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Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Meltdown in Michigan

 By Anna Von Reitz

What happened is pretty easy to explain when taken in context. 

A couple months ago, we suddenly had some inappropriate paperwork being posted and recorded on the Land Recording System (LRS).  

Only Recording Secretaries who have been properly versed and trained to use this system are supposed to have access to it, as I confirmed with our LRS Director. 

So, the logical surmise was that some of our Recording Secretaries were off track and recording bad documents. 

Next, we looked at where these documents were coming from --- which States, and we contacted Recording Secretaries from those States and basically asked--- what is going on here?  

The Recording Secretaries in the States impacted by this were all confused.  They hadn't posted those documents.  

As near as anyone can tell me, the system was hacked for a short time. The breach was closed, and that was that. 

I sent out a second message, back to the Recording Secretaries in the States that were involved, explaining the situation and apologizing for assuming that they had anything to do with it. 

That should have been the end of that episode, and at least for me, it was quickly forgotten.  A blip in the road. 

One of Michigan's Recording Secretaries took offense, didn't see the logic of the situation, and thought that he was being attacked and that the quality of his work was being called into question. 

The fact that this incident had nothing whatsoever to do with our normal paperwork, and wasn't unique to Michigan, apparently never got through to him. 

So, he began a "paperwork review process" determined to uncover and exploit every out-of-place comma, every possible typo, anything and everything that he could possibly question or criticize.  

At the end of these investigations, he had a handful of trivia and a couple misunderstandings to expose.  During this entire process, he refused to record anyone's paperwork, which was causing delays and disservice to the people in Michigan.  The Michigan Coordinator became concerned. 

He also became alarmed when he realized that all the recording fees were still going into this Recorder's personal PayPal account, months after the Assembly elected a Treasurer and established a bank account.  The Coordinator was, again, concerned.  He wasn't accusing anyone of wrong-doing, just not seeing any logic in the situation. Once you have a Treasurer and a bank account, fees should be going into that account, right?  

Strangest of all, this Recorder was expressing concerns about publishing "private information" --- which is the whole point of creating a public record of your political status, your marriage, your land ownership, or any other private matter that we normally establish in the public record.  

So the Recorder's job wasn't getting done and the Coordinator asked me to come to a meeting and answer the questions posed by this man, which I did. 

All this was a good faith effort on my part to get to the bottom of why this was happening and what we could do to get the Recorder functions back on track. 

After the meeting, from a Third Party's comments about "me telling Michigan that their paperwork was wrong" I finally pieced together where this all started, but up until that time, I hadn't a clue why anyone was pawing through our paperwork with such a very fine-toothed comb. 

Our paperwork was never the problem.  The problem was unknown, unauthorized, and quite possibly harmful paperwork being recorded on the LRS.   But if you think that the normal paperwork is the problem, you would naturally start doing what the Paperwork Committee did.  Crossed-wires with a capital "C". 

And then more gossip surfaced, about this one Michigan Recording Secretary stomping around and asking, "What do we need Anna for?"  and saying that he would "discredit me" and that he "had no faith in the paperwork".   

So, the question naturally arises ---- what's he doing occupying a seat as a  Recording Secretary?  He's not doing the work, he doesn't believe in what he is doing, but he's been pocketing the money for the recording fees all along?  

The Coordinator had had enough. The next day he quit.  Who wants to be responsible for a situation that doesn't make any sense? 

So we've dissolved The Michigan Assembly for now, pending their own efforts to adjust their attitude and sift the grain. New Coordinator candidates are being sought.     

Unfortunately, because of this brou-ha-ha, Michigan doesn't have a Voice, and people who live in Michigan will, for the time being, have to record their political status declarations through the International Recording Secretaries, or try to find a State of State County Recording Office that is still open. 

This is especially unhappy for me, as Michigan is one of the States that has been hardest hit by all the economic and financial corruption.  It has some of the worst land regulations in the entire country, some of the highest taxes and highest foreclosure rates, and as we have seen over the past two years, some of the most oppressive and inept political leadership. 

Unfortunately, there's nobody that can help Michigan, but Michigan.  It's their State to mess up or run right, to defend or surrender, to get the job done, or not. 
The seeds they plant result in the crops they yield.  A little more love and a little less pride, a view of the Bigger Picture at stake, and just a tiny amount of grace would have gone a long way toward a happy resolution. 

