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Friday, July 3, 2020

The Act of 1871 Was Repealed

By Anna Von Reitz

The Act of 1871 was indeed passed in 1871. Repealed in 1874. Then by piecemeal finally revived and passed in 1877, implemented in 1878. And it had precious little to do with us, as it was actually a restructuring of one of the foreign Federal Subcontractors to better avoid culpability for and to profit from crimes that the same Guilty Parties had already committed against us. 

After the Civil War the victorious Union Army that fought for the Northern Confederation  reorganized what was left of the Federal Territorial Government to settle the bankruptcy Lincoln started in 1863, which he declared the day after he  issued  the first ever Executive Order—- General Order 100.  

Among other things prior to the Act of 1871, a Scottish Commercial Corporation merely calling itself  “The United States of America, Incorporated” foisted off it’s corporate Articles of Incorporation as “the” Constitution in 1868. 

So they formed a substitute entity, a foreign commercial corporation, named it after us, and started doing business “in our names”—- impersonating us and illegally accessing our assets and credit— starting in 1868.  

And in 1871, they began this same process of impersonation “for” the District of Columbia— by creating the District of Columbia Municipal Corporation.  

Call me old-fashioned, but the Switcheroo that took place in 1868 is what should be of most concern to us as Americans, and only secondarily should the corollary fraud taking place in the District of Columbia concern us.

In both cases, the actual government was usurped and our assets seized upon illegally and unlawfully via members of “the US” Congress pretending to “represent” us and all operated under conditions of non-disclosure, fraud, breach of trust, and deceit. 

To put it bluntly— instead of functioning as our Fiduciary Deputies in the office we defined for them, these Post-Civil War reprobates evaded that responsibility and began operating as  “Trustees” of our State assets, and as our purported proxies voting “for” us in their own corporate shareholder elections.

And they never told us a word about all these  arrangements being made “for” us and in our names. 

The actual American Government was thus by-passed and settled into dormancy while  our Employees contrived to become our Masters—-literally. 

Yes, the Act of 1871 is a window on the process of this criminality overtaking a foreign subcontractor of ours, but that’s hardly our concern.  A subcontractor of ours could choose to reorganize its own internal affairs and decide to incorporate its business and it’s no skin off our noses, is it? 

What is really important about the Act of 1871 is that it shows what went on in Scotland and America in 1868. 

And all without our knowledge or permission. 


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  1. Replies
    1. The WA D.C. Devils are not easily killed, they serve the UK and Pope. If your 3rd eye is working, you would see what I mean.

    2. Act of 1871 is full of flaw, lies, and convoluted page manipulations. Why? There were missing pages and fix-up, before-and-in-between Act of 1871, ~74 (REPEALED) and thereafter; with a BIG gap after, 1869. NOT 1877 as Anna said. Even though revamped, Act of 1871 already mentioned that it was created for the MUNICIPAL CORPORATION in WA D.C. limited to the 10-sq mile since 1871 of that region. There is nothing new, the toxic devils always misbehaved. They created the CHAOS then and now.

      1) If you doubt, you should check the document page sequence. Missing (06400606.gif), through (06400607.gif) missing, and perhaps more, if you investigate in details. There was a page Jump, from April 10 1869, jumps to Dec, 1869 with NO Congress activity. If you like to see, their actual manipulations of Old Congress Doc’s, you have to type in the actual page by sequential order. DON’T Click [PREV IMAGE] and [NEXT IMAGE] because, the page-wrapper will confuse your mind, into thinking that everything was in order, when it fact there are missing Doc’s. At least I verified a couple of times carefully. Download the page on your local computer and analyze the actual page index or label. Here is a sequence.

      Equivalent location:

      Actual location:

      2) The current U.S.(Inc) CONgress is untrustable, they formulated legal Doc’s and got in office after G.H.BUSH and Pope’s plan to rob us, from 1989 to present time, via their fraudulent “Affordable housing Act”, tied to their altered UCc 8-102(11), allowing themselves to lie and manipulated papers to deceive us. As well as their Broken FDR NEW Deal. I mean they extracted our retirement fund, disability fund, and many other Trust funds, by more than 11,500 accounts.

