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Monday, November 30, 2020

A Plague of Liars

 By Anna Von Reitz

Some people might not be familiar with the verb "to dissemble", but we all need to become familiar with it, because there is a lot of dissembling going on. 

It basically means to deliberately conceal something or obfuscate it, so that one's attention is misdirected or deflected from whatever the Dissembler wishes to obscure. Like the truth.  And in this case, the truth about the Nuremberg Code and the protection it provides us from accepting any forced medical procedure or therapy at all.  

Together with casting doubts and slander, dissembling is one of the chief tools in the propagandist toolbox.  

A few days ago, I wrote an article explaining that forced vaccinations are a violation of the Nuremberg Code.  Note the word, "forced".   In fact, any forced medical procedure or therapy is against the Nuremberg Code. 

All medical procedures and therapies must have fully informed and freely given consent to the extent possible --- which means that people who are conscious and able to decide things for themselves remain in control of their medical destiny.  

It's only when you are in desperate straits and unconscious that medical professionals are allowed to step in and make decisions "for you".  

This is all cut and dried and set in cement since the 1940's, but now, we have people trying to dissemble it and water it down and reinterpret the Nuremberg Code as applying only to medical experimentation.  


The Code itself explains exactly what it applies to, and even though the cases giving rise to the Code arose from medical experiments in Concentration Camps and involved forced medical experimentation on unwilling subjects, the core of the Nuremberg Code rose to the occasion and outlawed all kinds of forced medical procedures and therapies. Not just experimental procedures.  Not just experimental therapies. 

Any medical procedure or therapy that you don't want to participate in, you have the full, free, and unprejudiced right to refuse.  Period.  

Go back and read Article 6, Sections 1 and 3, of the Nuremberg Code for yourselves. 

Don't take anyone else's word for it.  Not even mine.  Be sure.  And make good use of the information if anyone comes to your door with a needle in hand. 

Another good one to quote in their faces is their own cherished Roe vs. Wade decision, the excuse for allowing abortion on demand.  My body.  My choice.  That applies to every aspect of your body, what you take out and what you put into it, too.  

The same dissembling article draws attention to the fact that the Nuremberg Code doesn't make vaccination illegal.  Who said it did?  They are deliberately creating a False Argument as a means to obfuscate. 

The Nuremberg Code makes FORCED vaccination illegal---along with all other forced medical procedures and therapies.  The Nuremberg Code doesn't single out vaccinations or any other procedure or therapy --- it outlaws all forced procedures and therapies with the same broad brush.  

So if you want to be vaccinated, after being fully informed of all the possible downsides and consequences, after understanding exactly what the vaccine contains, after understanding that you will have extremely limited rights of recourse if you voluntarily take the injection and something goes wrong---- then you are free to take your chances and do as you will.  It's your choice.  

The Nuremberg Code won't protect you from your own fully disclosed consent. 

But it will protect you from being imposed upon by politicians and "private security forces" hired by banks that are colluding in this scheme to defraud America under color of law.  

The Nuremberg Code gives you full standing, if they attempt to violate it and force any kind of involuntary or undisclosed vaccination on you by any means---- whether by wrestling you to the ground or by threatening to deprive you of any other right or privilege, including the right to travel and use public facilities. 

All indications are that we are entering a very dark chapter in American history. You will need to stay alert and stay informed, and you are not being given straight information from any of the commercial media channels or their acolytes and paid trolls.  You need to read things with a critical eye and be able to discern the tricks the propagandists employ.  

I am posting (below) an example of a dissembling "News" article so that you can see exactly how they dissemble the actual important information and misrepresent it to mean something else:

Now read the actual Nuremberg Code Sections --- Article 6, Sections 1 and 3.  

Then stand your solid ground against forced medical procedures of any kind and also against all the dissembling BS artists out there, because they are multiplying like bunnies in spring.  
You can take a stand against this Plague of Liars, by joining other like-minded and alert Americans who have reclaimed their birthright political standing and who are now undertaking the responsibility of self-governance--- concerning their health and all other matters--- via their State Assembly.  


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  1. This another tibit to ad to Anna's post you must watch this video and make it go viral

    1. Thanks for posting that video. Very enlightening!

  2. Nuremberg Code is not enforceable at U.S. courts. Check out Title 45 CFR Part 46, specifically 45 CFR 46.116 - Informed Consent. NO vaccine is certified safe, therefore ALL vaccines are experimental. RFK Jr. clearly shows this.

    1. Nuremberg code may be unenforceable in US courts however, informed consent, the core of the Nuremberg Code, is rightly viewed as the protection of subjects' human rights. So while it was never written into law, it came to influence the creation of the Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights by the United Nations, which the US signed onto and which has the force of law.


