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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

To Pope Francis: Solve the World's Problems With Three Corporate Liquidations

 By Anna Von Reitz

The highest form of law is Ecclesiastical Law. Most of the people who live and breathe on this planet don't know that, but it is nonetheless true. This is because as The Law of the Air, it governs intellectual property-- the entire realm of energy (labor), ideas, copyrights, patents, trademarks, doctrines, and yes, religious beliefs.
And the Pope has a unique role and position within the hierarchy of the Ecclesiastical Law --- he is the Supreme Arbiter and Sacred Steward ultimately responsible and empowered to liquidate any corporation on Earth which is found to be operating in an "unlawful" manner.
This is ultimately not part of his Sacred Office, but results from the fact that all these corporate business structures -- C Corps, S Corps, Foundations, Trusts, Cooperatives, etc., have been defined by and created by the Roman Curia. As Universal Law admits, we are all responsible for what we create.
So, here are the three men who need to be contacted, and the names of the corporations which need to be liquidated for cause:
Larry Fink, Joseph Hooley, and Mortimer Buckley are the CEO's responsible, respectively, for BlackRock, Inc., State Street, Inc., and the Vanguard Group, Inc.
These are all giant investment funds and financial securities brokerage companies and they stand at the center of the worldwide economic debacle, including the medical malfeasance and genocide by vaccine that is ongoing.
We need not speak to the genocide, for that is self-evident. Even if all three of these investment companies are liquidated and their assets distributed to the victims, they can never pay for even one human life, just as they cannot create human life.
They are only THINGS in charge of Things, and as such, have no divinity in them.
Thus, by definition, however "rich" they may appear to be, they have no form of natural wealth, and are at best idolaters and fraud artists engaged in buying, selling, and trading shadows of reality.
They are also engaged in commodity market rigging, obstruction of free trade, and monopoly inducement via interlocking trust directorates and coercive misuse of shareholder majorities affecting nearly every productive capacity on Earth.
They own, so far as we can see, a majority controlling interest in the Fortune 1000 Companies, in numerous "national" government corporations, and the international stock exchanges.
The proliferation and growth of these three corporations has meant the death and stagnation of the world economy, and taken together with the overall corruption of the banks, these corporations pose a threat to life on this planet.
Liquidate them and return majority interest to the people who actually built the companies and institutions that these corporations are now ruthlessly manipulating to create a massive worldwide genocide aimed at killing their creditors.
Do it now, before there are no lives left to save, and what is precious and what can never be bought at any price, is lost forever.

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America.


  1. The church militant just said practically all the cardinals are homosexual and Marxist.
    They are pure scum .
    Thinking they will do the right thing would be an act of god

    1. Triggered much? She is referring of course to "law" which is man-made. Ecclesiastical being the highest form of "man's" law. In the very next paragraph she mentions Universal Law, illustrating without being explicit that it is higher than Eccl. Universal by name meaning THE law, God's law. Get a grip for goodness sakes, why do some boldly toss out common sense when something bumps against their dogma? You know what dogma is don't you.... AmGod backwards. Therefore dogma is the God you create when you limit (your idea of) God to only that which you can accept.

  2. .
    How does one fiction within a fiction remove the fiction (corporations) and the person eliminating the fictions is a fictional person declared by the fictions (corporations) that created the fictions in the first place ?

    1. That’s like TrumPuppet claiming that he would drain the swamp. He is the swamp.

    2. Also in a tiny detail; it is not the CEO’s who direct the course of a company in the first place but they only carry out the command of the shareholders. Find out who they are……

  3. i think you are waiting for the wrong miracle if the pope and his actions are the only way to your perceived freedom!
    How many letters? Is this your only course, does he hold the keys to your shackles?

    1. A follower,

      You took the words out of my hands!

      In nature, when an animal is in a life-threatening and or territorial situation - what is it's response?

      In biology, when a foreign invader is detected by the (innate immune system) T-cells, what is it's response?

      In my way of thinking: How the hell do you co-exist with those who want you DEAD, as of yesterday!

      Peaceful hearts, peaceful talks, peaceful negotiations, a peaceful existence is spiritually sound and proper, at least for me it is. But
      would this be the correct response to a tyrannical government according to the founding fathers - does this correspond with a tyrannical government and the second amendment according to the founding fathers?

      "Do it now, before there are no lives left to save..." Are we at risk of all the secret technologies Trump failed to disclose there a "P...-STORM" a planned scorched earth real

      Do we have a God Given Right to defend our very lives as a 33rd degree mason on the 33rd parallel or NOT!

      This letter to a self proclaimed Vicar feels like God's creations are at the mercy of the alleged "vicar" and therefore gives legitimacy to the claim.

      "... three-ring circus..." With deadly consequences...HA!

    2. Contrive consent after trespass. Exactly, they do not have our consent.
      In Love and Ignorance,
      They want and need our fear of them. Our acceptance that they rule us.
      the world is watching for war, and nukes, man on man violence.
      How many have their eyes upon the Creator, Nature, and what is happening as the world descends into Chaos , lies and deceptions?
      What kind of people shall we be? Should we be? Should we have been?
      Do not fall into the, i am a victim mentality! Praise YAH!
      A Disaster is Coming! and it is not from man! Not by man's hand!
      Daily reports here, also a lot of info for those interested. Good comments and a family atmosphere.

