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Wednesday, June 9, 2021


 (CAUSE: VACCINATION) 06-02-2021

Doctor on COVID Vax: "We Screwed-Up. We didn't realize the Spike Protein is a TOXIN"


  1. Their 15k Guillotine Alternative. Our wannabe Govern_men_t are full of WaterSign, Chaotic AirSign.

    Heavily Aquarius, with Gemini storeFront.

    The Chinese are the Draconic Saggitarius, same as WA DC INC.

  2. Once again Shelby, Thank you for posting these links. This Magnetic Iron Web(Inner-net) is so encompassing upon US all that in can become quite overwhelming to most even to me at times. Most people's ego's would never acknowledge any of this information, the fear quotient of having to disrobe , and remove their masks is usually to much for most psyches to handle.
    For me however, having gleaned a small portion of this hidden knowledge is at least half the battle, the other half is acquiring the proverbial wrench that is needed to throw into their machine, and be at a safe distance when it blows itself apart, or implodes.
    The one bit of solace that I lean on as my internal Ace up my sleeve; is that no weapon formed against US shall prosper.
    Back in 1980 myself and a few of my old friends had a heavy metal garage band(I played Bass) we came up with the name "Iron Web". This was when we all could have a blast. We had all the best library of music, and musicians from the 60's to the mid 80's to learn from, and boy did we Jam.
    After the Revolutionary War, "Civil War, two World Wars, Korea, Vietnam, one coming into this
    World was given the impression that everything was straightened out. Nothing could be further from the truth. I believe it was Goode2 that posed the question why wasn't the first Law to be written by the state assemblies was to outlaw all Birth Registrations.
    Until this is done, I am suspect of any proceedings by any Assemblies. This should be Priority One, and posted on every State Assemblies Front Door.
    Any one that can rebuf, or refute this statement, and show cause why other Laws have been prioritized before this was done please by all means do tell.
    This is a straight forward Question, I expect a straight forward answer. Let your yes be a yes, and your no be a no.

  3. The duplicitous posting was intentional because google's A.I. deletes replies that are conjoined to those that are censored. I also had to do some editing.
    I think it's long overdue for the Burgermeister Meisterburger to be outed;
    Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town - The Full Movie - YouTube
    This little children’s holiday show has all the elements concerning the “Foundling Child”.

  4. "So all you folks who registered your land through this LRS most certainly will have a NAC code"

    Please prove your claim that the paperwork for land recording that Anna suggests actually REGISTERS your land in some mysterious/cyber place and with some mysterious/cyber entity which can then take your land as a result of this alleged REGISTRATION you claim is real.

    1. What does all of that drivel even mean or matter if you hold the originals?

      Also, the words on your paperwork would have to indicate that your intent is to REGISTER your land. Does it?

    2. Also, for the umpteenth time... NO ONE is REQUIRED to use the LRS if they choose not to. There are MANY other ways to record your paperwork and Anna has suggested alternatives for those who do not know or wish to go a different route.

  5. For those interested in reading the actual intent and motive behind the "LRS"...

    As always, decide for yourself whether or not this service was created in good faith and fulfills the TEMPORARY need of lawful Recording Services until such time that each county assembly in America establishes their own lawful and local Land Recording Office as per the original intent.

    1. Your scenario is possible REGARDLESS of what "service" you use since there will ALWAYS be criminals in this lifetime. Title theft already occurs even without BLOCKCHAIN so what's the point?

      The enforcement arm element is what is still missing for those who believe in the lawful county assembly process - I've said that over and over.

      So, ANY paperwork you do means JACK SHIT unless you have lawful courts in operation and the enforcement behind it... or you have PLENTY of AMMO, PLENTY of arms and MANY men and are willing to defend your property with extreme prejudice.

      Point being is that:

      1) Anna does NOT REQUIRE the use of LRS
      2) A Recording Service, of ANY kind, is only a CUSTODIAN of COPIES of your original papers.

      This is ONLY for convenience - the Recording Service does NOT create your papers nor does it have authority over what is written on them nor does it have ANY authority to make changes to them or make ANY claims regarding them other than verifying that the COPIES they hold are exact matches of the originals.

  6. They are only tools... your sentiment is no different than those wanting to ban "assault weapons" - whatever that is.

    A pistol or rifle in the hand of a good guy or a bad guy have VERY different outcomes.

    The tool is nothing... the user is everything.

  7. 50 State Assemblies, and still no answer. I know that this Birth Registration Scheme is the foundation to the /\plat-form/\ of everything that all of US have been indoctrinated into. Not until this has been widely publicized will it be dismantled. When only a few "can break free", are those that have accomplished this really free when everyone else is still under-standing?

    1. Especially when those under-standing, believe in their democracy.

  8. Widely publicized? If this past year and a half is any indication, it'll take much more than "publicity" to get people to understand the fraud and crime of the Birth Registration Scheme.

    There was immensely more info and "publicity" available regarding the B.S. pandemic from the beginning and yet, the overwhelming majority of people walked around with face diapers and stayed away from family and friends - many still are.