    3. Carpenter - Will check your links. Thanks for this. A fellow researcher who provides a lot of info, has found this sorted curiosity:
      “Practically nothing is known about the Bill of Rights between 1789 and 1938”

      Here, a facsimile of Declaration was made. The first in Washington, their DC capital, the next is out of Philadelphia, America’s capital:

      …In 1814, when the British attacked Washington, State Department clerks evacuated the Declaration, first to an unused gristmill near Chain Bridge over the Potomac River and later to a private home near Leesburg, Virginia. By 1817 Secretary of State Richard Rush noted that the "hand of time" had faded the signatures. In 1820 Secretary of State John Quincy Adams contracted with William J. Stone to engrave a facsimile of the Declaration, and when it was completed in 1823, Congress ordered two hundred official copies on parchment. It is because of Stone's engraving plate, now in the National Archives, that we know what the original Declaration looked like.

      Constitution. The Constitutional Convention met in Philadelphia during the summer of 1787, and on September 16 - 17, 1787, Jacob Shallus, an assistant clerk of the Pennsylvania State Assembly, engrossed the Constitution on four parchment sheets. Delegates signed it on page four, and George Washington and William Jackson, the president and secretary of the convention, signed a fifth page, called the Resolution of Transmittal. The Constitution, like the Declaration, passed to the custody of the Department of State in 1789, moved with the government, and was evacuated to Leesburg in 1814. The Constitution was never exhibited, and there are only a few mentions of it in the historical record…

      It continues :
      Practically nothing is known about the Bill of Rights between 1789 and 1938, except that it was kept with other signed original laws and resolutions, moved with the government, and although not specifically mentioned, was probably evacuated to Leesburg in 1814.

      Well, well, well the disappearing documents. 1789 and 1938. What could possibly go wrong?

      Adding to the mystery is our combined efforts to piece together just what else, as in, what really did occur around 1776, with recent concentrations on just prior to 1776.
      We're getting to a point that what we see posited as America's history, is really hyped British Colonial history. They've purposefully put British history, accounts, stories, events, characters & we now see thanks to Anna, the Civil War is their history, not America's.

      So what is America's history then? This gets very interesting, ok.
      We're not convinced the city populations are correct, nor their dates, nor most of their claims about anything. Something else pretty major was America prior to 1776.

      The wholesale conflated propaganda pushed a factual American history is for a damn no-good reason but for their control & profiteering. Go directly to City of London jews, then skip on to Swissy Octogon as global controlling jew perch.

    4. Fires destroy records, history. Said first York Canada 1812, then White House & other buildings DC 1814, 1862, 1880. Focus on the British for 1814 fire, then focus turned to Canada for retaliation to America for burning York.
      Trump is said to have asked Canada if they burned the WH, back in 1918, I think.
      White House burned 3 times :

      White House (plantation)- Union troops stationed at the White House Plantation (of the Army of the Potomac) under the command of George B. McClellan, would burn the second White House to the ground on June 28, 1862, as they retreated during the Seven Days Battles. The third and final White House burned in 1880. The three White Houses collectively spanned over 180 years.

      When We Burned Canadian York -- Gordon S. Wood’s excellent article on the origins and impact of the War of 1812 ... features an interesting omission. The British burning of the Capitol, White House, and other buildings in Washington, D.C., in August 1814 was a direct and proportional retaliation for the American looting and burning of the Legislative Assembly and other buildings in York, now Toronto, Ontario, in April 1813. This war was indeed the first time that the United States had invaded a sovereign, peaceful democracy in order to expand its territory or influence, but sadly, not the last. The American invasion succeeded in unifying the young Canada and ensured that the country would never join the United States.

