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Saturday, April 10, 2021

Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice - 10 April 2021 -- Blood Money 4

 By Anna Von Reitz

What happens when indentured servitude is not enough to pay the bills of the British Empire? The answer to that question came in 1933: slavery.
This was announced by FDR in his First Inaugural Address--- but again, in such veiled terms of art that the General Populace would never recognize his use of the word "consecration" in its religious context, nor his invocation of a "holy cause" either.
What he was telling us, was that the Brits were selling the Municipal citizens of the United States back to the Pope --- a message that went over the heads of the audience then, and still does today.
Among those Municipal citizens of the United States were all the United States Corporations that had been formed from 1870 to 1930, a "translation" which was arranged by another bit of legalese known as "the diversity of citizenship clause", which redefined and expanded the meaning of "US citizen" to include corporations.
This, too, is more international fraud, because the 1870 Corporations Act was fraudulent on the face of it. All corporations formed in this country ever since have been formed in our names, but without the authority to exercise our sovereign right to charter corporations. Thus, all the corporations and corporate "citizens", too, revert to our ownership, and once again, the Brits and Papists were busy buying, selling, and trading upon assets that never belonged to them, and exercising authorities never assigned to them.
Via the 1933 "New Deal" between our two foreign federal subcontractors, the Pope, acting in his secular guise as Pontiff, acquired Legal Title to all the US Corporations as well as the living, breathing Municipal citizenry --- the former plantation slaves, their progeny, the Federal Civil Servants, their dependents, and also any political asylum or welfare seekers.
Legal Title to people? That sounds like slavery, doesn't it? And so it is.
One of the gobsmackers well-hidden from rank and file Americans is that the Municipal Government never abolished slavery, and the Territorial Government enshrined slavery as a permanent part of its corporate "constitution" via the Bill of Attainder which they published as the Fourteenth Amendment.
In the years leading up to this, the excuse for it was that it was just a cozy little deal between the British King and the Pope designed to collect war reparations; after the 1930-33 round of bankruptcies, a new era of "glorious collusion" opened up, in which the Municipal (Papist) and Territorial (British) Subcontractors agreed among themselves to join forces under The Declaration of Interdependence of the Governments in The United States.
The Municipal citizens of the United States had always been considered assets of the Public Charitable Trust (PCT) ---property and chattel thereof. And this was allowed because the Municipal Government acting as the independent, international city-state of Washington, DC, allowed slavery. After 1920, the Brits got in on the act, doing the same basic thing by redefining their own indentured servants, the British U.S. Citizens, as Dual Citizens of the Municipal Government.
The game was on. They simply entrapped all the unwary Americans, redefined everyone as a Dual Federal Citizen, and split the take.
The British courts prosecute the victims as Municipal citizens, and the Municipal COURTS prosecute them as British Territorial U.S. Citizens. This Double-Ended Impersonation scheme is a crime of fraud and personation being employed on an unimaginable scale.
The Municipal Government got the Equitable Title to the new slaves, and the British Government got the Legal Title, which they handed over to Westminster for administration.
The Americans who were never told a word about any of this, sailed on unaware of all the flagrant lies being told about them and about their purportedly "absent" government.
Via this constructive fraud and political identity theft scheme, the Proper Names of millions of Americans were latched upon under conditions of deceit and non-disclosure, and copyrighted by the British Crown Corporation.
One of the principal parts of the scheme was to back the currency system using the labor and intellectual property of the Americans, including the fiat Federal Reserve Notes. The removal of the silver and gold standards then allowed a free hand for commodity rigging --- including the ability to rig the money commodities themselves.
As noted yesterday, you can't commit a crime of commodity rigging, if the values of all commodities are unknown for lack of a standard.
Another principal part of this fraud was to seize upon the private property and assets of the Americans under the pretense that they were Municipal citizens of the United States --- criminals and "prizes" subject to the Fourteenth Amendment.