We look forward to the day when Michigan has recouped its losses and is reorganized and moving forward again, as it should be, with people who understand why we must record our political status, who cooperate with the Treasurer and the Coordinators, and who want to have an effective and fully functional Assembly.  ASAP. 


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  1. Greeting from Michigan, I would love to be a part of this movement and help in any way that I can. Having a paralegal degree and many years in administrative work I believe I have the skill set to be of service. Please send me the credentials required to fill this position at Yours truly, RenΓ© M

    1. Rene M - I am an Assemblyman from The Michigan Assembly.. Your Credentials are your willingness to participate in our dutys to ourselves, and our children, and our Country, to "self Govern",,..Your actual administrative experience is a plus. We need you.. Thank You..

      We have been damaged due to subversive experts infiltrating our ranks. They were exposed, we are aware, We are reorganizing.. We will not be intimidated by foreigners bent on siezing our heritage and country.
      Since you are from Michigan (the State of Michigan is a hired government service provider, your employees, therfore foreign to Michigan, the actual land you stand on, and the people standing beside you.),, The Michigan Assembly is where you need to be..
      Our People on this day 7-7-21, just finished shaking the tree and identifying the perps... SO
      Until we finish a mop up and re filling a few Administrative positions, our Land Recording functions have been slowed..
      The good new is you are here,, we are here, and we have plenty of positions for people who realize that the "self" in self governance,, is You,, and Me..and other Peace and Freedom loving Americans.

      Our Lawful Standing is Unrefuted, and Unrefutable. Noticed, Claimed, and Cured.
      We are Recognized and Accepted in the Jurisdictions of Sea- statutory,, Land- Common/Public law,, and Air-Ecclesiastical law),
      So your best course at this moment is to goto and read the links ,, i would read "MORE" link,,then to "50 States" link first..

      If you want to get recorded quickly and Michigan is not available, you can record in ANY state due to the 'Equal Footing" Clause in the constitutions..
      You can do Land and "standing" recordings in any State.
      I recommend Tn, Nm, and Tx.. because i have had reason to speak with them on occasion and they are always helpful,,..
      My contact is, I will help you as much as I can.. thank you for your interest,,, Fred..

    2. Quote: "Your Credentials are your willingness to participate in our dutys to ourselves, and our children, and our Country, to "self Govern".

      If the above statement is true then it's no wonder such problems develop and will continue to develop until the entire movement is utterly destroyed.

      Like it or not a policy like this one is NOT a policy for self governance, but rather a policy for assured self-destruction.

      Genuine leadership requires and demands far more than what that policy calls for. The following are all critical leadership assets. Anyone lacking in even one of these is unfit as a leader, plain and simple.

      1) Solid grounding in ethics.
      2) Proven work experience.
      3) Adequate skill set.
      4) Irreproachable family life.

      Anything less than that is a recipe for failure. Failure may sometimes be slow in coming, but it always arrives eventually.

    3. @TBG.....Jesus has has not returned yet, I don't think. Get off your " High Horse" and umderstand we are all sinful a d faulted and are here to watch over each other. We do not need egotistical perfect tyrants, we need " Boy Scouts " . People who genuinely try to stay the course and are accustomed to self correction and using others to filter and refine issues to get the right answer/solution.
      Name someone who fits your criteria....
      They do not exist.
      In the mean time us " deplorables " and faulted , sinful men and women will do just fine.

    4. So Patriot58 what real progress has your vitriolic comment produced? The only fruits of such comments is that it puts your sour state of mind on public display for all to see, and thereby reducing the positive energy of the movement one notch lower.

      In fact such leaders as I am alluding to DO EXIST. Whether they exist or not is not the issue. The real issues are:

      1) Why will they not step up?
      2) Why are we not getting their attention and drawing them in?
      3) Why are they not correcting their status?

      The answers to those question you will only find by looking in the mirror. To be crystal clear, the answers lie within this movement, not outside of it.

      Since you indicate an appreciation of Jesus, then remember his parable of the seeds. In it he explained how good seeds cannot grow and thrive in poor soil. The seeds are the leaders and the soil is this movement.

      And as for sinful people, Jesus also explained to us how sin only breeds more sin. You might want to adjust your point of view to a more prosperous one.

      If there were 10 ordinary looking people standing in front of you claiming to be qualified leaders, but only 2 of them were genuine and qualified leaders, how could you distinguish them from the other 8 making similar claims?