      Burning of the Parliament Buildings in Montreal - Wikipedia - The parliament house of the province of Upper Canada, founded in 1791 and seated in York, had been burned down by the American army during the War of 1812. The parliament remained itinerant between 1814 and 1829, and a permanent building did not re-open before 1832.

      Lots of opportunity to shuffle documents, rewrite, replace & lie.

  2. Abraham Springsteen aka. Abraham Lincoln
    Communist Jew from Illinois was installed by Jewish bankers with 7million dollars.
    And access to all the zionest R.R. .
    Used bankruptcy that he created to implement martial law and convert road corperation issuing 100 executive orders in 30 days hiring 800,000. Mercenaries told them kill the farmers and you get thair land .
    But the gullible propagandized north thought it was about slavery no Springsteen used that as a hammer to stop the French from lending money to the south .

    1. bubbapatric - thats interesting on Lincoln. We knew he had family, maybe inherited property from a Springsteen, maybe in the south.

      And there's Liberia, Africa, land acquired to re-home Africans. What so pathetic is the articles about this use 'White' liberally, always negatively tinged. Never do these articles state the African slave trade was run by jews, not Whites.

      Its sickening to see the constant barrage against Whites WHO STOPPED JEW AFRICAN SLAVE TRADE, & it was British jews & their jew owned Dutch West India Co. at that.

      Its looking like the African slaves brought to America were British property, not American slaves, & our research shows appeals to Queen Victoria for voting rights for women, then Negro Africans,... in their Brit run colonial occupation. They were NOT AMERICANS.

      Yep, lots of British history has replaced our true American history, if not most all of it.

  3. Anna we do very much appreciate your valuable information & insights into their most destructive mechanisms, intrigues & intricacies, and on how to rectify these horrendous wrongs.

  4. JEWS & their Scottish Rite. What could possibly go wrong?
    Note: jew = slave trader, not Whites.

    Moses Michael Hays was a prosperous slave-trader, banker, and merchant of colonial New England. Born in New York City in 1739, he was the son of Judah Hays and Rebecca Michaels, Jewish immigrants from the Netherlands. Hays introduced the Order of the Scottish Rite Masonic Order to America.

    He was the Grand Master of Massachusetts Masonic Lodge with Paul Revere and friend of Patriot Thomas Paine and he helped organized the King David Lodge in 1769. Hays moved from Newport to Boston in 1776 where he opened a shipping office. In June, 1776 (one month before the Declaration of Independence) Hays delivered a now famous letter to Rhode Island General Assembly protesting the requirement that Jews sign loyalty test before the fledgling government.

    He is credited as being one of the founders of the Massachusetts Fire and Marine Insurance Company which served to underwrite shipbuilding, trade and insurance to newly opened Far Eastern markets. In 1784 as the first depositor, Hays became a founder of the Massachusetts Bank which became part of the still operating Bank of America.

  5. Thanks for the clarification on who is the Scottish rite.

    1. bubbapatric - thanks, quite the little Scottish Rite reveal, eh. There is no question who's behind all of this chicanery but Talmudists.

      and while am thinking of this,to the folks out there who refuse to see the jew for what it is - wanted to post it before I forget.
      Karen Hudes just did a video in which she states her great grandad was the one who brought the Mafia to America. She states she is full jew (baptized Christian after having a Christ experience) & her great-grandad was FULL JEW.

      There ya go, doubters out there, same thing we've been saying for years JEWS ARE THE MAFIA, were then, are today. Italian jews are part of it. Vile disgusting murderous psycho thug parasites NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A JEW & MAFIOSO, no difference but the accents, ok.

      Take Las Vegas, gambling casinos, alcohol, prostitution, drugs, arms, trafficking, porn, laundering, Bugsy Segal, all JEW MAFIA.

      Now that would put Israhelli 1st fat rolling-in-dough-boy jew Sheldon Adelson a mafioso. Gave heavily to Trump's political concerns, $25 million to his campaign, $30 million to a super PAC, $100 Million to GOP, $500k to Trump aides’ legal expenses, $10m. toward Trump’s efforts, $113 million in the 2018 midterm elections.

