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Saturday, June 19, 2021

My Crystal Ball

 By Anna Von Reitz

When the dust clears, it will be shown that the virus was developed in France, at the Pasteur Institute, and transported to the World Military Games by French participants who released it in Wuhan.
BOTH the Chinese and the Americans were set up in one stroke by the EU. The difference is that the Chinese quickly woke up and reacted appropriately, applying sensible medication, turning off the 5G network, not vaccinating their people, and not promoting any hysteria.
The Americans fell right into the next step of the NATO trap----paying billions for "vaccines" that are not vaccines, but which are genetic modifications--- modifications which will kill us over time, as the vaccinated individuals encounter "trigger diseases".
For some, the trigger will be the Common Cold, for others it will be Hay fever, for others.... but the end result is the same. Their immune systems have been specifically compromised and disabled, and without any defense against the trigger disease, they will die by the millions, just not all at once and just not by any one identifiable cause. Don't worry about viral shedding or avoiding those who have been vaccinated in social situations--- similar to HIV, you can only become infected by more intimate contact.
But in the end, the problem isn't a virus. The problem isn't even that millions of people have been changed into self-destructing GMO's via injection---and there is relatively little that we can do about this or about the results. A specifically compromised immune system is a specifically compromised immune system.
No, the problem is that there are men so warped, so twisted, so insane, that they would do something like this to millions of innocent, unarmed civilians. The problem is that there are other men so twisted and warped and insane that they have helped these monsters and covered up their tracks and spewed propaganda in support of this "program".
This isn't a Chinese attack. This is a NATO attack brought on because all their dirty dealing is about to be exposed, and their debt to the Americans is past due to be paid. They are killing off their Priority Creditors. And they are using our own doctors and nurses as "Uniformed Officers" licensed by their own privately owned and operated Municipal Corporation to do it. They are corporate criminals. Nothing more or less.
We have renewed our demand that the entire corporate structure supporting this be liquidated: NIH, gone. CDC, gone. WHO, gone. Moderna, gone. Pfizer, gone. Johnson and Johnson, gone. AMA, gone. And the list goes on, including the members of the Municipal and Territorial Congresses who chose to go bankrupt and leave nobody holding the accountability bag for this debacle.
As the big corporations are already scratching their butts and booting up their HR Departments to find replacements for all their employees who will die because of this hideous genocide, the propaganda outlets are preparing to put out the message that it's all your fault. You volunteered. You rolled up your own shirt sleeve. Nobody did this to you, but you. You could have said no. You could have reclaimed your birthright political status. You could have claimed that you are allergic. Instead, you have willingly received the mark of the beast, and you will be treated as one and slaughtered.

The overall New Message you will be asked to swallow, along with your own spit, is that you are at fault because they had to find a deceptive way to kill you, and as long as you were deceived, it's okay. Remember Roman Civil Law: let him who will be deceived, be deceived.


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  1. Talk about clearing the dust, this is all dust, and you have no idea of the virus origins, but where the virus came from is well known with the exception of you for if you know then put the facts down and stop play with the dust issue of b.s.

  2. .

    The system is all just mambo jumbo, fakery, magic created by the Maji and other Long Long ago..........

  3. Revelation 18:23 "...For by thy sorcery's [pharmakia] were all nations deceived." Pharmakia is from the original Greek, translators didn't need to change that word, did they. Thank God we were not all deceived. Some people just wouldn't listen.

  4. Maximus...We are the good guys, its our job to clean up this mess. I will build the gallows...Hell , I will tie the noose and put it around everyone of their criminal necks and kick the chair out !

  5. Just who are the American people? - the chosen ones,the privileged - what about the non-Americans?

    And just who is going to tell us who are the good ones?
    Forget not that even Hitler was not aware that he was doing something evil - to the contrary he was confident that he was doing something good if not for humanity at large,at least for his "homeland"????
    Again,I am telling you,2 000 years ago we were alerted about a certain group of people labelled as "the ones who do not know what they are doing" - give me an argument that we should not target them?

  6. A 'Mandatory Exception' always exists in 'their law(s)', as it must, in order to claim "voluntary compliance" pertaining to those who are harmed, injured and/or killed as a result of 'their law(s)'.

    Title 26 Section 508(c)(1)(A) - a "church" is a 'Mandatory Exception' to their 'code'.

    NOT exempt... a MANDATORY EXCEPTION, meaning a church is inherently IMMUNE from taxation - and they KNOW IT.

    This type of 'inherent immunity' is ALWAYS written into "their law(s)' albeit hidden, obfuscated, non-disclosed, buried under legal jargon, etc.

    Fraud vitiates EVERYTHING... but the Fraud must be exposed and declared properly. God's Law is proper and simple - we must evoke it, make it known and act in a manner that adheres to it.

    The claim will be made that EVERYONE who shuttered their businesses, followed 'COVID' mitigation orders, took the 'jab', etc. did so of their own volition. Unless there is documentation of actual force being used... "you did it to yourself" will be the claim.

    Judgment for that claim belongs to God Almighty - and I am guessing it won't be pretty.