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Sunday, August 9, 2020

Concerning "Patriots" and Railroad Tracks


By Anna Von Reitz

This morning I got word that another group of "Patriots" are going down the same road as the Colorado Nine.  

This group, led by Ron Vrooman and apparently, Ron Gibson, too, is trying to deny the history and public records we've brought forward, and are going head to head with the State of State courts in Oregon.
They will lose.  They will, most likely, go to jail.


For the same reason that an enlisted man in the Army goes to the brig when he slaps an officer.  

For the same reason that an employee gets fired when he disobeys his boss.  

I've spent forty years watching patriots go to jail.  

Those that won't listen go to the foreign court, they subject themselves to that court, they lose their freedom, their property, and most often serve lengthy prison sentences, too.  And the court doesn't even listen to their arguments.

Why?  Because they are presumed to be employees or dependents of the corporations they are suing.  They are insubordinate. 

What do you expect the corporate management to do?  Pat them on the head and explain that, yes, they are actually the employers, but they aren't recognizable as such in the foreign court system?  

So, prepare yourselves for another "Colorado Nine" incident.  These yahoos won't listen to me, so I am wiping my hands, again. 

I once saw (from a distance) a turkey go stand on a railroad track, and just stand there to the very bitter end, while a locomotive bore down on it.  

It sacrificed its life, only God knows why or to what end. 

In order for an Assembly to be a valid State Assembly, it must be composed of people who have declared their proper and singular political status as State Citizens.  Period.  

That's the way it is, and the way it has always been since the beginning of this country.  

There are, of course, State-of-State Assemblies composed of U.S. Citizens, but that's not the same thing.  

Until this confusion gets resolved, and "Patriots" get their heads screwed on, they will continue to go to jail, because they continue to act as U.S. Citizens and continue to create foreign State-of-State "District" Assemblies as a result ---- and then claim to be actual State Assemblies. 

As long as they are acting as U.S. Citizens they can't create a valid State Assembly--- by definition.  

This "mistaken activity" nets the Patriots nothing but a world of trouble and serious criminal charges on top of it.  

I am sorry that we are about to witness another Colorado Nine debacle.  I have warned them.  I have explained why their process and assumptions are flawed.  I have done all that I can.  

And, still, the turkeys are standing on the railroad tracks, waiting for the train. 


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