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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Citizens Arrest and Public Duty

 By Anna Von Reitz

As the need for peacekeeping increases in an increasingly lawless society, many people are suffering under various assumptions about their own authority. Most are familiar with the concept of "Citizen Arrest" but not certain how to apply it if they need to, and many more think that they need a special piece of paper, a badge, or uniform to enforce the Public Law of this country.
First, let's understand that it is important for you to establish the correct political status, so that you are recognizable as the kind of "Citizen" that has the right and duty to enforce the Public Law, and that is, a State Citizen.
State Citizens are the ones empowered to enforce Citizen Arrests within the borders of our States.
Most State of State organizations also have legislated provisions for "citizen's arrest" powers, but those provisions apply to their citizens --- U.S. Citizens arresting other U.S. Citizens in the foreign jurisdiction of the State of State.
That is a different kind of "citizens arrest" mirroring the actual Arrest Powers of the People of this country.
The State Citizens have the actual Citizen Arrest Powers within the borders of each State and don't stand under any similar legislated privilege, so it is important to understand that.
U.S. Citizens don't actually have arrest privileges that extend to us, but we have arrest powers that extend to anyone who is breaking the Public Law in our State of the Union.
The sooner that everyone understands this, the better it will be for all concerned.
The U.S. Citizens have been arresting anyone that they observe to be in violation of their private law --- codes and regulations and statutes --- under a False Presumption that our lawful Government is not in Session and that they have inherited a "Public Trust Interest" and "Emergency Powers" allowing them to address us "as if" we were U.S. Citizens, too.
Now that our properly declared and seated State Assemblies are in Session, these presumptions have to be released, and at the same time, we have to stand up and take on the responsibility of upholding the Public Law.
On the Federal side of things, the Public Law includes the respective Constitutions, Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation (when restored) and Northwest Ordinance. It also includes the United States Statutes-at-Large, which are the laws published on the Federal Record that do actually pertain in some way to us and their administration of lawfully delegated powers.
On the State side of things, we are to uphold the Ten Commandments.
It is important to understand that the only contracts we have with the Federal Employees and with their franchise Employees running the State of State organizations, are the two respective Federal Constitutions. All debate and all guarantees, all issues, need to be focused on who owes who what and determining which Constitution applies.
The State of State Statutes and over 90% of all Federal Code do not apply to us, and so, except in very specific instances, there is nothing for us to discuss or dispute, because those statutory laws and codes and regulations do not apply to us. It's literally foreign law, and Americans, per Amendment XI, are not subject to foreign law.
Know your Constitutions. Know how to question State of State officers and officials to determine which Constitution they stand under --- either The Constitution of the United States of America, or The Constitution of the United States, and go from there.
Also fully inform all such officials and officers that you encounter, that the lawful State Assemblies are in Session and that no Public Trust Interest on the part of the Territorial or Municipal Government can be presumed to exist --- not even in the western States, which have been fully enrolled since October 1, 2020.
Part of being a self-governing nation is taking on the responsibility -- that is, the Public Duty to enforce the Public Law. As declared Americans, you don't have to wait for someone to give you a piece of paper, but you should be members of your State Assembly.
But, you say, what if I arrest a U.S. Citizen or a citizen of the United States? Am I not acting outside my authority? No, not if you are a State Citizen. Within the borders of your State you are the designated enforcers of the Public Law. The County Sheriffs are all supposed to be elected State Citizens. That's why they are the highest peacekeeping officers in the country.
If you catch a U.S. Citizen doing something that is obviously against the Public Law ---- and you are a State Citizen standing within the borders of your State of the Union --- you have every right to arrest that Person and "bind him over" for trial under the Public Law.
These foreign Employees are all "guests" on our land and soil, and they should be treated as such --- until and unless they breach their contracts to provide good faith service, and start doing things like shooting up the local Mall.
If anyone questions you, or gives you any problems at all about enforcing the Public Law, you stand there four-square and say, for example, "I was doing my Public Duty. I am John Westmore. I live in Baltimore, Maryland. I am a State Citizen of Maryland and a member of The Maryland Assembly. I stand under the Public Law."

