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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

More Filthy British Laundry

 By Anna Von Reitz

Boy, howdy! Things just keep getting worse and worse in the British Isles.
First, it was all the black-robed goons walking in candlelight procession around and around the effigy of a dead baby in a coffin at the London Olympics, now it's photos of red-robed Coven members sporting the symbol of the military caste of Orion performing rituals at the G7 meeting, and photos of Prime Minister Boris Johnson's wife's latest theater production, a thoroughly distasteful hold-your-nose production of "The Last Straw", a work based on Aleister Crowley, once rated "the most evil man on Earth".
That's what you've got running Great Britain these days. Match it up with the equally evil red dragon holding court in the Inner City of London, and you will have all you need to put two and two together and yes, if you are not part of The Liars Club, come up with 4 instead of 5.
Imagine if you will, that this entire world, everything that you see and imagine as substantial, is in fact mostly empty space --- and that the empty space is alive and holding everything together, much as the spaces between these words hold the sentence together, even though they are unseen on the page.
Imagine further that this entire construct was made via the power of sound, and woven together from ordering and setting vibratory signatures using electric charges applied to single hydrogen atoms and ions?
There's really only one unit of construction, seven whole tones, and the unimaginable power and energy of the Voice, the Word, of the Creator.
Have you ever sung in a choir with mixed voices and parts? Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Base? Well, imagine more than a hundred such parts, all combined in infinite complexity, all orchestrated together by the empty space which is universally present and infinitely varied.
And now that you have some concept of this vast choir singing it's infinitely varied song and have conceptualized the role and importance of the "empty" spaces, pauses, rests, and endpoints within the celestial choir's concert masterpiece---- imagine that one no-good-nik starts singing off-key.
Just a little bit. Hardly enough to be noticed, but there and off-key nonetheless. If you are listening, you can hear it well-enough and as you notice it, it seems to be amplified, if only because you are aware of it -- grating away on your nerves and diminishing your enjoyment and somehow distracting you from the whole glorious concert.
You wish the rat would simply shut his mouth and stop singing.
The silence would fill in and everything would be perfect and good. You would only notice his absence, by the relief your ears would feel, and the increase of your own enjoyment.
Well, folks, Satan is that rat. That one singing off-key.
And unfortunately, his Voice has gotten louder and louder and louder over the years, until he threatens to drown out all the beautiful and harmonious and sacred music that creates this world of ours.
Now, what can we do to put an end to this situation?
We can turn down his volume control, by turning the knob on the mainstream media (Linda T., thank you and your husband, you did exactly the right thing.) and stop listening to the freakish Rockefeller musical scale, which deliberately destroys the healing effect of celestial music and introduces harmful effects, instead.
Buy yourself some Wholetone Music and listen to that. And listen to plenty of silence, to find the well-spring of health and meaning and being.
Rest in that silence and peace after you read this British Gov memo about the "Permanent Lockdown" and who is involved in it---- absolute proof of concerted bio-terrorism via vaccination.

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  1. A recent book with photos of waters response and its memory of objects, voices, emotions and many frequencies seems to have mysteriously disappeared from book shelves or perhaps the author decided not to make more copies? Wonder what water would show in patterns that has been around the red suit marching clan for instance

  2. military caste of Orion
    orion? yes, that is your "the lord" entity. coming to overthrow christ because "the bible" tells them to. revelation/apocalypse.

    8 Seek him that maketh the seven stars and Orion, and turneth the shadow of death into the morning, and maketh the day dark with night: that calleth for the waters of the sea, and poureth them out upon the face of the earth: The Lord is his name:

    9 That strengtheneth the spoiled against the strong, so that the spoiled shall come against the fortress.
    yes, satan overcomes new testament and christ if you worship "the lord".

    they are giving people "the lord" entity they asked for. ask and ye shall receive.

    also is jupiter. instead of christ, we just get egyptian all-seeing eye pyramid "resonance" instead. return back to a world without christ.

    i don't see the problem. anyone can switch "gods" and "testament" and "trinity" at any time.

    these are self-inflicted wounds. america never bound anything, as far as the bible goes they get "the lord" by "default"

    has america finally chosen a trinity/set of keys? it remains masonry/illuminism. same exact thing these "orion" people are doing.
    different costume.

    wake me when america actually "binds" anything and does anything besides masonry/illuminism.

    america has no horse in this race. has never chosen a "side".

    so, the default nowadays is "the lord" and his orion cult.

    1. 8 Seek him that maketh the seven stars and Orion, and turneth the shadow of death into the morning, and maketh the day dark with night: that calleth for the waters of the sea, and poureth them out upon the face of the earth: The Lord is his name:
      yes, this is revelation/heaven on earth. "the lord" is sending his "army" out to conquer and whatever else.

      this is what "the bible" tells them to do, overthrow christ, create the kingdom of "the lord" instead, so they are following it.

      last i checked the state assemblies were still "allied" to "the lord" and enforcing this new "father" entity. ask and ye shall receive.

      what's the problem? action, reaction.

      people chose "the lord" so they get illuminati jupiter all-seeing eye pyramid resonance instead of christ and new testament.

      they get the "god" they requested, christ disappears and leaves them to deal with their entity of choice.

      there is no problem here. if you reject christ, as the state assemblies do, he leaves "the lord" to deal with you. christ just gives you what you asked for.