Without our government acting to record the political status of our people, the Brits were free to "presume" what they liked --- and so they did --- liberally presuming that every American they saw was a Municipal citizen of the United States and subjecting them to the foreign law of their King's Equity, meaning that everything belongs to the King and the privateers he employs as Hired Jurists are entitled to a cut of the profits.
In truth and in fact this is a gross Breach of Trust, International Treaty, and commercial contract, a contract from which the British Principals have continued to benefit themselves and claim authority from --- the actual Territorial Constitution: The Constitution of the United States of America.
This famous agreement is the Supreme Law of the Land, which all British "sailors" --including those who wear wigs -- are obligated to honor, yet they have been in violation of Article VI, Article IV, and Amendment XI with regard to their treatment of Americans for decades, and they have evaded their obligations by deliberate falsification of records, forced enrollments, unconscionable contracts, and other illegal activities on our shores.
Here's an example of the viewpoint and assumptions of the British BAR Privateers forwarded to me this morning from a BAR Attorney in Tennessee:
"You may try to void all debts but I have the pirate booty, and that is in estate furtura en absentia abstracto and therefore is outside the realm of reason. All currency is gold and no fiat money accepted as it is worthless and should be forwarded with haste to avoid the intemperate stain of the U.S. illegal tender.
Your offer is now half revoked and half revived with the revived portion transferred to the real person in being, Bill Lee, and not the false de jure person Governor Bill Lee.
This is done with all appurtenances and hereditaments there and two belonging or in any way pertaining into the said trustee, it's successors or assignees and fee simple forever."
So let's examine this piece of self-interested doggerel offered by an actual Privateer engaged in his "trade" on our soil in contravention of Treaty, Constitution, and Commercial Contract.
Who is he privateering for? For the Governor of Tennessee ----but, in his private capacity.
The Privateer has no respect for the Office, that is, the Person, of "Governor Bill Lee" but instead insists that the interest in the estate that he has latched onto vests in Bill Lee in his private capacity as a "real" (that is, "royal") "person-in-being" --- in other words, as a Subject of the Queen.
So, ultimately, he's a British Privateer working for the Queen, and funneling the Queen's share of the illegal takings through Bill Lee, a British Subject, who just happens to occupy the Governor's Office in Tennessee.
If pushed, Mr. Bill will explain that he's, well, the Territorial Governor and that the Territorial Government is "standing in" for us while we, Americans, are supposedly Missing in Action, Absent, in Interregnum..... until now, when you can clearly see that we are wide awake and very much present and accounted for.
This whole scenario painted by the Privateer makes no sense at all, until you remember that the Territorial U.S. Congress acting on February 2, 1871, Third Session, Chapters 62, 63, 64, 65--- claimed to be the "successor" of all "United States corporations" and the property of all said corporations. And then combine that with the information provided above, concerning the inclusion of corporations as citizenry of the United States under the so-called Diversity Clause.
Here is what happens in actual life --- the British Territorial thugs operating under color of law, grab a clueless American off the street, press-gang him on paper, remove him to international jurisdiction, impersonate him as a corporation, and define that corporation as a Municipal citizen of the United States so that they can claim to own "him" as property---- a slave.
They made so much money doing this that in 1921, they institutionalized it, so that they started stealing our identities while we are still babies in our cribs and applying the same roster of criminal acts to us-- kidnapping, press-ganging, impersonation, unlawful conversion, and enslavement.
Governor Bill is a Brit Subject occupying an American "de jure" office, just like a cuckoo bird occupying a nest that doesn't belong to him. Put simply, he's the Bag Man for the Queen and has no right or reason to be occupying an American Public Office. He's impersonating an American Governor, and that is a crime under our Public Law.
And the same pattern repeats in all the other States.
The Privateer member of the British Bar is feeding Bill Lee the loot (minus a hefty reward commission for himself, of course) obtained from prosecuting the innocent American Populace under these absurd and vicious constructive fraud schemes and calling his Boss, Bill Lee, the trustee.
