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Saturday, February 20, 2021

Texas DOE Cr_me Scene, Granh_lm, T_lberg, ERCOT

Was the Texas disaster a pre-planned event by bad actors at the federal level?

2/19/21: Sec of Energy Granh_lm's DOE Order 202-21-1 outlines the advance planned energy shut down in Texas, where dozens have frozen to death and millions remain without water. Meanwhile, TEG, a lung poison, to be sprayed everywhere deemed "Essential" in GA and TN...

The Original Obama-CHICOM Alliance to Takedown of the American Energy Grid Is Being Carried Out Under CHICOM Stooge Biden


  1. This is why they wanted to get rid of Trump

  2. Hitler had Dr. Josef Mengele and Biden has Dr. Anthony Fauci.

  3. A question to the millions of Worker Bees out there? 660,000 Americans to 1 horrible person in Office. While I am not advocating violence of any kind and if you knew me you would know why, but the question is why are we collectively as Americans letting these people exterminate us. This is blatant Murder. People are waking up to the fact COVID-19 is mind control but Agenda 21 and all the other depopulation plans have been out there for 30 years. You have to have your head in the sand to have not heard about Agenda 21 at least once. The only positive thing I heard in the first video was they will also be spraying this chemical in government buildings. Government employees unfortunately are more indoctrinated and programmed than others, promoting big government and parroting the so called benefits of control over all of us and how much better we are going to be under a one world religion/government. One innocent death is unacceptable but how many have to die before people put a stop to this craziness? I work tirelessly everyday in the fight for freedom. Please share these videos far and wide. Sadly People die everyday but when plans are put into action or resources not used to protect the lives of the people can only be defined as murder.

    Prayers for sanity
    Annie McShane

    1. How does correcting your status and joining the assembly protect you from any of this. Or from being vaccinated?

    2. Thank you Annie for your stand. I agree and am doing what I can to enlighten others. Praying, Rena

    3. I do have a solution to anyone or your cries, if anyone would like to hear. We Are to Submit to God in prayer and put No other God's before him. Follow God's Laws and Not Man made Laws. Proverbs Chapter 3 vs. 5&6 also, start by Reading Psalms 91 complete chapter. Fast, pray and remain steadfast and above all Gorify God In Everything You Do! Remember, yea must have the faith of a mustard seed,...Kneel at your bedside. You have that power thru prayer to help others and yourself when you feel helpless. Pray for his Kingdom to come. God knows our hearts and above all he gave us one last commandment and that was to Love one another, as I have loved you so, ye must love one another!.... Amen

  4. They want all living things destroyed or enslaved - that's their goal.

    Need some more proof of what are Covid, lockdown and vaccination all about, "useless eaters"? Eugenics dreams come true. Book COMMITTE 300, on CIA's web page.

      Dr. John Coleman

      "In my career as a professional intelligence officer, I had many occasions to access highly classified documents, but during service as a political science officer in the field in Angola, West Africa, I had the opportunity to view a series of top secret classified documents which were unusually explicit. What I saw filled me with anger and resentment and launched me on a course from which I have not deviated, namely to uncover what power it is that controls and manages the British and United States governments."

    2. Informative link on the Committee of 300, calls out the jews, Club of Rome etc.
      Eustace Mullins info was used by Coleman & this link details the exerpts:
      Dr. John Coleman | Truth Control
      Eustace Mullins Exposed Dr. John Coleman In 1992 According to the late, great Eustace Mullins, Dr. John Coleman (the name he goes by, anyway) not only lifted the materials he used in his books and lectures from both Mullins and Lyndon Laro... By Truth Control

      Still good info!

    3. Dang it the CIA link:
      404 Error
      The page you requested doesn’t exist. has changed . . .
      Please use the search form or the links below to find the information you seek.
      uhhhh Yeah, gonna contact CIA by mail, email, fax or phone for INFO about their criminals:
      Contact Us (by postal mail, by fax, by phone, or via our e-mail form)
      News & Stories (formerly News & Information)
      CIA Careers (find a job and submit a resume)
      The World Factbook (our premier country reference)
      World Leaders (formerly listed as Chiefs of State)
      Center for the Study of Intelligence
      FOIA (Electronic Reading Room)
      Spy Kids (formerly Kids Page)
      Thank you for visiting
      The CIA Web Team

      Can't have good info floating around like that, eh.
      Then going to their directed home page is a photo of a pajeet browny immigrant - that ought to tell everyone right there, they place their gimmigrants into positions to DESTROY AMERICA w their own jew-loyalists so grateful to the jews for brining them to America, giving them well paid positions of power, & their only obligation is compliance to the jew.

      Any wonder why Chabad produces more work visas & why there are more Chabad centers in Broward County Fla than any place on earth?
      Why Broward is connected to child sex rings, as Penn State, Sandusky, the jew Prez, VP & others (not in their msm) & has 10% jew student pop, also tied to their jew infested Second Mile boys club pedo ring??