And that is all you have to say. Any Federal, State of State, County, or Municipal judge hearing that has all the information they need to know to make a competent decision. If they fail to do so, and inappropriately exercise "judicial discretion" when it does not apply, they are facing very serious criminal charges of their own.


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  1. Please post site where we can access all past, and pending Citizen Arrests, and those that have been found guilty of, and incarcerated for breaking Public Law.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Starting point only: 1858,NOV 12th. Planning to attack America. She wasn't totally corrupt then. The angels telling me so.

    3. Citizen Arrests ? DONT! IN AMERICA, ONLY IN THE UK.. WHY? Unless the whole country will back you up.







      They behave /d like the Pharasees, Saggisees. (bad warer sign) Deceiving Caesar (aries) to murder Jesus. Bc his preaching affected their dollars, dineros. 😅😄😢😡😴

  2. Only state citizens can arrest bad actors , but were is that law ?
    As I got it the militia ever able body male 16-60
    Jefferson mothballed the navy and recommend the states to use long boats to patrol those waterways..
    It was Alaxender Hamilton (Cohen) who started the first standing Army and appointed himself head .threatening to “shut up the south.”
    The Pinkerton railroad British bobbies could operate because the railroads were considered international jurisdiction or other.
    The Buck act in 1937 overlay the old postal roads into maritime shipping lanes the excuse was no that everyone is on social security the feds need access.
    More infringement.
    Jefferson was right mothball the navy and Army

  3. Since governments exist using authority granted by the people they serve, here in America people would have to have the power to arrest as how else could they give it or authorize anyone else to act as a deputy or someone in their stead acting for them using that power?

    1. I've never asked the THIEVES to be with me, they tricked the whole world, to fall to give them free assets, via their bogus notes, broken or invalid contracts. They robbed our gold, lands and everything.

      Wake up Thieves and Robbers, the 10 commandments teach you to work to support youselves, stealings are against this Public Law. Misnaming your selves as Govt to be someone officials is against the True laws.

      My BC Is still origanal, UpperLower case.
      Your Foreign Tribunal codes are your devil magic cards. Don't retry, save yourselves from internal fire.

      The day you came to earth, i saw fire 😈😠😡 in your clothes..

  4. Making Citizen Arrests means one needs support, backup. Not one Sheriff in a particular state i frequent is NOT either wearing masks or is vaccinated = USEFUL IDIOT STATUS = No clue at all whatsoever to have even asked for the Law on Scamdemic shutdown. They have NOT EVEN QUESTIONED its lawfulness.

    SHERIFFS are just as stupid as the rest of them. Completely unaware of Law, but for a handful. And that handful are not looking to correct the heinous wrongs.

    Has Anna made Citizen Arrests? Is there anyone known who has made Citizen Arrests? Really?
    Anna writes such articles to inform... the possibility of such things working will depend upon us & those around us who SHOULD do their job.
    CAREFUL YOU'RE NOT BEING SET UP BY ANNA to think YOU can do it & get yourself in a sh*tload of trouble.
    Then Anna can just say YOU didn't it it right. THERE ARE NOTHING BUT USEFUL IDIOT SHABBOS GOY out there running the jews mercenary armies. Thick headed, egotistical brass, wearing masks when OUT IN PUBLIC to serve the JEW & it ain't brass balls, ok.

    1. Thick headed, egotistical brass, wearing masks when OUT IN PUBLIC to serve the JEW & it ain't brass balls, ok.
      yeah thats the enforce the 10 commandments. same "side". this is why new test doesn't deal with flesh and blood (except christ's).

      the punishment for rejecting christ, america apparently gets quasi fake "jewish" law inflicted on everyone. anna is proposing the eternally damned try to govern everyone else.

