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Saturday, September 5, 2020

Use Disclaimers


By Anna Von Reitz

When this whole Mess started to become really oppressive for doctors and other health care professionals, my doctor (who was better informed than most) decided that whatever income she received from treating "Federal" patients wasn't worth the hassle.
So she gave up her license to treat Federal Patients or work in Federal Hospitals. She screens new patients and if she gets a Federale or one of their Dependents, she just sends them next door to a "licensed" MD. No problem. If anyone asks, she is a "Private Physician" and that's the way it is.
What about unincorporated Beauty Salon owners who are being regulated right out of business?
Same basic problem.
Salon owners are being licensed to style hair for Federal Citizens and citizens of the United States. How many of them walk through your door? Unless you are working in Washington, DC., or near another big hub of Federal activity, you won't see many actual Federal Employees or Dependents.
So you just put up a sign with a Public Disclaimer on it:
"This establishment is a private business. We are not licensed to provide services to Federal Employees or their Dependents. Accept service at your own risk."
Any unincorporated business owner who is being imposed upon by the "Federal Government" or their "State of State" franchise corporations is free to do the same thing: use a disclaimer to put the responsibility back on the customer to choose whether they trust your service or not.
The right to contract (or not) is guaranteed by the Constitutions and the Federal Code and the United States Statutes-at-Large.
This option is precisely how they get away with claiming that you "volunteered" to be licensed-- because if you don't want a license to do business with Federal clients-- you can simply post a Disclaimer and dispense with licensing "requirements".
Let the customers make their own decisions, contract for whatever services they need privately, and that, as they say, is that. As long as you don't incorporate your business, you can use simple Disclaimers and Notices of this kind (shown above) to get Big Brother out of your hair and keep Big Brother out of your hair.
Same thing with "licensed and bonded" contractors. Use the same disclaimer. Forego the licensing and bonding. You can post a service bond with a bonding company as a form of additional insurance, if you like, but building or remodeling homes, for example, is another occupation of common right that the federal corporations are seeking to commandeer and regulate out of existence.
I can't speak for the rest of America, but I prefer working with independent workmen and small family businesses that take pride in their work and who don't have to be licensed and bonded, because they are putting their own good names and reputations on the line.
The big corporations may want to work with big corporations, so let them. If you are a small business, there is no reason to play in their much bigger and far more dangerous sandbox.
You will be much better off avoiding their demands and interference and it is simple to do, so long as you: (1) don't incorporate what you are doing; (2) post a proper disclaimer if you are involved in occupations that are otherwise "licensed" in your State.
One other caveat --- always remember that the Federales do have the right to regulate interstate sale, transport, and manufacture of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms. If you are involved in these activities on an interstate basis, licensing or other restrictions may apply.


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