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Friday, January 15, 2021

I Can't Say It Any Plainer

 By Anna Von Reitz

That THING is Washington, DC, is a foreign entity.  

It is allowed to exist under Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 of any Constitution (US or USA) that you can lay your hands on.  Go read it for yourself.  

No need to take my word for it. 

That Municipal Government is a plenary oligarchy run by the members of Congress --- and it conveniently fails to say which Congress.  

There are four (4) Congresses possible.  

First, there's the Continental Congress which is a Congress of our States attended by State Deputies. 

Second, there's the Congress of the Federal Republic, which is supposed to be operated by our long-defunct Confederation of States of States.  

Third, there's the U.S. Congress, composed of "representatives" from the foreign Territorial State of State organizations that have been illegally and immorally commandeering our actual American Government since the 1860's. 

Fourth, there's the Municipal US CONGRESS, composed of franchise operators of the Municipal United States --- the aforementioned Municipal Plenary Oligarchy.  

Not only have the foxes been in charge of the hen house and eating well for the past 175 years, they've been increasingly arrogant and corrupt about it, until we now finally find it necessary to wake up and take action. 

Since the Municipality of Washington, DC, is an "independent, international city state" squatting on our shores, and its government is a "plenary oligarchy" run by the members of some unidentified "Congress" we are left with a gang of international criminals operating a pirate base on our East Coast. 

Our options are to: (1) clean up our own mess and clear the vermin out of DC --- which can't be done by any electoral process thanks to computerized voter fraud; or (2) wake up our own populace and the rest of the world, and take more "effective action".  

I suggest that instead of blaming us for "the" US Debt, the other Creditors of "the" United States Municipal Government, join with us to put an end to it.  

During dozens of shut downs of this infamous den of thieves, I have never noticed any significant harm to the General Public.  Except for them conjuring up the "Covid 19" scare, there'd be no notice of their absence now.  

We don't need them.  They don't represent us.  They don't provide us with any service we can't provide ourselves --- and do it better.  They are just noxious, self-absorbed, run amok subcontractors that can't keep their hands in their own pockets. 

So, America, get off the couch.  Turn off their Talking Heads.  Stop listening to their pathetic propaganda machine.  Notice how many times you have heard some Dweeb intone "In these challenging times...." and start wondering who made the times "challenging".   And then take action, action, action.  

Come on, China.  You already got paid by being able to counterfeit  "US DOLLARS" to your heart's content.  If you want to take possession of "the" US Capitol and raze it to the ground, it's all the same to us.  We don't have a contract with the rats.  It's their debt, not ours. 

Our capitol is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  

And as for the U.S. Military --- you are lucky that you are organized under the British Territorial Government, but don't press your luck.  Do your jobs. Protect this country and its people.  Obey Trump.  Because once our sons and daughters realize how they have been lied to and misdirected and used as guinea pigs and cheap mercenaries, they are liable to turn on you with a mighty vengeance.  

I know I would. 


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  1. Anna in this article you have shown how the various Congress's of the United States, regardless which Constitution they are operating in pursuance of (in their theoretical oligarchical, plenary or claims) are allegedly and presumably acting as "a Congress", but as you explain "it conveniently FAILS TO SAY WHICH CONGRESS". You show your readers that each of the three United States have "a Congress" but because they (THE CONGRESS'S) act in differing roles for different corporate entities, immediate confusion overtakes the readers mind, without your clarifications or the readers careful and watchful scrutiny in reading.

    1.) First, there's the Continental Congress which is a Congress of our States attended by State Deputies. The evidence of that fact is in these words from the Articles of Confederation: "we the undersigned Delegates of the States".

    2) "Second, there's the Congress of the Federal Republic, supposed to be operated by our long-defunct Confederation of States of States, but which is not so operated since the Confederation of States of States is defunct." The words of the written Constitution supporting this fact are found in Article I, Section 1: Congress

    "All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives." Note that the words are "A CONGRESS". NOT "THE CONGRESS", describe which particular Congress, which has three versions, all called "a Congress" in the three versions of the United States Constitutions differentiated by the different years in which they were ratified or approved.

