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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice - 30 March 2021

 By Anna Von Reitz

Presented to The International Court of Justice this day:
False Legal Presumptions resulting from actions taken pursuant to Franklin Delano Roosevelt's First Inaugural Address declaration "consecrating" the Municipal citizens of the United States to a "holy cause" and the creation and implementation of a Pension Annuities program for Federal Municipal Employees and their Dependents have resulted in millions of Americans being misinformed and criminally solicited to "enroll" in a program, "Social Security".
Technically, these Americans were never actually eligible to enroll in Social Security, didn't need to enroll in Social Security, were never given any full disclosure about Security, and were forced to enroll in Social Security under color of law, fraudulent misrepresentation, and armed force.
(1) The victim's political status as Americans was compromised without their knowledge or consent as a result of these illegal and immoral activities on the part of foreign federal subcontractors; (2) 7.5% of the victim's total lifetime earnings was commandeered and cashiered under color of law and False Pretense; (3) another equal "contribution" was extracted under these same conditions of deceit and force under color of law from their Employers, both unincorporated and corporate employers alike.
This alone amounts to hundreds of billions worth of fraudulently collected FICA taxes which were then invested by the perpetrators of this scheme.
The victims of the fraud were addressed under color of law, together with their employers, and told that they "had to enroll and receive a Social Security Number" to have a job in the United States. The con artists neglected to include specific disclosures including the fact that only Municipal jobs ever required Social Security Numbers and that the "United States" being referenced was a foreign Municipal corporation, not the physical United States, which people naturally assume.
The Municipal United States Government has operated under Roman Civil Law, wherein deceit is allowed, but when discovered, the fraud must be totally expunged.
We discovered this fraud many years ago and have sought recognition of the penalties involved and the recompense owed and the correction of the administration of these Municipal Corporations ever since.
Millions of Americans are facing disruption as a direct result of this fraud scheme promoted by our Municipal Employees.
The non-Federal American victims are owed the return of all monies contributed, plus all interest and profit accrued, and/or the receipt of all pension payments and services, at their discretion.
There can be no claim that any American is a Municipal citizen of the United States merely by virtue of the existence of a Social Security Number or as a result of any Municipal PERSON being crafted to impersonate them and attached to them without their knowledge by Third Parties merely claiming an unvalidated custodial or usufruct interest.
It was the responsibility of the Social Security Administration to provide full disclosure to those enrolled, including the truth about the political and social impacts of enrollment, and they should also have provided a security function to exclude people who: (1) never sought or received any form of Federal Employment; (2) never actually needed a Social Security account; (3) never knowingly sought any political asylum or federal welfare benefit, and (4) had no reason to voluntarily adopt any such subordinate citizenship obligation.
As a Federal Pension Program, Social Security was intended for Federal Employees, particularly Federal Civil Service Personnel. It was the responsibility of the program to confirm federal employment or prove federal dependency prior to any presumption or enrollment. Failure to properly screen applicants and the omission of critical disclosure information left millions of Americans unwittingly contributing to the pension program of a foreign, privately-owned, for-profit corporation in the business of providing governmental services.
As originally conceived, Social Security (FICA) is a maritime insurance policy. United States Federal Statutes Annotated, Vol. IX, page 92, Article III, Sec. 2, VII, 5(5), DeLovio v. Boit, 7 Fed. Case 3,776 (1815) Policy of insurance is a Maritime Contract – and therefore does not apply to average Americans engaged in land-based international trade or simply standing on the land of their birth under the protection of the Public Law.
As such, this entire so-called Social Security program has been run under conditions of self-interested constructive fraud and has been used as a means to entrap, press-gang, and impose peonage on millions of innocent people who owed no citizenship obligation, actual or imagined, to the Municipal Government corporations, agencies, subsidiaries, franchises or affiliates.
Now, we come to the details apart from imposing upon ineligible people to enroll in Social Security, doing this under color of law, and similarly defrauding the employers of the victims, too.
After Franklin Delano Roosevelt promised in Public that Social Security contributions would be kept in a separate fund and never allocated for any other program or purpose, the Democratic Administration of Lyndon Johnson moved the Social Security Trust Fund into the General Fund where it could be spent and was spent for any reason by members of Congress.
This breach of trust and contract has adversely impacted untold millions of Americans and their families.
Democrats similarly removed Federal Income Tax exemptions on Social Security payments made by workers and received by retirees after-the-fact.
This resulted in Social Security payments being re-classified as Federal "income" and subjected to Federal Income Tax----again, action undertaken by the Democratic Political Party with then-Vice-President Al Gore casting the deciding vote.
It was also the Democratic Party under the leadership of Jimmy Carter that re-classified Social Security payments as welfare benefits and began distributing funds from Social Security to people who never paid a dime into the program and who had no vested interest in the receipts.
These actions were all taken in Gross Breach of Trust and Commercial Contract and adequately demonstrate that the Democratic Political Party (DNC, INC.) is a commercial crime syndicate operating to the detriment of the Public Good and with great harm being done to individual Americans.
The negligent administration of the Social Security program, the failure to disclose critical information about the nature of the program and the actual eligibility to participate, harm to the political and legal standing of the victims, all actions taken under force and color of law for purposes of unjust enrichment, speaks for itself.