      Trump adorned his jewess mafioso wife Miriam with Medal of Freedom. Trump couldn't NOT give her a little jew'elry something, eh. Whats not to love with a jew mafioso?

      Look, great, ya got it, ya give it. BUT ITS ALL JEW RUN.


    Tomorrow in Washington, DC, there will be leftist protests all over the city that will begin in the morning and span into nightfall. There will also be hardcore patriots (those who are unafraid of COVID and leftist violence) in town to attend Trump’s July 4th “Salute to America.” The mixture of aggressive leftists and hardcore patriots will be a rather volatile one to say the least. If you add to that a potential “blue flu” or deliberate stand-down of police by the black Democrat mayor of DC, Muriel Bowser (who is opposed to the “Salute to America” celebration), it’s easy to see how Washington could explode along with the fireworks.

    The sun will set in DC at 8:37 PM, and the 35-minute firework display will start at 9:07 PM (precisely two hours before the lunar eclipse begins at 11:07 PM). The 35 minutes of explosions and crackles in the dark will provide excellent cover for paid thugs in both the leftist and patriot groups to “whip out their gats” and start slaughtering opposing protesters.

    The mainstream media will, of course, report that “Trump-loving, far-right white supremacists” started the fighting by trying to “massacre peaceful protesters and people of color.” And as this news propagates through the population, paid Antifa/BLM thugs throughout the country will mobilize in the 11 o’clock hour (after the eclipse begins) to hit their preselected neighborhoods. Opportunistic local thugs mobilized via social messaging will join in the mayhem.

    As bad as this scenario sounds, this is only the “go small” version. In the “go big” version, the Antifa/BLM/street thug army will be joined by “jihadis, foreign government terror cells, foreign special operations teams, and drug cartel armies” attacking predetermined targets throughout the country. This “go big” version would be the full “Communist Attack on America.”

    Of course, things will go differently on July 4th if Trump is assassinated tonight by “Iranian drones,” a “North Korean nuke,” or a combination EMP/Indian militant attack (in which Trump’s security detail loses comms and security gear due to the EMP and is overwhelmed by “Native American protesters“). Trump could go down like Custer in that scenario, so I’m sure the globalist scriptwriters have considered it.

    One thing I should mention at this point is that any of the scenarios we face will be made-for-TV events. Although the attacks would be portrayed as ubiquitous and overwhelming by the media’s narrow and obsessive focus, they would only scratch the surface of our nation. Even if the globalists scrounge up a million man misfit army for this operation, there are 3,141 counties in the US, which would come out to 318 revolutionaries per county. Obviously, they can’t attack everywhere, so the odds are that you won’t see any action in your neighborhood and I won’t see any in mine. But I’m choosing to be ready in case my neighborhood has been pre-targeted or stray street thugs come in and try to take advantage of the situation.

    My notes

    A BLM rally was held not less than 3 miles away from me

    Last couple of weeks a truck with a like trailor on the back has come through out neighborhood with a black dj being towed behind with loud speakers attached to a car following it one time and the second time they came through the car with the speaker was not in tow

    Suspicious behavior to say the least so I'm definitely prepared
    Everyone else best be too


    Just putting the information out for those interested

  7. I found this video and he leaves a link under the video
    Check it out

  8. Wink wink check this out - RDS BS

    And Omarosa he is talking about is a member of the families specifically the Bush family

    From the article linked above, page 3

    Her mother is a Walker.
    As in George Herbert Walker Bush.
    She is descended from Peter Manigault, the wealthiest man in the US at
    its founding, even richer than George Washington.
    He owned large parts of South Carolina.
    He married a Wragg and his daughter married a Middleton.