    Here the mischief begins to deepen, because which "Congress" is NOT DEFINED. The words only say "a Congress". But Anna's article defines which Congress, so gives us a CRITICAL KEY TO UNDERSTANDING the "Mystery Babylon", the United States which claims authority over many people from many jurisdictions, British Territorial, Roman Popish, and the Plenary Oligarchy, but mysteriously it is nearly impossible to discern EXACTLY how that authority is sustained by the 3 Constitutions. It is up to us to read the VARIOUS CONSTITUTIONS and know something of OUR history in order to DISCERN which undefined "Congress" is being described.

    Third, the U.S. Congress, composed of "representatives" from the foreign Territorial State of State organizations that have been illegally and immorally commandeering our actual American Government since the 1860's.

    Fourth, the Municipal US CONGRESS, composed of franchise operators of the Municipal United States --- the aforementioned Municipal Plenary Oligarchy.

    Fellow American State Nationals and American State Citizens, the above information is critical to hold firmly in mind as we re-organize and re-place our missing and true original American sovereign government, we the People Assembled in our un-incoprporated American State Assemblies.

    As such we by pass the "a Congress" of the second, third and fourth constitutions of the United States and revert to the first and original Constitution, the Articles of Confederation. As we re-organize into Asemblies we then take up again the second definition of "a Congress" then standing firm again in our original capacities as employers of the subcontractors named in the second, third and fourth Constitutions, called each deceptively but correctly called "a Congress".

    Got that? Then go teach it to your wife, your family, your next door neighbor, and fellow company associates, and invite them all to come home to their native land, The United States of America.

  2. Adherence to the constitution would mean no foreign entanglements – there would be “friendship to all, alliances with none.” There would be no income tax, no inflation or national debt. If properly run, as the constitution dictates, our God-given personal freedoms would allow everyone to retain the fruits of their labor, leading to independence and prosperity. Big European banks viewed America’s constitution which authorized “no debt” money as a “major threat to their plans.” The possibility of individual prosperity and independence would attract the intelligence and wealth “of all countries.” Hence, according to the Illuminati agenda, America had to be destroyed. [20]

  3. With such freedom to prosper, the European bankers decided that the “business connection” was “America’s Achilles’ heel.” The Rothschild House, through their Warburg-Schiff connection, financed Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Empire, Edward Harriman (railroads) and Andrew Carnegie (steel). These American business magnates would buy and control politicians. To facilitate the progress of “their American operations,” and the re-establishment of a central bank the Rothschilds sent one of their top agents, Paul Moritz Warburg, to New York in 1902 to take charge of their assault. Along with Jacob Schiff, the Rothschild-owned head of Kuhn, Loeb and Company, Warburg managed to create the banking crisis which led to the great cash-coup – the privately-owned Federal Reserve System, the ultimate American slave master. [21]

  4. The sons were “wizards” of finance and “fiendish calculators” who were motivated by a “demonic drive” to succeed in their secret undertakings. Regularly, Mayer recited from the Talmud while his entire family sat raptly attentive. They courted no friendships but used people as temporary steppingstones in furthering political alliances that were profit-motivated. Marriages, if not near incestuous, were arranged with the intent of preserving the Rothschild fortune. Later, as the Rothschilds gained respectability, though some viewed them as uncouth, they intermarried within other banking families. In 1785, Mayer moved his family into a five story house at 148 Judengasse, Frankfurt. The Schiff family, also bankers, shared this home. Jacob Schiff married Soloman’s daughter.[11]

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  6. Catherine Austin Fitts says Trump is totally pro centralization...vaccines putting elite psychopaths' operating systems into our bodies and upgrading them all the time with more vaccines...etc. This goes along with Microsoft's WIPO patent about using their servers to harvest energy from our movements, both inside and outside of our bodies...including brain activity, blood flow, etc.

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