The repeated arbitrary and unilateral changes made to definitions within the program and self-seeking changes made to the obligations of the contracts involved, provide proof of intent to defraud, to engage in human trafficking, intent and action to press-gang Americans into foreign jurisdictions of the law and to subject them to foreign law in violation of the constitutional contracts and treaties owed to these same Americans.
The foregoing is in fact eloquent demonstration of evasion of the constitutional and public obligations of the Principals involved via the abuse of foreign contracting processes and incorporated instrumentalities.
In 1937, the Municipal Corporations colluded and conspired against their respective constitutional obligations via the private issuance of The Declaration of Interdependence of the Governments in The United States.
This document is proof that our Employees have been running two separate and rogue and renegade governments; and, the Principals responsible for using these Municipal Corporations as their instrumentalities have been operating in Gross Breach of Trust and violation of their Commercial Services Contracts for decades.
This should be addressed by the International Court of Justice as it represents purposeful fraud and violent misconduct of Employees against their Employers in international and global commercial jurisdictions, resulting in human trafficking, theft, fraud under color of law and armed force, inland piracy, armed extortion and racketeering, commercial terrorism carried out against a civilian population, unlawful conversion, impersonation, identity theft, unlawful solicitation, entrapment, enslavement, involuntary peonage, and many other crimes.
This lawlessness has in turn spawned many other governmental and social evils including disrespect of our banking and securities laws, and the widespread illegal securitization of living flesh and private property for purposes of undisclosed and unjust enrichment.
These illegal and unlawful practices have spread throughout the former British Commonwealth and have led to widespread prosecution of exempt civilian populations under foreign bills of attainder outlawed in this country more than two centuries ago.
The rights and prerogatives of the living people have been trampled by legal fictions which have no right to exist apart from lawful purposes---- legal fictions which owe these same people immense amounts of money and credit and also the charters and patents which allow these same legal fictions to exist.
Therefore we place these issues before the entire world and before The International Court of Justice, and loudly, plainly, clearly refute any supposition that these commercial corporations have ever represented us in any extra non-delegated capacity, received any Emergency Powers, or had any valid reason to usurp the lawful government to which they are bound---- and without which they have no political status at all.
Please note that all Territorial U.S. Citizens and Municipal citizens of the United States are created as persons within the context of their respective Constitutional Agreements and without these agreements these positions become stateless.
Please also note that the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy of the UNITED STATES, INC. served a terminal purpose, and while we maintain and enforce our constitutional contracts with the Holy See, the Queen, and the Lord Mayor of London, we are under no obligation to accept any incorporated instrumentality elected by our erring Employees as a service provider.
Note that upon the disability of the Confederation to function and operate the Federal Republic, all delegated powers related to these entities returned to the Delegator of those Powers, the unincorporated Federation of States, doing business as The United States of America since 1776---- and that this has happened automatically by Operation of Law.
Note that as the Corporations Law of 1870 was the result of fraudulent misrepresentation and usurpation, all corporations formed in our names and all patents similarly created and exercised in our names by our erstwhile foreign Employees, also revert to our control and ownership.
Finally, note that as the Social Security Trust Fund was made a part of the General Fund under LBJ, all participants in the Social Security Program gained an unlimited interest in the General Fund and all assets and properties of all the corporations, governmental agencies, and programs of the Municipal Government, such that each and every account is linked throughout and holds interest in all aspects and ownerships and assets including the Public Charitable Trust and all Pension and Investment Funds, including the Social Security Funds.
As the Presumed Donor of the purported Anna Maria Riezinger Territorial Foreign Situs Trust, my Mother realized her mistake and rescinded her signature which misidentified me as a British Territorial U.S. Citizen, and she placed this firmly on the land records of Jackson County, Wisconsin. I have similarly corrected any derivative supposition that I am operating as a commercial trust, public transmitting utility or any other commercial or incorporated entity at all, and I have debunked any claim that I voluntarily occupy any office of personhood related to the Municipal United States or the Territorial United States, either.
I act as the Fiduciary of The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States; as such, I occupy a Federation Office of Personhood in international jurisdiction and I bring forth demand for restitution and peace owed to our lawful government for the past 158 years. My liens on behalf of the American States and People stand published on the public record, stand on the UCC record, and are made part of the records of the Third Judicial District, Palmer, Alaska.
This is the culmination of action that began in 1998; there is no other comparable and competent presentation laying claim to all American assets on behalf of all Americans and their States of the Union. It was our pleasure to bind all US DEBT as indemnity owed to all fifty (50) American States and the People thereof, and it was entirely proper to use the General Fund Social Security ACCOUNT indebtedness to do this prior to, during, and after any bankruptcy of the aggregate Municipal Corporations; it was also our right, fitting and proper, to invoke the full faith and credit owed to all of us by the Territorial Government corporations and the foreign Principals who unlawfully conveyed us in Breach of Trust and in violation of their commercial services contracts.

