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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice -- 11 April 2021 -- Blood Money 5

 By Anna Von Reitz

Yesterday we described the particulars of the fraud and Breach of Trust that has been committed against every American by their own employees--- a fraud and Breach of Trust that ultimately results in Americans being mischaracterized as things and treated as slaves by people who are literally taking their paychecks out of our pockets.
We are not alone. Many other countries are faced with the same dilemma. The servants have styled themselves the masters and used the instruments of government and the privileges of government to enrich and empower themselves, at the expense of those they are hired to protect.
They even entertain the fantasy that their resources are not confined to the present generation, and that they have the power to indebt their employer's children far into the future.
This fraud and Breach of Trust has been created and implemented by the Government of Westminster and the Inns of Court organizations located in the Inner City of London and the members of the Temple Bar.
Our American tradition is to tolerate religions and to offer religious freedom to all. We do not believe in governmental interference in religious matters, but when an occult religion causes its members to snatch children for use as sacrifices and harvests their blood to create addictive drugs, a line must be drawn and action taken. When they use sophistry to create an entire culture built on lies, and try to enforce their fantasy on others, it is time to act.
It is perhaps strange to think that such an ancient and profane religion has gained ground in the halls of academia, in the world governments, and in the professions, but this religion pretends to offer what many people in these occupations want -- enlightenment, wealth, and political power. So they are drawn in, like moths to flame----and nowhere is this more apparent than in the legal profession and the Inner City of London, which has served not only as the center of the worldwide money cult, but also the last official bastion of the Temple of Baphomet.
When evaluating the current circumstance we must observe that there is a long association of the legal profession with this religion going back to ancient times. The Galli were priests of this religion who came to Rome via Turkey in the Second Century B.C.E. and promptly became tax collectors for Rome. They were distinguished by their hooded black robes and by bleaching their hair white, a tradition carried on by British Barristers who wear black robes and white wigs to this day.
The black robes were also adopted by the Inquisition.
As recently as last century, apprentice attorneys in Scotland were called "devils" and received professional-level instruction on how to lie.
This religion also has a long association with sailors and the sea, and it was always popular among pirates. It's practice by sailors and pirates led to it being dispersed worldwide, and it has continued to have a following in the ranks of the world's Naval Forces to this hour. .Adherents of this cult have greatly influenced the Law of Admiralty --- "for behold, Satan is cast down into the sea" --- and British Maritime Law, too.
Given this history it is easier to see why the first social and cultural institutions to be undermined and misdirected by the followers of this cult are the courts, the banks, and the Navy. The same thing happened in Babylon, Greece, Persia, Carthage, Rome, Phoenicia, Spain, and now England and throughout the English-speaking world.
In every case, the same plot-line is followed and the attack comes from the same sources --- the lawyers, bankers, and naval officers, who are supposed to be serving the nations they are in fact plundering. When they have pushed things too far and the backlash is coming, they move on like parasites to the next host nation --- in this case, to China.
It's time to haul this darkness out into the light --- the actual light -- and deal with it in the open, once and for all, so that all the people of the world can finally recognize what The Problem is, and deal with it. We believe that once this is done, the Bogey Man will be revealed as nothing more than a coordinated effort by criminals to gain wealth and power, not much more sophisticated than any other garden variety fraud scheme, simply carried out on a vast scale and owed an equally vast international response.
We have already explained how the Federal Reserve Note was created as a "blood money" currency based on the labor and intellectual property rights of living people, and we have touched upon part of the reason why the mostly British Masterminds in charge of the Great Fraud both removed our American gold and silver from our shores and deliberately undermined the commodity-based monetary standards so as to expedite risk-free commodity rigging opportunities for the governments, agencies, and financial institutions involved.
Now that you can see how the "land of the free" was converted into the "land of the slaves" by guile and Breach of Trust by the Government of Westminster and its minions, the many members of the "legal societies" and Hired Jurists employed by the British Monarch, all acting under the influence of the old Babylonian money cult --- you can also see the pattern of abuse and motives giving rise to the tragedy unfolding on our Southern Border.
This crisis should be of eminent concern to the court and to the people of the world, if only because it so tragically demonstrates the end result of commercial self-interest co-mingling with governmental policies, and all resulting in death, chaos, and destruction for innocent living people.
The Municipal Corporation implementing the policies of the Municipal Government of the United States is designed to create overwhelming and "eternal" debt on purpose. It creates this debt by never actually paying its bills, and instead advancing itself through the abuse of credit and issuance of currency based on the credit of others.
