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Monday, August 17, 2020

Hats, Hats, and More Hats

By Anna Von Reitz 

It is just now dawning on many people that there are multiple Congresses and multiple Supreme Courts and multiple Offices of the President.
These different offices are sometimes referred to as "hats" --- as in "wearing a different hat today."
This saying and the practice of wearing different hats comes from the Office of the Pope. When the Pope wears a skull cap, he is operating in a different office than when he wears the infamous Papal Tiara.
The number of offices you can fill depends only on the number of hats you can wear. Last time I looked, the US Postmaster had seven hats--- seven different offices he could enter and vacate at will, having and manipulating different powers in each of the seven offices.
So with this background it should come as no surprise that there are multiple Offices of the President, each with different requirements and different powers. There are also multiple Congresses. And multiple Supreme Courts.
This is because there are multiple jurisdictions involved and multiple constitutional contracts to administer.
We already brought it to your attention that there are three (3) Constitutions:
(A) The Federal Constitution which is called "The Constitution for the united States of America", and which pertains to the missing American Subcontractor.
(B) The Territorial Constitution known as "The Constitution of the United States of America".
(C) The Municipal Constitution known as "The Constitution of the United States".
Each one of these constitutions enables the Federal Government to operate in different international and global jurisdictions, so when the members of "the" United States Supreme Court consider questions pertaining to each of these similar constitutions, they are wearing different hats, and convening different "Supreme Courts" using the same members.
Think of it as football, baseball, and basketball being played by the same group of players.
And the same thing goes on in Congress and the Office of the President.
It would be helpful if the people occupying these offices were required to change their hats when they "switch gears", but no such luck.
This is how the members of the Rump Congresses following the Civil War were enabled to continue operating "the" Congress, despite the fact that a third of the Federal Government, the American part, was Missing in Action. And still is.
They simply operated the Territorial and Municipal offices of Congress instead of the offices of what is called the Federal Republic --- switched hats, and carried on, leaving the actual Federal Government intended by the American People sidelined.
Because all three constitutions are very similar in wording and appearance and envision the same basic intent, the loss of a "hat" was survivable. Because the Federal Government has always survived on purloined credit and revenue from the regulation of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms, the financing was only tricky on the front end ---- the Territorial Congress is not allowed to issue actual asset-backed money, only military script.
Enter the Federal Reserve Board and Federal Reserve (Promissory) Notes.
The Municipal Congress authorized at Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 has a different problem. Operating as a plenary oligarchy, the Municipal Congress can issue asset-backed money, but they are severely restricted geographically, and supposed to operate only within the "one mile square" afforded to the Municipality of Washington, DC.
Enter the Petro "dollar" and all the various evils associated with that.
Also enter the evils of Municipal corporations, like Microsoft and NYC, INC., which have extended the reach of the Municipal Government into the American heartland and around the world, and allowed this Band of Brigands to usurp not only on our government, but on all the other governments worldwide.
The so-called Two Party System is a result of the two Federal Subcontractors battling it out --- the Territorial Corporation (Military) and the Municipal Corporation (Federal Civil Service) --- equals the Republicans v. Democrats.
And now you see why there are persistent rumors of "Civil War" breaking out, as these two factions push each other back and forth, striving for dominance.
When you put this into context you can also see why we have two brands of every "Federal" agency and department --- the Municipal FBI and the Territorial Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Municipal IRS and the Territorial Internal Revenue Service, the Municipal DOL and the Territorial Department of Labor --- and so on and on.
The truly interesting part of all this, is that both choices are foreign governments with respect to us.
They are operating a foreign political system on our shores while appearing to be our government--- when in fact they are only Subcontractors of our actual government.
All this frou-frou of elections and political parties is about our Federal Subcontractors, and who runs them. It's not about us.
This confusion, deceit, and constructive fraud has been enabled and promoted and made possible by the members of Congress wearing different hats --- and simply not telling anyone.
The Territorial Government makes its money on war and by selling our young men and women as cheap mercenaries. The Municipal Government makes money via commercial fraud and manipulation of child labor contracts, administration of trust assets, and commandeering currency and commodity markets.
We've been the victims, targets, and unwitting participants in the greatest confidence racket scheme in world history, and it has all been made possible by the members of Congress wearing different hats.
And now we come to the important part: what to do about it.
Go to: and get started today.


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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. It's a great advantage to know all the technicalities of the corruption and crimes against humanity and creation from these federal, state, county and municipal employees including the "Pope" and "Queen". The individual who is divinely educated and comprehend the deadly actions of these undivine legal persons will be the only divine lawful person who will be able to extinguish them from existence for eternity. Without a divine agent on Earth for divine intervention there is no more creation.

  3. The war is between creation saviour group versus creation destroyer group, pick one willing to die for.

  4. We have been taking about this forever now.....but you all miss the point...none of it was possible without the BAR....Attorneys that lie about everything or anything...get rid of these notorious players once and for all starts with the DOJ....Of you control the courts you control the people , even more than the is secondary compared to that lacherous group..!!
    Is it any wonder why they want to defund the police...they dont work for us, they work for the corporation..!! And they dont even know it, which makes them very dangerous..!! If you show them paperwork that says you own your property, they tell you they dont know law and doing their job...!!

    But if they are going to take someones house they are required by. law to check out your paperwork and make a decision even if the court finds out that you dont...a good policeman knows the law and our constitution, not corporate law and contracts...nobody wants to learn law...!! The only " rule of law" they know is all corporate contract other words there is no " rule of law" or constituion...!!
    As soon as a church becomes big , they immediately incorporate and pay no taxes because we are all paying for that...!! Pat Robertson of the 700 club ask people all the time to tithe...what, give you more debt instraments so we go further into debt...these pastors need a major teaching about money and currency...they understand neither and cannot help us...!! If Anna was telling the truth about our couty recorders office, then correcting our status with only 4 pieces of paperwork seems so easy...!! Once i do this i am suing the IRS for press ganging, identitiy theft, fraud in small claims court for $20000 , the amount the state has in " unclaimed assets" for us....but if we try and cliam it now it will only wind up in their( FTB) hands...!! When is everyone going to get smart and get rid of attorneys...send them all back to the queen or GITMO and let us all live in peace...!! Never ever allow another attorney ( a title of nobility), to hold any office in govt...except in admiralty cases..!!

    People have the absolute right to defund the police and change that agency into its original role as " peace officers"....then maybe we will have true justice...!!

  5. Like when federal agents offered the native chief some land. He asked where they got the land, did they buy it? They said "Cheif, you do not understand, we are offering to give you some land" skating around the truth that they stole the land.

  6. Shouldn't the "one mile square" be "not exceeding ten Miles square?"