  3. .
    That’s not the whole story……… there are several House CONgress women- persons [the squad namely] that have taken the Oath of office on the Quran instead of the American Bible as tradition dictates.

    What is a liar in relation to the squad…….

    Now the meaning behind it is; the Quran requires-demands Islamic people of their faith to swear [4 different kinds] especially to the “ Kafir “. Therefore, by Pelosi granting them to do this; which should be a violation of policy and protocol allowed them to commit atrocities against the American people.

    This person known a AOC has even committed several crimes of her office (purloin) as quoted by the Senate – do your due diligence and see the truth.

    Gratitude – We Bleed Red White and Blue

  4. Thank you for this very important code! I know personally I will not give any consent to be vaccinated! I don't believe any of this covid deaths I looked up death certificates this year and there's no difference than the previous years ! Numbers don't lie! It's all about money and scamming us I found out the state's get paid per case of covid like Pa each case is worth $68 thousand and Florida over 132 thousand! Of course everyone has covid it pays well! So much money being made for the wealthy we normal people can't comprehend the magnitude of his much! This year the federal reserve is experimenting with original currencies like bitcoin! We're turning over a new monetary system and trump knows it and working with China because China is using this crypto currency now! 5G roll out is part of this make this new currency transfers faster ! This is the biggest fraud in history against all the people All over the world the big imf in progress wont be long before they take physical get notes away! Is these vaccines about chipping us so we're all in the same 5G ? Biden will make the economy crush by shutting us down raising wages ! Our future is doomed! All of us are victims under common law over this virus as injured parties we should be compensated not paying debts there racking up on us again just like the depression were still paying for! There debts not ours!

  5. People should be aware that "approved and tested" cannot be used until the two year period follows the 2 or 6 week trial tests for initial "experimental" approval due to this period that is shadowed and not even known by most nurse and doctor I have mentioned it to nor are they aware of the reporting system wherein doctors and others report to the manufacturer who is supposed to then notify FDA of any adverse reports,VAERS adverse event reporting system. So is not this in itself evidence of experimental use of chemicals in medical procedures? Until the two years and all good reports there is no such thing as "tested and approved" that the goat,Cow, Horse current media crap keeps spewing out to allege that "tested and approved" allows such forced procedures. VA has on the wall a poster explaining your rights and that you have the choice, just like Roe vs Wade over your own body and any medical procedure is up to you.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Come on wink wink,
    Tell us what you really think.
    Not that i do not agree with some of what you say. we are on the same page on some things.
    Is it all the Jews or certain ones? Keep it short and simple if possible.

  8. GOOD CHRISTIAN PEOPLE, as reported by friends >>>> the jews American Gulags are already implemented >>> our children & adult Special Needs Homes & Nursing Homes have been turned into Gulags
    >>> for those who don't know people are not allowed to visit their own FAMILY in these gulags, except by day or more-ahead appointments IF APPROVED, via another corporation with whom they must make their appointments online.
    Then upon arrival they must have their temperature taken & PHOTO by a machine owned by another separate corporation, then masked up, wrapped up in a gown & their loved one is masked up, pushed out to a separate room for a 30 MINUTE MEETING.
    Their imprisoned family CANNOT BE REMOVED from the facility & returned, as a day outing or family time. Nor can family visit them in their OWN ROOMS, it is NOT ALLOWED. These "residents' are isolated from family on HOLIDAYS & a day or so before, on the holiday eve >> CANNNOT CELEBRATE CHIRSITMAS WITH THEM, must be separated.
    Nasal swab tests are regularly performed by another entity, & info about any of this is denied, such as IS THEIR DNA via test kits, being farmed out to yet another corporation? So far, our research says YES, of course it is. But family isn't allowed to know anything more, to do their research.

    From what am told: Care-giver employees must be tested regularly & NOT ALLOWED to interact freely with their families during times they are to work, as they might get exposed to a non-existent ScamDemic. So, the workers suffer too & they had BETTER SHUT THE HELL UP.

    FOLLOW THE MONEY becuz it looks like workers (which we think is due), administration, maybe even BOARD MEMBERS are getting HUGE $HEKEL$ to do the JEWS work, & facilities are told to CUT COSTS.

    A friend spoke to a mom whose son was REMOVED, MEDICALLY KIDNAPPED into a fulltime disability facility & she is NOT ALLOWED to see him but on rare occasions. She works for the State of State & has NO IDEA whats going on, but was glad to hear what my friend has to say to her about whats REALLY going on, in a very short time.