To keep this scam running requires that they either constantly increase the number of new "citizens" they can latch onto as property, or constantly decrease the number of their current priority creditors--- those same citizens acting in their private capacity as mechanics, farmers, school teachers, and so on.
You will remember that in the example given yesterday, one of the actual Privateers responsible for implementing this system, admitted that the "Person" of Governor Bill Lee was despised as a debtor and non-entity, but the royal Subject, Bill Lee, was the creditor -- that is, the Queen was the creditor in his mind.
However, the Queen ---in this country--- is a service provider and trustee, not the sovereign in whom all rights, titles, and interests are vested. That role belongs to the American States and People, who have been deliberately defrauded and impersonated in gross Breach of Trust and violation of Commercial Contract, by the Queen's Government and the Government of Westminster working hand-in-hand, with support and collusion since 1937 by the Vatican City State and Municipal United States Government.
Cast your eyes now to the Southern Border of The United States --- not "the" United States, which has no border. More than a million people in Central and South America are on the move, and most of them think that they are coming to America, the land of freedom and milk and honey, where there is food for everyone and everyone has their own house and a car..... but when they get here, they are greeted instead by "the US" ---- a filthy, misdirected, corrupt, profit-driven "governmental services provider" intent on capturing their living flesh and registering them and their assets as property belonging to The Company.
That's why Joe Biden has an "Open Doors Policy".
It has nothing to do with offering these people an opportunity for a better life and it certainly has nothing to do with freedom. It has to do with the per capita "value gain" of rebranding a Honduran as a citizen of the United States. Our cows are prime property and get top dollar in the marketplace--- Honduran cows not so much, but rebrand them and pass them off as American cows, and they are suddenly worth hundreds of times more than they were on the other side of the border.
Simple economics, but false advertising, and all as illegal, immoral, and unlawful as any level of Hell.
We call upon The International Court of Justice and all the other assembled nations of the world to look ---- really look ---- at what is going on here. A self-interested European commercial corporation pretending to be our government is "opening up" our Southern Border --- to expedite the human trafficking and enslavement of potentially millions of people.
That is what is actually going on here, and it is all being done under conditions of non-disclosure and fraud. If those people from Mexico and Central America had any idea that they were being solicited to act as debt slaves, would they come here and send thousands of their innocent children through the noxious polluted waters of the Rio Grande, thinking that they are sending them to a better life?
While purportedly standing tall for "human rights" the lesser courts of Europe acting as non-judicial tribunals, have all gone along with plans to forcibly vaccinate the entire population of European countries--- an action which will in a few short years lead to the deaths of millions of Europeans who have the right to expect good faith service from their Hired Jurists, but those same Jurists are being misdirected by the scum in Westminster and Rome and Vatican City, Bern and Monaco and "DC" ----who are trying to juggle the books once again.
Remember, to keep their Uber Ponzi Scheme going, they have to constantly recruit new "citizens", seize the assets of these innocent people, "securitize" these assets, and use these assets as collateral backing their own credit. The process is no different than the identity theft and unjust enrichment practiced by a credit card hacker. And if they can't lie, cheat, steal, defraud, impersonate, and traffic enough people into their scheme, it all falls apart.
Then they are obliged to fall back to Plan B, and start another World War and kill off millions of their creditors, which Joe Biden and his Media Conspirators are pumping up in the background, too. It's not enough to maim and poison and sterilize people via nanotech, they are trying to prepare the American Public for war against China, war against Iraq, war against Ukraine.
And for what? Bad ideas come home to roost?
It is past time for all of this to stop and for the Perpetrators to be brought to justice. The actual Government of the American States and People is alive and well despite the self-interested lies of our federal subcontractors and their instrumentalities which are being run as commercial corporations in the business of providing governmental services.
All corporations formed in this country since 1870 have been improperly formed and as they have been formed in our names and via the unauthorized exercise of our sovereign ability to charter such organizations, their correction and administration and ownership does ultimately fall to us and we are willing to make the necessary corrections---- but we are at a loss to deal with the colluding corporations that have been formed outside of this country and those which exist as trans-national corporations, which are operating within our borders as criminal enterprises.
We rely upon the High Courts to recognize the clear and present danger that these criminal activities and the organizations supporting them cause, and we have accordingly addressed The International Court of Justice, the Vatican Chancery Court, and the Court of the Lord High Steward to investigate, prosecute, and correct those corporations operating in international and global venues, that have engaged in the unlawful securitization of living flesh, in human trafficking and unlawful conversion of assets, impersonation and barratry, and all the other evils that accompany the Double-Ended Impersonation Scheme which has been employed to create the worldwide appearance of insurmountable debt --- which is owed, largely but not entirely, to the American People in the form of pre-paid credit.

