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Thursday, August 6, 2020

The Civilian Government


By Anna Von Reitz

Let's begin: the civilian government is not the same as the civil government.
The civilian government stands over and directs both the military and the civil government.
The civilian government does not use political parties to conduct business or dictate elections.
Stop and re-read and think about that. No political parties.
The actual civilian government of this country has groups that propose changes and that argue for this change or that change, but there are no established lobbying organizations that endure for decades at a time --- no "Democrat" and no "Republican" political lobbies.
That is a foreign European tradition that was imported by Communists who came here in 1848, when they were kicked out of their home countries for causing trouble during the 1848 Workers Rebellion in Europe.
They had organized to advocate for better wages and working conditions and for basic rights and freedoms similar to what Americans enjoyed, but their thought processes were so indoctrinated in the European tradition that they couldn't function as Americans---- and so, they brought their political parties and guilds and other problematic institutions with them to this country and shared the joy.
Like a common case of syphilis.
We, Americans, don't vote. We elect. And we certainly don't participate in private corporate elections that pertain only to our employees and the internal workings of their service organizations. We have our own elections and issues to worry about.
We'd like to work with Donald Trump because he keeps his word --- but if we get stuck working with some other officer of the corporation, or have to directly address the Pope, the Queen, or the Lord Mayor ---- it's all the same to us.
The civilian government is an unincorporated business. It is run like a business according to facts and practical circumstances. It is not substantially interested in opinions, beyond healthy debate of factual information.
We don't get into pity-potty. We don't favor some "citizens" over others. We don't engage in partisan political agendas, because political parties don't exist in our actual government.
Instead, we are all Americans, and we are all here for the good of America, and that's all there is to that.
This united front and the simplicity of our system of "politics" is a great advantage.
Our electoral process costs almost nothing, remains fact-driven, and therefore avoids all the hysterics and lies and deceits.
In our system of things, you have choices to make and issues to debate, but it isn't the pathetic sideshow so obvious in the political party offerings today.
One wonders when the Democrat bought-and-paid-for Press will start criticizing President Trump's sideburns. They are two long. They aren't long enough. Surely it reveals lack of moral character to wear your sideburns too long? Or, alternatively, surely it shows a dangerous lack of mental stability to wear them too short?
You might as well have a group of Stone Age witch doctors driving public policy.
So come home to sanity. Populate your actual government and do your Public Duty.


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  1. Hurrah! I concur almost completely, but I would beg to differ with your statement that Donald Trump as kept his word". He has not kept his word to lock Hillary Clinton up if elected 4 full years ago now. Yes, he has done some great things for US Citizens (not Americans). It's a bit pie-in-the-sky to trust in the secret military plan with almost nothing being disclosed about the supposed ongoing operations being done to neutralize things like pedo networks, deep-staters, etc. I don't trust ANY military plan, but I do trust in We the People and the American collective chutzpah and fiery DIY vigor, though I am not exactly holding my breath for all Americans to unite en masse anytime soon. It will be pockets of militias and good sheriffs and private individuals who put their feet down, stand their ground as true Americans, and put the stake through the heart of this parasitic BEAST once and for all!

    1. I concur with your "beg to differ", Alex! All of this is very well stated!

  2. Fauci: Large protests ok, Church gatherings dangerous. That's right folks, the Luciferian, devil worshiping Jesuit definitely does not want you in church worshipping the real GOD. So, people have to get creative..ha..ha and conduct worship services in WALMART !

    Kevin Shipp@Kevin_Shipp
    Gotta love this. American Ingenuity. In the Deep State's face. Thanks for the forward Vivian K.
    This church decided to worship at their local Walmart since they weren't allowed to gather anywhere else

  3. I have to agree. President Trump has not kept his word or been fair to Wikileaks or to their founder Julian Assange. In fact he threw them under the bus when he flat out lied that he knew nothing about them. I became a "was a Trumper" from that day on. Now it looks like he's on board with mandatory vaccines and stated"that the military would be dispersing them in a very powerful way". I have come more and more to the idea of one party. They do the dog and pony show (with lots of mind -control) to keep us divided, distracted,and disillusioned. Unable to pull together and figure out what is really going on.

