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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

The Heinous Plan to Destroy America

Dispatches from the war: Mr. Trump, you're not Tom Paine

No guts, no glory
(To read about Jon's mega-collection, The Matrix Revealedclick here.)
Note to the reader: Don't blithely assume the economy is reopening and things will continue to improve.  The nation is under the control of public health traitors.  They can declare "new waves" of cases.  They can invent pretexts at the drop of a hat, and governors and mayors can declare lockdowns again.  This is not over.  The economic war against the people is being waged to destroy America.

You'll see this week, as my controversial series of dispatches tries to reach out to the president, I'm suggesting that he break with hallowed tradition and send in troops (or the FBI) to the states and force open the economy, once and for all.  Permanently.

I fully realize the dangers of such a move.  I also realize what this economic war against the people and the country is doing to America.  The news media are covering up the full effects.  The nation is being driven off a cliff into chaos.  That is the heinous plan.  COVID is a pumped up lie and a gross exaggeration, formulated to enable the plan.

~~~  Read this entire article here:

It's well worth your time.


  1. Jon's writing to President Trump seems like a child writing to Santa Claus. BUT, Robert David Steele, the former spy with a cherubic face, does it, too, with results apparently nil to date. Try, try, try again, as my Mother would often say!

    In the meantime, I can't access Rappoport's site with the link provided or going directly. For those who experience similar problems -- Jon's missive seems very worthwhile reading to me -- The Truthseeker (UK) has his post reproduced in full.

  2. I have additional comments -- actually, two cut-and-paste quotes and a single comment|question -- having just completed reading Part 1 of the paper entitled "Thomas Jefferson" by Miles Mathis. Neither excerpt will do justice to the paper [], which many readers of this blog may find shocking, inflammatory, and|or defamatory of a "founding father". One paragraph within the paper, however, bears directly on thoughts expressed by Jon Rappoport.

    QUOTE 1 Concerning COVID, Rappoport wrote "The nation is being driven off a cliff into chaos. That is the heinous plan. COVID is a pumped up lie and a gross exaggeration, formulated to enable the plan."

    MILES MATHIS WROTE: The current test, with Covid, is precisely that test. It is a psychological test of our current slave mentality. Creating a maximally productive slave is a tricky thing. To start with, we the people have to believe we are not slaves. We have to believe that “all men are created equal”, which is why Jefferson put that in his document—though he obviously didn't believe it. We have to believe that we will share in the fruits of society, both financially and spiritually. Hence, the “Life, Liberty, and pursuit of Happiness” clause. Productive slaves have to be convinced they are happy, which is why the media used to spend so much time driving that home. This was the main line of propaganda until recently. Think of the 1950s, when the manufactured satisfaction of the middle class was job one. Almost all entertainment was geared toward a chirpy idyll of the Mayberry sort, or later of the Waltons or Little House on the Prairie sort.

    QUOTE 2 deals with our "founding documents", WHO actually prepared them for what purposes -- and you will not appreciate the answers given.

    MILES MATHIS WROTE: And if you dig a little deeper, it is not just the EIC [East India Company] hidden here, it is two competing arms of the EIC, which are usually called the Dutch and the English EIC. The Dutch had gotten here first, as you can see from the fact that New York was originally New Amsterdam. The Dutch had allied with the French and Spanish, as we see from the split in the American Revolution. So the Federalists were fronts for the English EIC and the anti-Federalists were fronts for the Dutch/French. The Dutch/French wanted a weak central government, because they were already in place as local bankers and didn't want to be displaced. The English wanted a strong central government, because that was the only way they were going to be able to continue displacing the bankers already here. They wanted to set up new central institutions, you see, which would eventually drive out the decentralized ones. So it was all to do with trade and shipping and banking, and nothing to do with personal freedoms. All the talk about freedoms was just the usual cover. [Part Two to Follow]

    ACD COMMENT AND QUESTION: Whew! Puts a whole new light on the supposed "British Territorial" and "Papist Municipal" labels. Two labels for the two arms of the EIC???? I hope Anna has a minute or two to address that question! Does not sound like a whole lotta room for "we the people" as Americans, as also discussed by Miles Mathis in this essay.


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