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Saturday, January 2, 2021

Situation Update, Jan 2nd – The Big Reveal … How Trump will change history on January 6th

Here’s what’s covered in today’s Situation Update podcast:

  • Sidney Powell confirms VP Pence has the sole power to choose which set of electors to honor.
  • A new strategy might be pursued by Pence: Announce he will resign from politics, then choose the electors for Trump, eliminating any conflict of interest that could be invoked if he stayed in office. Will he do this?
  • Giuliani vows to expose GA Gov. Brian Kemp, who should face arrest and prosecution.
  • Roger Stone and Wayne Allen Root both say Trump has something up his sleeve… sound like Trump. He always has a plan to WIN.
  • Dan Scavino posts “GAME ON” meme, with Pence in the doorway between darkness and light.
  • US district judge dismisses Gohmert’s lawsuit for lack of standing, revealing that NO court in America will hear any case on election fraud. This apparently means that any party can commit unlimited fraud from here forward, and no court will intervene.
  • Possible strategy: Pence could call for an evidentiary hearing on Jan 6th, which could last several days and force Congress and the public to see all the evidence that Big Tech and the fake news media has been covering up.
  • On Jan 6th, any member of Congress who votes for the Biden slate of fraudulent electors is admitting to complicity in treason and may face arrest and prosecution.
  • Lin Wood goes off on Mike Pence, claiming Pence is a traitor who might be arrested in the next few days, then adding that Pence should be prosecuted and executed for treason. We wonder where Wood is coming from on this… does he know something that we don’t? Or did someone else hack his account and post this?
  • New list of traitorous US political leaders revealed by The National Pulse: These people took money, trips, dinners or “cultural” propaganda freebies from the CCP. Huge list of members of Congress and state lawmakers and bureaucrats.
  • Patrick Byrne teases another big bombshell of runaway criminality by election fraudsters in Georgia.
  • Georgia Governor and Sec. of State order the mass destruction of fake ballots, trying to destroy evidence as quickly as possible before they both get arrested and prosecuted.
  • Reminder to all listeners to make lists of all the traitors because they will all try to delete their online histories and hide once the Trump victory become apparent.
  • Why every Big Tech company CEO should be arrested and charged with treason. They are still censoring and won’t stop until the government forces them to stop.
  • 2021 predictions from James Howard Kunstler with additional comments about what’s coming in 2021.
  • Antifa vandalizes Pelosi’s home, proving the Dems have created an uncontrollable monster that will sooner or later need to be dealt with by the United States Marine Corps.
  • California working to pass a law to fine people $1,000 for posting any content that disagrees with the left-wing “fact checkers,” who are of course complete liars.


  1. I am personally in contact with (all I have to do is pick up the phone to his direct line and he knows me very well) the unincorporated Commander-in-Chief of the incorporated US Arm Forces (Navy, Army, Marines, Air Force, Space Force)!!! I will introduce him to The Assembly and The Assembly to him to complete the rebirth of the Founding Fathers original Republic!!! Amen, so be it said our Father (Yahweh) in Paradise/Heaven!!!

    1. .

      Can two opposing force met on the battle field?

      And this will accomplish what?

    2. Maximus- Thanks for your response!!! Absolutely no two opposing forces meeting on the same battlefield unless foreign military invasions on unincorporated land and soil (only one domestic force on the battlefield which is the incorporated US Arm Forces under the absolute command of the unincorporated Commander-in-Chief period)!!! The current unincorporated Commander-in-Chief is in absolute command (the unincorporated Commander-in-Chief supersedes the incorporated Commander-in-Chief) of the current standing incorporated US Arm Forces (has been lawfully verified by the Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff [CJCS] decades ago, unfortunately this acknowledgement by the CJCS is not going to be blasted on MSM and we all obviously know the reasons, think globalist actors [many of you in The Assembly are wondering how I know this kind of intelligence?, just my ability to do deep research because of my prolific research addiction, I will not stop until my burning questions are answered], I have personally located all these organizations that I am currently in contact with and I always get the same questions from these organizations' leaders on "How did you find us???, and how did you comprehend our teachings???") that is supposedly (allegedly) under the command of "President" Trump (Trump is just a substitute incorporated Commander-in-Chief until the superior unincorporated Commander-in-Chief takes over as soon as the Founding Fathers' original Republic is reestablished, he is waiting for the green light) !!!