We call upon the other nations that stand in need of debt amnesty and forgiveness to lift their heads and rally and realize that we only contribute to this criminality by allowing ourselves to be manipulated into wars that profit the same Vermin responsible for this. This is not about politics, religion or race; it is strictly and explicitly about organized crime and criminal activities taking place in international jurisdiction---- crimes and activities that require international action to stop and to address.


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  1. Anna is revealing 4O years of research an the true history of America... it aint gonna be done in 1 day and all of you Experts so quick to call bs because something does not fit your limited world view need to shut the hill up, Read, Learn, Verify, and evaluate, before you open you pie holes and spew garbage. You dont even have to research, because better people than you have already done that bit of heavy lifting for you..

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Fed, 40 years in BS..

      AVR taking you to the cliff, by surrendsurrendering your Rights to the crooked ICJ UK*13*8,France*8

      HAVEN'T YOU LEARNED HOW THEY TOOK YOUR POWER AWAY BY elections? Same games. She's like CFPB of the FEB..

  2. Dear Almighty God,
    You say to: ‘Call to Me and I will answer you, and tell you [and even show you] great and mighty things, [things which have been confined and hidden], which you do not know and understand and cannot distinguish.’ Jeremiah 33:3
    Amplified Bible
    Please wake up your children all over the world to call upon YOU

    1. Too many 7 of cups.. In America I see... In her chart.

      People go get your Reality Check...

  3. MSM is as evil and crooked as the rest of these people

  4. Thanks Anna for the above sentence; "As recently as last century, apprentice attorneys in Scotland were called "devils" and received professional-level instruction on how to lie." This just brought more clarity to Mathew 4:3-10. I had always wondered why the word "devil" was used twice to describe the being that "Jesus" initially encountered, and then at the end "Jesus" called it "Satan". This old fool "Satan" is non other than an acting attorney. A Court Jester.

  5. If I didn’t respect Anna’s intelligence I wouldn’t be following along.
    However,she’s not the only one looking at this situation and have IQ way above the room temperature in Alaska.
    Let’s consider some of the other researchers and compare notes.
    All the bluster is a waste of time great for a mud slinging debate but of little value in final analysis.
    My problem is like Karen Hudes world bank attorney a bias to protect certain interests. Karen says to big to fail !
    We the peopl must adopt and creat our own currency.
    Not so fast , JP Morgan the Christian invested in thinking its Catholic nope Rothschild.
    Standard oil of NJ people think oh it’s Rockefeller na he was a 10 dollar a week clerk made a king by Jewish bankers ultimately Rothschild.
    BAR another Rothschild creation that’s global ,SERCO Rothschild run it till a suitable front goy lover level mason.masonic lodge the council of five controld it Rothschild at top.
    See a pattern?
    Follow the yellow brick road we all know but as a mob they terrorize out congress our hospital our schools our media our entertainment our court.

  6. Belligerent Bellerian1. Your reliance on some sacrificial lamb is passé, There will be no one to act on your behalf anymore. Man up and do your own research and see some of David’s pebbles.

  7. Donald nailed it whites are to nice it’s well known in justice system whites rarely stand up for thair own unlike Vietnamese,Africans,middle eastern.
    But as brother Nathaniel says they fear us cause when sufficiently awoke we’re thair biggest threat to world domination.
    It’s been a war amongst our kind from day one who do you think ran Babylon. Nimrod,murdurk the Canaanite Pharisee scribes Canaanite Baal worship masked it with Istar all sexual prostitution in temples and priests were if it was your persuasion.
    Sacrifice to Baal children.
    And it remains in adrinalcrome.,masons are following black mass 20 million globally Rothschild secret intelligence network.
    JFK tried to tell us bringing together vast systems no secrets revealed.
    Only a equally secret well funded system only the US military and that has been purged by Obama fireing 200 top generals.
    They stand up like general Hann trying to save ambassador Stevens relived by (((CFR))) created CIA on the spot .
    The despicable Harry Truman all ways a Masonic organizer deliberately nuked the largest Christian town in Japan directly over Catholic Church .
    How about Rothschild Army who attack the Catholic in Spain 1937 asked mother superior to follow them to safety and slaughtered them didn’t want to mus up the place .only Catholic in Italy and Germany helped General Franco to run the sorros.
    Killers out.
    Coming into to Catholic Spain in 770 AD the Africa Jewish Moors like Morgan Freeman claim to fame.
    Finally countered in 1492 as exodus of Jewish Columbus. Moving into Amsterdam the black nobility,DutchMasters,William of Orange stole England Throne with help of Churchill treason family tradition.

