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Monday, January 4, 2021

Very Important -- Look at China -- and Us

 By Anna Von Reitz

The first thing you have to know about China is that despite the size of the country, most of its population is concentrated on the fertile eastern seaboard and then ranged inland along huge river systems that flow from the interior to the Pacific Ocean.  

The soil along the banks of these river systems is incredibly fertile, but like the Nile, a substantial part of that fertility is caused by cycles of flooding that have regularly decimated the cities and populations living along the banks of these rivers as long as memory knows.  

Another thing you need to know about China is that relative to its population and manufacturing capacity, it is energy poor.  It does not have the abundance of gas and oil that other countries have and has been reliant on low grade soft coal for many decades.  They constantly have to import gas and oil to supplement. This energy "imbalance" is a constant concern despite absolutely mammoth efforts to overcome it.  

While China has a very long history of migrations into and out of the country and one of the most ethnically varied populations on Earth as a result --- it's ethnic diversity is only rivaled by The United States --- it has a remarkably peaceful overall history for the past 5,000 years, pox-marked by two cataclysmic upheavals--- the Mongol Empire and the People's Revolution. 

It should also be noted that China suffered the Boxer Rebellion prior to Chairman Mao's revolution, and that the despicable mistreatment of the Chinese People that gave rise to that revolution was largely the fault of  European Commercial Corporations.  

They were growing drugs in China to feed the European Opium trade and when business in Europe and America went slack owing to government action against the popular use of the addictive sedative "Laudanum" and other over-the-counter addictive opiates as well as heroin abuse and cocaine use (remember Coca-Cola was originally laced with cocaine), these same greedy profit-seekers started promoting their "products" to the Chinese, spawning a huge drug abuse problem in China and the debasement and death of millions of Chinese people.

The key players in this debacle were again, predictably, British.  And the key beneficiaries were British Banks -- HSBC, Bank of England, and Bank of Scotland.  

The great struggle of China to overcome the drug problem and put an end to it, as well as to carve out its destiny as a trading empire and to provide a sane society in which people could have the basics needed to live, led ultimately to the People's Revolution under General ---and later, Chairman Mao. 

The desperation that led to the Chinese Communist Revolution should not be overlooked or misunderstood in the West.  As antithetical as Communism is to traditional Western society, it can be argued that a unilateral semi-military culture offered the only way by which China could be reorganized and welded into the cohesive social structure and manufacturing powerhouse you see today.  

This radical restructuring of China under a quasi-military government was very painful and resulted in the death of more millions of people, but compared to the squalor, disease, drug addiction, illiteracy, poverty, racial and religious squabbling and overall misery that started the Revolution, China has ultimately benefited from Communism.  

Many Chinese today are looking back on Communism as something already part of the past, and seeing it as a bridge to a glorious and "moderated" future in which Chinese traders and cultural emissaries reach out to the world to share everything from cuisine to dance to philosophy and science.  

China's "long silence" with respect to the rest of the world is ending, and most Chinese are glad that it is; there is really no reason that the rest of us shouldn't be happy about this, too, however guarded we may be about our own trade secrets. 

Through all of this certain things remain true: China's primary advantage, and maybe it's only advantage, lies in its labor force.  It has no strong resource advantages and has to import nearly everything.  As a result, harming or destabilizing China's trading partners is the same as harming China. 

Going to war is no answer, because that additionally kills off the cream of China's labor force, which is its only advantage. 

You see why China doesn't want to go to war?  And also, see why destabilizing America, their major trading partner, doesn't serve Chinese interests? 

When you see the Chinese rattling their sabers and causing trouble, you can be sure that someone else is paying them to do this.  And then, the question becomes --- who and why?  What kind of bind have they put China in to make the Chinese agree? 

The answers are not hard to fathom.  It's the Brits again, as usual, with the Holy Roman Empire standing in the background, egging them on, as usual. 

The Chinese have, in good faith, invested heavily in "US Treasury Bonds" only to learn that those bonds are based on non-consensual labor contracts foisted off on American babies.  This is repugnant enough and speaks volumes about the hypocrisy of "the" US Government, but what is even more alarming, is that those contracts are void for fraud. 

If the underlying contracts are fraudulent, then so are the bonds, and so is the currency issued with those bonds as backing.  

Suddenly, "the" US has to pull a different rabbit out of its butt to cover "the" US DOLLAR, and this in tandem with Americans waking up to the farce.  

So, "the" US, a Holy Roman Empire Municipal Corporation calls upon its backers and insurers to make good the loss and find other means to support the US Treasury Bonds.  This throws most of Europe, the Middle East, and the Commonwealth into a complete tizzy fit.  

They certainly don't want to pay for prior sins and hardly have the means to pay, because their governments and banks have been playing the stock markets and private trading platforms to accrue Slush Funds for their politicians and military generals. 

What to do?  The cronies have to be paid.  The Americans have to be discharged and set free of any debt.  The underlying capitalization of the T Bills has to be met with other assets.  The insurers are on the spit for it. And Prince Philip just rode off into the sunset with $950 T worth of "Life Force Value Annuities" that don't actually belong to him, taking the bulk of the insurer's depository assets with him.  

It's a helluva situation, all calculated to victimize both the Americans and the Chinese, and provoke conflict between America and China -- even though "the" US, INC. and its mismanagement is the actual cause of the problem.  

So, folks, what does all this boil down to? 

It's not to the Chinese's advantage to fight with us.  It's not to our advantage to fight with them.  We are both victims of Britain and the HRE, and Britain and the HRE need to be held accountable for once.  

They, Prince Philip, the Pope, the Lord Mayor, and the Eastern Orthodox Patriarch received all the insurance money and assets that were supposed to cover for this eventuality and provide "remedy" in case the Americans woke up --- and it's time for them to pay the piper, that is, both America and China. 

That's why they are trying to get America and China to fight each other. Kill off their competitors and provide a smoke screen by which they hope to escape payment at the same time.     

Instead of doing the honorable and sensible thing,  they are trying to use the World Bank, BIS, and UBS to cook the books and are using the UN, CORP and various colluding franchise corporations including the NIH and CDC and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, etc., to gin up this preposterous pandemic to buy themselves time and create a diversion, plus, they are trying to recapture their escaped "livestock". 


Mr. Fauci and Bill Gates and the British Pirbright Institute have patented the pieces in this puzzle, and it all adds up to the same thing: trying to convert living men and women into "Genetically Modified Organisms" --- GMOs, that can be claimed and owned as property.  

They are trying to enslave the entire world via vaccination. 

We have the patents.  We have the pieces.  We have the proof.  
We know where the criminals live.  

And now all that remains is to convince them that no, this isn't going to work.  


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