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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Special Urgent Message

 By Anna Von Reitz

My friend, Kurt Kallenbach, a researcher and man I much respect, for both his intellect and his razor-sharp observations, has issued a special warning for Americans who think that they can sit on their couches and do nothing.
The gist of the message is simple. If you "claim" and use the Strawman, the PERSON that the Municipal United States conferred upon you, you are, technically, taking control of assets created by a foreign power, and that in turn, could be interpreted as accepting a bribe and "emolument" from that foreign power. That, in turn, could be considered an act of treason and allow the U.S. to interpret you as an Enemy Combatant.
And it could, except for a few things we have placed in their way.
The first thing is a legal objection and Due Process action completed years ago, which lawfully converted all the STATE OF STATE organizations into property belonging to the State of State organizations, and then transferring the property back to the safe-keeping of the original American State of State Trusts, and then, further removing those assets to The United States (our Union of States).
We assigned all the soil assets permanently to The United States proper, and then assigned all the land assets back to The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States.
We did unto them what they did unto us, and reversed the process.
They unlawfully converted our assets into their assets via entrusting them, so we returned the favor and lawfully converted all those assets back into American assets and properly redistributed them over the course of the past five years.
So all the STATE OF STATE property including all the named derivatives and franchises like JOHN ALLEN DOE, are already lawfully converted back to the ownership of the American people the assets belong to.
All this stands on the International Public Record and we have multiple certified copies well-stashed.
On top of that, people who have recorded their birthright political status are doubly preserved, because in the course of doing that, they have "accepted all gifts and waived all benefits" and so, having "accepted" the "gift" of all the Municipal PERSONS specifically associated with them, they have recorded Acts of State expatriating these "foreign PERSONS" and lawfully converting them to American PERSONS.
Thus, we've secured all our assets both those Public Assets belonging to the States and the private assets belonging to individual Americans.
We, Americans, are perfectly safe from such accusations, because we "accepted all gifts and waived all benefits" and then converted all the Municipal PERSONS they "conferred" on us as "gifts" and placed them back on the land---see our Act of State and our Certificate of Assumed Name(s).
That is, we took control of these foreign PERSONS and emigrated them back to our own American jurisdiction, and converted them into American PERSONS, instead---- we lawfully converted them, in the same way that you can re-flag a boat.
So that's what you do with an old Trojan horse--- boot the Greeks out and put the Americans back in it, turn it around and send the Papists a blivet.
This morning I received panicky messages from people all over the Earth who are alarmed by the logic of what Kurt is presenting and he is absolutely correct. They did set us up.
And we did Checkmate them.
But, one can never be too careful or too well-informed, have too much paperwork on record, or too much ammo in one's kit-bag in court.
So this is just one more reason for everyone and I do mean everyone, to wake up and join your State Assembly, so that you can be properly and surely identified as someone who made a definitive and recorded choice in the matter and who chose to be an American owed all the bells and whistles of all the Constitutions and Treaties concerned. And protect all the donated now-American PERSONS they gave you, the same way.
For those who want to delve into the details of Kurt's warning message and see why the work we have done has served to protect you from such claims, go to:

And then go to: to find the contact information you need to officially join your State Assembly and stand under the protections we put in place for all Americans, claim your Constitutional Guarantees, and learn how to record your own specific paperwork.


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  1. That is typically an excellent analysis and the only
    means to salvation is to acknowledge God, who is the
    only power and spiritually align with his mission.


