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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

WHY Do I Support President Trump?

By Anna Von Reitz

I have lately been under attack for supporting President Trump—- so let me put it to you all in blunt terms. 

Tonight at dinner I was surrounded by elegant well-educated people, all describing President Trump in disparaging ways, the essence of which was that he was not “credible” because he was gruff, because he had managed casinos and hotels as investments, because his family were relatively recent immigrants, because he has a foreign-born wife, because his daughter married a Jew and he has Jewish friends, because he is nouveau riche, because Rothschild-owned banking interests helped him through multiple bankruptcies, because, because, because....

To which I replied — for all that, I don’t care and I am sick of the so-called intelligentsia trashing this man, and saying that he is “not credible” and “not acceptable”. 

Donald Trump is the only President in my lifetime who has kept — to the best of his ability— every campaign promise he made. 

Every single one. 

Even now, when his enemies have choked off his money and otherwise tried to ham-string this man, he continues to fight and to drain the swamp, which was the last promise he made to the voters of this country. 

I long ago listened to Joshua, the one nearly everyone else calls “Jesus” though that is not his name—— judge People by what they do, and not by what they say. The tree by its fruits. 

Donald Trump said many good things on the campaign trail, and those of us who have been paying attention can testify that every single thing he promised he has done— or tried to do— against greater odds than most men would ever dare to face.

And that is WHY I stand with  Donald Trump. 

That is why I care about him and want to work with him and why he is the only man who has a contract to act as Commander in Chief. 

He is the first President in my lifetime to keep his word.  

To all the oh-so-smart-so-politically-correct people of the world, that may not count—but to me, this means everything. 

A man who keeps his word, is a man of character despite his faults and sins and errors.  He is credible—- more credible than any President who has ever occupied the White House in my six-going-on-seven decades. 

So all you sneering young people, and older people, too— who should know better— take a good, hard look at the record. 

Donald Trump has kept his promises to the people who voted for him. 

When can any of you remember anything like that happening? Ever? 

And so to those who wink and nod and say, “Trump is not credible.”  I say —/how credible are you?  Where is your comparable record? 

When have you kept your word half as faithfully as he has?  And against greater odds? 

When have you arm-chair quarterbacks gotten off the bench and weighed in to get the results you say you want? 

When is the last time that you identified yourself as an American and gave the Congress a taste of what you really think of them? 

When have you taken your responsibility for the government and destiny of this country, like Donald Trump has? 

Do I respect Donald Trump? From the bottoms of his feet to the last strand of his “orange” hair?  Yes, you bet I do. 

And the reason is simple. 

He is a man who keeps his word. 

And all the other liars and cheats and scam artists and talking heads can just go soak their heads in the nearest toilet. 

When I look at Trump’s record, it speaks for itself. And yes, I trust and respect this man. 

He is not always right. There are times when he has taken bad advice and times when his hands were tied by circumstance —but in the end I can look at what he has said and I can match it exactly against what he has done. 

What other politician in your lifetime has done that?  And I can give you the answer—None.

And that is WHY I stand with Donald Trump. 

Another reason beyond keeping his word, is the fact that he always tells the truth as he sees it. 

In this great spiritual war, those criminals who seek the demise of mankind and the enslavement of our country and our world, do nothing but lie and confuse and pervert. Snideness is their stock in trade. 

They couldn’t tell the truth if their lives depended upon it, because they don’t have the Spirit of Truth in their hearts.  

Donald Trump does. 

It is a rare and wondrous thing to see an honest  man in Washington, DC. Pause. Take a moment. Drink it in. 

Donald Trump is the most “credible” man I have seen in the Oval Office in a long, long time. 

And I am sick of all the brain dead pundits talking him down and casting doubts and aspersions on Donald Trump. 

Name me one (1) other politician who kept all his campaign promises — or sit down and shut up. 