    She was on the show APPRENTICE with her other relative Trump, see how that works

    I believe Steele is also a family member

    See page 13 of the below linked article for more information which indicate there are possible links to RDS to the families

    These families change their names and write stories about their false flags and that is what became out history like this one and the Alamo
    They still doing the same thing today and often times decendents of the families play the role of their familiy member from the past who participated in the false flags, trials, hangings, etc etc etc

    Most if not all are military intelligence just like RDS
    He is not ex CIA either

    1. although i appreciate you posting many things shelby, i read mathis "exposes" of mullins and pound -- it is hard to believe he even read ANY of their works, let alone could try to fathom "motivations" or "nuance" or "time periods" or that, god forbid, someone might change their mind, EVER

      mathis may be good at tracing geneologies, but deriving people's motivations from this, or saying "look angleton went to school with some other guy, and he was CIA, therefore..." is quite idiotic.

      it is doubtful he has any familiarity with angleton either.

      yes, angleton probably did COINTELPRO and "spying" on "peaceful" groups in the 1960s.

      but look at the world today: "democracy" and "social democrats" are just code words for UN/"communism"

      golitsyn was right (as far as he goes -- such things go way back much longer and further than he exposed) -- as with all things "communism" it is just an extension of masonry.

      that doesnt excuse the plethora of CIA crimes and frauds and such -- but trying to find a "clean" person ANYWHERE with no faults just seems like a 12-year olds fantasy IMO.

      in real life, you have to dig for facts, and "truth", and "angles" from people during various time periods, then collate it all, factoring in their individual biases and blinders.

      again, i think mathis might be good for people who care to trace geneologies and "jewish names" or whatever, but for "motives" and "conclusions" and "ability to write a paragraph" ...

      he seems on par with the 16 year old who throws a party, and then her mother asks why there are 12 people passed out, white powder all over

      "you're not god" (therefore, you are not perfect, everything you think is wrong, dont judge me)

      mathis may be an artist, but hard to see any point to his exposes except "i am not a christian, but for some reason i am pathologically concerned with people who have jewish names" ...doesn't add up IMO.

      im damned, your damned, we're all damned -- but that's a jewish name.

      i dont think he is disinformation -- just very shallow.

      if we believe mathis, noone with a jewish name ever converted to anything else, noone tried to hijack any religions, "jewish" or otherwise, no christians ever worked with any "jewish" bankers, they must have all been part of "jewish" family lines, etc.

      and, there are no apostate jews -- if someone in your geneology has a jewish name, first or last, the implication is you must belong to some unspecified "jewish religion" or, at least, some ever-shifting committee of 300.

      maybe mathis will some day collate his findings and present something worthwhile. just seems mostly useless tidbits from what i saw. hard to see any "thesis" he has except "LOOK a jewish name!"

      yes, pound said everyone including "communists" deserve to be heard on the merits. he pointed out an "aristocracy" has a 'legitimate' purpose -- to filter culture/art/tastes/law/etc. and set a baseline for everyone "below" to work up to. he said they had failed.

      that doesn't make him a "leninist" -- quite the opposite, they disliked him, he was an IN-DUH-VID-UAL-IST.

      he in fact pointed out there was a good reason, in theory, not to wage blind "class war" -- the "upper classes" theoretically had a reason to exist. he did agree they had failed in their duty, both art-wise, culture, law, finances, etc. he was no "communist" -- quite the contrary.

      pound quoted confucius, because he studied poetry from all over -- therefore, pound was a communist. this is the level of mathis "expose". quite idiotic.

      quoting confucius and writing poetry baced on ancient schemes is "love of modern art" ? mathis didnt appear to do ANY research AT ALL.

    2. both mullins and pound were "artists" -- they were concerned with crooked finances and "politics" because it made for bad "art"

      artificial pressure, no time to do a good job -- neither of them cared for "modern art"

      honestly, mathis is either an idiot or trolling.

      is this a "communist" viewpoint to say crooked finances bleeds into other things? they opposed the "corporate fascism" of FDR.

      mussolini didnt exactly try any of pound's finance ideas -- quite the contrary. they thought he was a u.s. spy.

      mathis seems to have done ZERO actual reading of pound or mullins.

      it is fine to argue facts or images presented in their works as not being "true" -- but he is too lazy to do any of that.

      he is just inventing straw men and shooting them down.

      by all means, mathis may be good at connecting geneologies but its difficult to imagine he's ever read any book in his life.