  3. Thank you for this.
    Excuse me for all the anger, confusion and lack of faith it causes me to spew in response. For myself and my family, past present and future, Good Lord Help us! Rest our spirits in Thy Holy Spirit as we build the communication necessary to address thes deep corruption. Thank you Lord Jesus!


      explains vatican II, "rite of christian initation" etc.

      holy spirit is actually the devil. all they did was

      #define holy_ghost lucifer
      #undef /* cancel out #define holy_spirit lucifer */
      #define holy_spirit god

      normally holy spirit is the devil, and holy ghost is christ

      mormons do the same, but they call their lucifer "holy ghost" for another layer of deception

      in their minds, sealed in the forehead (3rd eye blind) satan is god and god is satan.

      note that all these cases (above "I DO" people, mormonism, and revelation) is due to them not using a proper definition of "trinity". this leaves it mutable, where they are not "the same".

      so, to avoid this, stick with holy ghost and matthew 24 and avoid their "new heaven and earth" and the hell on earth that comes with it.

      john 14:6.

      this is the loosing and binding thing. if the devil gets into heaven (holy spirit, "the lord") then he gets hell on earth as his reward. so, they are trying to "bind" that now to finalize it.

      for bonus points, put "our lady" into the trinity, holy ghost is father, and completely kick out "the lord" satan. return the favor.

      "the lord" satan had his chance, he showed his true colours. so, now he must pay the penalty. he earned it.

      "lord jesus" is likely revelation. just the devil/holy spirit again.

      all of revelation is direct opposite of new test. and old test. too. its kabbalah, forbidden by "christianity" and "judaism" too.

      its for the "meek" who "inherit" an imitation "heaven on earth" that is actually a not-so-theinly-veiled commie "end of history" -- but it masquerades as "nationalism". it is a skin-deep phony "nationalism"

      perestroika deception outlines it quite well, and a hundred other sources.

      anger is fine, you just are basically demon possessed, along with 99% of other people. don't feel bad, the solution is easy.

      a proper baptism in holy ghost will cure all these types of ills -- plus it will reset your grace points from unintentional satan worship

      matthew 24. he who stands to the end will be saved.

      your reward is you basically get magical hermes-like 7 gifts of the holy ghost.
      you get to see what the illuminati see and can avoid them fairly easily. so, no worldly kingdom on earth, thats for satanists. but you get to sit a level beyond their reach.

      right now, you get to see satan's/moses backsides (phony hegelian merger). they did these switcheroos without telling you -- policy of silence since 1960s. this is why vatican II doesn't say a word. its deliberate.

      all is well, just do a little research. it really is very easy when you know they think god is satan and satan is god.

      "the lord" old test obsolete -- satan
      "our lord" ok
      "holy ghost" christ
      "holy spirit" the devil trying to get into heaven for his new heaven and new earth (make the world forget christ ever was, is, or ever will be)

      the "word of god" is more powerful than any two-edged sword like the "revelation" phony "sword". look it up. every line of holy spirit/revelation is direct opposite of the new test.

      they just decided satan was god and the christ spirit (holy ghost) should get crucified a 2nd time.

      read matthew 24 and realize new test. christ is warning about revelation "new heaven and new earth".

      dont apologize, you did nothing wrong, just get a proper baptism that isnt basically putting the devil inside you.

    2. also, if you want, you are allowed to slap your pastor/priest/whoever in the face. that might cheer you up. whoever told you "holy spirit" was not the devil.

      feel free to slap some sense into babylonian false christs. its totally allowed by their own law.

      if they want to try and revive babylon, you are allowed to do this.

    3. for bonus points, get a whole congregration to line up and slap the priests.

      i mean, its up to you. maybe just form a line and until they change their mind that the devil is not god.

      you can use gloves, gauntlets, fish, whatever suits you. throw the book at them. smack them with a bible.

    4. if you can swing it, one of those fancy-bound bibles probably is good for smacking them with. like parchment, leather, gold illuminations. dont use a little bible when you throw it at them, get a big one. steal it off a chain if you have to.

      jesus whipped the bankers. its totally allowed to whip the false priests.

  4. They unlawfully converted our assets into their assets via entrusting them, so we returned the favor and lawfully converted all those assets back into American assets and properly redistributed them over the course of the past five years.

    So all the STATE OF STATE property including all the named derivatives and franchises like JOHN ALLEN DOE, are already lawfully converted back to the ownership of the American people the assets belong to.

    except that noone was told about any of this so none of that actually happened.

    the check is in the mail lol.

    instead, people got flagged as enemy combatants and attacked and looted. because they didnt worship "the lord" satan like you do.

    dont you have any better airy-fairy make-believe stories.

    not credible. not believable. load of lies.

