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Sunday, July 18, 2021

Well, I Had Hoped...

 By Anna Von Reitz

I had hoped that people would have sense enough to do this for themselves, but I find that most of them are totally clueless, so have developed a list of Recommended Subcommittees to help them better envision how our American Government is supposed to be organized and how it gets things done.  Please see attached and get it out to the Coordinators and posted on the websites.


  1. Anna, you are the leader (like it or not). You have to give people their marching orders. Don't make the mistake Moses did of trying to do everything himself as he silently waited for others to step up to the plate. This waiting game only got him in trouble.

    Your initiative is not yet that advanced (your members are not yet self sufficient, neither in thought or actions), meaning the average player on your team still doesn't understand many of the rules of the game, including the location of home plate, its reason for being there, and its actual use in play.

    So you, as their leader (think coach), have to say "you over there, grab a bat, walk over to that flat thing on the ground over there and stand right beside it, and keep your eye on the pitcher. When the pitcher throws the ball at you do your best to hit it with the bat."

    Translated to your current problem this means...put out a call for those with skills at making charts / presentations (or willing to learn) to identify themselves. Then task them with the specific task(s) of making specific charts / presentations.

    And remember, never look a gift horse in the mouth! Sometimes the best help can appear out of nowhere and from sources you would never expect. As I have explained to you before, not everyone in the air and sea is your enemy. Much talent and benevolence lies in those jurisdictions, just waiting to be used. You have many friends there, whether you want to believe it or not. This is not your fight alone. This is not soil jurisdiction against everything else.

    This is good against evil. This is sincere authentic living and breathing beings against a criminal cabal and their crimes. This is also a fight that has to be fought on many fronts. It's not just about America and your Assemblies. The greatest weapon in this war against evil is friends, Friends and more FRIENDS! (capitalized in dog latin intentionally)

    1. TBG...I kind agree... Anna " appointed herself" as leader( and she both loves it and hates it....) a bit more humility at times and a notch or 2 of benevolence would go a long way( hint, hint, my friend Anna).
      I have personally been on the recieving end of the wrath and many of you who read the blog and website know who I am ( maybe).
      It is, admittedly difficult to disseminate lots of the information given in tne articles and even the bools. We all dont think, learn or approach problems the same..its definetly not a " one size fits all ". That being said, there are those who have stepped up and done things to expidite paperwork, help when not asked only to be ..well lets just good deed goes unpunished...lets go back to the humility and benevolent thingy and fix that...tyen it will be easier to move on...oh also, how about some transparency from the " Federation "...Who are they ?...

    2. I wasn't suggesting a lack of humility or benevolence on Anna's part. Nothing could be further from the truth. Neither am I criticizing her in any way. I fully understand her dilemma, and am at peace with her methods. I am merely suggesting she expand her horizon to be able to avail herself of expert, knowledgeable, and authentic help from all jurisdictions.

      It's easy to fall into the mind trap that there's no suitable help available, but that usually isn't the case, especially not on a planet with 7.9 billion people!

      Help is almost always available if you look in the right places. Sometimes the help you need finds you, but if you don't recognize it for what it truly is, then you miss out.

    3. Yeah, I was not saying you were suggesting a lack of gumility ...I am suggesting it due to personal experience. ...don't get me wrong, I am not bashing.,I am just sharing personal experienve as I stated...
      I have been here for many years. I have been very involved in everything , Continental Marshals, bringing tge research forward in public forums, speaking at Tea Party Meetings, helping with paperwork...I am not an unknown.Ask any Alphabet agency about kidding, theynwatch me like a hawk..and here I am walking free mainly because I have taken the good advise from Anna...mostly.
      Heed my advise on how to make it work. Jump in with both feet, get involved... we all have a " gift" as you stated...whats yours ? .. get to it. Mine is sometimes pissing off Anna and Paul because I have no filter nor do I edit myself..a curse and a blessing.
      Oh, and have discernment with everything here...if your little voice starts telling you something is strange/wrong/dangerous...listen to it.
      Just my 2 cents...

    4. we all have a " gift" as you stated...whats yours ?

      Making high quality charts, drawings and documents.

  2. Are you a whale in the sea of commerce?