    2. all-seeing eye of course is also sun and/or moon and osiris and maybe other things too

      but in the grand scheme, it is just another "the lord" shape-shifting demon entity trying to overthrow christ/new testament.

      it is quite irrelevant who that "the lord" entity claims to be this time around. just satan cycling through his disguises, testing which disguise works better on different people, etc.

      yes, the orion cult is yet one more group ultimately serving "the lord" and just another group in his "army", dedicated to overthrowing new testament and christ.

      what's the problem? same thing the state assemblies are doing. different costume.

      just more millenialism. new heaven, new earth. makes little difference who the new "god" is. "the lord" (as the state assemblies chose), orion, jupiter, mercury -- anything but christ. anything but new testament.

      just more illuminism/masonry.

    3. This message has been brought to you by the "dear and loved king [of kings] of Persia.

  3. Paperwork nor assemblies will not stop this.
    A Disaster is Coming.

  4. You know what i mean. Turn back!


    Check out a very informative video inside link about Qinetiq, the Rothschilds, and their link to ‘vaccine’ genocide. Video has been censored on all platforms - YouTube, Vimeo, and Bitchute.

  6. Massive numbers of people are now dying from the vaccine - Not the virus. CDC is removing and hiding these vaccine related deaths:
    Richard Citizen Journalist

    And it sheds

    Brighteon (
    This is unbelievable. MUST WATCH

  7. James Perloff Retweeted

    A Woman Describes What Happened To Her Husband & Son After They Succumbed To The Pressure & Rolled Up Their Sleeves...Its Not Pretty...

    Yep she’s spot on. As per usual, she is exactly right!

    1. Pilot reports adverse events after vaccine - nearly blacked out in flight. Vaccinated aeroplane pilots are a ticking time bomb..

  8. Shelby, you said this:
    And Texas used to be SPANISH territory so evidently the spanish didn't do anything here and neither did the indians just ran around with their teepee's living off the land like savages 

    __________ Look at this State next to your Top Thievery Texans_____:
    New Mexico.

    What does it tell you? Spanish and Indians Yes. That's what turns the Mix into those Mexicans. I learned it from the white men. Long time ago. You don't think the Spanish guys would sleep with any race, like the French? Common, guesser. guess it right in front of your eyes.

    I also know that Top Thievery Texans
    there with the same Evil Energies as Ferdinand Marcos (32 yrs, at this time, the president of the Phillippines, who jumped in, in 1946 ~ 1950 to help American Traitors to prepare to defraud the world, together with the Chinese CCP, with the British*13*8 etc. stealing the premative massive gold from nearby China. Into China, incrementally. It's inconceivably how can China CCP be so ignorant, not knowing where the stolen gold came from, when ROTHSCHILD met with the CCP leaders, giving paper moneys😡😂 frequently to keep their Triangular War Games, or confusing Mindsgames going for extra extta long time, to stir up their neighbors, to stay away from their western Secret Gold Excavation Sites, via secret CIA 😈wars, all a way to 1992. 😯😯😆 Pretty clever eh..?


    GMO Humans: Covid Vaccine is Not a Vaccine

    "Former Pfizer Chief Scientist Mike Yeadon has once again expressed his position that it is too late now to save those who have been injected with a substance publicly called "the Covid-19 vaccine. He encourages those who have not yet received the lethal injection to fight for their lives, those around them and the lives of their children.

    The internationally renowned immunologist goes on to describe a process that he says will kill the vast majority of people: Immediately after the first vaccination, about 0.8% of people die within two weeks. The average life expectancy of survivors will be a maximum of two years, but it also decreases with each new "injection.

    Additional vaccines are still being developed to cause deterioration in certain organs, including the heart, lungs and brain."

    1. The hive mind has aided the tyrants for to long! If you can just be a man or woman, and don't answer to their labels, meant to bring you down to their level, boycott as much as you can peacefully. If they use force, and likely will indirectly, you then have a tough choice to make. I am afraid to go to the hospital, and need medical help, but not theirs! I'd rather see a vet, or non AMA doctor, but reality is what it is. The jab is against every law ever written concerning the subject, and maybe the perps have immunity, but the person forcing you to take it does not. Nuremburg codes all carry death sentences! Damn straight to fight for what's right.

  10. Bio-terrorism is not new, only refined to the hive mind mentality. Columbus, the Pilgrims, the Spanish, and almost all of colonial America, the natives were victims, and the Brits watched and learned, becoming bio-butchers in their own colony business. We have had a set number of pandemics in world history and the numbers are well documented, and I thought they would be worse, but they are fact. Bio-terrorism is not usually global, but targeted, I can't find the actual number of pandemics, but a few months ago I did and there were not as many as you would think, like maybe 20-, and not as deadly, except for a couple, but deadly just the same. Britain watched, learned and used this method as a cheaper way to keep their colony resources, later reinventing their empire to central banks and Tax shelters on their now independent island former colonies. See < "The Spider's Web > . They no longer needed nor could keep up their Navy, but we acted as useful idiots with our blood, sweat, and tears, as many of you know.
    The music has gotten much more complex, with merchants and monarchs running the show, but making it look like the underpaid experts are to blame for the policies they finance.
    It is more important than ever for you to gain the knowledge , and practice it to just not be sick. They've poisoned the wells , nutrition pyramid, and everything important for a long healthy life. Chronic disease wasn't on the radar after the war of the states, but now 1 and 2 in cause of death! a couple decades of cottonseed oil and other seed and veggie oils, and two decades later heart disease appeared, and cancer, all chronic disease. in 1911 Boston had no heart attacks listed as valvular from an infectious disease, which were the top causes until the reconstruction of states and after. The world is in major disharmony and if you still need to find God, look under your bed, stay there and bow your head, and he will give you the strength, and hope, to beat the fake devil of deceit! Fear and sloth will win no battle, stand for all that is his work, for he is in you, and sees through your eyes, always with you no matter what you face, he is there.