  4. We do not rely upon whether or not "they" will do the right thing. The entire purpose of serving 'proper notice' of wrongs committed is to make it known, in the public realm, that those who are acting in bad faith (to say the least) and those who have committed, and still are committing, crimes against the people of ALL Nations on earth, are lawfully and duly notified of said acts and that they will not be afforded ANY courtesy, or benefit of the doubt, when their crimes are FINALLY and FULLY exposed.

    It is essentially a call to ALL of those who carry out the "orders" of the few who have TEMPORARY control over the: narrative, information, money system, media, [illegitimate] government offices, etc. and provide the "out" of their system so the good people who are caught in the bad system have their chance to 'come out of her' and join the righteous and lawful people who recognize The Creator, God Almighty, and His Son, our Lord and Savior as the ONLY and FOREVER Authority on Earth and in Heaven.

    Otherwise, these Jackals will ALWAYS try to make the claim that "voluntary compliance" absolves them from any and all culpability for their evil and criminal actions against the people.

  5. A Round of Applause, antjraf,,-- the Jackels (in the form of several other "fictional characters" == maximus-goodE2boots-afollower) were rolling in glee and basking in smug joy as they gloated and promoted a seeming conundrum at free mens expense..

    And you, antjraf, quite nicely reminded them and informed their intended victims,, of the underlying truth and intent of Anna's articles.. Nicely Done... Thank You

    1. i am not rolling with glee. i am saddened. i am sick-end.
      we were told the dogs would always be outside the gate. a little paperwork is never going to stop these dogs!
      A few will find their freedom and liberty among the liars and manipulators of this world, with out the conniving of mankind's schemes and false hopes and promises!
      Think for yourselves.
      Proper notice? How many "Proper notices do they require? Who do you serve if you think you must 'submit' to them "PROPER NOTICE?

  6. So profound give notice they ignore 100% of all communication.
    As Gov of Virginia Patrick Henry said “unfortunately tyrants only understands one thing force”
    They have the entire system on the payroll.
    Who you going to get the Supreme Court ?
    Barrett ruled 100.% of the time for the deep state .
    Gorshech he is CFR,the Kavanaugh he wrote the patriot act .
    That leaves 2 maybe .
    The Attorney General everyone is completely deep state .
    The U.N. They all are a club rarely does any one dare oppose Israel.they don’t live long they don’t care the routinely creat false flags tried to sink a navy vessel by design in 1968 just like Bengezie told to stand down by order commander and chief .
    Hundreds of survivors will anybody do anything nope!

    1. theyve used multi culturalism to smash all sense of solidairty in nations just as they created hundreds of protestant churchs and broke the Anglicans up so that the church of england is a totally legal separate entity in every country not united like the Catholics under One Pope globally .So the world is divided into catholics and non catholics And the catholics are presiedent of America and almost every top performer actor in America from Supreme Court to local magistrates , chiefs of police and general in the armies Navy etc.And England has its first Catholic PM now too and all around the world you find the same pattern Everywhere Not 100% but a totally undemocratic majority coming close to absolutism .

    2. So true also called secular humanism (secular) meaning cattle ,culling the heard.
      66 million marched off to fema I mean gulags to die.

  7. Cult pass masons your pass word is cubel Cain.first murder’s uncle.
    We can just say I’m a US citizen.
    No ?

  8. Definition of heaven ?
    A fractal field ..
    Dam Winter.
    Fractal field . Com
    Step one make a magnetic map of your bed meaning no metallic springs , cowboys had the best bed in the world.

  9. Proper Notice is not only essential, it is lawful process. Just because the results of said notice may not be what we need or expect, that doesn't negate the lawfulness of it and the necessity to form the record of wrongs committed.

    The people who CARRY OUT the "orders" of the bad actors are the key - these are the "everyday" people who occupy military and "law enforcement" roles, in lower ranks, who use ARMED FORCE against their brothers and sisters when ordered to do so. Without this Enforcement Arm, ALL of the schemes, fraud and criminality discussed here and perpetrated behind the scenes by the few self-styled "Elite" CEASES.

    Everyone keeps railing about the "Vatican", the "Rockefellers", the "Hapsburgs", the "Medici", the "Rothschilds", etc. without realizing that it is our own brothers and sisters caught up in the wrong and/or evil system who need to be reached.

    The "Elite" have ZERO power, influence or ability without the everyday people to carry out their "orders". It's a numbers game and as soon as enough of the everyday people turn and join the righteous and lawful side, the tide will turn and the "Game" will be OVER.

    Proper Notice makes it known, in no uncertain terms and in the public realm, that we do not consent, nor do we silently acquiesce, to their schemes, fraud and crimes.