  5. Dearest Shelby; Please reread ORC 3705, with a 3rd-6th Edition Blacks Law Dictionary keeping the definitions that are given especially for “child” .”infant”, “live birth”…in the context of a made up statutory legal entity(fictions).
    I will start US off with “their” first definition;
    "Live birth" means the complete expulsion or extraction from its mother of a product of human conception that after such expulsion or extraction breathes or shows any other evidence of life such as beating of the heart, pulsation of the umbilical cord, or definite movement of voluntary muscles, whether or not the umbilical cord has been cut or the placenta is attached.
    Now for “human” that has to be found in a 3rd edition Ballentine’s Law Dictionary under the term “MONSTER”. Once one reads that, and has a full comprehension of this definition, and apply it to ORC 3705 “CHILD” one should start to have a better grasp of all “their“ legal spells/craftiness that has been used to get US to believe that all this applies to US the living.
    Even this Article 24;
    1. Every child shall have, without any discrimination as to race, colour sex, language, religion, national or social origin, property or birth, the right to such measures of protection as are required by his status as a minor, on the part of his family, society and the State.

    2. Every child shall be registered immediately after birth and shall have a name.

    3. Every child has the right to acquire a nationality.

    Article 6

    1. Every human being has the inherent right to life. This right shall be protected by law. No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his life.

    Basically all Vital Stats Codes in every STATE, and world wide are similar to ORC 3705.
    Also the term “Baby” will never be found in any Blacks Law Dictionary(that I know of).

    1. Foscolos00 - No 'baby' in Bouviers 1856 either.

    2. that has been used to get US to believe that all this applies to US the living.
      "living" varies whether you are doing old test or new.

      old test is dead to new and vice versa.

      anna's plan is everyone is dead to christ, dead to new test, and is under "the lord" instead. and this apparently will be enforced that everyone is dead to christ and alive under the old "law" (from which christ freed people)

    3. 1. Every human being has the inherent right to life. This right shall be protected by law. No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his life.
      putting everyone under old test "the lord" violates this.

    4. of course, one could dispense with all the bible nonsense and just be secular definition of "life". but then, no 10 commandments.

      essentially, you cant take "benefits" without liabilities. the liabilities of following old test "the lord" is a) you dont get any authority over any new test people b) you get land and stuff and a fake heaven on earth but miss out on supposed actual heaven

      the devil is going to make everyone choose christ or not it looks like.

    5. Should it be that all of US take the stand and simply profess that each of US is "alive in Christ", and then drop the microphone.

    6. Should it be that all of US take the stand and simply profess that each of US is "alive in Christ", and then drop the microphone.

    7. Yes, goodE2boots I am, and have been uncovering similar expose's that allude to calling oneself a "Christian". That is why I made the assertion that "I am alive in Christ".
      Christ/ Christos/ Anointed One/Messiah/Creator of all/The Word/Father-Son-HolyGhost/ Aleph-Tav/Alpha-Omega...
      Even Paul made the assertion that "all Cretans were liars". Well if one would hear someone say that statement with a Greek accent, phonetically it sure would sound like they said;
      "all Chreestians were liars".
      All one should to do is research why the Aleph-Tav was omitted from the very first verse of Genesis(I left the links in prior articles), and yet Jesus testified that he was the Alph-Omega.
      Our Creator will never be boxed in with a "name". Many people have told me that I am very well versed in the "Bible" my response is a chuckle and I tell them that I haven't even got through the first verse.
      When the Great Counselor comes one will know it because there will be no doubt.
      Pray ceaselessly...

  6. Throw away all your websters dictionarys and replace them with legal dictionaries because that is all we have and coommon definitions of simple words ( like individual, persons, resident) all have different meanings than a regular dictionary...CORP MEANINGS.
    I have " Blacks Law Dictionary" 6th edition. This is how they explain PC 834...persons authorized to arrest:

    An arrst may be made by a
    peace officer or by a
    private person

    Appearantly you can be a person if you are a private person..!!
    The change all these meanings constantly in newer editions of " Blacks Law Dictionary". For example, money used to have a certain meaning as opposdd to currency. Now the separate " real money" under R's for real. Real money is backed by real substance like gold or silver. These people are too much. Thats what " FRAUD" does to everything. Since our whole monitary system is based on fraud, so is everything else. The police wont even bother to arrest anyone when it concerns fraud...they are taught to say " its civil"..