  4. "We give you a republic if you can keep it" (Benjamin Franklin). Unfortunately he didn't tell you based upon a corrupt Roman republic model that fell. Most of the founders had slaves just like the roman model, you over-look that, Ann, while extolling the 'rump or any other CEO of the corp. Sorry you can't imagine better constitutions and better models, but then it was the Vatican who gave you corps, trusts, foundations, as vehicles to escape liability, as tells the tale of the late, great planet earth. You're supposed to learn from history so you don't have to repeat it.

  5. Trump goes into hiding says: In this video of a speech he did today, he basically stated he's going into hiding before nailing "rich and powerful people who don't like him very much". He then, as his last tweet, left only "Drain the swamp". HUUUUGE: TRUMP GOES INTO HIDING

    As always, highly dramatic terrorist attacks like this one are always timed to DISTRACT the entire planetary civilization from shocking major revelations.
    There are many crime waves, serious scandals and naked conspiracies going on right now that The Powers That Be would like to distract US all from. Each Deep State or Democrat crime spree is a potential neutron bomb in terms of political fall-out. Hence, the perps behind the Beirut bombing certainly see this as another necessary October Surprise, and like OPERATION COVID-19 and the transparently staged race riots, another early surprise.

    Obviously, the most radioactive disclosures being made over the past couple of weeks concern HCQgate—a deliberate Deep State-Big Pharma conspiracy to deprive the American people of the COVID-19 cure protocol known as Hydroxychlorquine~Azithromycin~Zinc. See: #HCQgate: Deep State-Big Pharma Anti-HCQ Conspiracy Blown Wide Open

    INDISPUTABLE EVIDENCE CONFIRMS: 9/11 was both an “Inside Job” and “Mossad Job”

  6. Anna:
    I see why you called STATES OF STATES. Because there are two pairs, 4-sets, created by Britain, and by the Vatican-City. How cool to be able to see the whole structure visually, like a Tree and Branches. Like a map. This is so easy to understand. I want to give the Tree Demonstration to the Vermin Workers. To see how dumb can they get.

    We should arrest them, for their non-compliance. And have you guys vote how you want to punish them in Jail or something else. Otherwise the problems will never be resolved Once and for all.

    Evidences to support the Fraudulent Trust Accounts, for the tree & branches are found on Wall-street. 11,500+ trust accounts found, captured, this is the source of wealth taken from us, by the CORPORATIONS.

    1. >>> Ever hear of Tonopah Arizona?
      Tonopah /ˈtoʊnoʊˌpɑː/ is a census-designated place in western Maricopa County, Arizona, United States, approximately 50 miles

      Yes, that's a SUB-Corp of Sub-Corp. of US Consensus of WA D.C. CONgress. They are THIEVES helpers, spy for Bankers to steal people homes. They came and trespassed, to check if any one home, IF they feel you're not home, then they signal the Bankers to come in to switch the DeadboldLock. So learn now to slow them down, Use a 1/4: x 0.8" SS or Titanium small metal block, to break their drill bit. Then if they still returned, screw their numeric keypad, and jamb their Key entry. Plan ahead folks.
      Charge them for Theft, use CANON, org. US law, International law, etc. except their Admiralties.

  7. If you look at Dr. Judy Wood's research you will discover that the buildings that came down during 911 were actually disintegrated. Go here: It says in the name of the video on youtube that it's Part 15 but the whole video is there so I'm not sure what Part 15 means...

  8. Well put Anna as there are a lot of, Witch doctors directing the worlds policies...

  9. The Deception is all around us..but the multitude refuses to see it..or hear it..view this video The Great Deception by educating liberals..and pay close attention at 105:05 the mans voice...