  2. There is a lot of shit going on in the ASS emblies concerning corruption, especially of the alleged State Coordinators. I know of at least 3 states whose coordinators are not exactly doing a bang up job so to speak. In one state, the coordinator made an accusation about a recording secretary and with no evidence at all being presented, asked for a vote to expel the recorder from the position. What say anyone to this?

    1. It’s also your kind who thrive in such an environment. Face it, you feel life is best lived when you have lots to bitch about it. What say anyone about this? You and the coordinator should just should just quit your bad attitudes.

  3. Every Assembly will have some growing pains. Everyone must at the very least try and follow the process to the best job they can. If you can not or will not do the job correctly then stand aside and let someone else take over. The Freedom of the Men and Woman and our future generations are more important then petty misunderstandings. Let's all turn too put our shoulder's to the wheel and help in any way we can to help each other get through this. I for one will no longer live as a Slave to these Corrupt Corporations. Help your fellow men and woman to Free themselves from the Boot of Corporate Government. Stop and read the Declaration of Independence, the entire document. We the People have a Calling to Free ourselves, our Brothers and sisters here on this entire planet. I Believe that this Document was intended to Free the entire World. I fully intend to do everything in my Power to see this through to the Ending of all this corruption. So if you are not willing to Help then Get the Hell out of the way because we are going to make this Happen!!!

  4. You were warned a year ago about a small group in Michigan who were having a hard time working in group settings and so took it upon themselves to act on behalf of the group without their knowledge and consent. The money issue was just one of our concerns. Even though we had evidentiary support for our claims, rather than being heard we were chastised, and so we decided it best to walk away. I had lost patience trying to communicate with those people for quite some time because I knew who they really were and had no problem letting them all have it. Our next step was to turn to you all for help. After feeling like we were being shamed by you for what we tried to report, we thought it best to just walk away. Some of us know how to spot those people who need to be observed and possibly exposed, but unfortunately we're often sent to the back of the room. I am sad for Michigan, but at peace knowing I made the right decision for myself to pursue other projects.

  5. Wow! I feel so bad for the men and women in those states who have bad Coordinators, Recorders, and leadership. Gotta get rid of the infiltrators and elect good people.

  6. Can anyone direct me to a PA coordinator or where to start with the process?

  7. Here in Michigan! Loved to join! What to do where to go? Who to talk too?

    1. it would be a good idea to contact a state coordinator in your surrounding area. We would help here in Nevada but im sure there are other convenient options. Contact some coordinators ask about getting your status changed. With this update on your State other States should be ready and willing to help out. If not Nevada will.

  8. I have domiciled my vessel to Michigan via public announcement, 928 recorded at Indiana State of State office, local District Court has proclaimed "she is not United States Citizen". I can start coordinating Michigan next week, from 16th.
    Best regards, -vilma.

  9. What a pleasure it is to read these comments absent the hysterical and lunatic musings of the few who constantly attempt to undermine the process of self-determination and self-governance provided here.

    There will obviously be HEALTHY differences of opinions and challenges to certain aspects of the process and an expectation of some “butting of heads” between certain personalities who are involved. However, that needs to be seen and acknowledged for what it is; the inevitable pains and “withdrawal” symptoms of those who are “waking up” and are “awake” to the mind-bending and ubiquitous fraud perpetrated on all of us.

    Keep focused, hold the line, and remember that we are all essentially aiming at the same goal. Also, come to grips with the fact that this path is not easy, and neither is the desired outcome. The responsibilities and work it takes to self-govern, in the ORIGINAL sense and intent of the founders, requires time, effort and FULL liability for your own actions and deeds.

    This is not “SHANGRI-LA” – the American idea and project is about rugged individualism, hard work, self-reliance, FULL responsibility, living honorably, loving/helping your neighbors, assembling and working together when prudent and necessary, and recognizing that everyone is on the same level field as you are.

    We are all kings and queens of our own castles, and we all acknowledge we have NO subjects. It is that way on this land due to the acknowledgment and acceptance of the Will of our Creator and His Son - all is lost without recognizing that truth. We all need to start living that way even while the dark forces are still lurking, threatening, and coercing. In this Life and Age, there is no “100% Guarantee” offered on this path – there is only the will of the people to exercise what is rightly theirs regardless of the impediments placed before them.