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  1. Nah, filled the swamp all around him day on all cabal .you say His attorney General Barr again cover up Waco .
    The just 2 trillion to zionest Bankers and lets them steal.100 trillion in ten years
    The treasury is all run by foreign for profit corporations mainly zionest IMF shall we go on this Bolshevik red terror iron fisted take down of country and want to inject everyone especially children to weak to fight with extremely dangerous RNA like GMO tinkering with DNA grow who knows what Nah the commies are winning .

    1. That's a verifiable list of accomplishments, Bubba Patric.

      I'd like to see the counterclaim list. The one I saw recently is not verifiable. If it was I might amend my attitude quite a bit.

      It disturbs me that right now he is the only choice among the de facto. Well...the situation could be far worse in many ways.

  2. I agree and I don't know if this was a promise but what about Hillary going to jail? Along with others ofcourse like Obama, Comey, etc.

  3. Anna , I totally agree with you 100% . I could care less if he is not politically correct , we have had enough of that in my life time .

  4. he just pulled off the greatest heist ever! 6 trillion to his zionist buddies! He sold us out in USMCA and he called the stock market a fat ugly bubble ,now hes cheerleading it. hes also pushing 5g and vaccines! what has he done that makes him so great? how about he tell the american people they have been presumed legally dead corporate entities! how bout he opens up access to the offset credit we are all due! how bout he ends the BAR! he sounded good on campaign trail but ive seen nothing since. what happen to locking hillary hes playin golf with bill. its sad to see someone thats opened my eyes up to so much be decieved!

  5. With deep respect to Anna and those who resonate sympathetically to her words of support for Donald Trump, replacing a few of the kudos and bald assertions without reference with EXAMPLES would have greatly benefited this post. Perhaps an example or three in the following form.
    Simply asserting that "other" presidents did not keep their word -- I recall to mind Andrew Jackson and his vowed slaying of the Second National Bank -- and that Mr. Trump has kept some or many of his promises seems lamer than a one-legged donkey to me.

  6. I too was a Trump supporter. His promise during his campaign was that he would not support the New World Order. I see the New World Order advancing at a rapid rate. He is friends with Israel, he is on camera taking credit for operation warp speed and the vaccine agenda, he is on record for 5G and he said 6G, he sat a table with other officials and boasted he too is a mason. Nothing is being done about our contaminated food supply. Nothing is being done to alert the public about chemtrail spraying. Anna, you reached out to him (don't know if he got the communications) and he isn't doing anything to my knowledge about taking you up on your offer to help restore our republic. Just not seeing Trump as a good guy.

    1. If you haven't noticed, why has the Communist Racist Democrats and some of his supposed Republican party tried to overthrow his Presidency. They are terrified if he gets re-elected. If it wasn't for Paul Ryan, when he was speaker of the house, a new health care plan would be on the books and working now. I would recommend staying up with current events and watch Lou Dobbs on Fox Business at 5PM, replay at 7PM when John Solomon is on and Tom Fenton of Judicial Watch. All the criminals from the FBI, DOJ, State Dept. are being investigated now. I believe if Trump gets re-elected he will appoint a special counsel (non-DOJ) and these three letter corporations are going to be drained with tickets punched to GITMO for many people. This is why all this evil is happening now to stop Trump's re-election. We Americans are going to need Divine Intervention again to get Trump back into office for a 2nd term so he can appoint two more Justices to the Supreme Court, finish building the wall, new health care, and take the office of The President of The United States of America. Keep praying! God Bless you Anna from a 71 year old.