Trustee of what?
He's the trustee of the British Territorial Foreign Situs Trust that they created in the name of "John Allen Parker" --- an American baby, in order to impersonate that American baby, and subject him under British law in contravention of The Constitution of the United States of America.
They've been busily kidnapping, press-ganging, and removing American babies from their native land and soil, with nobody being the wiser. The fraud, identity theft, and impersonation is all accomplished on paper without the victim's knowledge, participation or knowing consent.
The same little Gravy Train is happening in all the other States and has been since 1868. These men and women are all engaged in criminal acts in contravention of our Public Law and International Law, too.
Next, let's look at the Latin phrases and claims that the Privateer makes about the "pirate booty".
The Latin quoted by the Privateer is from a commentary by Thomas Aquinas on Galatians 3:13, which is in turn describing how Christ set us free from the curse of the Law by becoming accursed himself. It's a backhanded apology for acting as the devil's henchman and dealing in lies---- and accusing the American victim of being a pirate (Municipal citizen of the United States) while engaging in piracy himself.
More generally, he, the British Bar Attorney, operating as a Privateer under Color of Law on our shores is referring to "Durante Absentia" ---- a Latin phrase meaning "during absence" and refers to the administration of an estate in the absence of an executor. And this is connected to the purported absence of our government, which has been here, defrauded and misinformed by our employees, the entire time.
All Americans and their estates are naturally outside the jurisdiction of the British courts, so they drag the impersonated American estate into their jurisdiction by the illegal and unlawful means described above.
They then appoint one of their own court officers as an administrator durante absentia..... and pillage the foreign estate in the absence of the actual, lawful executor. This is the land-version of salvage at sea, which is why he refers to the "pirate booty".
The Privateer has been appointed to act as administrator durante absentia, by a state-of-state "court" and based on this authority assumed under color of law, he pretends to have the power of life and death over his American slave and ownership of all the American assets --- and he does this in front of a living man who is actually his Employer, a man who is owed his good faith and service, and this is done, moreover, while standing on the land and soil of this country, in violation of our Constitutions, and while pretending that our government is "absent".
Finally, note that the Privateer is attempting to solicit a bribe purportedly payable to Bill Lee via a CashAp transaction, and advocating this, even though it's "worthless" and not "currency" to avoid the "taint" of U.S. dollars.
This is especially offensive and ironic, not only because of the bribery, but because the British Territorial Government is responsible for purloining the gold and silver belonging to Americans and moving it all offshore to locations in the Philippines, Indonesia, and elsewhere for "safekeeping" --- and also responsible, therefore, for denying Americans access to their own precious metals and preventing the issuance of both a commodity-backed monetary standard and a precious metals backed currency.
This is being reported to The International Court of Justice for prosecution of the rogue governments promoting this Great Fraud, the corporations implementing it, and for the specific investigation of William Byron Lee, also known as Bill Lee of Franklin, Tennessee, and as Governor Bill Lee, and the Madison County Court in Tennessee which is, self-evidently, engaged in human trafficking, personage, barratry, and other crimes including usurpation against the lawful government of Tennessee and The Tennessee Assembly which is now in Session. Also for prosecution of the Administrators Durante Absentia appointed by the Madison County Court --- all of whom are acting as Executors de Son Tort, all of whom are acting as unlicensed privateers and undeclared Foreign Agents on our shores.
This is only one particularly galling example of human trafficking, personage crimes and barratry, improper probate administration, probate fraud, pillaging, inland piracy, conspiracy against the constitutions of this country, evasion of contractual obligations, bad faith, fraud, racketeering under color of law, illegal mercenary activities on our soil, impersonation of American Public Officials, usurpation, unlawful conversion, violation of The Constitution of the United States of America, Article VI, IV, and Amendment XI, trespass upon our land and soil, armed robbery under color of law, impersonation of lawful court officials, and violation of both the Geneva and Hague Conventions.

