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Sunday, November 15, 2020

If the same people recount the votes what good will it do?

Dominion Contractor Says She Witnessed Fraudulent Ballot-Count Actions In Detroit


  1. No surprise. It was BRITISH MARK MALLOCH BROWN and Soros who interfered in America's election - Not the Russians! These bast*rds should be extradited and face execution as enemy combatants. The DemonRats and media need to face Treason Charges and hanging. Trump’s Bulldog Attorney Lin Wood: “Soon people will be going to prison. Lots of people”. Watch Lindsey Graham with Judge Kavanaugh as he hints at the possibility of MILITARY TRIBUNALS & even EXECUTION for those who commit TREASON against the U.S . They know their days are numbered.

    Greg Rubini@GregRubini
    What will happen now that the SCAM has been exposed? This will go directly to the Supreme Court. Then, MILITARY TRIBUNALS TREASON. Enemy combatants and traitors will face life in prison or execution.

    Here is the K R A K E N: Do -minion controls 70 Million votes, Do -minion machines are used in 28 States

    Therefore, without the rigging, probably Trump won also: - California - New York State - New Jersey - Virginia - Illinois - Colorado - New Mexico - Minnesota - New Hampshire - Washington State (also Dominion) - Oregon and more. TRUMP LANDSLIDE

    Smartmatic was founded by 3 guys in Venezuela, in 1997. yes, Venezuela. then in 2014 a British guy took over. his name is Mark Malloch Brown. who is Mark Malloch Brown?

    This means that George Soros - and the British guy Malloch Brown - control the voting machines in Los Angeles (Smartmatic) George Soros & the British guy Malloch Brown control the outcome of the elections in California, together with Dominion. hook, line & sinker.

    Malloch Brown is a BIG GUN in British politics: - former UK Minister - World Bank - United Nations and more. Mark Malloch Brown is THE PERFECT GLOBALIST link: Mark Malloch Brown is a George Soros guy:

    27) This is the likely MAP of the election results, without the RIGGING: TRUMP 507 Biden 3

  2. By the way, Soros lives in the US in NYC actually and his giant yacht sits off the Hamptons so large it cannot dock. George Soros'House Katonah, New York George Soros probably leads Andrew Cuomo around by his Nipple,occupied%20his%20home%20town%20in%20Hungary%20in%201944.


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