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Saturday, November 14, 2020

Common Misconceptions-- 4.0: Land and Soil

 By Anna Von Reitz

Ever notice that ubiquitous phrase "land and soil"?   Ever wonder why they don't just lump it together under one word, like "dirt"? 
The Romans, and later, the British, made a distinction between "land" and "soil" and the Americans followed suit.  

Under Roman Civil Law, the soil  (Latin: "soli") comprises the first shovelful of dirt overlying all the rest, which is the land. 

The British convention defines "soil" as the top six inches of the Earth, a sort of "intransignant" permanent skin that covers the entire planet, including the ocean basins. 

The Romans assessed their Empire according to a system of distances and landmarks called "stadia"; the Brits adopted this system and measured their roads with "mileposts" and their farm fields with "acres" measured via horizontal Cartesian coordinates and marked with "boundary stones".    

So the defining measure of "soil" is depth, and the defining measure of "land" is horizontal distance.  

In this system which we inherited, the two things--"land" and "soil" are actually quite different, even though they must be considered together because the soil overlays the land.

As a practical matter, we all live on the soil.  

In America, our counties define our soil jurisdiction, and the counties within the borders of a State taken together, create the soil jurisdiction of each State.

The soil within each State's borders comprises its "National Jurisdiction".  

If you similarly join all the different State soil jurisdictions together, you find yourself looking at The United States, the familiar multi-colored political map showing our States as fifty pieces connected to each other like a crazy quilt. 

Directly underlying this "quilt top" of soil is the land, made up of the subsoil and all the minerals and rocks and hidden aquifers and oil deposits we access when we drill wells.  

If you were to map out the land directly underlying and belonging to each State you would have another crazy quilt, but this time, you would be looking at The United States of America.  

Land, unlike soil, is an international jurisdiction.  

Think of it like a layered sheet cake, with the soil layer overlying the land layer, and the whole thing cut up into "State" pieces. 

Also think of it as The United States overlying The United States of America, whose reach extends out beyond the shores of our nation-states, to the edge of our currently claimed international sea boundary.  

That is, a proper map of The United States of America would not only show the land jurisdiction of the States, but would extend out into the sea and include the "maritime borders" defined as "American Waters".  

Thus the national boundaries of our States and of The United States are fixed and immutable as a depth dimension, but the international jurisdiction of the land and sea overseen by The United States of America is quite subject to change, as proven by over two hundred years of disputes over everything from deep sea fishing rights to ownership of oil reserves in the Arctic Ocean. 


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  1. Even though the international land jurisdiction is subject to change, it is owned by the American Public in the first place! The corporate subcontractors hijacked the public property (oil and gas and other commodities) into their private (maritime) jurisdiction. Latest the subcontractor’s bankruptcy places this back to be managed by the unincorporated (now operating) government.
    Correct me please if anything is wrong with that statement...

    1. Before my eyes, upon a table, rests:
      1. USGS Quadrangle, 7.5 MINUTE SERIES (TOPOGRAPHIC) map(with no claim to "copyright") useful for international "Land" location.
      2. "Soil Survey," of the same geography, titled: "Soil Survey of XXXX County, State" (not "county of" State) Useful to describe, by name, those soils which blanket the area within described "metes and bounds." (This “Soil Survey” explicitly states "soil maps in this survey may be copied without permission.")
      3.A "Metes and bounds" description upon "land and soil."

      Interestingly, the Quadrangle calls-out location names not commonly known and houses. Seemingly these are areas where "people" actually live? Along with indications for their houses. These are areas which do not necessarily reflect local tax billing statements, for instance by "town of XXXX." In this particular instance there is no “Town of XXXX” anywhere to be seen on this Topographical Quadrangle map? Area names showing on this TOPO would be useful, instead of the more familiar “Town of XXXX.” Although there are some names which could reflect a taxing entity, but seemingly only by duplicity?

      Seemingly, by drawing data descriptions, from these three data sets, from:
      1.)Quadrangle of minutes/seconds, etc. plus some not commonly known "living areas" (my term) and indications of houses.
      2.)“Soil Survey of "XXXX County" (not "County of XXXX) with defined/delineated soil type maps.
      3.)"Metes and bounds," by fencing or land-marked descriptions, of an area, upon soil, upon land.

      Seemingly. . . These three(3)descriptions are, to me - "cords of three are not easily broken" Ephesians)

      Furthermore, on the TOPO, it identifies a category of land as an “inholding.” And It states “There may be private inholdings within the boundaries of the National or State reservations shown on this map.)

      How nice is that!

    2. Opps! I had meant "Ecclesiastes" not Ephesians, Sorry.

      But also, regarding "Soil Survey of XXXX County."

      Remember the movie "Good Bad and Ugly?"

      You have to love the Soil Survey boys and their nomenclature.

      Whereas the TOPO map does name bodies of water, ponds for instance, such as "McGillicuties Pond" the Soil Survey takes no prisoners . . . and they simply write "water"

      It's kind of like . . . "What Badge? We don't need no stinking badge!!" Or maybe "What Name?? We don;'t need no stinkin name!!"