The filthy mis-administration of these courts by the British Crown and by the Municipal United States must be brought to an end, together with the False Legal Presumptions promoted by these secondary subcontractors. The Principals must be held to account and our assets must be returned to our own control without further misunderstanding or excuse. We rely upon the goodwill of the court and the international community to prevail upon the rogue interests responsible.


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  1. Please go check out the website titled,
    The content in this mans website is amazing.

  2. Anna has pointed out these parasites and their crimes. But what is the real remedy.

    1. .
      The people!! must interact and stand up for what they believe to be true

    2. Thier rotting executed corpses on public display. That would be a good start. Issuance of our credit immediatly and deportation to a very isolated and hostile place all the henchmen and women who have carried out these crimes against us. They have shown us no mercy, raped, pillaged and plundered us . Stolen our babies, taken our property. No mercy or amnesty, period. End it now. Make an example of these pedophiles and satanists brutally and immediatly without hesitation.
      That would solve the problem.

  3. .
    Are they just attorneys ?

    Can this alleged court (authority and enforcement - not) be trusted?

    What is their track record - where is it published for the public to see the true results

    Do they belong to the organized crime syndicate known as the BAR Ass. - Guild?

    1. .

    2. .
      Where can the people find real justice not just - us!

  4. Dearest Anna, the statement “This is being reported to The International Court of Justice …”was made above, if these questioned can be answered I am sure more clarity can be attained, and belief that there will be a reckoning.
    1. Who presides within “The International Court of Justice”?
    2. What are these Men, and Women’s Names?
    3. What Countries do they hail from?
    4. Have these Men, and Women corrected their record as we are instructed to do?
    5. If they have, where can we obtain a copy of this public record?
    6. Who pays for this “Court”?
    7. What “Law” does this “Court” base it’s determinations on?
    8. What past cases have been determined by this”Court”?
    9. Have this “Court’s” rulings been honored ?
    10. What Country, Corporation(s), Body Politic… has been ruled against, and has been held accountable?
    11. Who or What does this “Court” use for enforcement.
    12. Who pays for the enforcement?
    13. Is there Public access to this court’s records?
    14. When should we all expect a response to all the affidavits that were sent, and filed with this “Court”?
    These are just a few questions that I pray will be answered for all of US.
    Thanks Anna, and any one else that has knowledge to these questions answers.

    1. Shelby, Thanks for the above "links". I am also in awe of your ability regarding the categorizing/filing, and having access at your finger tips to all these interlocking issues, that allows others to do their own investigations. Bye the way, I don't ignore anything that is posted on this sight from anyone.

    2. A good friend sent this to me earlier this morning;
      Remember Khrushchev's prediction? Pine Knoll Shores December 8, 2020 TO THE EDITOR:
      Here is the so called rebuttal;
      PolitiFact | No, Khrushchev didn’t say this about Americans 60 years ago

      Whether Khrushchev said this or not this statement sure seems to be playing itself out.
      Same with Edward Mandell House's statement...

    3. If I may suggest to all; when a question is posited to Anna I think we should leave the underlying reply section clear in order to give the question the proper attention, and Anna's answer the proper flow, and available room so everything will be kept in a cohesive context for other readers to understand. This will help to distinguish timelines, along with other pertinent variables. Are my questions deserving of a response? Should Anna decide to answer them we should remember that Anna's response would not negate any other's response that could have as much validity. "There's a thousand ways to skin a cat." If what I suggest seems backwards then continue as usual.

    4. All this is that is being posted here on this paper's website should be done with a heart of total transparency. For we know our Creator's youngins perish for lack of knowledge. Once it is revealed to me that there are those that are obfuscating, or hiding pertinent information that is useful to the betterment of all, is when I make a note and send it forward in prayer. Yes Virginia, my prayers are always answered. Period.

    5. The ultimate questions are;
      1. Does this forum ie., “The International Court of Justice” have immunity?
      2. Who granted their immunity?
      3. What "Law" is their immunity based on?
      4. Can “The International Court of Justice” be questioned, and have charges brought against them for dereliction of duties?

  5. Please explain the ( your own person ) you referenced ?
    A person is a non competent enity .
    As the word human is just a species of animal in the elite's system. Shelby is correct the SURNAME is the curse. Kings never had a last name . Princes and queens aswell never had a last name.