    3. pound had the nerve to try to "make people think" and he had a "holistic" viewpoint. religion bleeds into art bleeds into law bleeds into finances -- they are all intertwined.

      change of bank == change of ruler.
      change of type of money == something changed somewhere else.

      yes, he had a variety of "friends" -- "anarchists" would go visit him, so would "conservatives" and "liberals"

      wow, he could hold a conversation with whoever. even "jews" were invited (but mullins said rarely if ever showed up).

      mathis' level of expose is "one time x went to a party with y and shared a glass of wine, therefore they must be having an affair"

    4. Shelby - ok read page 13++, couldn't stop. Anyhoo, checked out a name known as slave traders to find they are JEWS, imagine that. Then this reference, once again, truth is closing in on the jews for their running the African slave trade, not Whites: Friedman, Saul (September 29, 2017). "Jews and the American Slave Trade".

      Notice too, all these jews running slaves are British, City of London Crown owned Dutch West India Co, bringing their Africans to our American soil for their British plantations, NOT AMERICAN, then they left them here for us to deal with forever more. TYPICAL JEW SH*T.

      So the Africans were jew owned British property & thats why they weren't allowed to vote as American. BLAMING THIS ON WHITE AMERICANS. The Africans were not Americans. The appeal was for Brits to allow their voting rights, women too.

      In reading other sources, its the Brit women who weren't allowed to vote, about whom suffrage narrative is about.
      the only thing I've found of merit as to women demanding voting rights is Declaration of Sentiments 1848 >>> They are BRITS & they view Queen Victoria as their anti-monarchical freedom fighter.

      And now its possible the whole early American suffragette movement is a lie. Again, its Brits.
      And gotta see this line up for feminazi's - ALL JEWS.

      So the history we're told is American is NOT, its British Colonists who were NOT AMERICANS.
      So then what is our true American history? Hidden. why? Cuz pre 1776 is not what we're told.

      So back to page '13' & Steeles. Oh yeah I know what started me looking at those names & pics, was looking to see if any of those Steels looked like Chipmunks, thus RDS related, who is Latino, by his own admission, non-White.

      Interesting on negro Omarosa Manigault Newman, related to jew slave owners.

      So its looking like our FAKE American History is replaced by inserting JEW BRIT history.
      Now that i know what to look for, it keeps showing itself.
      We really are living in a massive lying matrix.

    5. Peter Manigault (October 10, 1731 – November 12, 1773) was a Charleston, South Carolina attorney, plantation owner, slave owner and colonial legislator. He was the wealthiest man in the British North American colonies at the time of his death. He was the son-in-law of Joseph Wragg, the largest slave trader of North America in the 1730s.

      A jew.

    6. xerces yakir - good post on Miles Mathis. We think so too. Great stuff he digs up, just the same. Yeah we wonder about his conclusions too. Still, extensive digs he avails to us for pickin, mighty generous of him.

    7. Google, Wiki, MSM, lie regarding the Jew & slave connection

      Michael Hoffman@HoffmanMichaelA
      "#Wikipedia describes Aaron Lopez as a "slave trader and philanthropist." Not many objective observers would define a seller of human flesh as a benefactor of humanity, but Wikipedia does.

      Aaron Lopez (1731–1782), born Duarte Lopez, was an Anglo-Portuguese Jewish merchant, slave trader and philanthropist. Through his varied commercial ventures, he became the wealthiest person in Newport, Rhode Island, in British America. In 1761 and 1762, Lopez unsuccessfully sued the Colony of Rhode Island for citizenship. Duarte Lopez was born in 1731 in Lisbon, Portugal.[1] He belonged to a family of conversos, ethnically Jewish people who had converted to Catholicism, although the family continued to practice Judaism in secret.