    I DO NOT FIND CATHOLICS doing this at all. But we damn sure flip rocks & find JEWS & JEW SLIME.
    But... left up to Anna's devices its all the Brits, Whites, Christians, Germans, Europeans & Catholic Church.

    BUT a mere squat 1.8% US population, with say less than half of that 1.8% being adults, & less than half of that, being then ones executing these crimes on a PROFESSIONAL BASIS.
    Who is that 1.8%? JEWS.

    GULAGS are here & populated & fully functioning. Who makes gulags? JEWS.
    thanks & stay sane

  9. GOOD CHRISTIAN WHITES >>> ANNA DID DO SOMETHING AMAZING, highly exceptional >>> Anna did all her research in her lifetime. WITH GREATNESS, Anna was able to contact Pope Benedict, communicating to him what horrors were being done in the name of the Catholic Church & Vatican.
    Pope Benedict wanted to change it! He worked with Anna, & Anna with Benedict to REMEDY, rectify these great wrongs.

    WHO ELSE HAS DONE SUCH GREAT WORK? Anna accomplished this. This is to be recognized for the greatness it is.

    THEN Benedict was promptly removed, like in a few months... The jewsuit from Argentina's Dirty War, Bergoglio was FORCED IN >>> a Jesuit cannot be pope, period >>>>> but low & behold he is in the power perch. Law does not permit a Jesuit Pope >>>> but just as in America & world over, LAWS MEAN NOTHING TO THE JEWS.

    So all the great work Anna & Benedict accomplished was halted.

    Why did Anna proceed to BURN THAT BRIDGE with vengeance? Why? Why destroy this great accomplishment & for what.... ??... to turn around & stab Benedict & the Catholic Church in the back repeatedly BLAMING THE CHURCH when the Church had reached out to Anna for remedy.
    The Church, via Benedict, respected Anna that much, found her that credible, to have her assist in rectifying this great wrong.

    WHAT THE f'HELL HAPPENED TO ANNA? To literally destroy further efforts to rectify this great wrong? Why burn that bridge, then thrown more combustibles upon it, more lies, accusations, vilifications & IGNITE THAT TOO, then keep tossing kindling to KEEP THAT FIRE BURNING .... Why?

    And whats worse is Anna takes up for JEWS, pretends they're not the problem... and worse still, not only is she a jewdaizer, why in hell must she LIE to destroy the Catholic Church, Catholics WHITES, Christians, Europeans, Brits, Germans... White Americans, White American Nation, in doing so?

    This is quite a mystery. Folks, what Anna accomplished is our dream >>> to have the Catholic Church made aware & then RECTIFY IT. Which is what the Church did do.

    But the jews cannot have that happen. And it is the JEWS behind the Vatican City State, their jew Club of Rome & ADL out of City of London Crown jew, their capture of the Vatican Bank JUST LIKE JEWS DID TO OUR AMERICAN BANKS >>>> Same timeframe too, same modus operandi >>>> JEWS did to the Church the same thing they did to England, Europe, Russia, America >>> same thing.

    Why purposefully misdirect, then vilify, accuse everybody else of what in fact is done by the jews. WHY? WHY?
    Why burn that bridge... & then further burn the bridge to Whites, Christians, Catholics, Brits, Europeans, Germans, White America?

    Anna has accomplished incredible things, & assembled a team of researchers. For this i give enormous courage & credit.

    So, what happened? In my/our mind, something happened. Either jews got involved, or a jew, has been given some power, or responsibility, or something else or something more.... And the problem with having a jew or jews is it soon poisons the entire lot, somehow, some way, the jews mere existence poisons any good done, being done.

    Credit & kudos for Anna's great accomplishments. I only ask why burn golden bridges & why lie to destroy White Christians & their White Christian nation?

  10. i get the feeling you all hate the Jew. Just a hunch, but the comments were quite entertaining. The Jew is the last scapegoat on the team. Sure, I agree that they will go along with whatever program that enriches them, but are not the creators of the programs. All the breadcrumb trails you are following are designed to make sure that you come to the conclusions you have. To fight the Jew, and let the real designers escape to laugh again at your folly. The organizer of the Jew is.... Levites. The group in the center of the religion which all the "people" must give offerings, etc. They will go by other names as well but which group is the most insulated of the Jews? The priest-craft has many faces and all them evil. Do your own damn research and don't follow what others write for you. As you draw near to our Creator you will see through the mist and find the door to your salvation. Good luck with all that vitriol and hate- you will go far.

  11. We must stand up against this and not bicker amongst ourselves! Forced vaccinations with yearly boosters is treating citizens like dogs, we aren't pets!

  12. Thank you very much for sharing this informative article. I am impressed with the way you explain your point. Hope to see more similar content from this weblog.


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