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Saturday, September 26, 2020

Assemblies of Different Kinds

 By Anna Von Reitz

There are multiple kinds of "Assemblies".

Most of you are familiar with "District Assemblies" and think nothing of it when you drive past an election season placard advertising "Dean Simpson for Assembly District 4!"

You should think about it when you hear or see the word "district" attached to anyone or anything, because "district" refers to the District Government, as in District of Columbia, whether it is an "Assembly District" or a "School District" or a "District Attorney" or a "District Court".

Our country is not meant to function under a district system of government and we are not naturally nor generally subject to any such district government; instead, we and our country are supposed to be functioning under a county and state system of government.

We should be seeing County School Boards, not District School Boards.

So now that you've noticed the difference, you'll notice that in addition to District Assemblies, you also have Municipal Assemblies and politicians running to fill those seats, too. So what is going on here?

Our Federal Employees, both District and Municipal, are usurping upon us, pretending to "represent" us, and to some extent, pretending to be us.

To make matters more confusing, these Federal Interlopers have formed State-level franchise operations, and they are operating their own "State-of-State" (Territorial) and STATE-OF-STATE (Municipal) organizations, too.

So you will see "State of Wisconsin" Assemblies, and "STATE OF ILLINOIS" ASSEMBLIES, too. But none of these are your actual, honest-to-God, State Assemblies.

These Federal and Federated organizations are usurping their own units of government onto our land and soil, and "offering" to take over and run everything, including us, into the ground, in behalf of foreign interests.

As of five years ago, our actual Assemblies started popping up: State Assemblies, and they are being followed by County Assemblies.

These are our assemblies, of, for, and by the people of this country---- not "district", not "municipality", and not "state-of-state" organizations.

Which assembly do you belong to?

If you are a Federal District employee or dependent, you should be joining your District Assembly.

If you are a Municipal employee or dependent, you should be joining your Municipal Assembly.

If you are a State of State employee or dependent, you should be joining your State of State Assembly.

But if you are Joe Average American, you should not be participating in their elections or having anything to do with these foreign incorporated organizations.

You should be joining your own state and county assemblies and supporting them with all your might.

Our government of the land and soil is a republican government of, for, and by the people of this country. You are being called to come home and self-govern.

Unlike the professional politicians and their foreign systems of government that are under contract to provide us with stipulated government services, the actual government of this country isn't in Session all the time.

However, when our government comes into Session, via our assembly process, it holds the ultimate jurisdiction and power over the land and soil of this entire country.

We are not a "democracy" --- that's the sea-going District Government, extending its tentacles where they don't belong. We enjoy "freedom" --- not "liberty" which is something given to British sailors when they come to port.

So-called "American Democracy" is actually British Territorial Democracy; our Forefathers rejected democracy and chose a republican government instead.

We are certainly not a "city state" nor a "sanctuary city" government, either -- that 's the foreign Municipal Holy Roman Empire concept of government, and it shouldn't even exist outside the boundaries of Washington, DC.

Finally, a State of State is just a business organization doing business of some kind for a State, not the State itself.

So, listen up.

Unless you are a Federal Employee, chances are that you have been "in the right church, but the wrong pew" ---and participating in the wrong assembly organization for lack of knowing better, and for lack of your assembly being present to join.

That is all changing now, as your government is now in Session.

Go to: to get started on the pathway to self-governance and sanity in government.

Our Employees have been ruling over us. That's why everything is upside down and backwards. That's why the tail is wagging the dog. That's how the petty bureaucrats act as little gods, misapplying all their own codes, regulations, and statutes to their Employers.

And if you are sick of it, well, then, it is past time to get off your duffs, declare your birthright political status, and take up the job of self-governance that you are heir to. Join your actual State Assembly--- not a "State of State" Assembly, not a District Assembly, and not a Municipal Assembly, either.

Look for the one that is plain and simple and also most powerful: The Ohio Assembly, The Wisconsin Assembly, The Utah Assembly, et alia.

Remember: you are the Employer. They are the Employees. You don't belong to their organizations, and they don't belong to yours.


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  1. Hello Mr Paul,
    I am confused about so many different opinions and I want the truth Can you help me please?Is Russell J Gould NOT someone we should listing to?I see your links to right. I have read so much that I question everything I have read now.I Love listening to Ann Von Reitz and I am signed up with the assembly.I want to do a live claim and there are people who will assist associated with Lady Crown (Purple Thumb) who this is the 1st I heard about. I was looking for the correct way to get the live birth claim right the 1st time around. Can you please give me correct direction and who I can get help from for the live birth claim for land and sea. I am happy to research just want correct direction. Michelle

    1. i had my email not unknown and unknown posted. Michelle

    2. Michele, ask your state coordinator. They should be able to get that and then have your state recorder, record it.

  2. And it starts by correcting your political status, click here: https://TheAmericanStatesAssembly.Net/correct-your-status


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