      Lopez was involved in the slave trade. Historian Eli Faber determined Lopez underwrote 21 slave ships during a period in which Newport sent a total of 347 slave ships to Africa, and Faber described Lopez's ventures in the slave trade as "an infinitesimal part" of the British slave trade. According to Faber, slaving represented about one-tenth of Lopez's shipping business. By the beginning of the American Revolution, Lopez owned or controlled 30 vessels.

      The following is interesting because they have access to the slave ship logs. Black African tribes engaged in capturing slaves from competing tribes and selling them to these Jews and British for bottles of rum.

      Ep.15: The Irony Of Aaron Lopez, Merchant Prince Of Newport

      "For the next 12 years, Aaron Lopez finances the voyages of close to 30 slave ships, forcing over 1,000 Africans into lifetimes of oppression and enslavement."

    8. Part II of the Aaron Lopez saga brings us to a burial ground in Newport, where headstones give us insight into the lives of enslaved and free Africans in colonial Rhode Island.

    9. Ready, this was back on 5th. Thanks for this link on Aaron Lopez burial site, Newport. Huge slave market N East Coast, all run by jews. Incredible find.
      Also most importantly to me, is the repeated reference to Colonial history, which isn't American, its British jew history forming Brit colonies. We think its our American history, but its only part, but the only highly referenced part
      OUR TRUE AMERICAN HISTORY isn't part of this narrative. We are massively lied to about everything.

      American & Brit White Christians stopped the African slave trade.
      So all this baalsh*t about African Negros not having a vote, again blamed on White Americans, it was Brits to whom they appealed for right to vote in their Colonial Corporation.
      Its the jew Brits who promised their Negros land & a mule. MAKE THE JEWS PAY REPARATIONS for their slaves they brought here & abandoned, who're the most murderous, raping, drug deal Beasts infesting our nation. The friggin jews did this to America, still are.

      Amazing, ain't it. Am now looking to find if any Americans owned slaves at all.
      So folks know, 78% of slaves were owned by jews, then 2nd most slave owners were Negros!! Yes! Over 3000 Negros owned slaves around New Orleans. Then 3rd highest slavers were Amerindians, including the sacrosanct Cherokee owned thousands. Now research says less than .26% so-called Whites owned slaves. This is becuz Negros & jews used White names.
      Like the 1st legal slave owner Anthony Johnson, Angolan Negro!

      And of course the South is blamed, when its the N East as New York Wall St. was slave market & still is, then East Coast. South was last.

      Am reading how jew Monsanto slave trader & owner, was kicked out of the south under Spanish, I think, & a couple other jews too had their slave owning azz's KICKED OUT, unfortunately not far enough. Yeah so Monsanto of today were slave traders & owners in New Orleans. These jews have only gotten worse, not better. Its in their blood, i tell ya. Its in their dna.

      Really appreciate this. thanks & stay sane

  9. You might find this article of some interest as well

    All this name game shit started long before 1933 according to this article??
    Read about the CONstitution and how you were never a party to it and how by using it/claiming it is an act of CRIMINAL TRESPASS??

    Other interesting information about the Talmud and this whole set up is of interest as well

    Seems like this Greenland Theory book is of significance here as we know that the jews run the banking - have a read at the article and see how things set up today and compare to the Greenland Theory book and the role the jews play in all this

    The link below is also a good read about money and it's history

    Another one from the same site as above - loads of information on the money swindles from the very beginning

  10. Should we be dealing directly with the Secretary of the Treasury?

    Interesting article

  11. Another good document for reference


    In fact take a read at the entire page of stuff

  12. Todays update

    Today is the Fourth of July, and by midnight tonight, we’ll see either a “leftist insurrection” or another globalist punt. So in case tonight’s fireworks bring with them real-life scenes from The Purge, I thought I’d write a quick summary of what’s going on so new readers can put things in their proper context.