    In this Life, we are guaranteed the opportunity – not the outcome.

  10. There is so much downing and negativity -Almost did not make this Post - but I have been blessed and would like to share the blessing... My forfeiture case - Foreclosure case was Dismissed.. Sent in the Document Acknowledgement Acceptance and Reconveyance from Anna site –
    and studied the Grantor Trust rules - using Administrative Authority excercisable in a nonfiduciary capacity without the approval or consent of any person in a fiduciary capacity. The Bank had no Security Interest... You cannot Foreclose on a property that has a Deed of Reconveyance
    The court in a fiduciary capacity lacked jurisdiction.
    "A universal principle as old as the law is that a proceedings of a court without jurisdiction are a nullity and its judgment therein without effect either on person or property."
    Norwood v. Renfield, 34 C 329; Ex parte Giambonini, 49 P. 732.

    AND by the way the County refused to record the documents in Land Office, so I sent in USPS Registered Mail Documents and had those Attached to my court documents. I did not have the assistance of a lawyer – Prayed for the Knowledge , I did not have the assistance of a lawyer – I did not even go to the hearing . Sent in paperwork documents. Prayed for the Knowledge and Was Blessed.. Still in My Home. The Heavenly Father Did it - Truly am Counting My blessings.
    Ms Freeman

  11. Bellerian1 July 9, 2021 at 9:02 AM
    Funny how its not illegal to create corporations named the SAME with CAPITALIZATION 😈😠😬 playing at being the differentiator. 
    Reply: It is ILLEGAL and deceptive, confusing at best to defraud humanity. The Robbers switch off the INC.(orporated) extension on Purpose. So toxic, so annoying! Like the Devil_sign: DRACO: Giant Dragon, occupied America's house #9.
    No coincidence here, when DRACO (star clusters) points to the UK*13*8, (France, VaticanCity region) same effects, pointing to China as well. No wonder why all of these Devils Servers serve their Masters well. After their GREAT GREAT GOLD THEFT at Pre~ and Post Ww2. That's the source / origin of Fractional Banking Fraud, that amplified the Crooks Fake Loans, Fraudclosure, Oil and many other Fraud thereafter.
    It's no surprise, Anna VR, assisted the the Banking crooks 😈😬😠, blaming all the corporate crimes/sins on FDR totally. It's easy for his murders to put words in his mouth. I already revealed to you all, that it's 99% sure: Winston Churchill, Mounthbatten, Truman, Eisenhower murdered FDR on March 17, 1945, to grab all the STOLEN GOLD and more monetary actions, they can get and were about to steal, and they did exactly as they planned. Evidenced by Venus Retrograding Shadow on March 20, 1945. Do a search for Venus Retrogrades March 1945. More coordinated evidences pointing to these men, to honor their Rothschild Banksters, who paid both sides to prolong their Clandestine gold Theft, and Mercernary war, that Anna agreed at one point, later, she must have been bought. God is watching these unfolding. How do I know? The devine Justice is waiting... Or the whole world will be plundered into the darkness. No Reward for mankind to disobey God Ten Commandments.
    Any planet Retrograding means something went wrong. No they don't go to sleep as some 2D astrologers said.

    This week, the Top card Readers just confirmed after me, that America is a DARK place. They referred to a particular sign (in dark place), without knowing that the 3D and 5D Tarot cards work Globally. Any languages, the results are the same. πŸ˜…πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‡ Oh yes, yes.. Yes..

  12. Strange how the new rulers that you freely accepted act and control you?
    How old is that picture of your "Head of state?"
    Must be nice to be back in the "Blood lines" script. No worries! Your checks and hand outs from the family bank of love are on their way.
    Yes that is sarcasm!

  13. If any Assembly or member of an
    Assembly hears anyone in their Assembly or any other Assembly promoting
    violence, preaching against the Federation "as if" the Federation was the de
    facto Federal Government, moving to incorporate any function of any Assembly,
    setting up any foreign structures apart from the General Assembly, International
    Business Assembly, Public Courts, and the lawful State Assembly Militia,
    refusing to record political status of members, taking money from foreign
    corporations, selling information about the Assemblies or Assembly Members,
    using the Assemblies or Assembly Members for unjust enrichment, promoting Ponzi
    schemes, Trust schemes, memberships in Secret Societies or otherwise remaining
    out-of-step with the simple program outlined above---- you are encouraged to
    notify us directly, so that prompt corrective action can be taken. Use the
    email: and the
    subject line: "Jim".