      This will accomplish two very important objectives/mission; 1. Take away the incorporated Commander-in-Chief's power (whoever that is currently or could be in the future) to use the incorporated US Arm Forces to violate We The People (unincorporated land and soil jurisdiction)from unlawful domestic and foreign influences, 2. Incorporated US Arm Forces under the total and exclusive command of the unincorporated Commander-in- Chief will assist The Assembly (unincorporated) to track (hunt) down and arrest all enemies domestic and foreign on all levels of incorporated "governments" to clear the path to reestablish our Father's (Yahweh) Paradise/Heaven on Earth (checkmate against the globalists to save humanity and original divine creation [what's left of it] before the divine's elimination of humanity deadline between 2025-2035 as I have said before in other posts on this forum, HALLELUJAH!!!)!!! Amen, so be it said our Father (Yahweh) in Paradise/Heaven!!!


    3. I personally want to say one more thing to The Assembly and to the rest of humanity from my heart and spirit before I finish this post: I personally gave my own time (over 25,000 plus hours and still counting), money (over a million dollars plus of my hard earned cash and still counting) and resources (over 10,000 plus books and still counting) to give my whole life and total sacrifices to accomplish our Father's (Yahweh) mission of Paradise/Heaven on Earth to save his original divine creation [what's left of it] and his children because I personally love life (original divine creation) itself and I saw this coming over 40 years ago (total extinction of the human race from cause and effect insight, divine logic), I absolutely would not have it any other way period!!! In my 30 plus years span of time I researched all organizations including The Assembly in our divinely beautiful and amazing world we call our only home that Our Father (Yahweh) gave us as a divine gift!!! I noticed from my prolific deep research that all these pro-creation and pro-humanity Earthly organizations are missing certain resources to accomplish their objectives/mission (it's like being departmentalized with folks in each department who do not know what the other departments accomplishments are [anti-humanity and anti-creation organizations are very well connected but unfortunately the pro-humanity and pro-creation organizations don't even know each other exist, not good and this is why they have the upper hand] but I sincerely thank the Father (Yahweh) for giving me the divine and mortal insight, courage, patience, discernment and wisdom to see all the departments [lawful or unlawful, the big picture] at the same time to put all the pieces of the puzzle together before it's too late for his current children [mental blind spots])!!! Then I realized that these multiple organizations do not know each other (left hand does not know what the right hand is doing) and that I would have to be the only person in the world to introduce them to each other because it is like these fragmented organizations fit each other like hand in a glove (one organization needs resources from other organizations and vice versa)!!! Once I introduce all these organizations to each other (time table is within 3-6 months from this moment) is when The Assembly and other pro-divine and pro-humanity organizations will finally see their efforts pay off divinely for ourselves, for the original divine creation and of course our Father (Yahweh) in Paradise/Heaven!!! This is my lifetime personal mortal gift to humanity, original divine creation and our Father (Yahweh) in Paradise/Heaven!!! All I ask in return for my lifetime effort and sacrifices is for all these organizations (including The Assembly) that I will connect together very soon to give me the divine and mortal honor and privilege to guide them all to their ultimate objective/mission of Paradise/Heaven on Earth to guarantee the survival of humanity and original divine creation before it's too late!!! It is absolutely the least I may offer and do as a mortal for survival of humanity itself, to save original divine creation (what's left of it) and to honor our Father (Yahweh) in Paradise/Heaven by physically reconnecting (instead of just spiritually) with him!!! Amen, so be it said our Father (Yahweh) in Paradise/Heaven!!!

    4. Make it happen, making paradise earth happens after Armegeddon when Yahweh and His army get rid of Satan and all the evil so we have a chance to become perfect again.
      Have we yet come to WHEN BABYLON THE GREAT FALLS MERCHANTS OF THIS WORLD WILL WEEP??, Babylon the Great being false religion as we know that King Nimrod publicly denounced Yahweh and built the tower of Babel with its sick paegan satanic worship destroyed by Yahweh ...have we come to this pint in Revelation?