    2. Billie Joe, I'm thinking along the same lines here. It seems that Pres. Trump would have liked to have accomplished several things that he hasn't just yet but maybe will get to if he gets re-elected. I believe also that it's going to take divine intervention to achieve that. There are thousands of witches, wizards, warlocks, luciferians and satanists that are sending our President spells, curses, hexes, vexes and jinxes,(as often as they can)...He needs all of our prayers without fail. Please pray for him and our country and please in your prayers, return all of the curses, hexes, vexes, spells and jinxes back to the senders, in Jesus's Name. Thank you. :)

  7. yes, this "keep your word" is what the IRS and the pledge and the "voter registration" types all do -- shove a bogus form in your face, coerce you to sign it to make a living, and then try to blackmail you "oh you dont keep your word like i do"

    or, they'll shove a fake bible in your face. when you point out "the lord" is the devil, they suddenly dont want to play the "bible" game anymore

    when you point out any fraud -- they go dead silent.

    yes "we keep our word" is the endless battle cry of everyone committing treason.

    good riddance to the hucksters.

    he promised to put bibles in schools, and pretty soon, only those with luciferian baptisms will enter the new world order, just as planned.

    so yeah, i trust him.
    I have confidence in Findley.
    What's that mean?
    I'm confident he's a loser.
    You're only half a loser.

    1. the problem is all his "promises" are just more of the same treason. how much of the millions that disappeared in "relief" went to rebuilding the states? noone knows. im guessing zero.

      lucifer puts on a fake "conservative" mask. then when a "liberal" gets in office, he will switch back.

      left right left. endless hegelian brainwashing.

      and, "spirit of truth" -- way to cover up difference between holy ghost (1st coming) and holy spirit (2nd coming).

      this is the hegelian brainwashing they do so well.

      trump is just yet another luciferian. i "get" that is how america is always going to be, even if it weren't two fake "parties" -- but i dont see any difference between trump and any of his priors.

      just a continuation of the office of faith based and community initiatives, bush II, obama, now trump.

      all going towards luciferian NWO. lucifer just puts on different masks as they march along.

    2. like bushes, like reagan, trump is evidence america pretty much is 99% "mystery babylon" and always will be.

      from what i see, the people who voted for him are the same "former democrats" as he was -- new age types, putting on a "conservative" persona.

      just more NWO, they just put on a "republican" mask for the next stage/phase. just another bush II repeat.

      its difficult not to see perestroika deception written all over trump.

      scaramucci: [trump] is a paper tiger [china will win his "trade war"]

      these are the kind of people he brought into the swamp with him. are they acting? is he serious?

      whatever the case, we have an "american" speaking communist talking-points: "paper tiger". doesn't bode well.

    3. trump is superficial anti-nwo. "lock hillary up" -- not a peep about the CFR.

      its just acting/pretend "drain the swamp".

      all the qanon nonsense -- has not amounted to anything but "someday, hope and change"

      he's just a "conservative" reflection of obama. promise the world, deliver nothing.

  8. Dear Anna. I am very shocked and surprised at your support of Trump.
    I care not about whether or not Trump is "politically correct". The man cares not about freedom. He funds and supports Israel. He funds and supports the UN take over of America. He funds and supports Bill Gates and all of his vaccines. He has passed unlawfull and illegal bills in the wake of this COVID 19 fraud, which is aimed at wiping out what is left of the middle class in this country, and hailing in the N.W.O. government and currency system.
    He has NEVER even tried to undo any of the already ILLEGAL acts and bills such as the patriot act or the N.D.A.A.
    I never helped to elect Trump, nor Obama or Hillary.
    Ron Paul was the last man I supported and the only "honest" politician in ive seen in MY 50 years and he is "living proof" that if you are not a bought and paid for shill, you will never be the president of the "United States" Washington D.C. is a foreign owned government, and Trump is NOT my president.

    1. Israel's support is contracted through MOUs, Memorandums of Understanding, that Trump must honor. They were signed by the previous 3 Presidents.
      Trump detests the UN. You are wrong.
      He already defunded the WHO, in which Gates is now the top largest donor. Again, you are wrong.
      You are not privy to all the intel Trump is and yet you color him in your distain.

      He is better than Hillary Clinton any day of the week. I shudder to think...

