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Friday, April 30, 2021


 By Anna Von Reitz

Context is important. Let me give you an example.
Some years ago I wrote an editorial in which I observed that 40% of the children being born in this country were being born without a Father, and that most young people are entering into parenthood without even basic parenting and childcare skills. They don't have a clue what they are getting into.
Many are entering parenthood by accident or mistake---it all comes as a big surprise and at an inopportune time, when they are not financially and emotionally secure themselves. They haven't been responsible in choosing their relationships and controlling their biology --- and that bodes ill for them and for the future of their children, too.
This accounts for the absolute tidal wave of foster care needs and intervention services and remedial parenting programs.
So I observed that planned parenthood is far preferable to unplanned parenthood, and my detractors have spun that into the idea that I support "Planned Parenthood, Inc." the horrible government-subsidized abortion grubbers.
This is an example of the importance of context. It's also an excellent example of how unscrupulous dishonest people work to deliberately spread words taken out of context, and to in effect, tell a Big Fat Lie.
Here's another example of "False Context" goodies being spread by my detractors.
In a letter to Cardinal George of Chicago, I reproved him for thinking that he was the only one with a "blood oath" on the altar --- another comment that people have taken out of context, simply because they don't realize that the sacrament of communion is a blood oath.
All these Christian critics who think I have done something evil "and admitted it in black and white" don't realize that each and every one of them who have ever taken communion have the same blood oath covering them.
By playing upon such ignorance and the assumptions that proceed from them, the Liars among us seek to advance themselves and to keep people bound to the slave system of Satan, but know this --- with every word they speak against me, they condemn themselves.
Here's another.
In discussing the topic of "interstate commerce" I explained that commerce is business between two incorporated entities, and that because our States are also Nations, the word "interstate" is synonymous with "international".
The nation is made up of the people who populate a State, and many nations can live in the same State.
This should not be news to anyone, and yet, those same vile-mouthed Liars have attempted to claim that I have promoted their idea that nation = state, therefore "national citizenship" equals "state citizenship".
No, it doesn't.
There are two "national citizenships" --- one Territorial U.S. Citizenship and one Municipal citizenship of the United States, and neither one are in any way equivalent to State Citizenship.
The principles of checks and balances demand that the State Governments counterbalance the Federal Government, and that is in fact, the way it is.
How then, are we supposed to check and balance Federal overreach, if the States are ruled by Federal citizens-- of either kind-- instead of State Citizens?
So they pick and choose and try to twist my words into supporting their agenda, by taking my words out of context --- again --- and they use these methods of deceit to sway impressionable and ignorant people.
Anyone who wants to know who I am and where I come from and what my history is, is invited to read my book, "Disclosure 101".
These same people are running around saying that I "stole" their Jural Handbook, when in fact, I wrote every word of the Jural Handbook I released under my copyright. And all you have to do is test their knowledge and recognize my writing style to know that they didn't write it.
So let me share one other insight with everyone: an honest person may tell a lie in ignorance, because they are genuinely misled or confused. We all deserve kindness and compassion for our mistakes. Lord knows, I have made mistakes and had to make my apologies, too.
But when people participate in a pattern of deceit based on knowing misrepresentation, they are Liars---- and they share the cup and fate of all Liars. I am not going to waste my time worrying about their evil deeds and deceitful words.

Our Father said that vengeance is his, and that's enough said for me.


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  1. You speak truth...

  2. That’s a few ignorant people,
    My biggest problem is th obfuscation of the biggest criminals on this planet getting a pass !
    The Russian Mafia , that invaded Russia in Bolshevik Revolution and tried to repeat in America take over all our institutions.
    Let EMicheal Jones give his explanation in his book slaughter of cities .
    Justice .

  3. I post a segment of the Jural Assembly Handbook on my blog daily it represents a good idea of what a republican form of government could be all about. Can anyone tell me where this information comes from? I have found some of this information in Blackstone's Commentaries, is this the source for the Jural Assembly Handbook? Thanks.

    1. No we don’t consult blacks law. Just like the King Janes version of the bible is heavily new world order forecast. Bouvier law dictionary and Geneva Bible for our use.,

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