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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Breaking Down Covid 19, by Dr. Kelly Victory

Found Here:


  1. The truth is that viruses and microbes are integral parts of our microbiome, and are there to help build our immune systems. Parents for eons used to put sick kids together with well children in order that the unsick kids could get the virus, build antibodies, thus attaining immunity. Social distancing would be the opposite of anything to do with disease, ever. That's what happened when i was a kid -- I got chickenpox in the first grade, got the bumps for a few weeks, and since then will never get it again, due to attaining what I would call "peak immunity". That means if I breathe in or ingest a chickenpox virus, my body remembers it and neutralizes it with some T-cells. I don't even have to build antibodies for it. It's that way with ANY virus. This woman largely has it right, though anyone who even in a peripheral way seems to endorse or acknowledge Operation Covid as anything but an evil WHO/CDC/U.N. agenda needs a deeper dive down the rabbit hole.

  2. Two things: 1) Just to report, Paul, that this didn't load for me to play. I suspect foul 'play'. 2) I had heard this report from Dr. Victory before, and my comment is that she did a very good job. There has been so much propaganda out there regarding this purported pandemic, with both the infection rate figures and the fatality figures having been inflated - but even then, the fatality rate figures have not kept up with the infection rate, so that it is proving to be hardly more than a bad seasonal flu. Plus there are a number of treatments for it that are proving excellent (the HCQ cocktail, budesonide, vit. D, etc.), and, it is only a major threat to the elderly with compromised immune-system conditions. We need to get off the Fear wagon and stop our country from being collapsed into the hands of the NWO crowd, who are behind all this takedown business that is going on. The more Americans who listen to the likes of Dr. Victory on this CoVid-19 business, the better.

  3. How to avoid this so called vaccine - poisoning-murdering bio-weapon ?

    Aren't State National can refuse this, only US citizens may have to follow if it is mandatory?

    This is such a devils schemes.....needs to stop at once.

  4. U.S. PATENT 10130701 not previous identified by scientists. Hmmm it's man made. U.S. PATENT 10130701

  5. What haven't you lost?Time to make a claim for injury!
    Fill this out and send it in. SF95-07a (1)claim of injury (google it)

  6. Shining Emperor- You are correct that humans (it least majority of earthlings) will be exterminated by 2030 and those who survive the humancide holocaust will not be quite 100% humans but hybrids (freaks). This is why we are all connected to this forum because we as a group know what's coming down the pipeline for creation and humanity as sure as the sun comes up and down. If we do not arrest, commence trial for crimes against creation and humanity and execute all creationcide criminals first then they will exterminate all of us first (how many more of our brothers and sisters have to be murdered before we realize that we are next in line to be murdered and to unite and move as one giant to stop them dead in their tracks?). Unfortunately it is called war which has been declared against creation and humanity thru COVID19 hoax and if we as humanity do not rise up to the occasion than we might as well do our murderers a favor like Anna said and start digging our own graves like our past generations have because they were clueless to their government's plan of being exterminated. Due to the internet we have a fighting chance to snuff out our known victimizers first before they snuff us out first. It will all depend on how well and fast (time is of the essence) we can organize, mobilize and take police arresting power action against creationcide criminals. By the way, over 200 species of plants and animals are extinct everyday, just 30 years ago it was less than 3 a day. I can understand why most people do not want to know the truth about the dire negative condition of our lovely planet and humanity because most of them would commit suicide. It is hard to stay positive and live when we know we are all destructuring creation but we have to give it our best shot and not live in fear even though it may cost some of our lives to win the final war for the planet, creation and humanity. May the divine spirit and force be with us all to save it's creation, including humanity. Let's make it happen because it does not happen by itself.


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