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Monday, June 1, 2020

The Third Decree Over Mandate

By Anna Von Reitz

Many people don’t know what a Decree is, much less a “Mandate” so let’s explain. A Decree is issued by sovereign States or Principals (or as in this case, their Lawful Agent) as a direction or order given to secondary parties who are exercising Delegated Powers—- called “Mandates”, a word equally applied to the action of issuing a mandate and to those carrying such a mandate forward.

The Federal Constitutions established such mandates and authorized the exercise of our “Delegated Powers” to Third Parties. 

There were three groups of Third Parties who received our mandates: the States of America, the Queen/Westminster, and the Pope.

All three have now failed and been divested of power, with the result that the Delegated Powers have, by Operation of Law, returned to the Delegators: The United States of America and the American States and People. 

This Third Decree Over Mandate is addressed in effect to the Trustees of those who have been holding and abusing our Delegated Powers, informing them of our position regarding changes that are being made to the Uniform Commercial Code to unjustly enrich the banks, our position with respect to Covid 19 and bringing forward our claims and liens established on our own assets.

Those claims and liens have been brought in the name of the States of America, The United States of America, and The United States, which are all involved at different levels and in different jurisdictions as our Lawful Government. 

Most of these claims and liens appear under my name, “Anna Maria Riezinger”, in data bases around the world. 

This was done to prevent false Claims on Abandonment.  The international banks and their co-conspirators have aimed at bankrupting commercial corporations acting “as” governments, and then pretending that our assets being managed by these corporations were “abandoned” by the actual owners. 

In the absence of clear evidence otherwise lodged on the public records, they would have gotten away with this bunko, but now the tables are turned. 

Our country was used as “Crime Central” — the staging ground for much of the vast underlying crime, by a gang of international pirates.  

Via the mismanagement of the Pope and the Queen, the apparatus of our government, and most especially our State of State organizations and our Patent Office and Monetary System, were commandeered and used to profit the perpetrators in Breach of Trust, and to set up this monstrous scheme of Corporate Feudalism promoted by the banks and politicians. 

Under this criminal operation American babies were jurisdictionally kidnapped and their political status was deliberately misrepresented, so that they became misidentified as foreigners in their own country. 

This is a crime both during war and times of peace, a capital felony requiring the death sentence for those guilty of conspiring to enforce this fraud on innocent people, so the Parties responsible were obligated to provide remedy for their actions , so as to excuse themselves and be able to claim that this vast unlawful conversion was “voluntary”—- all without telling their victims a word about it and without actually providing access to the remedies they published. 

All Americans were supposed to be able to discharge all debts simply by signing bills and vouchers .  Instead, Americans were impersonated as British Territorial Citizens and prevented from exercising their exemption. Then, next, they were billed as foreigners in their own country and forced to pay the bills of the Perpetrators of this giant con game.

Please read the Third Decree Over Mandate with all the above firmly in mind, and then join your State Assembly.  


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  1. All Americans were supposed to be able to discharge all debts simply by signing bills and vouchers . Instead, Americans were impersonated as British Territorial Citizens and prevented from exercising their exemption. Then, next, they were billed as foreigners in their own country and forced to pay the bills of the Perpetrators of this giant con game.
    when you say "were" you mean "are"

    note trump today: rule of law. one law. our nation. our country.
    have to protect residents. noone has domicile anywhere in their minds -- everyone is only a civilly-dead federal citizen, infants who need them and their estates "administered" in perpetuity.

    head of state.

    it looks like the "military police" are going to continue this charade.

    people are owed the "law of peace" instead no justice and no peace

    trump stated where he stands today. if you don't want to be governed by their "rule of law" then you are violating a rule of "god" (which "god" of course is deliberately left undefined -- because "america" as far as they are concerned, is "mystery babylon", it is the masonic way)

    don't tell us anna -- tell "your" "leader" trump.

    you said the american states and people retroactiely "approved" him, he's your responsibility. YOUR agent.

    please get your "foreign agents" under actual law.

    then, you can come back and preach to us about all the wonderful things that he is doing.

    not before then.

    1. cue some idiot "oh, but trump is a genius mastermind, when he says "residents" he is just playing along, when he says "rule of law" this is just a clever ploy to keep his enemies closer, when he claims people are violating the law of "god" he knows that is actually the devil, he's just playing y'all"

      stick to "the plan." LOL. why is qanon the same manly palmer hall "the plan" for "world democracy" and governance by occult philosophers?

      the mills of god grind slowly indeed.

      too slow for anyone to see anything in our lifetimes.

      so slow as to be imperceptible. almost like "god" is still on permanent hiatus. kind of like what you would expect if "america" was "mystery babylon" LOL.

      "satan" "god of this world", "satan", easton's bible dictionary

    2. apparently your decrees are all "fake news" anna.

      trump said it today: "rule of law" is all that remains. mystery babylon.

      residents only. noone has domicile anywhere.

      the "head of state" has spoke.

      if you are against mystery babylon, you are against "god"

      "one law" for everyone. there goes the several sovereign states. so much for american common law. so much for "we the people"

      you have a rogue "head of state" on your hands. with a rogue "god" behind him.
      For you are fully aware that the Day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night. 3While people are saying, “Peace and security,” destruction will come upon them suddenly, like labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape. 4But you, brothers, are not in the darkness so that this day should overtake you like a thief

      You twist justice, making it a bitter pill for the oppressed. You treat the righteous like dirt.

      O you who turn justice to wormwood and cast down righteousness to the earth!

      Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who turn darkness to light and light to darkness, who replace bitter with sweet and sweet with bitter.

      As Jerome puts it," Converterunt dulcedinem judicii in absinthii amaritudinem," "They turned the sweetness of judgment into the bitterness of absinth" (comp. Amos 6:12). Who make judgment the occasion of the bitterest injustice.

      The Government Has Fled for Scotland today

      Grey Becomes Black And White
      They Turn The Day Into Night
      Black And White Becomes

      The Government has fled into thin air
      What's Left Of Our Troops Has Joined With The Scots
      Stay In Your Homes
      Stay In Your Homes
      Be Off The Streets By Nightfall

      Had Grown Soft With The American Dream
      The Men From The Steppes Delivered Their Vacuum
      A New Kind Of freedom
      Freedom's A Chain


      Let out all the prisoners
      Cause that's a jubilee

  2. Anna, WHY are you using a Prohibited Mark of "THE GREAT SEAL OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" - have you committed a Trademark violation on purpose? The URL's to CIPO in Canada is long, too bad this editor is not more robust

    Here is 'THE GREAT SEAL OF THE UNITED STATES' trademarked with a Prohibited Mark in Canada [???] ; but
    UCC 9-307 Location of Debtor
    (h) [Location of United States.]
    The United States is located in the District of Columbia.



  3. Time is running out! It's time to see the Serpent in his many disguises..We have been given many warnings about deception and to not allow ourselves to be DECEIVED..Roy Potter gets it..along with many others..who are staying watchful and sounding the alarm on this Grand Deception..Many including Roy Potter understands how the serpent operates in these end times..seeing the FAKE HATRED from the left and how extremely powerful and effective it is..listen in to Crossed The Rubicon