      ALL OF THIS JEW COLLATERAL DAMAGE... the 'circle backs' (as jew Jen Psaki says) always lead to them, or "it" may be a better qualifiable term, since talmud inculcates the dead, lost at sea.

      Well, the list is too long. Point is CIA is jew, tired to their global jew Swiss Octogon CIA hub & global banksters.
      Its just one sewer rot clot jew org.

      Thanks & stay sane

  5. This need for the Pope/Jesuits/CIA/Crime Syndicate control freaks to control individuals started with MKUltra and the following crude experiment where they operated on this unfortunate man. They installed electrodes and wires in his body where they could remotely control his every move. They cut out his tongue, installed a poisonous canister in his stomach area with a hose exiting his mouth. With the push of a button, they could force him to spew poisonous gas from his mouth.  They are called R.C.O.'s in military documents - Remote Controlled Organisms.  Now they've improved on this concept by using this RNA virus vaccine which is not a vaccine at all. It contains nano particles that rewrite your DNA.  These injected nano particles used in conjunction with 5G will allow these gouls to use codes to operate people by remote control - to kill, torture and control anyone with just the push of a buttton. These demented control freak bastards have now gone high tech with their wet dream of physically controlling every man, woman and child. See below:  Top Secret CIA Human Experiments Exposed

    Here's the nano wires that will control your brain through their vaccine injection in conjunction with 5G wireless remote control. You will die, be tortured by an autoimmune disease or be a slave within a five year timeframe.    
    Disturbing thread from an anon. Charles Lieber, who was arrested last year for working with the Chinese covertly, has been working on silicon nanowire technology for brain-wireless interaction as his web page makes clear:

    The point of the vaccines against Corona-chan is to get nanowires through the weakened blood-brain barrier where they can be activated by wireless. I thought the mind-control-via-5G camp was a bit kooky but as the anon says, you can't read all these papers from Lieber and his Chinese co-workers and deny with a straight face that that's exactly what they were planning.

    This finally answers the 'why' question for me. The Cult's own plans for a pandemic was to make sure we all get vaccines tainted with nanowires so we can be controlled. The accidental release of the Chinese virus made their own release unnecessary but you can tell that after a short period of adjustment, the Cult has adapted it into their plans remarkably well.

    How to Neutralize Potential Damage from mRNA Vaccines

    1. Ready007 - good link on Neutralizing mRNA. C60 is great tho expensive.

      Another possible resource is MMS by Jim Humble, very cheap - we use it every single day, remedies vast health concerns, is also natural substance intensified. We use it & sometimes the results are so quick its unbelievable. We do use Gans Water to make it, so that may contribute to its heightened response, usually C02 & CUO. We make Gans & Gans water back home, so only continued refilling Gans containers w Distilled Water is the only recurring cost.

      And.. as for those behind all this evil, the most consistent prevalence isn't the jesuits, nor pope, nor queen... Hands down, its jews.
      thanks & stay sane

    2. Holy moly, Good Folks... whaaat?? Just got word the plants we watered with Co2 Gans Water did not get freeze damaged?? So we specifically used Co2 Gans water on a set of plants for a little while in the summer. Plants get moved around, so didn't pay attention. All the other plants are dead.

      Did the Co2 Gans Water prevent their freezing? I know water around the gardens was frozen but didn't specifically look to see if the CO2 plants were frozen or not. Yowzah, y'all.
      Dunno, but looking pretty good, all green, no brown leaves.

    3. Ready007, I agree with your research also...

  6. How much longer are we going to sit back allowing, tolerating this covid fiasco? If we continue we deserve what we get. We are being groomed..we are compliant and complicit...Standup and be heard putting everything in prayer always

    1. Greetings Jules4liberty,

      If you are absolutely not willing to die for your rights (risk) then you absolutely have no rights, get it my friend!!! Amen, so be it said our divine Father (Yahweh) from Paradise/Heaven!!!

      Sincerely by,

      Divine-Earth-Citizen ©*
      Divine-Earth-Agent ©*
      Divine-Earth-Chief-of-Preservation-of-Creation ©*
      Divine-Earth-Chief-of-Preservation-of-Humanity ©*
      Divine-Earth-Chief-of-Preservation-of-Peace ©*
      Divine-Earth-President-of-Presidents ©*
      Divine-Earth-Commander-in-Chief-of-Commander-in-Chiefs ©*
      Divine-Earth-Military-General-of-Military-Generals ©*
      Divine-Earth-Director-of-Paradise/Heaven/Peace-on-Earth ©*
      Divine-Earth-Director-of-Divine-Lawful-Jurisdiction ©*

      *Exclusive copyright by the owner of "Make it happen", February 19, 2021. ©

  7. So will those who are responsible be held accountable, even the Death Penalty for the deaths, property damage, still more to come as pipes burst & their insurance scams all of a sudden can't meet the demands?