    5. @Make it happen : !st, I am Canadian and have been following Anna for almost 3 years. 2nd, If the assemblies are just forming and haven't yet held an election to elect a President, is the option still on the table for Trump to accept the position or has someone else been elected by proxy as interim Commander-in-Chief?

    6. Annie- Thanks for your response!!! We are literately Yahweh's current divine army for the original divine creation and humanity's salvation to avoid divine Armageddon itself (Apocalypse means divine revelations), absolutely not to wait for it to happen in the first place period, that is the ultimate objective of our Father's (Yahweh) divine mission on Earth ["My Kingdom come, my Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven"- our Father (Yahweh), either humanity can do it the easy way or the hard way but his Will will be done regardless very soon {divine deadline between 2025-2035, all Earthly mortals have been ultimately forewarned, including me by divine revelations from divine research}]!!! There is no divine cavalry ever coming to any Earthly mortals aid or rescue unfortunately, each and every one of us Earthly mortals are ultimately and absolutely on our own period!!! Waiting for a "savior" is the ultimate fallacy and downfall of humanity (it's like waiting for someone to feed you when you personally have the capability to feed yourself, so why would you ever wait for someone to feed you unless you want to starve to death because you will be waiting until you die from starvation, and also, absolutely no Earthly mortal may bestow salvation [eternal life] to another Earthly mortal ever, only our Father (Yahweh) in Paradise/Heaven ultimately and absolutely has the divine authority and power to bestow eternal life to any Earthly mortals, any Earthly mortal who bestows eternal life to another Earthly mortal is self-condemned period [it is the same as seizing divine authority and power to create and destroy]) when it is totally up to each individual Earthly mortal to save our own selves, including you and I (you and I have exactly the same problem as I have stated in my other posts even though we have never personally met [hopefully we will all meet soon face to face, that will be very nice], we are all in the same predicament no matter who we "think" we are on Earth period, get it???)!!! If it's to be any other way (Paradise/Heaven on Earth) it's up to each individual Earthly mortal and humanity as a whole because our Father (Yahweh) is NOT going to do it for us ever after all his past and currently alive children (except a few in the past and a few currently alive on Earth) totally disrespected and destroyed his original divine creation on Earth, would you???, I personally would not if I gave repeated warnings over millenniums and was not taking seriously and totally ignored!!! Continued in following post (too many characters)


    7. Continued from previous post:

      I wish it was that easy, simple and convenient to sit on the couch not lifting a finger (obviously we all as humanity lifted a finger at some point in our lives to disrespect original divine creation but not willing to lift a finger to correct our mortal mistakes, hmm), hoping, wishing and waiting for a "savior" to show up out of the blue but unfortunately absolutely not, again, each and every one of Earthly mortals must be 100% responsible and 100% accountable to fix what Earthly mortals violated and destroyed of divinity to reestablish Paradise/Heaven on Earth and I personally myself currently taking 100% responsibility and 100% accountability (how about you???, that's why I say what I say and do what I do) because that is what we are all ultimately divinely judged for (how we think, what is spoken and what actions we take or didn't take) when it's all said and done at the end of our mortal lives!!! So put on your armor of faith, courage and intelligence and get busy defending yourself, humanity and the original divine creation against those who want to destroy it, even if it ultimately cost you your own mortal life!!! "Either you are part of the divine problem or part of the divine solution, no middle ground (divine neutrality) on this issue ever, those Earthly mortals who witness and are aware of violations (sin, crimes) against the original divine creation by other Earthly mortals and do not take appropriate divine actions to correct it are twice as guilty as those Earthly mortals who actually committed the crime (sin) against the original divine creation"- our Father (Yahweh) in Paradise/Heaven!!! Amen, so be it said our Father (Yahweh) in Paradise/Heaven!!!

