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Friday, June 26, 2020

Assault on Sanity

By Anna Von Reitz

My Mother was a fount of adages, one of which was:  "We are all a little bit crazy." 

This was usually uttered in defense of some poor soul whose logic circuits were called into question.  

For example, your car broke down on the road near my house, so it's my fault your car broke down. 

Idiots developed a more infectious version of the Common Cold, [but it is still just the Common Cold] so we act as if we are facing the Bubonic Plague. 

Somebody (whose name nobody knows anymore) abused and enslaved your great-great grandfather, so it's my fault.  

The Democrats set up and voted in a system of Public Slave Ownership, so it's the Republican's fault that this system exists. 

This kind of logic always got my Mother to wave her hands, as if at unseen mosquitoes, or sometimes to shrug as if in response to fingernails scraping across a blackboard.  

In her memory, I utter her forgiving mantra today over the entire nation. 

We are all a little bit crazy. 

It doesn't matter what happened in 1865, except that that unfinished business still impacts us all today.  

And it's not a matter of race.  The victims come in all colors. 

What matters is that the Slavers are still operating on our shores today. 
And they have no right to be here. 

Our deal with them restricts them to one mile square in the District of Columbia. 

Obviously, the Municipal United States Government usurped the constitution, and formed 185,000 unauthorized municipal "city state" governments and municipal "boroughs" while the cats were away.  

Enter the cats. 

This is bound to cause just a tad bit of disruption, especially as we are also dealing with the underlying cause of the usurpation in the first place -- the mess our Generals left us in after the Civil War. 

Yes, we are all a little bit crazy, but not crazy enough to miss the take home message. And we can straighten out our logic circuits once the facts are known. 

So tell your brothers of different colors that no, they aren't imagining things. They really have been enslaved in the land of the free.  

But they need to take in the view, and realize that their white brethren have been suffering the same fate, too.   

 And it is all based on usurpation of our lawful government -- which we are owed -- and commercial fraud, which is a crime. 

So instead of getting mad at other victims of this fraud, get even. 

Join your local lawful State Assembly.  Go to: www.TheAmericanStates 


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  1. ALL LIVES MATTER. All lives...that includes negroes/colored/African-Americans/blacks/Moors/Hispanic/Asian...oh, and Whites, too...etc. etc...

  2. Back as words the slave trad was exclusively a Jewish enterprise run out of Portsmouth R.I.
    All ships was owned by a morono or morish Jew Lopez .
    Jefferson passed law outlawing international slave trade thus once again sticking it to the Semitic.drug trafficker,slave trader ,money manipulator.,nation wrecker.

  3. east.India is as stupid as Bill Gates in TOXIC bed cycle forever.

    - Bill loves to hire Indian programmers to intoxicate the world, with their software malice for more $$$$, Java script is Intrusion, manipulations, deceptions, etc..

    - east.Indians love to be victimized by the same Fraudsters, forever, they are returning again to the same Fraudsters leader to embarrass for more hurts and pains.

    Shame on them.

    1. 2:10 - 2:40

  4. Bill Gates claimed he talked to the (delegated) prez. Trump before 2017, about his creation of Corona Virus and Polio Vaccines.

    How funny in 8 years, Gates hired and fired the most prestigious MIT Experts to build his failed plan for New energies /energy storage.

    Mean while the British lied that they had 6,000 patented Free energy inventions, preparing to steal some people real inventions. See comment section:

  5. Ahhhh, the sweet savor of logic and reason. I've been using this tact. But the many brain damaged by social justice (Grievance Politics, Cultural Marxism) have managed to convince themselves that logic and reason are social constructs of the Western white hegemony, and therefore all logic and reason must be cancelled. I ain't making this up, nor am I embellishing. So good luck reasoning with these folks. It's all about subjective emotion and the appearance of victimization for them. "Appearance of"...sounds familiar, where have we heard that before?

    1. Those that I /can/ still reason with, I will. And I thank God for every one of them who will engage in a reasonable discourse.


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