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Saturday, October 24, 2020

Mercenaries in the Civil War

 By Anna Von Reitz

We all know about the Hessians used against the Americans in The War of Independence, but did you know they were used by the North in the Civil War, too? 

Men from Central Europe, from Lithuania to Greece, were imported to fight for the North, but because these “new immigrants” came from diverse places and spoke different languages (and little English in any case) it wasn’t easy to identify them as mercenaries. 

Now that we have the immigration records and powerful computer analysis tools it’s easy to see that these men were in fact deliberately imported to fight.  This knowledge has led to more research and to finding actual advertisements published in Europe at the time which confirm this. 

So Central European mercenaries did indeed fight in the Civil War, and not a small number of them, either.  They formed up whole regiments. 

Another thing we didn’t know about the Civil War, but which begins to pox-mark the picture when you examine what we would today call the Military Police records, are reports, mostly Southern, of truly horrendous and at the time inexplicable mass murders of Southern troops. 

In these reports, bodies were found with their faces cut off— making it impossible to identify the victims; even more mysterious, there was very little blood associated with these obvious murders. 

We now know that these men were the victims of adrenochrome harvesting. 

By cross-matching these records with the movements of the immigrant mercenary regiments it is now possible to prove with certainty that these practices came here from Central Europe more than a century and a half ago.

Similar modern cross-matching studies have revealed similar patterns in the First World War and the Second World War.  

Adrenochrome harvesting rituals came from Europe and were part of the battlefield experience of unknown numbers of men in the Civil War, First World War, and Second World War. 

We cannot imagine the impact this had on the surviving witnesses, much less the dehumanizing effects on the perpetrators. 

After the Second World War there is a sudden large uptick in the number of women and young girls being attacked, raped, and murdered worldwide.  

At the time, it was assumed to be the result of the brutalizing effects of these wars on the men who fought them,  but again, we find evidence of “blood - letting mutilation” and an even stranger correlation: the victims were almost universally the wives, daughters, or sweethearts of men who were deeply in debt, or single working women without close family ties. 

After the rapes and deaths of these women, the men to whom they were attached rebounded financially in a staggeringly large percentage of cases, debts magically disappeared, investments flourished—suggesting that these women were sold to creditors as “sacrifices”. 

It was a slippery slope from there to start selling children for the same purposes.

With the same results. Debts disappear. Money comes to the survivors. 

The pattern is clear. 

We now know, for sure, that we are dealing with a modern resurgence of Baal worship, which among other things uses snake venom and adrenochrome as drugs to achieve hallucinatory highs.

Cleopatra might not have meant to commit suicide via poison asp bite; she may have been bored and looking for an afternoon high — and simply overestimated her own built-up tolerance for snake venom. 

Once you realize that this was part and parcel of Babylonian religion throughout the Ancient World and that this form of “worship” was what  Moses, Elijah, and Jesus all struggled with, our modern situation makes a lot more sense. 

The worshipers of Baal have been at various times all-but obliterated and driven underground as the murderous and depraved nature of this “religion” makes itself known. 

Tales of blood-drinking vampires and madmen like Vlad, the Impaler, and images of Druids soaked in blood, remind us that these evils have a basis in reality and that basis is to be found in the evils attending the worship of money— aka, Mammon, and the Triumvirate of the Ba-El:  Mammon, Molloch, and Shatan.

Money, Violence, and Lies wetted down with exotic drug abuse are the Hallmarks of this religion which is obliged to spread via Secret Societies and which beguiles its initiated by slow degrees, corrupting them via a combination of fear, lust, and self-interest. 

Carrot and stick. 

We are not surprised that Jon Benet Ramsey’s death was accompanied by a miraculous financial recovery. 

We have films from the thirties, forties, fifties, sixties and seventies showing well-known Roman Catholic Church Officials, major politicians like FDR and Winston Churchill, movie stars and famous athletes engaged in hideous acts of rape, torture, and murder. 

But perhaps what strikes us as the most damning thing of all, are the accomplices. The men who knew what was going on, who rolled their eyes, and jog-trotted away from the scene of these crimes, trying to shrug these horrors off as “ain’t my business”. 

