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Sunday, August 9, 2020

The Good News of the Week


By Anna Von Reitz

President Trump confiscated the assets of Private Bank in Florida and Ohio, as part of the operation to shut down the bank involved in the theft and money laundering of $1.8 billion in US Foreign Aid to the Ukraine ---- not coincidentally, this is the same bank that was involved in kicking back millions of dollars to Joe Biden's son and directly to other US politicians as well.  

Remember that I told you that only about 2% of all the Foreign Aid allocated by "the" US CONGRESS actually makes it to the purported destination?  

This is a case in point, adequately demonstrating how the banks have been used to transfer and launder money for both political and criminal enterprises. 

This seizure sends a broad and open message to the banks in general--- and it is long overdue.  Unless agreements can be reached in the coming weeks, we can expect widespread shut downs of banks worldwide, vast restructuring, and changes of management by October.

We can also expect true Martial Law to be in effect and emergency systems to be employed to keep trade going, both nationally and internationally.  We can also expect suspension of the November election cycle for the incorporated government services offices. 

It's up to the bankers now and the message is loud and clear--- either cut the crappola or have all your assets confiscated.   It's a message that should be followed up by a similar message to Big Pharma and Big Media --- either serve the Public Good, or be taken down and out.  

This move by President Trump will drain the Swamp no matter what.  He is, again, keeping his word. 

The other Good News for the past week is that the Bundy Affair is well and truly dead.  The Federal Appeals Court affirmed Nevada Judge Navarro's finding of gross prosecutorial misconduct and dismissal with prejudice. 

So that nightmare is finally and conclusively over.  No new charges can be brought and even if the DOJ were unwise enough to bring it to the US Supreme Court, it would not be selected for hearing, as doing so would only further expose and subject the malfunctioning BLM and FBI and District Sheriff's Offices to criminal charges.  

Wrongful death charges are, I hear, pending.  I wish the widow and children and all those endangered by the horrific and deliberate ambush of LaVoy Finicum great success, and I sincerely hope that the perpetrators will be brought to actual justice in the not-so-distant future.  


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