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Monday, July 12, 2021

Removal of Hawaii Coordinator

 By Anna Von Reitz

Joshua Gandy: you were warned repeatedly about your assumptions and your behavior, most particularly, appearing drunk on teleconferences and Zoom Meetings and hurling insults at other Coordinators and other Innocent Parties.
Most memorably prior to this incident, you appeared drunk on a national teleconference and repeatedly called the Washington Coordinator a "pile of dog shit". She had the good grace to forgive you and allowed you to have a second chance, which you have squandered.
Last night, despite our forbearance, and despite your agreement to stop these damaging episodes, you unleashed on two other completely innocent people, Le Laroi, who is not longer a Coordinator, and Harold Heinze, my Executive Officer, accusing them of having an illicit relationship and spewing your gossip and false assumptions all over the airwaves.
I have absolute proof that each and every thing you said at last night's Coordinator's call were nothing but your own evil suppositions.
A man reveals who he is by what he does first, and second, by what he says. You gave me your word that this kind of ugly behavior was at an end, and then turned right around, and shot your best wad of unreasoning filth again.
This lack of decorum, professionalism, and manly decency has cost the Hawaii Assembly and The United States of America all its going to cost. Effective immediately, you are to turn over all records and materials related to the Hawaii Assembly to the Hawaii Recording Secretaries and leave.
A new Coordinator will be sought to replace you as expeditiously as possible. and life will continue without your foul words and deeds. I will not thank you for your service, as I consider this willful and knowing insubordination, slander of innocents, violation of contract, and conduct unbecoming.
Those who have the power to summon the Assemblies into Session also have the power to disband any Assembly that isn't on track during the assembling process, and we certainly have the authority to remove any Coordinator that doesn't do the job with honor. You have failed that test.

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America

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  1. Anna since you've brought up Hawaii, could you please tell me if this universal mint from there is legit? see financials on home page

  2. I have not even gotten my feet wet in something that I will pursue until my dying breath, because I believe with all my heart that this path is the only path to liberty and freedom for all! It sure does seem like a tall order, when most likely corruption by the same old sources will try and destroy, or hollow out the movement. Those words were from the Vax master of eugenics! When I'm ready, medically and early retirement, I need just a little insurance that this is not just a movement without the heart and soul, and peaceful and able to turn their own laws against them. There is no justice? Try fighting with affidavits! They can't be dismissed like a motion , but must be addressed point by point, under penalty of law. The so called Judges will think Twice. Just a suggestion, and a sworn statement has a lot more weight than a motion if you happen to be in their court.

    1. Your talking persons and district court, Anna speaks of people and Law.
      Literal apples and oranges, get educated my brother.

  3. Dear Anna. We are following from Norway. We are working with the issue of informing and registering Norwegians into and issuing NOL and OPPT. We are in a learning and awakening process and would love to join your classes. Do you have good advices for us?

    We assume that education is most important.

    1. Hello Norge,

      Pending Anna replying more informatively to you, offering more informed guidance, I would be pleased to communicate and perhaps be useful and assist?

      I imagine there are critical language considerations. For instance, in the English vernacular, there is an important distinction to be adhered too, as follows: On Land and Soil jurisdiction you do not "register" anything, but instead you "record."

      Since Norge is a "monarchy?" presumably you are under the "regis?" and thus when you "regis-ter" anything it may become owned by your King?

      Is Norway a "commonwealth country?"

      On the other hand, you plainly write of interest, in NOL, and OPPT? And you reference NESARA.

      On the matter of common law, there are various distinct and very different forms of "common Law." I recently studied up on Anna's presentments on this.

      For your Information (FYI) There is so much easily accessible information at Anna's several URLs that you could search all this effectively. However; You may wish to have myself as a "sounding board" to bounce your thoughts to, please feel free to do so here. Later we could share emails, if useful?

      Would further comment or discussion be useful to you?


  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Logic required, multi_party Court's and financial Mind_Games consist of the Bar, the Banksters coordinated lies and deceptions together...

    I did ask the croocks in ...2012... that you Bar Banks club know each other don't you, they answered, I think you should find the citations to help your cases better... I did, and they never cared to read anything, they pretended blind 99% most of the time.

    Tarot card reading's exposed those liars so clearly.. If you find one resinating with you, stick to those readers.

  6. MK ultraed possibly or a total a -hole or both.

  7. Wow!!! I am in Australia but have been following Anna for a long time,and appreciate the Assemblies for exactly what they are. There is no room for doubt. In my country you get three strikes and then you're out. But the situation is so serious here that the rule at, least with me, is: one strike and that is it. You have too man rats in the ranks there, and even one is too many, given the danger. Well done. Off with this rat. FYI I am speaking with federal politicians here about the COVID Calamity, ad htis one guy I am speaking to is listening. I am hoping for goo results, because we sure need them here. Best regards All. Gary