These purportedly “innocent” men who did nothing at all to intervene in behalf of all these hapless women and children are what Jesus called “lukewarm”.  

Knowing full-well the evil going down and in some cases standing around like cows gaping through the open door of a slaughterhouse — these men stood around doing nothing to stop it, nor even report it. 

No doubt on the last day they will say, “But Lord, I didn’t rape or murder anyone or get drunk on any innocent blood!” 

And our Lord will say— get away from me, you Evil Doers, and go into the Darkness prepared for you, for you have done nothing to oppose Evil when you stared into the face of it. 

All their Sundays at church will not avail them. No pleas about “not doing anything” will serve. 
I watch them slink away in their cotton trousers and white t-shirts, their thin belts and slicked back hair, I see their faces from the distance of several decades and think of the results of their inaction coming to fruition now. 

These movies were made for blackmail purposes and similar movies are still being made now. 

It’s more than past time for everyone to wake up and see what they have been worshiping and how they have been — by their own inaction — letting this horrendous evil grow in our midst.  


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  1. This is beyond forgiving..!! We need to rid this world of ALL the evil that exsist by executing all of them or this world will always sink into depravity...trump has it up to 500,000 for starters from every country...we cannot retifiy all this evil with just a simple " jural assembly"...if we need to totally destroy countries than so be it...!!

    1. Hold on...THEY ARE HERE...

      2020 Election looks very fishy. It looks like Democrats will cheat, and Joe will win by a small margin. Then people will get very upset, and someone will plot him, Then his vice president Harris will get to be the president. See that's what I see ?

      The danger is Kamala Harris has a lot of negative ENERGIES in HIGH power, meaning she will MISUSE any POWER AVAILABLE TO HER, without reasonable consideration, or good judgement, to hurt everybody and that's my concern. 56 Years old is not a wise person, when negative energies are present in her soul.

      This will create the power crash, between people and Govt. It will be worse than Kenya president. Harris has 13-negative powerful wicked energies, they make me worry.
      Meaning a TYRANNY will be showing up. As I perceived 4 years ago.. It will match the Pluto return, this is the critical Moment In Time. it will last 4-5 years minimum. It would mean in a Revolution as well as PRETTY HECTIC times.

      Don't believe the astrologers saying libra is balanced, actually NO Libra is imbalanced, with hesitation when neg. Energies are present. She is a transcending Capricorn. I take it like a Devilish Capricorn in reversed. She will listen to her foreign Master's. Buy whatever you need now PEOPLE..

    2. Not 13-negative, MISTYPED. but 3 powerful evil energies. OBUMMER WOULD JUMP IN BEHIND HER...

    3. Patriot58- First of all we are not a cult and you attempt to slander and defame Anna and the members of The Assembly I will personally sue you for everything you have. Let me make it real extremely clear to you and anyone else like you that it is better not to be born than to commit a crime against creation and the members of The Assembly is part of the creation. Thank you for your cooperation!!!

    4. And Patriot58 please give The Assembly some insight on how the world should go about eliminating evil when evil has total control and lockdown of Earth. We're waiting!!!

  2. A great interview from The Highwire with Del Bigtree.

  3. jew George Hodel

    Who is George Hodel? - Black Dahlia Murder Suspect George ...
    One of those suspects was George Hodel, whose son Steve Hodel has accused him of being the Black Dahlia killer.

    Does this old letter finally solve the mystery of the ...
    Dr. George H. Hodel has been a Black Dahlia suspect since 1949, when he was arrested for allegedly raping his 14-year-old daughter. The case brought him into LAPD’s sphere, and they were soon ...

  4. Paul Harvey would say and now the rest of the story.
    Wink wink is right crazy religion the Talmud makes the Koran look like child’s coloring book.
    Talmudic religion goes back to 1700” BC. Were cults everywhere .Jews hate Jesus and we go by his name .

