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Thursday, December 10, 2020

LIVE: Georgia State House Election Hearing (Dec. 10) | NTD

This is live. The recording will follow when it's done.


  1. Sooo...much...FRAUD.

    When 4 conspirators where convicted of attempting to overthrow Abraham Lincoln...their convictions led to all 4 of them HANGING.

    Precedent has been set...

  2. Insuring the election results
    The only way I can think of to insure the voting machines are counting correctly is to test them. Yes they are tested before hand and certified. But are these tests done in test mode? If so maybe the machines are programmed to count correctly in test mode.
    So they need to be tested in real time.
    I propose that a bi -partisan group do the test this way:

    1. the bi -partisan group decides how many ballots to test,say any number between 250 and 2500.( yes a random number ,pick one)
    2. once that number is decided by draw? The ballots must be filled out in any order the bi-partisan decides. ( say have a dozen people do “false votes” )
    3. have the ballots hand counted for the totals for each candidate
    4. test run the machines while running real time
    5. subtract the number of false votes from the real total
    6. compare the numbers
    7. voila ,you will have your answer to the accuracy of the machines


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