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America


  1. Anna already posted in 2018~19 about the haywire in wrongful 2017 😥😴😧 extra extra U.S.A INC Bankruptcy. The Vermin striken back after Anna indemnified Bond AMR series. They got away with 1-Quadrillion in April 2017 via canadian Court, same subject matter. Since then THINGS became EXPENSIVE, BLAMING politicians is their games folks !😈😯 Toxic relationship, in multi-fraud multi-parties.

    That must be the UK* FR pope strategy over Anna AMR.. BONDS. She assumed the assets belong to America and Canada WHILE the Vermin Queen & Pope ignored her ignorance. They think their stolen gold that makes Loan fraud here belong to them. Are you following me folks? Otherwise you'll be surprised with their next excuses or lies 😨😧

    In Endless harmful Mind-Games, of the Corporators.. How R WE gonna get out of these messes without a hard Reset??

    1. I also see a Very Hard reset.Just Pray It will not become kinetic. And What Court Really cares Anyway?

    2. The real Global Currency Reset.
      War Drum Beating and COVID19 Pandemic false flag are used in instilling fear and cover-up of the World Corporate Government Bankruptcy and the impending Global Currency Reset. The Governments of the Bretton Woods' member countries are illegitimate corporations. (KH)
      Karen Hudes: Board of Governors of the World Bank and IMF announced a transition to asset-backed currencies.

  2. ((FDR )))and his train wreck judge Naplitino call (((Lincoln ))) a tyrant hell FDR ain’t no slouch.
    ((( Rockerfeller)) created the council of States shadow state government every administration until Reagan had a Rockefeller as Secretary of State .
    Rothschild controls all Freemason with the council of 5 . Next the 50 next the 500 like a military structure.snd it is oath sealed with your life .absolute obedience.

    1. ((FDR))) was a freemason too? It makes no sense, Rothschild got rid of ((FDR))) FOR THEIR OWN GREED. Using Eisenhower, I suspect.

  3. Do not know how you are defining the word "American" since they use it in regards to using the words "United States" as being "superfluous" then using the word "American" in its place, and there are a few other items that may have interest


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