    James Clinton Belcher, Head of

    preaching against the Federation "as if"?
    If it looks and acts like a duck,
    what is it?

  14. In despite of wink wink, shelby, bellerian1, goodE2boots, and various others efforts to calling out the nonesense. I believe it was those like antjraf, and gary meade, patriot58, and others who actually appear to be a part of the assemblies, are the ones who kept me from filing any papers. Your tribal isms are your down fall. The way you speak to your "fellow americans", is disgraceful if all of what Anna speaks of is the solid truth.

    You all make the claim you dont have the time to explain 500 times how to do things but yet have the time to explain how you dont have the time?! The responses you put out there are so contradictory to the attitudes you put on as a front. Ive seen comments spend more time explaining why you need to things on your own, that could have been better stated with very few words or simply just some hyperlinks to help point people in the right direction(I get it now, you have no clue what Anna is spouting off either and you want as much of the "funds" as possible for your self).

    Otherwise this would have been the MOST helpful of the few sites that post "truth" and allow comments to be made on the topic. Instead some tell others to get off their high horse because they dont believe jesus has returned (some would argue he has, but unfortunately not with those who dont believe, if jesus is with in, has he not returned?) If god gave us a will to survive and a miracle to strive on, would that not leave it to us to save or doom ourselves, so why is anyone/thing ever going to "return"?

    Ive truly found it odd, years ago, when I was not speaking up on this comment section, only lurking (out of respect for those who appeared to know what they were talking about as opposed to my corrupt beliefs, and I suspect I am NOT the only one) that when I shared a link to the assemblies with people I know via text, it would display a small pic of the assembly flag with a brief description that included, word for word "all things Q" which has change in the last year or so. But when I went to the q anon sights and posted about the assemblies, you wouldn't believe the tribalistic attitudes I was met with. Yeah from the ones who stated "were we go one, we go all". Are you seeing the trend I've notice with each group trying to escape the oppression? No? Let me leave you with this than... BLM a "grassroot"(wink wink nudge nudge) movement does not make mention to black on black violence, even become violent towards blacks who have different view points, despite "BLM".

    P.S. Why are you guys not electing good people off the rip, instead you keep messing around with infiltrators?! smdh

  15. Ouch! As someone who has followed Anna from day one and tried desperately to learn from her and having been a researcher for a long, long time, I am beginning to wonder if we will ever be able to complete this process nationally. Far too many people too easily get their feelers hurt and respond without thinking things through. Things are ugly enough without fighting internally. I do find it so much easier when you look at each other as friends - and by the way, friends can disagree from time to time the same as family, BUT RESPECTFULLY. Anyone who thinks they never make a mistake just has never had anyone find out about the ones you did. If you want to save this country for those coming behind us, deep breath's and a few hugs could go a long way. FL is tryin!

    1. The thoughtless emotive and "hurt feelings" responses are a dead give-away - you have people here who intentionally distract, who purposely smear Anna and Paul and who are here solely to create strife.

      Do not despair Diane; the works of those who are disingenuous, deceptive and of malintent will be exposed for what they really are.

      Constructive disagreements and challenges are part of the process so long as the ultimate goal is not forgotten. For the most part, I see controlled opposition, smear tactics, wild goose chase theories, hysterical claims and flat out calling Anna and Paul LIARS and SCAM artists without any verifiable facts and evidence.

      That is a tell-tale sign of an intentional operation to discourage those who are seeking truth, remedy and restoration of our American lawful government.

      Keep up the good work in Florida!

  16. eh, in the end "america" is a religion. always was, always will be 2nd coming/millenium/"heaven on earth"/johns apocalypse/masonry/inverse of the old world order (roman catholicism)

    it always will be saturnalia. there's not much to say. pick a "christ" -- new testament or "the lord" and his "law" and his apocalypse.

    it won't kill anyone to fill out paperwork. it will spiritually destroy you (according to new testament) if:
    1) you think the "law" can save anyone
    2) if you think flesh and blood can inherit anything worthwhile
    3) if you think 2nd coming jesus arrived
    4) if you think 2nd coming jesus is yet to come
    5) if you think "the lord" is god
    6) if you think america is somehow a promised land (idolatry, identical to the worldly israel kind)

    worldly people have worldly possessions to defend.

