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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

The Obvious, did you miss it?

 by Walter Burien


1. For several years we all have watched Trump rallies on TV taking place all across the country. There were probably over 100 of them.

The people we saw that attended were always the same, primarily middle class Americans, enthusiastic, well dressed, and well mannered. The extra accessories they had were Trump hats, shirts, and banners.

Any one of those Trump rallies that you looked at, same, same.

2. Now on the other hand, many of us saw the news coverage of the rowdy Antifa mob rallies. There were many of them in Oregon and other States across the country.

The people we saw that attended those rallies were always the same. Primarily rowdies, who were fight provoking, and anything but well mannered. The extra accessories they had were backpacks, helmets, mostly black masks, bear spray, most of their clothing was black, and several wearing what you would consider to be storm-trooper gear. They attacked, pushed, shoved, started fires, and destroyed much property.

Any one of those Antifa rallies that you looked at, same, same.

Now let's go to January 6th 2021. At the White House were Mr. Trump addressed thousands of his supporters. What did the people there look like listening outside of the White House?  Number 1's above and distinctly so.

But as we all know now, while Mr. Trump was still speaking, and even before he told his supporters to peacefully march to the Capital Building, a large group of individuals were already at the capital building pushing their way in numbers through the barricades there. What did the majority of those people look like? Number 2's above and distictly so. Some genuine Trump supporters did manage to get mixed in with that croud.

If I were the FBI Director, and saw what I saw on the 6th, I would have assigned at least 50-Special Agents to see who organized and bused in the general portion of the crowd that looked like number 2's. Who paid for their transport to the Capital Building, and where the money to do so came from.

The timing and obvious appearance of the 1's scheduled to be at the White House and the 2's who made sure they arrived at the Capital Building before the majority of the 1's got there, did not happen by coincidence, it was obviously planed.

Trump's people organized the rally for Trump supporters many days in advance and the Trump supporters that came, the number 1's knew to be at the White House and then after Mr.Trump's address to them, that they, in mass, would then all march to the Capital a peaceful protest.

On that day, Mr. Trump really did "drop the ball". He was use to dealing with the underbelly of the swamp beasts for several years, He has no excuse that he did not have his intelligence people brief him as to the number of Number 2's being transported to DC and amassing at the Capital Building. The appearance of what their intent was of storming the Capital Building would have been very obvious in advance. If he had done this, definitive steps then would have been taken by him to thwart the storming of the Capital Building. The outcome of that day would have been substantially different.

When something like this happens as it did on January 6th, 2021, the storming of the Capital Building, the primary question everyone of us needs to ask ourselves is: Who benefits? Definitely, not in any way Mr. Trump.

The second question is: If it was planned out of opportunity by whatever parties to slam Mr. Trump, the Trump supporters, and turn any investigation of fraud regarding the election "ice cold", what would we expect the strategy, carry-through statements, and what organized action would be taken to take full advantage of the circumstances of the 6th, with planning done in advance over the following days there after?

As we all saw, the Democratic syndicate played it "instaintly" out like a Stradivarius violin with maximum force and strategically applied assault. They in line and in cooperation with their partners from the syndicated media created what the majority of the population heard and saw, and in fact they produced well edited sound and video clips for maximum impact along the lines of their intent to be played over and over again for days then weeks.

Were they successful in their intent? Well, yes and no. They did turn any talk of election fraud ice cold. They muddied the waters per the firmness of true Trump supporters but not as much as they would have liked to. The Congressional and Senatorial Trump supporters were pressured to cower and turn to different degrees on Mr. Trump. To the credit of many, they held firm as they read between the lines as to what was happening.

How many heard one officer was killed from being hit with a fire extinguisher in the head? Weeks latter that turned out to be false No impact bruise was found on that officer at all. Allso, how may heard two other officers died as a result of the event? Well, yes, two other officers died during that time frame and died by their own hand by suicide.

Three other people attending died, one of a stroke, one of a heart attack, and the one person, the woman who was shot by an agent trying to keep anyone from entering the house floor. I note that woman was a security police specialist for the US Air Force. Who knows, she may have been trying to get through to the agents to help the Federal Agents on the other side of the door to keep others back and or from being shot. That possibility exists.

The bottom line is: What played out, played out, and if intent was carefully looked at, again, who truly and clearly benefited.

I wonder if the acting FBI Director put forward connecting the dots as to who organized over days in advance and funded the bringing of the rowdy Antifa gangs and Proud Boys, the #2's to be at the Capital Building well in advance of the majority of the Trump supporters, the #1's, so that the day as planned would unfold? I do note one of the first persons arrested was an Antifa person. He was also one of the first released.

Did anyone see one #2 at the White House for Mr. Trump's address? Appeared to be all #1's to me... the #2's were not interested in listening to Mr. Trump. They had another agenda on their minds.

So the obvious, did you miss it?

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Sent FYI and Truly Yours from,

Walter J. Burien, Jr. - CAFR1
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936

Tel. (928) 458-5854

PS: I have known for decades that both the Democratic and Republican Parties are both "private associations" (NOT GOVERNMENT ENTITIES) and both were designed from the get-go to get their people elected for one primary purpose, and that being; to have access to, and control over the till. The biggest wealth base on the face of the planet. The course of the trillions of dollars of investment capital and the extent of other domestic and international income for the government syndicate, it appears Mr. Trump was in some cases contrary to their intent and had to go. The visceral hate action we have seen over the last 5-years may just qualify why they did what they did in all respects. They knew when it came down to follow the money, Mr. Trump leaned towards wanting to see that flow moving towards and for the American people and not so much towards the inside government syndicate. How dare he buck the plan? How dare he buck Goliath? How dare he!

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