  5. Thank you Anna for bringing this information forward. It is time for mankind to wake up and take action.

    For those folks who are savvy or new to this information, please take 36 minutes out of your day and watch this short documentary: Lucifer and Luciferians, Masters of Deception by Chuck Swindoll
    Every adult on the planet needs to watch this.

    Chucks narration is very consistent until he mentions that the CIA and FBI don't publish any statistics on missing children, which to me, shows they are complicit and profit from that horrendous activity.

    Here is an expose' about CIA and child sex trafficking from 2007

    All you lukewarm folks out there, it is time to take action.

    1. just watched Swindoll's vid & its well done. Thanks for the tip.

      Add David Paulide's Missing 411 at Canam Missing Project, books & yt, people who vanish mostly in hiking parks & other places, which fit strict criteria for his research. Children vanish, very few found alive & if found deceased have extremely nonsensical conditions & locations & circumstances. FOIA requests reveal extremely odd reactions, as they keep zero lists of missing people, one saying they rely on the memory of their workers.
      These cases are so freaking weird. He's been doing this for years, isn't afraid to accept possibility for strangest of things, ufo abduction, Sasquatch, dimensional switch (which he's experienced) etc. He is no weirdo, but a retired cop who was hired for an investigation, took off from there realizing the high number of missing.
      He also did Sasquatch, had dna expert testings by many labs via Dr. Ketchum, proven they exist. But he's blown away over missing people & is his life's mission.
      NO LISTS on missing! Zero. Some workers sought Dave out to tell their experiences, try to help make sense of things.
      Since we know our parks, wilderness have been grabbed & sold to corporations to settle 'their' debts or collateral, America's running them.
      thanks & stay sane

    2. correction last line America's NOT running them.

  6. I was an actor with an agent and member of SAG (Screen Actors Guild) when I was a teenager and had steady acting gigs (sit-coms, commercials, movies). My son had the same agent as an infant with permission from the state to work. I started reading about Hollywood and the child abuse going on and who these people really are and sent chills down my spine and pulled out all together and took myself and son out of the talent agency. I knew child actors were being sexually molested but did not no about adrenochrome back then like I recently just found out couple of years ago. The more you uncover the "Elites" unholy habits it makes you very nauseated and changes the essence of you (most folks cannot stomach the truth about these folks, extremely depressing and mentally disturbing). I feel very sorry for those who got caught in their webb.

  7. I downloaded a picture of a holiday feast of some Elites some time ago (still have it). You would think that there would be a nice beautiful golden roasted turkey as the main course and centerpiece, but wait, wait and wait.......ok, here it goes- it was a headless woman who was gutted, dressed and roasted to a golden brown just like a turkey as the main course and centerpiece (I was not feeling well for some time and still makes me extremely sick to my stomach every time I run into the picture again or just thinking about it), there were also a young boy and a girl tied up sitting at the table looking at the roasted woman (maybe to produce adrenochrome in these children?). I thought I've seen it all but this one was the most disturbing picture I have ever seen and realized who we all on Earth are dealing with. Still sick from seeing that picture after all these years. Once seen it can never been unseen.

  8. THANK YOU ANNA,ED and Make it happen for the disclosures. Thanks for understanding that our Creator considers those that do disclose the truth once we have found it are as guilty as the perpetrators of the crimes. Hosea 4:6 comes to mind "My people will perish for their lack of knowledge". While I don't have to worry about perishing . It is my obligation,as it is yours to disclose,for He doesn't want His people to perish at all . Have a Blessed Day Jersey Michael In His Service

    1. Michael- Thanks for the response! It's the least of the least I could do, I will keep on exposing these spiritually sick and mentally ill folks no matter what!!!

  9. Correction: those that do not disclose the truth

  10. MIH- i guess this is why we are here at this time. As a mental Health Practice I have heard stories like you, once heard cannot be unheard. The truth will be exposed!

  11. Nothing suprises me. I have said for years, evil and the deamons in human flesh who practice it, cannot be reversed, reformed or retrained. It and they have to be totally destroyed. Like cockroaches, if one survives, they'll just keep coming back. I for one have no problem killing evil people.


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