  8. .
    "political status"

    you cant buy or sell [control] something you do not own!

    Have to ask which common law ?

    you cant correct this status because you dont own it - the person - cake ...etc.

    common law was replace about 1938.............



    2. The crooks can, and been doing so for at leleast 170 years in my experiene, with my ancestors.

  9. race of the mind .as called “in Norway 300 bikes outside a theater non were locked” Roger Dowell.
    Living in bitter cold northern learning to trust each other

  10. Bill Still is a shill . Same MO no secret anymore we all know unfortunately they have thair NKVD CHEKA KGB CIA FBI HLS ready like Tom Fenton can’t get a Straight answer no we’re on the false flag capital peaceful protest thanks to pied piper Donald.

  11. Quickly escalating into a critical mass the lock down is a counter measure.
    Sell out governor Abbot out lawing GAB in Tx totally unconstitutional.
    Incumbent on more astute to teach others what Michigan Assembly was laying down they stole our part of government.

  12. "the mostly British Masterminds in charge of the Great Fraud"??
    History begs to differ.
    While progenitors of the fraud may descend from ancient source-ries, the foundations of the Fraud aka the matrix is exclusively the cult of roman pontiffs and their outrageous false claims beginning w "vicar of christ", 494 Gesarius "Duo Sunt"
    530-560 Justinian 'DECEPTION'
    736-756 POPE 'finds' "Constantines Donation,"
    From 9th cent to 18th century king of Italy is also Holy Roman Emperor
    1066 Norman conquest of england
    1095 pope starts the crusades
    1214- magna carta
    1302- unum sanctum
    1307- destroy knights templar
    1455- romanus pontifex
    1481- Aeterni regus- crown of aragon
    1494- columbus signs w king of portugal
    1540-first cestui que vie act
    1611- kjv bible
    1666- cqv act updating cqv act of 1540

    When was the last British king? When was there a British pope?
    The crown jews of londinium, british?
    Constantly blaming the brits for a thing predating them by thousands of years, done by roman popes and their "arts and crafts" is manifestly false

  13. There is no existing "Court of Justice" on the face of the earth which will change anything. Until we re-establish our own competent common law courts, AND HAVE A SIGNIFICANT FORCE BEHIND THEM, there will be scant "justice" had.

    ANY and ALL judgments, orders and verifiable claims made in a lawful court of competent jurisdiction stands as TRUE and BINDING in ANY court on earth. The missing element remains the ENFORCEMENT arm behind any lawfully established and competent common law court.

    There needs to be a mass awakening and turning away from the ubiquitous BEAST system by those trained in the military and law enforcement before we see widespread change and righteous justice served. More people like Sheriff Mack need to stand up and choose the lawful path.

    Our brothers and sisters in the military and law enforcement are the key when the rubber hits the road. There needs to be a targeted and concerted effort to reach the hearts and minds of these people so as to regain the lawful security of our lives and property we are guaranteed through the several American Founding Documents.

  14. Here's a great one.Pass it around

  15. Evil Canaanites worship Baal were we get cannibal .changing thair name in 1200 BC to Phoenician. The Romans destroyed thair city Carthage call ed the Punic wars .
    St Agustin noted they would amongst themselves called themselves canannie Or Canaanite.
    Anna just talked about migration into turkey creating the Turk Mongolia askanizi.
    Or young Turks that slaughtered the Armenian whites that were so Middle East the Iranian,Syrian again associating with Aryan
    The French hugannauts white race slaughtered out of jealousy.
    Byzantine Christians destroyed by Phoenician black nobility Canaanites .
    White flight by the race of the mind till we get cornered. And a small number of Bohr can beat the zolu the British and give the allies axis of evil a fight . Wiping thair best force in the Antarctic operation high jump admiral Bird came back with his tail between his legs.
    Secretary Forestall was going reveal the loss and (((Eisenhower))) had him killed.