    Saw vids of Texas themselves, showing life & damages, as water running out of apartment doors, soon to follow with mold. And lest we forget, the NGO responsible for their toll highway crash, killing a more, & NGO didn't build shoulders & no earth beneath open raised roads for insulation, all to cut costs.
    But but but the road was salted 2 DAYS earlier. All those board members... all their signatures on docs... approving orders from their Talmudic Dead Corps Inc.

    Amazing Polly does good digs too
    If Folks want to go even deeper Fash The Nation

    Now math is White Supremacist... Why is that??? Ohhhh lookie, cuz a jew says so

    Brooklyn College Education Prof. Claims Math Is 'White ...
    9 Aug 2020. Brooklyn College Professor of Math Education Laurie Rubel argued this week on Twitter that the mathematical equation 2+2=4 “reeks of white supremacist patriarchy.”. Rubel’s tweet was retweeted and promoted by several academics at universities and colleges around the nation.
    According to a report by Campus Reform, Brooklyn College Professor Laurie Rubel, who teaches math education, tried to make the case this week that basic math is “white supremacist.” The tweets are part of a larger trend in recent scholarship by American academics, many of which have argued that “objective truth” is a social construct... Several academics from institutions around the nation chimed in. Harvard Ph.D. candidate Kareem Carr suggested that math should be reevaluated because it was primarily developed by white men.

    Rooting Out White Supremacy in Math - American Renaissance
    White supremacy culture shows up in math classrooms when… “Good” math teaching is considered an antidote for mathematical inequity for Black, Latinx, multilingual students. This reinforces either/or thinking – that is another one of those italicized “white supremacy” words – by reinforcing stereotypes about the type of ...

    thanks & stay sane

    1. Shelby - excellent video & thanks. Gave up looking for Brendon O'Connell, now he's on Brighteon, the one place i avoid. Mike Adams made claims it was a Free Speech, then with the name switch to Brighteon, he made a long vid saying if anyone says negative things about the jews he'd erase you. "Free Speech" according to jew-fink-think. So very surprising to see O'Connell rattling his swift tongue all over jews & israhell.

      Well, it is one of those vids qualifies as Must See. Thanks for thinking of me, Shelby. Listened while doing chores. Deserves a 2nd round, at that. thanks & stay sane

  8. Besides Anna and others, Deborah Tavares disclosed prescribed strategies... anybody heard that? Anybody was proactive?

  9. Hard working people worldwide who built their respective nations from the ground up through blood, sweat, and tears are referred to as useless eaters by these bastards - or as Hillary Clinton would say "the deplorables".

  10. George Soros takes orders from "Pope". Many democrats and republicans were threatened with expulsion unless they voted for impeachment. To eliminate a snake you must cut the head of the snake.

    1. Which "Pope", eh? Congress signs an Israhelli 1st contract & a jew is assigned to them to insure compliance. Soros takes orders from his jew bosses, probably skips right over the schleps & goes right to Swissy Octogon, who transfers their stolen funds globally for his Color Revolutions.

      Cut the snake-head off, alright: jew medusa snake heads.

      Shelby just posted a Brendon O'Connell vid, heres another, his latest:

      thanks & stay sane.

    2. Good Folks, wanted to add Israhell is running Microsoft & cloud, running Wall St. too.

      Its not the pope, nor the queen. Its the jews & their jewdaizers.

  11. In a free society government propaganda, conceals the pain of Reality, by destroying critical thinking skills and is invented for people (including myself) who do not WANT to hear the TRUTH because we are exercising IDOLATRY toward government. See Isaiah 30: 1-3, 8-14
    Politicians use what they call “verbal camouflage” to effect propaganda and deception and this methodology can be seen here
    The specific list of inconvenient TRUTHS that Americans (including myself) WILL NOT listen to, and therefore allow their concealment through government Propaganda can be viewed here: (Starting at 10:18-14:30) Therefore Be not deceived; GOD is NOT mocked: for whatsoever a man/women (allowed their government to) sow, he/we are presently reaping. Prepare because we have permitted Public Servants to rule over us, and there is no one to free us from their hands. Lamentations 5:8

  12. All of this is happening BECAUSE WE SIT BACK AND SAY OH I CANNOT ADVOCATE VIOLENCE!!! When what we need are groups to approach those harming us and hold their feet, or neck, to the fire. We need to make it so they cannot go out in public like Maxine Watters said!

  13. All of this is happening BECAUSE WE SIT BACK AND SAY OH I CANNOT ADVOCATE VIOLENCE!!! When what we need are groups to approach those harming us and hold their feet, or neck, to the fire. We need to make it so they cannot go out in public like Maxine Watters said!

    1. If you're prepared in no later than 2.5 months. Organizing, spreading you should br able to handle the coming storm 2021.


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