    Do you think it will be easier to convince people that their true name, and just about their entire life on earth so far, has been usurped through fraud, deceit, manipulation and piracy compared to exposing the fraudulent "pandemic" narrative?

    "Your entire life, since you were born, is a lie and a global indoctrination scheme to keep you enslaved through debt - you have been considered 'DEAD' and/or 'missing' since the day you were born and your 'ESTATE' was/is monetized continually for windfall profits taken by the perpetrators at your expense."

    How long will that take to sink in to most people? Cognitive dissonance is very powerful for those who cannot, and will not, believe the extent of the fraud. We have already seen the worldwide test case in action whereby an "invisible virus" made most people into cowering and obedient sheep.

    Only a few "broke free" from the official "corona" narrative with much more widely publicized info and reach then this blog can offer regarding the B.C. scheme - and yet...

    The ultimate goal is to dismantle and CEASE this abhorrent BIRTH REGISTRATION scheme, however, without the critical Enforcement arm behind the State Assemblies, all that can happen is that a few must "break free" so that others will follow. Once enough people "wake up" and break free then the critical positions in our actual lawful government can be filled and then ENFORCEMENT can be done.

    Until then, the "process" acts as proper and due notice that we are awake, we are aware, we are present and we object to and/or decline their claimed "authority" and schemes and, as a result, they can no longer attempt to claim that we willingly "volunteered" or that silence was/is acquiescence.

    1. "antjraf", thank you for finally expressing this subject matter in a most respectful, and concise manner. This should be continued in all of your future comments. Everything that you have written is quite correct and very informative for those that are newly endeavoring to jump track, and traverse over this rocky mountain trail. A good friend of mine equates this whole process as "The Hero's Journey". This is not for the Faint of Heart. This is only for those that want it with all their being. One who is willing to put their life(not some else's life) on the line and if need be die for it.
      To all those that have broken free, and signed NDA's(NonDisclosureAgreements) ewe need to rip them up and let those know publicly that a true man/woman of the most High doesn't make agreements with anything lesser than our Creator. Period.

    2. While I appreciate the compliment and sentiments, I do not agree with your assessment that I am "FINALLY (emphasis mine) expressing this subject matter in a most respectful, and concise manner." I believe I have been doing that all along.

      The back-and-forth dialogue with certain posters who cannot deal with challenges or who may throw logic to the wind does not take away from what I attempt to convey.

      I do not know Paul or Anna, and if some would actually take the time, they would see that I have disagreed with both many times. The fundamental goal here, however, is basically the same so when I see posts that unjustly, and without merit, accuse bad faith motives and intents relating to the info, history and process provided here, I will call that out.

      If the manner in which I do that makes some "upset"... so be it. This is NOT a "safe-space" and being "butthurt" does not qualify as evidence that a "crime" or "trespass" has occurred.

    3. Well antjraf ever since Anna's first articles on "Paul Stramer's Lincoln County Watch" I have seen many commenters attack other commenters for disseminating information that the other didn't "believe" was true only to be come apparently true, and spot on months to years later. I am very patient with what others "believe" to be true. The only problem is when a belief causes a misdirection from the "Subject Matter"(Birth Certificated Person"), and derails everyone from having a proper comprehension of what has been done to all of US on this plane(ta). When this happens not only is everyones train of thought disrupted, ideas get jumbled, and no one is able to visualize the the pink elephant that been in the room the whole time. That's when Cognitive dissonance sets in and then those that could impart, or add an idea towards a solution become mute. There is only one problem that has to be solved, and corrected first, and that is the Birth Certificated Person. After that everything else will be simple. I have watched everyone run around in circles chasing this problem, or that problem that is always peripheral to Birth Certificated Person just to end up where they started(nothing solved). It is high time that this matter be finally laid to rest, and for no one to raise it from the grave ever again. I know that this task seems daunting and extremely difficult to solve with all the variants, and nuances that have been instituted to perpetuate this charade and keep its continuity active, however if all of us stay focused on this single job of finding the solution, and do not become deterred then this goal will be accomplished.
      What say you antjraf are you capable, and have the mental integrity to offer up some positive solutions, or are ewe going to be another Debbie Downer, and say it can't be done because of this, that , or some other reason? I've grown weary of hearing I can't do it. I also know that when one personally attacks another they usually have an agenda that they know will be exposed if they don't do something drastic to stifle the one they are personally attacking.
      Most of US start off altruistic its later on in life when some are shown that it is lucrative to have control over others, and situations is there a change of heart. The tell for me is when those that know about the "Birth Certificated Person”, and seems quit knowledgeable deviate, and offer no real substantive advice towards rectifying this situation that all of US have been tethered to one can only come to the conclusion that this person down deep is controlled opposition.
      No one should ever think that what they know is the end all or be all, or can’t be beguiled.
      Case in point; Adam, and Eve new our Creator, they even knew what His footsteps sounded like walking in the Garden of Eden, and even they too were led astray. Divide, and conquer is just one of the many techniques that the deviants utilize, there are many more that are even more stealthy, and those that practice them have it down to a well refined process.
      Only through humility will one realize that all of US are in this together, and that all of US are no better or worse, than another, because if we were better we wouldn’t be here.
      Ask Enoch…

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