  16. Yep the Vegas shooting ff.
    Connection tunnel to Patterson AFB from casinos.
    Worrisome is the CIA has control of our black ops that’s tantamount to fox guarding the hen house .
    Gunderson says CIA with its budget and national security protection is central node of NWO..
    John Lear dad created Lear jet says they have nuclear laser cannons in space no dout they have power and no oversight JFK swore to dismantle them but lost one bush CIA key player at Assassination.

  17. Very worrisome that a line of credit extended sounds blue check mark .prefer we cowboy up and get our militia organized.

  18. Fight fire with fire. You don't bring a knife to a gun fight. Would it make sense to rebuild our churches at the same time as we rebuild our government? Churches have allowed themselves to become incorporated placing the State between them and our Sovereign. This may need some rethinking.

  19. Thomas Jefferson nailed it no creation by the people can self determine what is the limits of its power.
    So all the supremacy clause (shall be the law of the land ) big government ppl wip out to prove thair authority.
    We create it we can fire them .

  20. I want to know exactly where in the true Hebrew or Aramaic Scriptures (not any of that so called latin or greek stuff which change the original meaning and/or intent) it says: for behold, Satan is cast down into "the sea"???

  21. Brainwashing Bolshevik style shock a dog over and over it gives up then you start implanting your program . We’re smarter than dogs and we can defuse the syndicate if we can ever band as one .
    Patriot act inverted word salad meaning KGB work around god given rights .
    Free mason my ass it’s part of syndicate top five controllers one is Rothchild it’s opportunist Gang want a bes.
    Sleeper cell god father do me this favor help us kill JFK and hide evidence.
    Only common law grand juries can take this syndicate apart .

  22. With the complete erasing of borders our side thair side it’s sll the same .
    Blue check mark your ok .
    As congressman Jim Jordan just said they have Education system, all forms of big tec, treasury,military.
    All we have is states rights little does he know 99%ate incorporated and bought in multiple ways .
    That is our focus our state legislature yes color of law bills of Attainor.american jurisprudence vol22 sec 2 statutes are for civil control. Translation civil servants ,
    Get safe county with constitutional sheriff and deputize unorganized militia.
    Get your kids out of indoctrination gulags home school em defend each other’s inalienable rights .

  23. You are correct Fred. Be aware that ANY contact with Bellering can take years to get clean from. The B should be banned and shunned for his lunacy’s (fed employed). Whoever they are, no matter how one views them, since they have no soul, no contact with them is highly recommended. Ignore the self proclaimed.ass since those who should handle a miscreant like the bellerer for this site are sleeping at the switch.

  24. The Canaanite/Phoenicans/ Black nobility/ bankers
    They were the Babylonian Baal priest worship Lucifer.
    The Rothschild tool Albert pike created the plan of 3 world wars finale Christian get destroyed.
    Wrote the manual of freemasonry .he wanted Lucifer as thair god the others wanted Satan Lucifer won out.
    All these dark forces do as thou will animal dog eat dog no real purpose.
    The deliberate smelting pot of all races and culture destroys a people’s culture.
    Even Washington is not politically correct and don’t deserve a college or monument.
    It’s these dark forces ACLU and hundreds of ancient enemies were we have our ethnic pride attacked yet Israel has massive walls extreme ethnic controld .
    It’s controld of air waves pure control of propaganda Tokyo rose non stop enemy within Cicero said a nation can withstand as enemy in opens but not an enemy within.
    In fact our history who created Europe and America is a great people and should be proud not a academia culture of critique .
    Lie upon lie by New York Times all 6 media channels all lies!

  25. A good friend just texted this to me;
    One's violently "cut umbilical cord" provides the "Church/Religion" with an "Artifact" for Worship (Warship);
    The "State/Science" with "HUMAN REMAINS" for study;
    The "Commercial/LEGAL" system a "Deposit" for security.
    "Within the Law of Nature" (our Creator's Law) there is no "breaking/separating/cutting..." of Nature's entirety from fertilization to One's last breath.
    "Deposit" is. not a "posit".
    De-posit is a ledger-line of credit ie., "bait on a hook". Also covers a tomb.
    Deposition/Deposit look it up.

    1. Look up "posit" as well.
      Has this "Human remains" been placed in Mortmain? Dead hands?
      Mortgage...measure the dead.
      Ewe have been weighed, measured, and found(foundling) wanting!

  26. The reveal when the speak of mysterious hidden viruses that cannot be seen or found in reality with microscopes and actual proof, only slick, purposely made up lies that confuse, and confound people. What they reveal in this alleged unseen deadly enemy they claim to protect us from is that it is them, they are the shadow disease that is a threat to all that is good


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