  2. Well this incite helps a lot in bring more clarity on the subject!!

  3. .
    "The United States of America is quite subject to change, as proven by over two hundred years of disputes over everything from deep sea fishing rights to ownership of oil reserves in the Arctic Ocean."

    This I am confounded with. Why ?

    When did God (God is defined as The Creator of The Universe and not otherwise) create and sign a deed to give- allow corporations (quasi government) ownership over the His people of the Earth?

    When did God give corporations the permission- power to claim something they can not own and did not create? (or sell)

    Can you sell something you dont own?

    IF people take the Book seriously then there are many things that are wrong with this world.

    Thereby the people of-on Earth are only stewardships of the soil-land-Earth.

    Let take Oil corporation that drill for oil do they own the oil or does it belong to all mankind? Now they are entitled to get return on our alleged currency for finding and processing and a Tiny profit, but not 10 Billion each quarter.

    Lets take car corporations that they say they created- built a car, did they; let they try to “build” a car without dirt (resources) from God. No dirt no steel etc…………

    Lets take the last one for now; in the “Book” does it say we must have a Jubilee every seven years ? (not a direct quote)

    The question is why have the people of the Earth – Gods children not been given the Jubilee for the pope and or Vatican for over 1000 years. Anyone ?
    Yea the God vs Satan Conflict…………… Is it real or concocted for control of Man by Man ?

    Gratitude – keep moving forward

    1. Ephesians 6:12 Explains the need for the complete armor of God because it's not with flesh and blood we wrestle but spiritual forces. God's covenant of grace has been usurped and re-directed to benefit "flesh and blood". This wasn't intended. Self-determination is intended for co-heirs in Christ. The Church continues to allow the government to identify who they are, individually, and collectively. It's high time she awakes from her slumber and allows the Light of Christ to shine on and through her. Self-governance is included in self-defense and self-determination.

    2. Right, the answer is in the book. John 12:31 states that the ruler of this world will be cast out. The ruler of this world offered all Kingdoms to Jesus in the temptation as written in Luke 4:7. You can’t offer what you don’t have. It is clear that currently the ruler of this world is Satan and time is close he will be cast out. That is meant when you read about the “last days”. The last days of this kind of ruler ship with all these circumstances of today described well in 2. Timothy 3:1-5. The fulfilment of Daniel 2:44 is near at hand. What to do now? The prophet Zephaniah says it in chapter 2:2-4......

  4. The first divine mission after man was created on Earth was stewardship of our Father in Heaven's original divine creation!!!
    Unfortunately man violated original divine creation on Earth!!! Our second mission on Earth after man has violated original divine creation is to reestablish the original divine creation (paradise) and laws (10 Commandments)!!! Never forget, Father in Heaven knows best for his children on Earth!!!
    Amen, so be it!!!

    1. yes, father in heaven does know what is best for his children, thats precisely why its best to stick to "our lord" instead of "the lord"

      john 14:6

      millenialism and a worldly kingdom is kabbalah -- neither jewish nor christian.

      For everything which is of the earth shall return to earth” (Eccl. 3:20). But the saints shall never possess an earthly kingdom, but only a heavenly. Away, then, with the fable about a millennium!

      matthew 5:3 -- the saints who can humble themselves get heaven (not on earth)
      matthew 5:5 -- the meek get earth
      "kabbalistic tradition"
      "Thou shalt have no business with secret things"

      amos 5:18 versus revelation 1:10
      hebrews 4:12 versus revelation 1:16
      proverbs 5:3-4 versus revelation 8:11, 10:9
      matthew 24:23, 24:31, 24:35 versus revelation 6:17, 21:1
      2 corinthians 11:14
      Among the sacred books of the Christians are two works which the infallible church does not pretend to understand, and never attempts to explain,--the prophecy of Ezekiel and the Apocalypse; two cabalistic clavicules, reserved, no doubt, in Heaven, for the exposition of the Magian kings; closed with Seven seals for all faithful believers; and perfectly clear to the unbeliever initiated in the occult sciences.
      Her familiars it is, and none other, that God loves. 29 Brightness is hers beyond the brightness of the sun, and all the starry host; match her with light itself, and she outvies it; 30 light must still alternate with darkness, but where is the conspiracy can pull down wisdom from her throne?

      matthew 16:19
      the Virgin looked into her eyes and said, "Have you not opened the thirteenth door as well.?"

  5. Dr. Eduardo M. Rivera (he runs the Organic Laws Institute at says that American's must take their property outside the United States to be removed from the property tax roles. See a relationship here? Does this tie things together in a useful manner?

    1. Hello Jim,
      Can you tell me where he say that? I've never know Rivera to say anything but as a riddle. As an example what you said here is exactly the extent he would say or explain you had to move your property outside the US. He doesn't tell you how to do anything using the organic laws.

  6. Jim,

    There is an evil and deceptive intent in asking someone to state they are "within the United States". In fact and law American State Nationals are "without the United States", and should affirm so in our sworn statements "in the form of affidavits".


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