    1. Blacks law started out as a joke at a party it’s all made up .
      Became popular the daughter said it’s all made up .

    2. Modified on: May 28th, 2003
      Montreal, PQ (Reuters) - Sarah Medhurst (nee Black) shocked journalists and legal scholars at a press conference held at the Black family estate Monday when she revealed that Black's Law Dictionary, a highly regarded legal reference text, was originally written as a joke by her eccentric great grandfather Henry Campbell Black.
      Medhurst appeared unapologetic, suggesting that the Black family had never tried very hard to keep it a secret. "Have any of you actually taken the time to read it?” she asked, flipping open the renowned text.& nbsp; “Look at page 840 for instance. 'John-a-Nokes'? Or how about page 347? 'Correality – the quality or state of being correal." She then cast a challenging look around the room.
      Medhurst admitted that the entire Black family has participated in the century-long ruse, working together to generate content for the ever-expanding text. She credits her Uncle Bertrand with developing one of their most successful filler techniques: "We created more than 30 new entries just by using the word 'actual'. Actual agency - see agency. Actual allegiance - see allegiance. Actual authority - see authority. And on and on - you get the idea."
      Medhurst admits that the family started to get lazy in later editions, at times resorting to stealing terms from other dictionaries. "I remember one time my brother pulled 'Le Roi' (literally: "the king") right out of his French-English dictionary to meet the deadline for the 5th edition while on a three-week ski trip in the French Alps." She claims the ploy has been used sparingly, however, and that the family put a stop to the practice when her brother started bringing the Official Scrabble Dictionary to editorial meetings.
      Henry Campbell Black had never intended - or even imagined - that his dictionary would become the authoritative source for legal terminology. "My great granddad had actually written the text for an upcoming firm skit night", Medhurst explains. "It was his way of showing how convoluted and, well, pompous the legal profession had become." The dictionary became an instant hit, however, and Henry Black's comedic intentions went unnoticed. When the money started to roll in, Black elected to pursue a highly lucrative career in legal publishing instead of becoming a marginally talented prop comic.
      When asked why the family is revealing the fake after all this time, Medhurst stated that they had grown tired of living a lie, and were genuinely concerned that the universally accepted legal lexicon "is actually just a bunch of made-up gibberish." The family is asking that lawyers and students alike immediately dispose of any editions of Black's Law Dictionary into the nearest trash receptacle or recycle bin.
      West Group, the current publisher of Black's, could not be reached for comment.

      Expect that anything involving the jew is rotten, evil, demonic, enslaving, fraudulent, fake, parasitical, genocidal, poisoning, psychotic, sociopathic, narcissistic, psychopathic... it makes it easier to face who & what they are, rather than continue living our lives giving the jew exception upon exception.
      It is time to REMOVE OUR MIND-MASKS preventing us from being our Godly greatest as we are intended to be.
      There is God, then Man. Thats it. Just like everything else it does, the jew inserts itself, making false claims, separating us from OUR GOD, & taxing us, forcing us to pay for our own demise, as the jew profits. All taxes are talmudic jew majik, to enforce enslavement to it, the thing, the demon zombie entity that gets it life-force from us.
      It, the jew, cannot exist by its own, it must parasite. The only way for the jew to exist is to harvest us. We are under the jew boot, & its talmudic death cult corporate jewdicial criminal syndicate & BAR Associations, imposing their Civil Law upon living men & women.
      hope this helps Thanks & stay sane

    3. James Pansini - What you can do is help us see their Black's Law Lies for what they are, as you seem well aware of their death cult majik. We need each need to know someone who KNOWS BOTH SIDES, who knows that Truth Jurisdiction beats Fiction every time. We need to learn How to execute Truth in our Courts. thanks & stay sane

    4. It’s a battle of them getting jurisdiction over the man. Our top councilor in republic of Texas Cary says he wins 90% of his cases .
      His classes he teaches he says jurisdiction,jurisdiction,jurisdiction.

  7. We should avoid interacting with the legal world like the plague.
    As Deleware coordinator says move your case if you have to use thair form write on top used only to expedite through system.
    Everything is a trespass on rights .