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Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Dr Simone Gold "The truth about the CV 19 vaccine

" mirrored" an indepth look at the truth behind the vaccine


  1. I have spent over 50 years researching and teaching natural healing and natural medicine. I can unequivocally state, "Only sick people get sick." From pathogenic infections, cancer, heart disease to dementia, if you are toxic with a suppressed immune system, you are ripe for dis-ease. What we eat, drink, breathe and how we think contributes to toxins. If you are healthy to begin with, you should not fear dis-ease, especially the COVID plandemic.
    - Dr. James Chappell

  2. We cannot teach the devils to get out of hell. They love it there.

    Hell is on Earth presently, beware.

  3. I'm GOING to sell The fraudulent information of the FRAUDSTERS, like they did, and/or doing to us, me particularly. IF they will NOT leave me alone and/or pay my true bills. They been warned extremely so many times, AFTER I rejected their fraudulent / bogus Jurisristions, FORWARD BACKWARDS, the Bar Basters entrapped themselves in more debt, they don't want to pay, only to judge 😡 😈 people !!

    Last week I explained how the crooks took our massive credits that Anna didn't cover. This is a sapmle evidence of yours and my credits that they made us pay everything for them, to enrich themselves as well as their EU Masters.

    ----------------------- Statutory Warranty Deed ------------------
    PROOF of Corporations MUTUALLY EXTRACTED People HJR192 CREDITS V2, By fraud. This is the language they used in public records. Your common fake loan has silimar credits Theft like this one.

    TEN DOLLARS ($10) and other valuable consideration, lawful money of the United States, in hand paper by so-and-so of so-and-so County. In hand, paid by So-&-so. A Municipal corporation, a party of the second part. Thereafter designated vendee.
    ----------------------- Statutory Warranty Deed ------------------
    - If you don't have the times to search the public records, buying could save your times, to enhance your litigations.
    - PROOFs of your state is a fictitious STATE OF WA D.C., available in public records. It probably will take you weeks to find them.🤔🎁.


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