  6. Sence these monsters took your footprints at the hospital, i believe thats the proof of life that should be the water mark on any documents you lawfully create. i have heard that the FBI will never use footprints as evidence in a criminal prosecution. So that right there gives my assumption validity. Maybe you should term. your footprints as your private artwork . And sign your artwork using your proper given name. This is just my opinion

    1. Yes brickguyo, all that and more. However what was actually done with all of US for their records was to make sure that everyone's initial footprints never touched the land. This was done by placing the Baby's feet on a ship's manifest/docket that was part of a vessel. Pretty slick operation, and even those that were/are part of this are even non the wiser.

    2. Yes brickguyo, all that and more. However what was actually done with all of US for their records was to make sure that everyone's initial footprints never touched the land. This was done by placing the Baby's feet on a ship's manifest/docket that was part of a vessel. Pretty slick operation, and even those that were/are part of this are even non the wiser.

  7. Shelby,

    Dan Crenshaw is listed as being 5' 8"

    Here he is pictured with Marco Rubio and Mitt Romney

    Marco Rubio Height is 5' 9"

    Mitt Romney Height Listed at 6' 2"

    Bill Paxton Height listed at 6' 0"

    Bill Paxton pictured with Rob Lowe

    Rob Lowe Height Listed at 5' 11"

    Did Bill Paxton "get into character" by also cutting his legs?

    Your credibility is highly diminished with this stupidity.

    The side I pick is the side of reason, logic and rationality.

    1. antjraf, all that you have written would be sensibly logical, however logic now no longer can be a litmus test. As anyone who has been researching what has happened since the "Civil" War to our present day, along with all the "Actors", Pirates, Uni-formed Officers/ Officials, staged events, Penal Codes... one can only come to a realization, and agree with Shakespeare, "All the world is a stage". The question then is how does one break away from their acting troupe? Good start would be not to support it in any way financially. There in lies the rub. Can one be an island, and totally self sufficient?

    2. Making demand for lawful money for EVERY transaction provides evidence that one is choosing NOT to be associated with: false balances, unequal weights and measures, fractional reserve banking, the Federal Reserve System, usury, monetizing souls, unlawful conversion, etc.

      It may not be the PERFECT solution... but it is a start to conducting one's affairs in the right direction.

    3. Also, the logic evoked in my prior post was directly aimed at the absurd claim of Bill Paxton playing the part of Dan Crenshaw.

    4. These are professional actors, the best of the best(Illusionists/magicians)at their "craft" with a whole crew of the best technicians our money can buy. They can even make a whole population believe that "Lucifer" is our Creator. Can get the whole world to wear masks, and have all kinds of potions injected into their bodies. Getting the point? What "Shelby" is tabling may seem far fetched, however at this time is quite conceivable for those that are the perpetrators of this fraud on US all.

  8. "Why does Anna just write letters and never help anyone in person?" Come back after ewe watch, and read all of what these good folks have put out there for all of US.
    Justinian Deception - YouTube (Romley Stewart)

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    1. Declaration of Revocation of Election - PDFCOFFEE.COM

      Best Kurtis richard kallenbach Documents | Scribd Richard kallenbach


      #sosayslotus #fatoldmen #fallinaday #SHUTITDOWN #fatladysang (2 of 2)

      Home - A Warrior Calls
      All of this can only be likened to when we were young and our parents gave US our first bike with training wheels soon the training wheels came off, and then our father’s hand no longer held the seat. We either wrecked or peddled. Either way our father was still there. As he is now.

    2. Now, once we learn(through our own private experiences) we are the only ones responsible for our own actions or inactions in our own lives. Only i can be responsible for me. I cannot expect a little old lady from Alaska to save me. Whose your daddy? This is a fight that each of US has against Goliath.

  9. I made a comment on the biowepon that was published June 3rd. Now i am being blocked from replying to others questions.
    Am I being censored ?? This is really strange .

  10. Has anyone else being unable to answer questions by others on the biowepon that was published on June 3rd ??
    Is states no futher comments or something like that ??


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