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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Signing the Declaration


By Anna Von Reitz

Something happened this July that got no mention in the Mainstream Media. Something awesome.  Something meaningful.  

President Trump signed onto The Declaration of Independence. 

Now, that probably struck a lot of people as a symbolic gesture, a bit of politicized popular "fluff" akin to all the other red, white, and blue bunting that festoons our nation every July.  

But remember, President Trump's office as The President of the United States of America, exists in International Jurisdiction.  And what do we know about International Jurisdiction?  

First, it is populated entirely by "Persons" --- either "Lawful Persons" known as "People", or "Legal Persons" ---- that is, those who act as elected or appointed officials and officers of corporations, employees of corporations, or dependents thereof, which can include the whole gamut of S-Corps, C-Corps, B-Corps, Statutory Trusts, Foundations, Cooperatives, LLC's, Public Utilities, and so on.  

Secondly, International Jurisdiction is split between land and sea.  The Lawful Persons known as People populate the International Land Jurisdiction.  The Legal Persons inhabit the International Sea Jurisdiction.  The two kinds of "person" operate under different laws. 

So, third, the People operate under "Land Law" known as "Law of the Land" --- think of the Constitutions, while the Legal Persons all operate under the "Law of the Sea". 

And fourth, People can "cross the bar" and operate as Legal Persons; some  Legal Persons can also cross back over the bar and operate as People again. 

Think of a Lawful Person, an American who is serving as one of the People of their State, getting on a Trans-Atlantic steamer and being out on the High Seas. 
While they are on the High Seas, they are under the Law of the Sea, not the Law of the Land. When they arrive in France ten days later, they are now back on land and expected to obey the land law of France. 

So what does our American Tourist have to do with President Trump signing onto The Declaration of Independence?  

As CEO of one of the largest corporations on Earth, Donald Trump spends his days and nights on the figurative High Seas, subject to the Law of the Sea; but, in honor of the Fourth of July, he came ashore and added his "Donald Trump" to a copy of The Declaration of Independence.  

He contractually bound himself to it --- with his life, his fortune, and his sacred honor.  

No other President since the Founding Fathers has done that.  

Take note. 


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  1. Anna Repeatedly said there is no STATUTE of Limitation on Fraud. So Whatever Trump signed is part of the UK GREAT-Fraud, under-minding the July 4th 1776. Trump is a contractor of U.S.(INC), and of U.S.A (INC).

    The British energies, as a whole 3-in-1 (UK), is a set of GREAT-FRAUD, GREAT CRIMES, NO NAKED EYES CAN SEE. They did all evils in the NAMES of, and by Americans participated in their and mutual crimes for 156+ years.,

    Here again, the British UK always plays its toxic exit from Liability they did to the whole world:

  2. Kind of like the Rockefeller Foundations creation of RESILIENT CITIES

    After every 'event' notice the #PARKLANDSTRONG, #ORLANDOSTRONG etc etc etc

    After these events they come in with their psychologist and other shit to deal with the now traumatized populace of the city, school, concerts, theatre shootings, you name it

    The Rockefeller Foundation is front and center for their fossil free world BULLSHIT too check out their mind numbing website and all the BULLSHIT they pushing for their GREEN NEW WORLD BULLSHIT and their FOSSIL FREE WORLD CARBON REDUCTION BULLSHIT

    This family clan is front and center for the planned destruction of this nation for the purposed of fulfilling their DECLARATION OF INTERDEPENDENCE that was signed on to back in the 30's I believe


    Notice how it states a DEMOCRACY and not a REPUBLIC

    All of this is orchestrated out of SWISSY LAND AND THE WORLD BANK which is the replacement for the IMF

    Unless and until SWISSY LANDS involvement is addressed the destruction of all nations will continue

    Might want to check out a site called British Israel as well

    The Hebrew (kabbalah) lie and the covenant with Great Britain
    Elizabeth is a German Jew and Victoria forfeited her throne when she married a Catholic and sold the world out to the damned POPE

    Have a read at this article and see how they are all lying about who they are

    Be sure to check out the world banks web site
    See how they are withholding financial relief from countries until they comply with their demands
    They are destroying markets or industries in other nations to increase their profits of imports say like beef
    Order American farmers to destroy their beef over a fake virus and you import the beef from third world nations as per their public private partnerships and cha ching


    And of course they have yet other layers of investigative outfits that outline how this is all being done however these outfits work for the very crooks creating the issues for all nations - THE BANKING CARTEL OUT OF SWISSY LAND

  3. Make note in the following link below about GORBACHEV

    GORBACHEV has been located at the Presidio outside of the Golden Gate Bridge ever since he and actwhore Reagan tore down that wall

    GORBACHEV and his FOUNDATION were tasked by George Bush Sr to dismantle or decommission our military bases and disarmament
    Recently one of the military bases was sold to TYLER PERRY
    Hmm I wonder what kind of mischief the military industrial complex could do with this asset and one of their fellow fake hebrew jew relatives controlling this 330 acres of land

    Make note that the 11 western states were set aside for a massive DEPOPULATION event that will be BIBLICAL and it has been in the works for decades especially through Canada and GREENLAND

    This is the reason for their global warming narrative folks

    Interesting points about GREENLAND - the authors name caught my eye as all three of his names relate back to a royal line in some fashion
    DAVID CHASE TAYLOR, all three names are linked to all the royEL lineages and he is located in SWISSY LAND


    And here is your so called age of AQUARIUS or your new age BULLSHIT

  4. How their scripting is orchestrated and the pricks who move the narrative like alex jones and adams

  5. The Rockefeller clan and the UN

    Make no mistake these criminals have been manipulating the entire planet for decades and yet they roam free

    1. Hey Shelby - yep... its the filthy rotten bastards born of satans backside. And they just adore themselves.
      From their own jew Diagnostic Statistician Manual which has never done one test, not even a spit nor blood test on their petro-chemical Big Med scripts to go along w their diagnosis cr*p. All projection, as it is they who are so severely mental, turning us into their Golum
      DSM-5 criteria for NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY DISORDER include these features:
      Requiring constant admiration having a sense of entitlement
      Behaving in an arrogant or haughty manner
      Exaggerating your achievements and talents
      Taking advantage of others to get what you want
      Having an exaggerated sense of self-importance
      Being envious of others and believing others envy you
      Expecting special favors and unquestioning compliance with your expectations
      Having an inability or unwillingness to recognize the needs and feelings of others
      Expecting to be recognized as superior even without achievements that warrant it
      Being preoccupied with fantasies about success, power, brilliance, beauty or the perfect mate
      Believing that you are superior and can only be understood by or associate with equally special people
      thanks & stay sane

  6. Any chance we can get a link for this Declaration of Independence signed by Trump?

    and Would that be Declaration 'for' Independence in American State National parlance?


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