lincoln was not President of the Federation. And the southern States ditched the Confederation. Not the Federation. Lol.

  13. Who's writing the check and who's signing it. How are all these quote"SERVICE CORPORATIONS" getting paid? With what funds(type, and character)? What man , or woman, or group has been given the authority to pay these "SERVICE CORPORATIONS"? Where has all this quote"Money"been sequestered in order to "divey up the goods"? If the American people own it alllll who has been paying these bills to these "Service Providers" and where is this official authorized signature? We have been told to follow the money, history has shown how dynastic realms have often formed alliances with others through "marriages". This was/is usually done by using their children as the ways, and means to further whatever objective "they" are pursuing. We have also seen how many families are dis jointed, and the "children are left destitute to be used in any way "they" see fit. If it isn't clear by now what "the real money" is "specie" then it never will be. (If ewer parents were a citizen of a certain "nation/country" then the child is as well...?)

    1. Ok, let me give a little clarity, I have a Upper School Levels 1938 Webster’s Students Dictionary that cannot be accessed on line in any pdf format, for whatever reason one must possess a hard copy, most likely because of the tell from the definitions below. This is why I felt compelled to share this with all of US.
      specie - n. Coin, usually of gold or silver
      species - n. sing. or pl. [L.,a slight, outward appearance, shape, form, sort, kind.] 1. An appearance or likeness of a thing or things; specific.: a. The image or likeness in the mind that corresponds to something seen, heard, felt, or the like. b. R. C. Church, the Consecrated elements of the Eucharist which retain the appearance of bread and wine. 2. A sort; kind; variety; specif.; a. A class of individuals having common characteristics and called by the same name; as, the terms ”dog,” “ship,” name species. b. One of the subordinate classes into which a larger class is divided; as, quartz, granite, and coal are species of rock. c. Biology. Group of animals or plants which possess distinctive characteristics in common and which may interbreed and reproduce their characteristics in their offspring, ranking, as a group in classification, below a genus and above a variety, and identified by a binomial (as Acer rubrum).
      So now that those that have eyes to see, and a clear mind that realizes everything in “their” world has been predicated, and built on using “their” Birth Certificated Child (Issue) can only conclude what the true meaning of Human Species is. And what is being used as “their money”.
      Remember, I have expressed to all that we(each one of US) is/are the walking “Gold”.
      Tune in next week when we discuss; wait for it —
      That’s right “Collateral Damage”
      Or maybe not, this is very taxing to my soul, and I’m gettin old.

  14. anonymous,
    it looks like youre just throwing unsubstantiable junk arguments/ pro-PAGAN-da out there for confusion purposes for the new readers!:

    as my comment doesnt say Abraham Lincoln was president of a Federation:
    i said he was president of a FEDERATED:without sovereignty foreign vatican construct.

    and the southern States absolutely did not ditch the Confederation, they are, in fact, the Americans who kept it in place: by not unwittingly joining the Vatican- created Federated Foreign Corps-e that the ATTORNEY, Abraham Lincoln, was selected to be President of.
    you know, the time has pretty much passed for being taken seriously when one is wasting other peoples time by throwing crap information into comment sections where people are sincerely sharing what is verifiable and true.

    why not just find other people who also want to make crap up and argue about it?

  15. The boys of Yale and Cambridge and the assignment and use of the surname

  16. Thanks once again "Shelby",(The boys of Yale and Cambridge...)
    Here's the the links;(Cambridge Publishing wants 25.00 Dollars for this first one)
    The Production of Legal Identities Proper to States: The Case of the Permanent Family Surname | Comparative Studies in Society and History | Cambridge Core
    Naming Like a State Research Article DOI:
    The Production of Legal Identities Proper to States: The Case of the Permanent Family Surname
    Published online by Cambridge University Press: 04 September 2002, pp. 4-44
    Authors; james C. Scott, john Tehranian, jeremy Mathias(first names are not capitalized, interesting)
    (excerpt)"State naming practices and local, customary naming practices are strikingly different. Each set of practices is designed to make the human and physical landscape legible, by sharply identifying a unique individual, a household, or a singular geographic feature. Yet they are each devised by very distinct agents for whom the purposes of identification are radically different. Purely local, customary practices, as we shall see, achieve a level of precision and clarity--often with impressive economy--perfectly suited to the needs of knowledgeable locals. State naming practices are, by contrast, constructed to guide an official ÔstrangerÕ in identifying unambiguously persons and places, not just in a single locality, but in many localities using standardized administrative techniques." (excerpt)
    As I have previously stated; our ancestors knew, and did nothing, as most are doing today.
    Take a look at this video at the bottom of this article(Mark Dice);
    Past, and Present “Idiots”=“Dullards”
    There is no excuse for any of these people unless they were lobotomized, deaf, dumb, and blind, or living under a rock. As for those that were/are really in the know, and sanction this continuance on others who are ignorant, I liken it to someone who has full capabilities of their functions(trained fighter) beating up on someone who is mentally retarded.