    8. Dan Carpenter- Thanks for your response!!! These are the answers to your very important lawful questions: Someone else has already been lawfully elected as the interim unincorporated President and Commander-in-Chief over two decades ago (still holds that title currently) and has been lawfully recognized and accepted by the Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff (CJCS) of the incorporated Arm Forces as I stated in my previous post!!! Trump cannot ever become the lawfully elected unincorporated President and Commander-in-Chief unless lawfully elected such as the currently elected interim unincorporated President and Commander-in-Chief!!! LAWFUL WARNING TO THE ASSEMBLY: Absolutely do not attempt to elect or install Trump or any one else for that matter as the lawfully elected unincorporated President and Commander-in-Chief to avoid The Assembly members from being charged with treason by the currently elected interim President and Commander-in-Chief (that is why I am not currently a member of The Assembly for that very issue, I will become a member once that issue is resolved)!!! I personally know the current lawfully elected interim unincorporated President and Commander-in-Chief very well and he is not very forgiving for anyone violating the original constitution, I am his casual advisor and counsel!!! Amen, so be it said our Father (Yahweh) in Paradise/Heaven!!!

    9. @ Mske it Happen. Thank you for responding. I remember Anna at one time in a post mentioning Trump had an invitation to become the lawful President but he had not accepted at that time. I was curious if he had finally accepted or not. As with all other countries, Canada waits on edge for a positive outcome to eliminate the CCP et al.

    10. Dan Carpenter- Anna and The Assembly are on the right track with their exposure of the criminality of our so called "governments" (which most organizations are aware of but all of them flounder when it comes to the actual seating of the official Republic offices and enforcement of the law of the land and soil) but they do not have all the answers just like other organizations when it comes to the actual seating of the original Republic offices (The Assembly is way off on this issue) that I am in personally in contact with!!! That is why I am here with The Assembly to make sure they are on the same page as our currently lawfully elected interim unincorporated President and the lawfully elected interim unincorporated Commander-in-Chief as to avoid conflict of interest with his official capacity!!! When Anna made an offer to Trump for the unincorporated Presidency and Commander-in-Chief without lawful unincorporated elections (which should have never been offered because it would mount to treason for the whole organization of The Assembly if Trump accepted, Trump absolutely cannot cross over to the unincorporated Presidency without first breaking all ties with the incorporated entities then he can run for the unincorporated Presidency at election time, if The Assembly attempts to elect or install Trump or any other person into the unincorporated Presidency without the proper due process and the awareness of the current lawful unincorporated interim President and Commander-in-Chief the offense will be reported to the actual currently lawful elected unincorporated interim President and Commander-in-Chief) I knew I had to step in (reasons for such long posts) to avoid conflict of interest with the current lawfully elected interim unincorporated President (here we are in the mist of the incorporated President election fraud and how ironic that The Assembly is committing the same offense in the unincorporated President election fraud, what a shame)!!! With due respect, Anna needs to slow down and realize she is not quite there yet, not even close, in acquiring total lawful authoritarian power
      (unincorporated Presidency and unincorporated Commander-in-Chief), someone already beat her, The Assembly and "President" Trump to it over two decades ago, sorry!!! The best The Assembly can do is get behind the currently lawfully elected interim President and Commander-in-Chief to support him to start enforcement of the law of the land and soil before it's too late for all of us with handcuffs behind our backs!!!

  2. Please watch A Warrior Calls channel
    On bitchute and youtube .
    Have we been deceived ?another great channel is the Justinian Deception channel
    Please share this priceless information .

  3. Replies
    1. Samuel Zieglar- Unfortunately Trump and his immediate family are constantly under attack by his opponents which keeps him defenseless and distracted from executing our Father's (Yahweh) divine mission of Paradise/Heaven on Earth (Trump is totally clueless about divinity and reality [he was giving four years to turn the world around], totally incompetent as a human being unfortunately, he's just a salesman (con), nothing more nothing less, The Assembly needs to get over Trump, there is absolutely nothing Trump can do for The Assembly and there is absolutely nothing the Assembly can do for Trump)!!! Amen, so be it said our Father (Yahweh) in Paradise/Heaven!!!

  4. Make it happen unincorporated interim explain please =interim

  5. Charles Robert Walker- Thanks for your response!!! Interim as in "on hold", "in place" until activated when all Republic offices nationwide are filled all at the same time which is very difficult when you lack funding and resources because most of this is voluntary work!!! As soon as I am able to fund (millions of dollars) these organizations the process will speed up to the finality of the reestablished Republic as the Founding Fathers envisioned!!! Amen, so be it aid our Father (Yahweh) in Paradise/Heaven!!!