    yes, the "constitution" was used as a "transfigured" model for the UN etc. yes, the goal was always to export "illuminism" to the world. america, france, wherever else.

    its just masonry versus christ. everything else is distraction. "america" however defined, doesn't actually matter, just more distraction and "pillar and post"

    the assemblies enforcing "the lord" "law" (those who say they are jews but are not, the synagogue of satan) doing so, is the best reason not to join, unless you are "jewish" or still under the "law" (in which case, they only claim 7 noahide laws apply to everyone -- so this is not even "judaism" to try to shove 10 commandments down everyone's throat)

    "it is what it is". america was always illuminized/masonic "christianity". no worldly kingdom. the devil has a worldly kingdom, always has, always will.

    1. pauls only problem is:

      1) trying to serve 2 masters at once
      2) "the lord" is heresy.

      again, america doesnt allow anythign except "illuminized christianity" "masonic christianity" so this is totally to be expected. it cannot be any other way. thats the only type of "christianity" allowed in america. it has to be this way.

      if you want "god" then america doesn't offer actual god to anyone. if you don't care for god, sign up for one of the many dime-a-dozen worldly kingdoms on offer.

      many of the "complaints" are people ignorant that america was always "illuminized" and always will be.

      there's no other track for "america" to run on, except illuminism/worldly kingdom. is america going to do actual catholocism ever? no.

      actual bible? no. becaues that doesn't "include" everyone, each testament is "divisive". like racebook LOL.
      actual judaism? no.

      always gonna be the illuminist/masonic kingdom on earth.

      america is a religion, always has been, always will be. the sooner people "get" that they can decide if they wish to join this religion or not.

    2. and, the sooner people read any actual bible, flesh and blood cannot inherit anything, except a worldly kingdom.

      so, paperwork won't kill you. doesn't actually matter either way.

      the world is the devil's. always has been, always will be. you can be polite and fill out his paperwork, or not, and pay him his dues, or not, up to you.

      most the "complaints" are already answered and 1000x more simple than people realize

      easy. no worldly kingdom. no "heaven on earth" -- that's the other guy. the end.

    3. there's no conspiracy for the most part. america/illuminism or choose some non-illuminati/non-masonic system. that's as simple of a choice as it gets.

      there's no simpler way to explain things. christ is/was god, or "the lord" and "the law" etc. is god.

      christ was/is god, or the state assemblies "the lord" is god.

    4. Sure seems to be, only after one steps back from all the grooming, and indoctrination that everyone of US had to endure from our youth{(Public Sch(F)ool System/Gov. Churches (501C3's)} that was made into a Cult-ural mandate will one be able to see the travesty that they are living in. Jonathan Kleck has gone into great detail into exposing everything that you have brought forth. Many People are wising up, the major problem for most is finding , and implementing the correct response, and actions to the malaise that we have found ourselves in. Unless one is totally self sufficient then there will always be some sort of reliance or need on what this worldly system is offering. Even with our replies that we post, we are utilizing parts of this infrastructure. Even with the written "Word" the Alphabetic Symbols that denote each Letter are Charactechitures that were made up by some artist.

    5. I mostly agree, however, the created tools of man can be used for good rather than bad. At this point, we have our ability to make claim as to who we are and where we stand which would be in direct opposition to what and where "THEY" want us to be.

      Our claims and declarations stand as true and any further assumptions/presumptions on "THEIR" part are mistakes at best and intentionally criminal at worst. Either way, "THEIR" assumptions/presumptions are NULL and VOID for those who stand up and declare it lawfully.

      Even if one is "self-sufficient" and "off-the-grid", there must be a sufficient amount of defense and protection against those who carry out the unlawful orders of the FEW.

      It is a work in progress to undo and restore what has happened over the last 160+ years. Truth will always shine and be the light in the midst of the dark forces. If and when the lawful Enforcement arm becomes viable and sufficient to carry our lawful orders and judgments, we will see true restoration and lawful government as per the original intent.

      Even is that ultimate goal in not achieved in this Life, our choice to stand up and speak what it true will NEVER be forgotten or diminished in any way.

    6. So, as much as was made sport of "Yosemite Sam", and yet he still prevailed, even when they had to reroute a whole interstate around his property. Were we being shown then how to handle these usurpers but did all of US misinterpret the message...