    1. should we send anna a bill then or what?

      she is claiming she paid ppl things she did not. noone got a dime.

    2. "redistribution" aka communism. all done in the name of "the lord" satan.

      so you attacked peaceful non-combatant civilians -- your employers.

      because the devil told you to.

    3. at the end of the day, what you have is you only get what you earn if you agree to worship "the lord" satan and the devil aka "holy spirit"

      ok, how does this differ from communism? it doesnt.

    4. lawfully converted all those assets back into American assets and properly redistributed them over the course of the past five years.
      this is a coded way of saying you robbed and looted anyone who didnt worship "the lord" satan.

    5. So that's what you do with an old Trojan horse--- boot the Greeks out and put the Americans back in it, turn it around and send the Papists a blivet.
      sadly we dont battle with flesh and blood, do we?

      which side are you on?

      christ/holy ghost/new test.

      the devil/the lord/holy spirit/revelation

      one only has to read your past "flesh and blood" "sealed in the forehead" "mark of the beast" posts to see which side you are on.

      also, holy ghost is jesus blood. all you did was try to offer the devil his own blood as "payment"

      what does that accomplishment? nothing, absolutely nothing. makes the pope chuckle, and digs you a deeper layer in hell i guess.

    6. got anything besides satanism anna? there is no pope.

      theres no clergy. they are all gone.

      we dont deal with flesh and blood. how thick do you have to be?

      what is a "pope"? a manmade office?

      ok, then that doesnt actually concern any bible things, does it?

      could you possible be more deceived?

      deceived and deceiving. sealed in the forehead. mark of the beast. GONE> zombie apocalypse.

    7. if there were any "papists" left, paul would have locked you in your room for timeout anna until you learned that the devil is not god.

      the fact he lets you preach that the devil is god should be a big giant hint to you.


      thats the only church left. they dont give a hoot what you do. they have no money. you are damned. they just want to get away from your 24/7 "american" religion of saturnian "golden age" idiocy.

      he'll finish his monastery perhaps, die, and then it will still be 99% demon-posessed psychopaths, in america and everywhere else.

      papists? lol. jesuits were doing your holy spirit mass circa 1548.

      dominican nuns had a sequence for john of revelation...1300s or so.

      thats 700 years of your nonsense anna. 700 years of hell on earth in the making. AT LEAST.

      kabbalah garbage goes back to jerome. when was that? 150 AD? 300 AD?

      1500 years? 1700 years?

      "papists" ? LOL. that lasted MAYBE a century or two.

      non-stop 24/7 satanists has gone on a good 1700 years off and on.

      if you hated papists why would you worship revelation/jesuit "holy spirit" mass?

      wouldnt you be leading ppl away?

      oh thats right you deal with flesh and blood. spiritual things mean nothing to you. the devil, christ, no big deal. same guy. exact same thing. god is satan and satan is god.

    9. if you hated dominicans, why would you be pushing johns revelation anna? they wrote the sequence.

      and tehy sang a new song. the song of satanic kabbalists.

    10. should also be noted your fake "2nd coming jesus" character never showed up anna.

      tick tock tick tock. how much bs can you take?

      put up or shut up.

    11. xerces yakir, Or, the '2nd coming Jesus' did show up, 'like a thief in the night' judged and condemned THE WHOLE LIE, and nobody knows what is coming...

  5. original namethere x yakir... so what is is that you are saying?, please, without stylized fanfare, or implicitus leading statements having no substance, but painting the mentaql image of someoen winking and nodding while they spout rhetotic.
    Seriously, I am asking, what are you saying in your posts, here today about this subject, that I can get a layman's grasp on where the bullshit lays.

    Thank you

  6. You need to read the rules at the top of every page about trying to post as Unknown or Anonymous. I will continue to delete all posts with those handles.


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