    1. Your right just saying don’t expect the deep state to give up thair free lunch .

    2. I don't expect anything good from the bad actors either, however, I have faith in Good ultimately triumphing over evil and the potential of more and more people waking up and getting on the right side of things.

      Despite all of the accusations leveled here, I believe the process offered is made in good faith and accomplishes the goal of Proper Notice on the record of our true nature and standing and also that we are aware of the schemes, fraud and crimes which we do not consent, or silently acquiesce, to.

  10. Galatians 4 verses 1 & 2.

    CFR 363.6

    For openers, each one of you have more power than you imagine.

  11. Long drawn out debate on lawful notice however these faudsters don’t acknowledge our notices they have thair procedure the way they do it if you don’t do it exactly like them and are accepted into thair law society your void in thair world .
    So it depends on what did of the bed the judge got up on.
    All the lecturing is a rehash the Masonic law BAR society is protecting thair turf 100.% .
    They don’t obey thair own codes exercise in futility.
    But hay many it may work with enough people stand up .

    1. theyve spent decades amending laws so they are all anbiguous as possible so they can interpret them as they see fit And they did it all using international lawyers and under secrecy really .The Bible tells us that nothing that is done ion secret comes from God.

    2. Its actually June 25 at 11:32am

    3. Again... most are missing the point here regarding notice.

      Our lawful notice(s) are NOT presented to MOVE "their" court(s) or ASK OF "their" court(s).

      Our lawful notice(s) means OUR court(s) [superior] are notifying "their" court(s) [inferior] of our higher standing and our lawful claims which stand as true in ANY court on earth until a proper and lawful claim can challenge them. Hint... "their" courts CANNOT do that - ever.

      Once again, the missing element is our Enforcement Arm to back up and execute our lawful claims. Our notice(s) are not made and presented in vain - they stand on the record as true and cannot be disparaged, erased or denied regardless if the desired outcome occurs or not.

    4. who cares if theyre just ignored anyway .

  12. "SEE YOU IN COURT, SUPERVISORS!" Peggy Hall Jun 24, 2021

    "OMG -- The ignorant, incompetent county supervisors JUST ADMITTED THEIR FRAUDULENT ACTIVITIES!!!!! Join me in the LEGAL fight -- I am suing every single one of them. Who is with me?!?! Donations gratefully accepted here:"

  13. the Courts are vessels manned by lawyers who admitted to the Bar ,and its the Temple Bar of the Inns in the City, have all sworn an Oath of Loyalty to the Sovereign .Not we the people nor the Constitution, nor the President .The Sovereign who is either the Queen of Crown Law or the King of Kings ,the Pope.Bottom line.

  14. My problem is this were all pretty good investigators and comprehend most legal and lawful procedures enough said on that topic.
    To be pragmatic,we need to focus on concept of the operation the big picture without the sacred cows.
    Top priority is how borders we will be like Germany a cesspool.
    Just look at it it’s turning into Somalia .
    This is our biggest threat here and abroad.
    Nothing but crickets in welcome flags.
    Red flag one , the other is more incorrect primary enemy the pope and the Queen sorry are not it .the Canaanites our ancient enemies known today as the black nobility their creed given to them by thair leader Cain who had great power he gave them the formula hate your master (anybody who wants to stop your evil ways ) never tell the truth.
    From Cain we get the most evil ruler Nimrod who so hated the fair skinned sons of shim he often burned them alive and the Baal child sacrifice traditions he is credited in Albert Pikes field manual for masons thair originators and the grand daddy Cain who is the masons get out of jail code word cubil CAiN .
    So this black nobility global evil incarnate are behind every attack on thair arch enemy they know it unfortunately the massive controld of communication thair prey doesn’t know .

  15. They have a lock on media loosing 100 million a year it’s worth it to have total control.
    Education,the innernet, financial,legal, commodities,setting up barriers with registration,rules and a solid phalanx to non tribal members.telling me the Queen concocted this evil no merely a puppet .

    1. "we are all disposable to them" HMQe2.No the Queen never concocted it Shes a constitutional Monarch not an Autocrat She advivses and really rules almost the governmet but because they respect her .But she is subordinate to the Pope legally 'The Pope is the Moral Authority for rule of Law" as Obama was told to reveal .The rule of Law is EVERYTHING Nothing over rides except revolution or anarchy

  16. Great minds know exactly what’s going on but the army guarding all assets won’t let the warnings go public all decent crushed .
    Lot of data flows but have to shift through the BS and see the great planning.
    The prey is getting the word out in stiff opposition on all facets.
    I won’t say this movement is all sorely off track because so late in the game we need anyone with a few brains to join hands and stop the ultra evil .

  17. Source of research is Eustace Mullins one of the finest minded and researcher .
    People like G. Edward Griffin who Anna would’ve been on your with ,
    Griffin ripped of almost word for word Mullins secrets of the federal reserve.
    Was hounded for a century byJ.Edger Hoover followed everywhere. Apparently a derp state threat.

  18. The only secret that matters in the Federal Reserve is that it was passed into law democratically and at the same time almost as taxation was introduced into America as an emergency measure Rather like the global vaccinati0on programme today