      I registered to vote for the first time in my 50+ years of life just because I believed in Trump. No, he is not perfect. Neither am I. Neither are you.

      He has my full support now and my vote in 2020.

      I am a Patriot.

    2. Thanks Danika for your deep theory. However Jesus said, whatever comes out of the man's mouth, tells his heart, and intention.

      Anna supports bc she is smarter, nevertheless, the evil-doers will always do what they like to do anyway.

  9. As for me and my house we will serve the Lord. And like Anna, I am almost 70 and have never seen a politician keep his or her word. We stand with Trump, with Anna and with all like minded persons or I mean people. Thank you Anna In the end when we meet our maker it will be music to our ears to hear the words. Well done my good and faithful son, daughter, servant, etc. enter into thy rest.

  10. "...who has a contract to act as Commander in Chief. ..."

    Could there anyone spill more words about this contract ??
    Thank you in advance.

  11. Watch the documentaries, "Agenda: grinding America down" and "Agenda 2.

  12. Were is Paul now we have multiple unknown ‘speople posting . And most are just propaganda raha raha cheerleading again put up substance names times ect.
    Split cheerleaders vs pragmatic thinkers show me the proof of good deeds I see all zionest advances.

  13. Love what you said in this blog.I too stand by President Trump, even though I live in Australia. I so wish Donald Trump was Our President.We can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Drain this swamp too. Great to know the Trump family are protected by the military.

  14. Dear Anna

    As a rejoinder to your meaningful list of Trump’s excellent achievements posted to your social media page, I would like to supplement it (for those who haven’t seen it, as well as those who, by their comments, seem to need a corrective to restore some gravity by way of comparison) with a multi-part listing of


    … apparently making the rounds for a while, but which I have just become aware of. Each example provides links, so this is clearly a labor love.

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Part 4

  15. Preach it sister and hallelujah!!!!!

  16. I agree re: "A man who keeps his word, is a man of character despite his faults and sins and errors." However, any public figure needs to have a full and complete accounting of "his word" not just compliments. I'm not a voter (because I am not U.S. citizen") and therefore don't have the relationship with PoUS like others have. Nevertheless I realize their is an impact from the PoUS upon all; the American people regardless of their status and therefore I do support having a complete accounting in this instance. Anna, would you be willing to put this full and complete accounting forward for all to see? .........

  17. If Trump comes through with recognizing our political status, and running interference for us with the host of federal agencies and banks, I'll eat my words with gusto. If he defends us from the Noahide agenda, and World Communism agenda, and the global Technocratic agenda - whether he succeeds or not, I will be astonished and be grateful, and recant, and ascribe due credit. To say I'm doubtful is a gross understatement. Honestly, I prefer to be wrong in all this.

    1. And by "us" I mean we the unincorporated people, and the chattel still in his purloined jurisdiction. Everybody. He has a duty, let's see if he puts up. Let's see if he enables us. That's where rubber meets road.

  18. Paul I need help not for me but for another manj, a court decided to destroy this man, and the attorneys agreed with this so called judge. I need to talk to Anna my email is ( or either, cell 563-203-0577 hot by state of Iowa, 641-393-2806 land. I need a attorney to write a federal suit, or a disbarred attorney who want to get even. this consist 6 attorney-2 judges-1CPA-1-Banker-4 people-1 family farm corporation- everything they said to cover up their crime on destroying this farmer will now be their confession and from 2010 to 2013 I have documented it all, I just need help they cost him 20 to 50 million we get 40% I will contract that everybody gets the share. Tell Anna Help me help this man, they said i dies first over the phone no guts, I never had that in the military they did have phones. Marvin Pullman I trujst text for answwers and can meet I'm in north East Iowa 7 miles 0ff Minnesota border but I am to do this, I know God let me live for this. I Pray for all ofus and Trump, and I have faith God is using him, but some time I wish h3e get mad and kick ass.

    ELMA, IOWA 50628


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