    The globalists have foisted the COVID hoax upon us in order to bankrupt the current world system and take us into the New World Order (NWO). And to ensure that people will welcome the NWO instead of resisting it, they divided their minions into two teams: Team Bad Guys and Team Good Guys. Team Bad Guys are the Communist Democrats and the “Left” (including the Clintons and Obamas) and Team Good Guys are the Libertarian Republicans and the “Right” (including the Pauls and the Trumps).

    To open the way for the REAL NWO, they are having Team Bad Guys drive the world into a huge crisis in a purported attempt to start World War 3 and build an “evil” NWO in its aftermath. And they have scripted Team Good Guys to oppose this effort, which is why Trump is being portrayed as standing in the way of their many attempts to start the war and the Democrats are being portrayed as doing everything they can to get him out of the way.

    With the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell this week, the globalist scriptwriters have created an urgent motivation for Team Bad Guys to take down Trump before the election. According to the storyline, they need to remove him from office and suicide Maxwell before he can use her testimony to take them down, win the election, and stop the evil-version NWO. So by setting off a leftist insurrection that will leave America burning on the Fourth of July, they’ll have an excuse to remove him “before he tears the nation apart.”

    So keep an eye on the demonstrations in Washington, DC today. They’ll probably use an outrage there to start the wildfire that will sweep through America. Also watch for either an EMP or cyberattack (the latter being more likely today) that will turn out the lights across the country after the shooting starts. They might even be brewing up a new Lehman Moment over the weekend that will hit us on Monday.

    If you see all this, don’t worry too much; Team Good Guys is scripted to win the war. Their victory will happen as soon as this month or as late as September of 2023, and it will be followed by a few years of relative peace before things get ugly again.

    Let’s hope for a punt.

  13. I think last year, Anna said the act came back (in smaller portion) in 1878.

  14. Act of 1871 and their UN(Corporation) make no difference. We know “The Devils of WA D.C.” are agents of the British. And the British was/is the only one originated the UN (Corp.) to commit crimes around the world from WW1, WW2 until these days WW3? by lying to USSR to join them. FDR did not represent America.

    Why? All Roosevelt (FDR..Nixon.. until today were foreign/ delegated presidents) and were not, are not being themselves. They lied to us, the promised and broke their promises after we put them in office.


    Corona or the CROWNING hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    I've posted before about this golden age and its deception

    Be sure to read the comments under the video some good ones under there for sure

    1. How about that a new CONstitution in the Georgia Guidestones??

      Who knew?

      And the Olympians are no more?
      Hmm you would think Anna would know about this, no?

    2. And did I not tell you that they would attribute the effects of the shut down a win win for the 'earth'?

      Nevermind the weather modification and chemtrails, you humans were the cause of the earths woes as clearly their falsified data from the last three months reveals

      An absolute crock of shit is what it is

      While they rob you blind, have already moved most of the enitre populace to human settlement zones and exterminating at will, hmm sounds like good solid golden age now doesn't it

    3. Shelby -Mark Christopher is Parse Syntax, a follower of David Wynn (((Miller))) & Philip (((Gould))). He's quite dandy in his posh suit & American War Time flags, though a Brit. Reckon he's had some success on things.

    4. Shelby,
      Come on don't sugarcoat it - tell us how you really feel !

      By the way, here's a July 4th message from Joe....

  16. One might want to read this article and ask themselves

    WHAT IS AN ENVIRONMENTAL COURT? Hmm sound like something to do with SAVE THE EARTH BULLSHIT

    While the crooks decimate landscapes far and wide this woman is truned in by neighbors to an ENVIRONMENTAL COURT?

    Anna? What is an ENVIRONMENTAL COURT?

  17. Anna is right. Any structure mudt be first repaired at the damaged foundation. Messing with top floors will fail. Not a whose right wrong argument or spraying bugs that could and has ruined the soil made it sick.

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